Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 15

Lost & Found

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2009 on ABC

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  • First Meetings Written by Michael Foley And Jennifer Levin Directed by David Paymer

    Nora: "My daughter Kitty's adopting a baby so we're all very aware that real parents are the ones that raise you."
    Ryan: "Really? Because I'm feeling caught in the middle of that right now."

    Finally after jerking around for so long, the meeting between Nora and Ryan came to a head in an episode that many people wouldn't go so far as to deem as devastating. Although doing another illegitimate child story was beyond unnecessary, I think we can credit the writers for trying to make an effort to do things differently.

    Unlike Holly with Rebecca, George was a considerate parent to Ryan (and probably still is). I wish that we had actually seen the moment that George decided to tell Ryan about his true parentage. What motivated George – guilt, anger? Perhaps Ryan will enlighten viewers on that in later episodes.

    Naturally when Ryan called out of the blue, Nora was going to go to him. Saul immediately assumed that she was running away to lick her wounds from finding out that she was dating a married man. Nora might have been better off letting Saul thinking that instead of telling him where she was really going.

    It could also be pointed out that she might have been better off in taking heed of Saul's advice and leaving things alone. For the longest time, she was going to take no action regarding Ryan. It was Holly's little act of spite that forced her to seek out George and drop that particular unpleasant bombshell.

    Now it's Ryan's call that coerced her into going to him. Anyone else would've shown some reservation, maybe suggest meeting on mutual or even bother to tell the kid that you plan to surprise him at his place of work. Nora really should've at least done the latter but blundering into things has been a fault with her.

    You can tell that Ryan wasn't impressed with her just coming to him without giving him a simple heads up. I like to think that on top of the shock of learning that his real dad was a serial man whore, Nora's impromptu visit is what largely soured his behaviour towards her.

    Ryan is more hostile than receptive to Nora and while it's perfectly natural to irrationally lash out at an innocent party (Nora is really), I did feel there were times that Ryan took it too far. Nora looked a little hurt when he insulted William and when he insulted her. One thing that Ryan should learn fast is that Nora won't tolerate being insulted for very long so make use of her guilt for the moment.

    It's not surprising that a part of Nora would feel a touch guilty about William's roving eye but I really hated her saying that it was partly her fault. People cheat because they can or can't help themselves. Rarely is it the fault of the person they're married to and while Nora has her faults, she's hardly someone who'd drove you seek out other women as Sarah would put it.

    However one of Nora's biggest faults in this episode was pushing Ryan a bit too hard. She only just met the bloke and already she wanted to bring back to LA and have him meet the rest of the family. Remember how badly that fared out when the writers were trying to convince viewers that Rebecca was the sixth Walker kid?

    To Ryan's credit, he actually had the good sense to reject her offer but he did after she had bought him a plane ticket and if you're one of those viewers out there hoping that this episode perhaps dealt with all the Ryan, I think you're in for a let down. There's no way that Ryan won't factor in the next couple of episodes and we've only got nine of them to go.

    Family issues were certainly the flavour of this episode. When Nora wasn't meeting William's last born, Rebecca was crashing at her real father's place and naturally enough, that was also going to be a recipe for disaster. Seems Rebecca also has a knack for blundering into things without thinking.

    Holly more or less pointed out to Tommy that Rebecca had a tendency to bail whenever she had a serious fight with either her or a new boyfriend. Unfortunately this also meant having to watch an argument between Justin and Holly where neither one of them came across as remotely sympathetic.

    Holly can protest until she's blue in the face that she doesn't give a damn about what Justin or his family think of her but if that were true, then why would she still be factoring in their lives? Justin himself also came across as rather needy and spineless and while he's often been like that, it did drive me demented in this episode.

    I know as viewers we're technically supposed to side with Rebecca in this episode and although there's no doubting that Emily Van Camp is a great actress and all, I have to admit that Rebecca really was largely unsympathetic in this episode, almost to the point of tedium.

    While David's feckless attitude is nicely highlighted at certain points, he did raise a good point or two. Rebecca gave him an out last year when they discovered that they were related and her motives to stay with him had nothing to do with wanting to get to know him. She just wanted to get away from Justin and maybe to a lesser extent, the Tommy/Holly/Ojai mess.

    David wasn't largely sympathetic in this episode but I did like him for calling Rebecca out on her crap and by the end of the episode, they did seem to organically make some head way to actually bond. I know the idea of Rebecca's storylines with her father (or anything that largely factors Holly) will irritate a hefty segment of the show's audience but I'll take it over other plots anyway.

    David's return to LA with Rebecca could go either way. He could be a spanner in the works and inadvertently wreck havoc in Holly's nice little life or he could mostly just cause more scenes with Rebecca and Holly and as I said, that will undoubtedly annoy a lot of viewers.

    I suppose when you get a few episodes where Holly has virtually nothing to do (aren't those episodes delightful?); it means that she comes back a more annoying force to be reckoned. Remember I don't like Holly so even if I can find something nice to say about her, I'll throw in something nasty as well.

    I'm going to assume that Rebecca's little mysterious text message tipped Holly off that Tommy was about to oust her from Ojai. Holly's business savvy clearly left the business when Tommy was getting her to sign the fatal deal and her brain cells obviously didn't catch up with her when she went to see Saul about the contracts.

    I'm probably one of the least business savvy men on the planet and even I could tell that Saul was going over the top with his downplaying of what Holly had wound up signing. Holly's supposed to have the business and even she needed it spelled out to her that Tommy was pulling a fast one.

    Tommy's clearly no Wilhelmina Slater (then again, neither is Holly) when it comes to all forms of business treachery. If I didn't know that the writers were getting rid of Balthazar Getty, then this plot certainly would've enlightened me. Ousting Holly is more than fine but Tommy doesn't seem to care about the fact that he risks ruining Ojai's reputation in the process.

    It's because of this stupidity and not listening to sound advice from Saul (though in the past, business advice from Saul hasn't been good) that Tommy's going to be spending his time in the slammer rather than runner of Ojai Foods. Oh, Tommy, you're such a twit.

    Speaking of twits, Robert's Mary Sue-esque stance evaporating has been one of the more interesting aspects of this season. Clearly not supportive of Kitty's writing career, Robert decided to kill one of her interviews over a few quotes that didn't seem that damaging to his career.

    This week had a really good fight scene between Robert and Kitty, where the former thankfully got called out on his crap. Sadly, Robert seems to have the same dynamic as Holly so whenever Kitty actually castigates him for a good reason, he acts like the victim.

    I don't think Kitty actually begrudges Robert's political ambitions, they're essentially what attracted her to him but she's got a right to be pissed when Robert repeatedly neglects to consider how his goals affect others. His little 'who'd be in mine' speech made me wish that Kitty had smacked him one.

    A strength with this plot was Kevin. He tried to play mediator between the warring couple (when he wasn't fearful of Kitty yelling at him) and he even made a good case for Robert to let Kitty publish her interview. Too bad Robert couldn't be bothered to actually see reason and let his wife have her say.

    With impending parenthood on the horizon (Trish is fairly soon gonna give birth), even I have to side with Kitty. Robert barely acknowledges his own kids half the time and it's like he's ignoring the fact that he's about to become a father again, even if the child isn't biologically his.

    Also in "Lost And Found"

    No Previously On segment for this episode. Maybe it had something to do with chronology.

    Kevin (re proposal): "This seems good, the whole Kitty situation – a ticking time bomb."
    Robert: "Will you stop? She's processing it."

    I loved the little 'boom' sounds Kevin kept making at Robert. Kitty didn't really explode in this episode though.

    Nora (re Ryan): "He bought me an apple fritter."
    Saul: "He makes apple fritters?"
    Nora: "No, he works at a coffee house. He's putting himself through college. That's very impressive."

    Rebecca: "Thought I was an angry ex-lover?"
    David: "The thought did cross my mind. Speaking of which, how's your mom? What does she think about you being here?"
    Rebecca: "I haven't told her."
    David: "Oh. Got it."

    David's been selling a lot of photos and even has a bit of buzz surrounding him as well over one particular photo he took on a freeway/highway.

    Holly (re Rebecca): "Justin, you're her boyfriend, she hasn't called you."
    Justin: "She hasn't called you, how's your relationship?"
    Holly: "Good actually."

    Ryan: "I'm not one of your children."
    Nora: "I know."
    Ryan: "I don't need a mother. I already have one and just because she's dead."
    Nora: "I know, I didn't mean."

    All we know so far with Ryan is that he's a college student at Berkeley and he's doing a political paper (perhaps he and Kitty might bond/spar). Nora wondering about whether he wanted a girlfriend or boyfriend could be a future plot point.

    Robert: "You knew what you were getting into when you married me."
    Kitty: "Okay, just because I happen to know that you were ambitious, doesn't mean that you're absolved from considering my point of view."
    Robert: "I do consider your point of view, I just don't always agree with it."

    Kitty (re Robert): "I'm sorry. I guess I just felt like I really needed to get away from him."
    Kevin: "Yeah. I feel that way a lot. Trust me."
    Kitty: "Kevin, if you think that insulting Robert is going to make me feel better … you're right."

    The thing is that Kevin CAN get away from Robert. How many more signs does Kevin need before realising that working for Robert just isn't worth it?

    Rebecca: "I wanted to get to know my father. Isn't that enough?"
    David: "I don't know. You're not answering your phone. Your mom doesn't know you're here. Seems like you're bolting from someone."

    Ryan: "It's not okay; nothing is the way I thought it was. She was my mom. We were really close and now I feel like I don't even know her."
    Nora: "She couldn't tell you this. She wanted to protect you."

    This episode was the first episode not to feature Sarah and with Rachel Griffiths' real life pregnancy, we could be getting more Sarah-less episodes. Also, there was no Scotty or Julia.

    Nora: "I wanted to protect my family."
    Ryan: "It sounds to me like you wanted to protect yourself. God, this was such a mistake."

    Rebecca: "I keep making the same mistake over and over again."
    David: "And I was the original offender."
    Rebecca: "No, you weren't. You didn't even know you had a daughter."

    Standout music: Just Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" played at the end of the episode.

    Nora (re her children): "I think you'd like them."
    Ryan: "Do you think they'd like me?"
    Nora: "Well I don't know. Why don't you give it a try?"
    Ryan: "I can't believe you bought me a plane ticket. You're kind of a spontaneous person."
    Nora: "I didn't used to be. Will you think about it?"

    Chronology: About a day after "Owning It".

    "Lost And Found" was certainly a mixed bag, episode. While we could've done with less Rebecca/David stuff in favour of some Sarah scenes, I did like the overall flow of the episode in itself but I'm hoping for better storylines with Kevin and Justin as the season winds down and that Ryan doesn't entirely take over things.
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