Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 15

Love is Difficult

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on ABC



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    • Robert: (after Kitty raised some concerns about their relationship in front of her co-xorkers) Kitty, this is the field office of a Senator from California, not the lunch room at Malibu High. They're all serious-minded public servants working to end poverty, make education and health care better. They're legislating. Governing. We're making a better America.
      Kitty: Oh, my God. You sound like a bumper sticker.
      Robert: That's one of the slogans we're working on for the campaign. "We're making a better America". What do you think?
      Kitty: I think it's sub-moronic.
      Robert: Noreen ran a field poll on it and America agreed. It scored in the 80's.
      Kitty: Well, America is sometimes wrong.
      Robert: I think the Democrats are already using that one.

    • Kitty: So, Senator, The San José Mercury News wants an interview about strategic alliances between the Silicon Valley and Asian markets.
      Robert: Who's it with?
      Kitty: (flipping through papers) Hmm... Who's it with? It's with Bruce Newman, Senator.
      Robert: He hates me. In his last editorial he said I wasn't as smart as Hillary Clinton but I was prettier.
      Kitty: Do you want me to cancel it?
      Robert: Schedule it over the phone. Maybe he'll hear my ideas better if he's not getting lost in my blue eyes.

    • Sarah: I'm not enough company for you? You're looking for something, I'm not enough for you.
      Joe: Am I enough for you? Honestly? Am I enough?

    • (Tommy is going into business with Holly)
      Sarah: I think you're crazy to go into business with her, but I'll watch your back, and I'll drink your wine - probably all of it. And one more thing, you can tell her this, you can tell her that if she screws with you, I will kill her. I swear to God I will.
      Tommy: That's what I'm counting on.

    • Kitty: I liked you so much better when you were stupid.
      Justin: You're stupid.
      Kitty: You're stupid.
      Justin: You're stupider.
      Kitty: You're the stupidest.

    • Kitty and Senator McCallister are in his office
      Kitty: Well, I better leave because if I stay in here any longer, everyone is going to assume we're going at it like weasels.

    • Kevin: You'll have to forgive me if I'm a little freaked out. I mean is this gonna be like Fatal Attraction?

    • Kitty: I've got to make Hair Boy look Presidential.
      Robert: Senator Hair Boy, please.

    • (Justin shakes his head at the doorway)
      Kitty: Justin come here quick. Do you um do you think that I'm aloof?
      Justin (hesitantly): Yeah...
      Kitty: What?
      Justin: (grabs the swan foiled dessert) Are you gonna eat this?

    • Sarah: Why can't you say anything? One thing to make this feel better?
      Dr. Jude Bar-Shalom: There are no shortcuts, Sarah, in life or in love. This pain must be felt the alternative is much worst. It's what makes us special, what makes us beautiful, what makes us worthy. The pain of how we love. Now that pain is accompanied with something else isn't it? Hope. With your pain there is hope and that is where you are. Somewhere between agony and optimism and pray. So you're human, you're alive and that's what we have. Come back tomorrow, we'll go on.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Láska je složitá (Love Is Complicated)

    • Emily VanCamp (Rebecca) is now added as a series regular.

    • Joel Grey, who plays Dr. Jude Bar-Shalom (Sarah and Joe's therapist) in this episode, guest-starred in a number of episodes of Ron Rifkin's (Sol) previous show Alias in which he played a double posing as Rifkin's character.

    • Music:
      Ripe by Shane Alexander
      Since You've Been Around by Rosie Thomas
      There Is a Light by Great Lake Swimmers (The song playing while Sarah visits the marriage counselor alone)

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