Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 10, 2009 on ABC

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  • Really disappointing way to end the season

    I think the this season was better than the previous seasons and that the show really became so much more realistic and interesting but wow! this episode was all about uniting all the caracteristics that make this show cheesy and unbearable sometimes. for starters where in the hell is Tommy!?

    yeah right he lives in a small town in Mexico where he's totally unreachable but hey! the senator found him in a couple of hours...of course the whole family arrived the same day, all dressed up and all, the cellphone reception was kinda bad... but hey its mexico right! all of our cellphones work, we are just in what it seems to be the middle of the jungle in La Sierra, near Merida **right**( thats where tommy is buying some pipes)....

    Now the whole marriage thing, we are lead to believe its not gonna work out, she just gets excited so she run to the store and bought his groom a $20k watch and brought it with her to Mexico!!!! great idea! you know im just excited i couldn't wait to give it to you or tell your family, IM SO RUSHY! Kitty gets her so awaited separation, even though the senator moved his appointments to go to Mexico, he cares! but shes so sad, shes not feeling it, of course her son is well taken care of, also Sarahs (oh right they live with her dad now, but thats ok)

    Kevin could be celebrating with his husband in a fancy restaurant but he rather not going to work (even tough hes like so important to the senator staff) hes rather chase his brother wich he doesn't need at all... he abandoned us!!

    wow i could just go on forever i guess...
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