Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 16

Leap of Faith

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Walkers are all thrilled that Luc and Sarah are back together. Everyone has been making plans to hang out with Luc. During a family dinner, the Walkers find out that Luc only has four weeks before his visa expires. Jeannie, Luc's art dealer, has been offering to marry him, as a business arrangement, for some time to help him get a green card. Jeannie's boyfriend is completely on board, so it really would be a business arrangement. Since Jeannie is leaving for Mexico the next day, they have to get married that day.
Buffy is driving Kitty crazy. Kitty feels that Buffy doesn't take her seriously because they were friends. Kitty has reached her breaking point with Buffy and fires her however Buffy doesn't take it seriously. At the McAlister office, Kevin feels like he's being trapped working with Robert. Feeling Kevin's anxiousness, Robert tells him that there will be a position for him if he gets this new job after his term is over, however he can't say anything more about it. Kevin eventually breaks and tells Robert that he doesn't want to work for him anymore. Robert accepts his resignation and kicks him out of the office that day.
Justin is trying to talk to Rebecca about the miscarriage however she refuses to talk about it. She's been taking a ballet instead to keep her mind off of things. She gets upset when Justin decides to follow her to He just wants to make sure she's ok but she wants her space. Rebecca hasn't been ok but Justin tells her that they will start over and take things one step at a time.
It turns out that Dennis York was establishing a development group at Narrow Lake at the same time that he was about to obtain Holly's shares in Ojai Foods. Back in 1973, Dennis York and William Walker had done a geological survey on a piece of land named Narrow Lake. Saul decides to ask Nora about the land but the only thing she can remember is that "Narrow Lake" was part of a little song that William used to sing.
Nora calls Kitty to tell her about Luc's wedding to Jeannie and the pair of them helps Sarah realize that she loves Luc. They go to City Hall to stop the wedding but they have issues getting past security because of the gun plaque Kitty had received earlier in the day. Things get straightened out and Sarah is able to get to Luc before he is married. The wedding is off but they all still need to figure out a way to keep Luc in the country.
Buffy finally realizes that Kitty truly does not want her as her campaign manager. However, she tries to remain friends with Kitty. Kevin goes to meet Robert, under the impression that Robert will tell him about the secret job he might have. Robert, however, had planned a surprise party for Kevin in front of the entire staff.

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