Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 8

Mistakes Were Made, Part 1 (a.k.a. Glass Jumps)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on ABC

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  • An emotional episode with many flashbacks

    Ok, first of all, Sarah figuring out the password and confirming that Rebecca is William's daughter. It's gonna be interesting to see what's gonna happen next. How is the rest of the family(specially Nora) gonna take the news and what position is Saul gonna have in this as he now seems to be torn between Holly and the Walkers. As Sarah said he has a decision to make. I actually hope he would stick with Holly, that might make an interesting storyline.

    The way Sarah dealt with Gabe in this episode was really great. Assuring the boy that he is a part of this family was really the best she could do at this point. And it seemed to work.

    Kevin trying to make up with Scotty was really sweet, this phonecall he made to Scotty was kind of heartbreaking:( Hopefully it's not the end of those two.

    It was terrifying to see Justin fall apart after getting a letter from the army. But I also hope that now after ending up in the hospital he (and the family) will take the matter of his addiction more seriously. I hope Justin doesn't have to go to war in the end but if he does it's gonna make a good storyline for Nora I think. The flashbacks to 2001 were really great and heartbreaking. The family seeing the whole thing from TV and later Kitty talking about the shocking experience to Justin showed us how the event effected everybody and caused Justin's enlisting.

    All in all a really well written and played episode.