Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 10, 2009 on ABC

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  • The Walkers are going to Mexico

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. We open this episode in Mexico, with Nora searching for Tommy. Sarah and Holly try to come up with a plan to get Ryan out of the company and Sarah suggests that they let him go with a severance package. Nora finds out where he is and when she goes there, she isn't allowed to see him as he isn't there. And since there is no way of getting hold of him, she has to wait until he returns. So Nora phones Sarah and soon she tells her siblings about the situation. Since Sarah is going to Mexico, she asks Saul to give Ryan the severance package, but he says that he doesn't feel comfortable doing it. But Sarah has a word with him and he soon agrees to do it. Rebecca and Justin tell her parents that they are engaged and Holly isn't happy about it and so Rebecca and Justin leave. And then we see the whole Walker clang down in Mexico. They head to where he is staying and finally they all see him. He looks both shocked and pleased to see his family, especially his mother. Then they all have to eat in silence, as that is the house rules where they are staying. But of course with the Walkers, the silence doesn't last. And soon the family are asked to leave. And soon Robert arrives, by means of helicopter. And soon Nora learns, as does the rest of the family, that Kitty and Robert are separating. Saul goes to see Holly and asks to go back to the company. From him we learn that he went to see Ryan's mother, not William, as Sarah went into labour with Cooper. So Saul took her a cheque and told her to never contact William again and he says that she was devastated. The next day Saul heard about the accident and her death and so in some ways, Saul blames himself for her death. As Robert leaves, Kitty realises that she still wants to be with him and so she runs, in the hope of getting to him before he gets on his helicopter and leaves. But as she gets there, it's too late and he has taken off. We then see Nora and Tommy talking and Tommy starts to cry and Nora simply holds him. Justin re-proposed to Rebecca in front of his whole family, and of course she says yes. As the family leave Mexico, they also leave without Tommy, as he chooses to stay in Mexico. Overall an ok end of series episode, but it's not what I expected. After the previous 2 season finale being really good, I was disappointed in this one.