Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 10

Light the Lights

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on ABC
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Sarah, Tommy and Saul make a big mistake when they try to retrieve funds to try and save the family's business.

Kevin comes up with an idea about how to try and stop Justin from going back into the military, and Kitty tries to decide what she's going to do about her job offers.moreless

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  • Good and bad news for the Walker family

    Sarah, Tommy and Saul try to cheat Holly out of Ojai but it doesn't work. Being honest works a little better and they make a deal with Holly who is now gonna be more connected to the company. That predicts some drama ahead as nobody in the family (except Saul) can stand Holly. I actually like her and think that Patricia Wettig is doing a good job portraying her. The character of Holly is also very interesting. She's kind of like a villain to the Walkers but on the other hand they show her better side too by making her communicate to Saul. Kitty is thinking of leaving her job in the TV show and is trying to save Warren a spot there. It was better than the usual Kitty storylines but once again kind of boring. Kevin and Justin go to court to save some time for Justin. They don't succeed but Justin unexpectedly gets six more months offered by some high military guy. So it's a happy ending for now to the Walkers and they get to celebrate Christmas. This last scene where everyone is congratulating Justin and Kevin is just really sweet. It was also interesting to see the family celebrating Hanukkah, specially Saul doing the rituals and taking the matter of Paige into his hands. On the whole it was a usual very good B&S episode. Hopefully the best are still to come.moreless
  • Crossing Over Written by Cliff Olin And Peter Calloway Directed by Frederick E.O. Toye

    On television getting Christmas themed episodes are always expected. Every single TV show going has at least done one and a god few of them tend to do several during their span and for the most part, the results are pretty predictable.

    When it comes to this episode, the same could nearly be said except for the fact because our main family is of both Catholic and Jewish heritages; it seems only natural for this show to merge both Christmas and Hanukah into the same episode. When you think about it, one question springs to mind – why not?

    The reason behind this interesting merging is down to the girl of the Whedon folk Paige, who thinks it might be a great idea to learn a little more about her family heritage and while Nora's first reaction is to point out how religion has a tendency to be used a popularity contest, overall she's enthused that her granddaughter wants to know more about Judaism.

    However because Paige isn't entirely that versed in her grandmother's pushiness, both Sarah and Tommy are quick to cynically point out Nora's overbearing ways and neither Kitty or Justin express that much delight in it. They should be relieved that Nora isn't snooping into their affairs this week while pitying poor Paige.

    The thing is with Nora; much as I do like the character, is that when she gets into something, she tends to go the whole hog with it. Even before William passed away, I'd assume she was pretty like that but since his death, Nora does seem extra desperate to prove her usefulness even at the cost of annoying her family at times but her efforts here with Paige are well intentioned if as per usual too full on.

    Paige just wanted to learn a little bit more about being Jewish and Nora more or less tried to put the girl through her own customised Rabbinical school. Paige is a bright kid but like anyone, she seriously baulks when Nora piles on the information and to add to the strain, Nora also decides to hold a party as well in honour of Paige. The party also doubles as a reminder that Justin is set to be army bound as well.

    Of course a party involving the Walkers and outsiders usually has to have a couple of things go wrong and one of them includes Nora's overbearing stance making television look like a cosier alternative for Paige. Nora doesn't really cotton onto the fact that she's gone a bit overboard and once again someone had to point it out.

    First off all there was Joe who didn't like seeing Paige too scared to face the plethora of guests Nora invited to the party and told Nora to lay off a bit but really it was Saul who managed to do something useful by slowly coaxing Paige to come down and enjoy the party.

    Times like this and Saul can really rock as a character. Sometimes I have trouble figuring out his motivations and that didn't help that Ron Rifkin went from playing a duplicitous character in Alias to popping up on this show in a few months but overall Saul's heart was in the right place regarding Paige and the ceremony itself was sweet.

    Paige's sudden interest in Judaism does have a good explanation behind it. Although her diabetes hasn't gotten worse, the girl is still upset to actually have the disease and a part of her hoped that being more spiritual would overcome it but alas both Nora and Sarah have to remind her of no such luck happening.

    What risked being incredibly cheesy as a plot ended up working pretty damn well thanks to Kerris Lila Dorsey's acting and it goes to show if something like that warrant real interest in an episode, then this show really is on good ground with viewers.

    However something just as serious was also brewing up in this episode too with Justin's impending return to Iraq. Judging by the last two episodes, Justin is pretty adamant about not wanting to go back and regardless of serving his purpose or duty, if the lad doesn't want to go back, then he shouldn't have to – simple as that.

    Unfortunately he does but luckily for him, not only does he have a supportive family by his side but he's also fortunate that older brother Kevin is a lawyer and this week, it's Kevin's strength at his job that is highlighted throughout.

    An interesting thing that I have to admit about this episode is that while Kevin was clever enough to use the notion of the army being irresponsible to send a drug addled lad like Justin out to war, is how adamant they want Justin back.

    It's not like the US army have suffered that much of a reduced number of people signing up, so you have to wonder why they're willing to not let Justin even sort himself out before going back.

    Kevin is pretty compelling in the courtroom accusing the US army of showing no sensitivity to Justin's circumstances and you really feel that this alone should've bowled over the judge, even Matthew Rhys' cuteness didn't hit the spot but unfortunately the army use Justin's knack for not using drugs during his army days as an incentive to make sure the judge sees it their way. I have to admit I really didn't see that one coming.

    So Justin would do drugs and not care what his family thought of him yet despite access to a copious amount of them in the army, he never once touched any? My guess would be the fact that to Justin, the army never saw him as a failure and cold turkey was his way of maintaining it.

    There's an incredibly moving scene when Justin himself speaks about his own troubles, being in the army and his family and for a brief second, you thought that might have gotten the army judge to relent but it really didn't. In fairness with all the evidence thrown her way, the woman was clearly an idiot or bribed. No-one in their right minds would've gone against Kevin on this particular case.

    Luckily for Justin and Kevin, someone was actually sympathetic to the latter's plight and that person happened to be a Brigadier who decided that Justin could have at least six months before he had to resume active duty and while a part of me is glad Justin got the break, it did seem a little out of nowhere.

    On the plus side it ended the episode on a rather happy enough note and Nora at least got some temporary relief that her last born wasn't in any immediate danger just yet. This episode also scored points for the way Kevin and Justin happened to lean on each other as well.

    Meanwhile with some Christmas cheer, someone had to awaken either Scrooge or the Grinch and Sarah felt it was her duty to hone in the latter's main characteristic when it came to dealing with Holly. Turns out that neat piece of land from last week also has another owner with Holly having a third claim on it.

    Sarah's not particularly pleased with that development and to me, it's like the writers are seriously eager to find ways of prolonging Holly in any shape or form necessary and when she quickly realises that Sarah and company were attempting to scam her, Holly not only decides to dump Saul but she's prepared to even sue Ojai for being taken advantage of. If it was anyone else, they'd get my sympathy but with Holly, I just can't feel that bad for her.

    However given that Sarah caused this mess by allowing her hatred of the woman to cloud her better judgement, it's amazing that Nora has to try and salvage the wreckage as such by breaking bread. To some people seeing Nora club Holly to death with a roll would be preferable to Nora asking her rival to sell her stock to Sarah, Saul and Tommy and acknowledging that William loved her too.

    It's very big of Nora to do that and clearly her words affected Holly who did sell her portion of the land and used half the money to buy herself in Ojai. Only goes to show that Holly won't be going away anytime soon and one of Sarah's first warnings to her new business partner is to keep Rebecca out of their lives. Yeah Sarah, like that's really gonna happen.

    If Ojai got a new business partner, then Kitty found herself with a new job offer and a newer perspective in life. Contrary to what she was expecting with the public announcement last week, instead of getting herself fired, Kitty ended up becoming more popular among her viewers.

    In fact Kitty's popularity has escalated to the point where Warren was on the verge of losing his job. It's funny that Whit wanted to fire Warren for being too smug and Kitty had to point out that as a whole, politics in itself has long been smug. Once again, Kitty did prove that she wasn't a clueless girl.

    As a result and after a rather bittersweet conversation between herself and Warren, Kitty then decided to finish working for Red White And Blue and take the communication staff job for Robert. I'm gonna mss this particular set but it will be interesting to see how Kitty fares in her new work environment, though whether or not her belief in Robert is a bit premature is another thing to see.

    Also in "Light The Lights"

    I notice in the writings credits, this episode was co-written by Cliff Olin, the son of Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin. This show really is keeping it in the family.

    Sarah (re Cooper's singing): "He's definitely your son"

    Joe: "He definitely is".

    That "Batman Smells" song of Cooper's is pretty old but I wondered if Sarah meant that Joe was a terrible singer during that exchange.

    Tommy: "Just screw Holly?"

    Sarah: "Worked for Dad".

    Kitty: "I think you mean Walt Whitman"

    Whit: "You're smart. An American woman with vulnerabilities".

    Kitty's outburst has unsurprisingly become a bit hit on YouTube. It also got Red, White And Blue 20% more viewers.

    Kitty: "Mom, what are you doing?"

    Nora: "You'll understand if I don't get my hopes up"

    Kevin: "I never thought of that".

    Sarah (to Holly): "A few months is an affair. 20 years is a career".

    With Nora and Saul both being Jewish was there any reason the latter doesn't celebrate it as much as before?

    Warren (to Kitty): "I don't want to stare down at any Right Wing lunatic now that I've had the pleasure of embarrassing you".

    Justin: "I love you"

    Kevin: "You're so gay".

    I wonder if Amber will end up replacing Kitty on Red, White And Blue. Could be fun to address that in a future episode.

    Holly (re her/William): "It wasn't a long happy family like you but it was real Nora"

    Nora: "Yes it was but I wasn't his ball and chain either".

    Nora: "I'm sorry?"

    Holly: "You're sorry?"

    Nora: "For both of us".

    Standout music: Sarah McLachlan's "Song For A Winter's Night" and Louis Armstrong's "Winter Wonderland".

    Justin: "You gotta tell me that just happened?"

    Kevin: "Yeah it did".

    Sarah: "I don't know how my Mom is gonna deal with this"

    Holly: "You don't give her enough credit"

    Sarah: "Welcome to the family".

    Chronology: December 2006, three months after "Patriarchy".

    Holiday episodes can be a mixed affair and the combination of Hanukah and Christmas in "Light The Lights" did make for an unusual mixture but overall this was an emotionally charged episode, devoid of mawkishness and that to me, made it all the more enjoyable.moreless
  • Wonderful Christmas Episode

    It's a wonderful christmas episode that Brothers and Sisters share with us. I think it's one of my favorite episode. I like the caracter of Paige, she is so sweet. But she has more dialogues than the wife of Tommy, it's surreal no ? Very good episode, with the links who is create with Holly harper, and i want so much see Rebecca I think she wants move all of the story. David Annable is so extraordinary too. patricia Wettig had right to quit Prison Break for Brothers and Sisters because she has an excellent role like Ron Rifkin, he's so different than in Alias.moreless
  • The family celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah.

    This was another great episode of Brothers & Sisters. I thought that it was a very heartwarming episode. It was bit more heavy on the drama as some of the other episodes, but that's fine. It was very good. Sally Field was really great in this episode. Dave Annable was really great in this episode. I am really growing to love the character Justin thanks largely in part to Dave's brilliant portrayal of the role. Paige was so cute in this episode. The actress who plays her is a really great actress for someone her age. All of the producers, writers and executives at ABC definitely deserve major kudos for creating such a wonderful show. All in all, this was another great episode.moreless
  • The holidays...

    Haha it's funny the way everyone is like in awe to find out the Walkers have Jewish blood since apparently they never celebrated it. I thought it was a special moment to see Nora come to an understanding with Holly and forgiving her. (I would never have the heart to be that forgiving to the itch that my ex cheated on me with.) Anyway back to the show lol. I was so relieved that the Sargent or whatnot gave Justin 6 months to fix himself up. The court room scenes were part emotional hearing the things Justin said even the scene with Justin and Kevin outside. I think Sarah is being too harsh to Holly and that she does need to back up a little because she's getting too touchy. Overall another great installment.moreless
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John Benjamin Hickey

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Saul says the blessing on the first night of Hanukkah, he actually only says one of the three that you are supposed to say on the first night. Also, he doesn't actually say "G-d" in the prayer, but a slightly modified version of the word. This is done by Jews when they are reciting a prayer, but not for the sake of prayer (in this case, taping a TV show where the prayer was out of place). This is so they do not take G-d's name in vain.

    • Justin was able to stay with his family for another six months before he will report for Iraq.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Světlo světel (Light of Lights)

    • The song that Saul sings after saying the prayer over the Hanukkah candles is a Yiddish lullaby called "Oyf'n Pripetshok", written by Mark Warshawsky. The song also appears in the movie Schindler's List, sung on the soundtrack by a children's choir.

    • Music:
      Song for a Winter's Night by Sarah McLachlan
      Winter Wonderland by Louis Armstrong


    • Sarah: Ok, Mrs. Sartre, that's enough. I'm sending you the bills for the therapy.
      Jean-Paul Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter and a political activist (1905-1980). One of his most famous publications is "L'existentialisme est un humanisme" ("Existentialism is a Humanism") in 1946.