Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 9

Mistakes Were Made, Part 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on ABC
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A road trip for Sarah, Tommy, and Kevin reveals more startling news about their father. Justin comes clean about his reasons for joining the service after returning from a hospital stay.

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  • ABC and the writers once again are turning shows into propaganda for how they feel about issues like war the president, it's sad really.

    These people think that because they are in Hollywood that they can force their opinions on people and the people who can't think for themselves usually buy it. It's sick really, I mean these shows are there for the public not just the ones who believe in the same views or ones who are easily persuaded to believe in their views. I know there are so many people who won't listen and that's because they have been fed this kind of stuff on many different ABC shows, Boston Leagal, the practice etc. Watch them and tell me they only say things about one group. It's really sad that ABC can't act in the public interest. I did a survey about this show before it came on, and they asked about the Calistia Flockhart character (Kitty) I said I liked the character, unless they make her the bad guy just because that is what they do to any Republican character on that network, or if they use it for their propaganda, which is exactly what they did in this episode. I don't know how to express my words so people know I'm not some right wing nut I'm in the middle, and they need to see how far left networks like ABC have gone.moreless
  • I'm new to this series. I like this show and will continue to watch, however, I have a few gripes.

    What the FoUoCoK?! I am a member of the United States Air Force and so far I dig it. I love seeing the military, especially the Air Force, in TV and movies. I like seeing how they incorrectly wear our uniforms and how they distribute rank. Here is my thing with this episode: What was with the Army in this episode? Their set dresser or adviser or wardrobe person or whatever had those "soldiers" looking like SoHoIoT. Plus the addition of the token gay black soldier had me rolling on the floor laughing. Come On!!! Gay people are everywhere in the military and I so don't care. I'm just glad they used the army and not the AF.moreless
  • Road Trip Written by Marc Guggenheim And Greg Berlanti Directed by Ken Olin

    Sarah: "And you're driving both ways"

    Kevin: "I hate road trips".

    Well when it comes to road trips, I have to admit that I'm more of the mentality of wanting to fast forward the actual travelling part and more the fun of getting to the location itself. Times like this I am really glad that I'm an avid pedestrian.

    Of course for this episode Kevin, Sarah and Tommy all have the fun of getting out of Ojai as they embark on their own little business trip but it's not entirely a fun one either.

    No, it seems the reason for the trip in question has more to do with the headaches William has so greatly caused his family since snuffing it and this week it's the discovery of property in Nevada the Walkers never knew they had and one that could actually save Ojai Foods in the process so Sarah's desire not to leave the office and her kids is inappropriate seeing as she's been moaning for week about getting shafted by her father.

    It's also interesting that when Kevin persuades her into taking the trip with him and Tommy that Sarah manages to ensure that Kevin is driving for the entire duration. Yeah great sisterly love there or maybe Sarah is a bad long distance driver. For fun purposes I might opt for the latter choice.

    Still Kevin in the driver seat does have the joy of Sarah and Tommy having their own critique of their gay brother's music choice and I agree that techno dance music is definitely not a good music choice. Never mind it being a gay cliché; it's for the most part glorified noise as opposed to music.

    However that's not the only fault of Kevin when his complete lack of expertise in anything mechanical comes at the worst time when his car breaks down and the three siblings all have to go to a garage to get the car fixed only to find out later that the garage doesn't accept credit cards.

    Nowadays just about every back wood place almost has to accept credit cards and as a cashier, they are a pain in the ass but what makes the situation direr is that it's okay to use them to rent out cars but not pay for repairs with them. I really cannot fathom the logic in that rule but I'll assume it's more to do with plotting in the episode than anything else.

    Luckily there is some fun to be had while the prospect of spending the night in a rented car the Walker kids and that's the pleasure of going to a bar surrounded by soldiers who look more than eager to get drunk and laid. Then again unlike Justin, none of these guys also look scarred by being on the front line either.

    Sadly it's lost on Tommy who feels like a sour thumb among the fun but it brings out that much needed lighter side of Sarah who's quick to flirt, get drunk and shoot pool with the lads. Now this is a side to Sarah that needs to be seen on a more regular basis.

    It's also quite the coup for Kevin who ends up chatting to a guy who looks more at home in a porn flick than a battlefield and Kevin is pleasantly surprised when after revealing to the stranger that he's gay the soldier in question also gay too. There's a joke about Kevin being the only one to pull in bar full of soldier and I can't help but agree too.

    Kevin is on pretty fine form after his one night stand while Sarah and Tommy nurse hangovers and sleep deprivation. I'm guessing hearing their younger brother getting screwed by a soldier is worse than having to sleep in a rented car. I side with Kevin for being happy with his tryst but I also feel for Sarah and Tommy as well. I certainly wouldn't want to hear any of my siblings getting their naughty on.

    That being said there is still a fair amount of drama to get through as well and one of them includes Sarah's non-stop abuse about William's philandering and while she has a right to be made at her dead father, Tommy also has a right to defend his father's honour as well and it's not long before the two get into over William and we all know by now how Sarah and Tommy seem to have a knack for butting heads.

    It's funny because when Kevin tries to be a mediator, Sarah lets rip into both him and Tommy and breaks her own promise and tells the two of them about Rebecca. I'd like to say I didn't see that coming but given this show's annoyingly realistic portrayal about how people in large families are unable to keep a secret, Sarah's outburst seemed just about right.

    It also starts another row too only this time its Kevin being pissed off at Sarah for keeping this little tid bit to herself and then wondering whether or not to actually meet his unknown younger sister. With Rebecca being confirmed, it's hardly gonna take long before Kitty and Justin are in the know and a part of me wouldn't be surprised if by some coincidence Nora was actually privy to Rebecca's existence either.

    There is luckily a positive to this episode as well as the gang's trip sees a visit to the bank and a safety deposit box reveals the answers to Ojai's financial problem. It seems that William's "worthless" piece of land is actually worth 30 million and once able to be sold back to the army upon his death, bankruptcy now doesn't have to be an option for the company.

    It's also great after the incessant fighting between the three that Kevin, Tommy and Sarah are united in their happiness and with the slew of bad luck the company has had, at least this is one plot strand out of the way. At least I hope it's out of the way although I didn't find it boring, I don't need to see it going on any longer either. Then again there is the thing of Sarah, Tommy and Saul then having to run this company effectively and as a team and that's not something that will completely happen overnight even if things between the three have improved in recent episodes. It'd be nice to see them as an efficient team.

    With the road trip stuff out of the way, we also head back into the land of flashbacks where Nora doesn't accept Justin's all to rash decision to join the army but unlike Tommy, Sarah and Kevin who expressed similar views, only Nora seems adamant to get Justin to change his mind on putting his life at risk.

    Trying to get Kitty back then only backfired on her when Kitty refused to talk her brother out of it, not because she thought he was doing the right thing but she felt it was none of her business. Too bad Nora didn't see it that way and instead chose to lay into Kitty for not seeing her point of view on the matter.

    Nora's later tactic then would be to get a letter for Justin to sign that would rescind his application for the army and after Justin realises that Nora is trying to run his life, he became even more determined to do it. This always happens when parents overstep the mark in their adult kids' lives.

    As much as I side with Nora, at the end of the day Justin wasn't a child and much as she'd like to protect him, if he wants to join the army, then it's his decision. In his mind Justin was attempting to be responsible and given the way he's severely undermined and mollycoddled by his family, I don't blame him.

    Like last week, the flashbacks are gorgeous and they are incredibly powerful but not as powerful as the way things are in the present because while Justin is able to make jokes about his OD, Nora's fears for her son's safety intensified and there was nothing more touching that Kitty comforting her in the kitchen.

    Heck even Kitty's fears in regards to Justin being called back when he's mentally unstable to do active duty has her sabotaging her own interview with recently divorced Senator Robert McCallister in order to help out her own brother. Despite the massive media hype for his upcoming appearance, Rob Lowe is mostly overshadowed the entire script to warrant any large chunk of attention. Don't get me wrong, he's great in the role as McCallister and there's already a good rapport between him and Calista Flockhart but there was so much more going on with this plot than his character.

    First off Kitty evaded asking Robert about his ex-wife Courtney in the hopes of him helping her to get Justin out of going back to the army but he refuses. I was actually surprised he did more than the fact that Kitty asked him.

    Worse still was Warren using Amber in order to have Kitty busted by her bosses for going easy on the guy and while she's able to talk her way out of it, Kitty still feels guilty enough. Basically she looks down on bribes and here was advocating one herself despite her reasons.

    In fact she felt so guilty she ended up going on live TV during Red, White And Blue and told her entire audience about her brother and asking the Senator for a favour and in other circumstances while it should've guaranteed her getting her P45, it proved to be quite a hit. People looked both shocked and touched as she made her confession and even Robert had the audacity to offer her a job on her communication so something tells me that it won't be long until Kitty jumps the career ship.

    What's more touching however is the fact that Justin confronts both Kitty and Nora and finally drills it into their heads that neither one of them was responsible for sending him to the army. Both of them needed to hear that and by the looks of it, it appeared that they both believed it too. Moments like and it's easy to see why Justin can be such a likeable guy.

    The ending of this episode however is on a more happier note first with Saul jesting at Kitty's cooking, then Tommy and Julia announcing that a baby is on the horizon and then by Nora privately reading William's letter to her. The letter won't win points for originality but it serves as a nice reminder that despite his ways, William was still a good guy too. Nora also lost another good guy too as her and Dave ended their relationship this week. Too bad, Dave was perfect for Nora.

    Also in "Mistakes Were Made Part 2"

    The episode opened up again with the flashbacks from "Mistakes Were Made Part 1" where Justin told everyone that he was enlisting.

    Nora (to Justin): "Go upstairs, lay down. When you feel better, then I'll tear your head off. I promise".

    Justin's list of previous ambitions included being a groupie for Linkin Park (well it was 2001 at the time) as well as something involving a brewery and a Doja. Nora (re her pies): "I just want to bring my A-something"

    Kitty: "Game".

    Mechanic: "You're supposed to pour it in the fuel tank"

    Kevin (to Tommy): "No gay jokes".

    Anyone else think Sarah's thing about Justin not being mature enough to own a credit card a bit stupid? Personally I find them to be a total nuisance.

    Robert: "See now isn't this more fun than asking me about my divorce?"

    Kitty: "I haven't asked you about your divorce yet".

    Nora: "And what good is discipline if Justin isn't around to appreciate it?"

    Kitty: "Well I don't see it that way and more importantly neither does Justin".

    Robert's ex-wife is Courtney, his surname is McCallister. Anyone who has seen the series Jack And Bobby might get a kick out of the irony here.

    Kitty (to Warren): "You know what? I don't care if it was wrong. I did it for my brother, I did it for my mother and I'd do it again in a heartbeat".

    Kevin (re bar): "This is like a scene out of A Few Good Men"

    Sarah: "More than just a few".

    Kitty seems to binge on ice cream when she feels guilty about things. At least Calista looks in better shape now than when she was Ally McBeal.

    Sarah: "Dance with me"

    Tommy: "Couldn't you just kill me instead?"

    Tommy: "We're not as chip as you because we didn't sleep on the floor"

    Kevin: "Oh Tommy I certainly did not".

    The films that Tommy, Sarah and Kevin came up with were 2 Fast 2 Furious, Apocalypse Now, Rambo, Whale Rider and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sarah also mentioned the series Lost.

    Sarah (to Kevin/Tommy): "Don't tell me, Dad used to be a woman".

    Saul (to Nora): "Pleas warn me which entrees Kitty is cooking in advance"

    Kitty: "You do know I'm standing here, right?"

    Standout music: "Wow 2" by Thomas Newman (get him as a composer for this show) and "Simple" by KD Lang.

    William (in voiceover, re Nora): "I know I've done at least one right thing in this life and that was to fall in love and make a family with you".

    Chronology: Moments after "Mistakes Were Made Part 1".

    Following on such an exquisite first part, "Mistakes Were Made Part 2" had a lot to live up for and it certainly did that in spades with an hour that blended superior drama and light comic touches as well as showing both parts of William's legacy in a more balanced manner than previous episodes.moreless
  • What a wonderful episode this was.

    I really thought this was a wonderful episode, and it was the first one i have watched sonce the first two episode. What is great about this show is that you do not need to watch ever single episode to get the jist of the season. This episode was really about finding out more about William and what he did with his life. The family is going banrupt up until they find a plot of land which is worth millions. Kitty also gets a new job offer and the family is brought closer together. Once again i have to express how good i thought this episode was, i cannot wait until the next one.moreless
  • Second Part

    Second Part of the episode intituled Mistakes Were Made. Rob Lowe has introduce in the show and whoa he is so hot. David Annable has conccurence. Calista Flockart is still unbelievable like Nora. The caracters are so emitionnal so painful. I like the road-trip too. Kevin and Tommy knows about Rebecca. The popularity of the father is " back " with the 30 millions of dollars. The letter of the end is excellent, like the scene of humour between brothers and sisters. I think that is a wonderful first season for brothers and sisters. All the caracters exept Sara the wife of Tommy are a good personnality and we like all the Walker in definity.moreless
Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Amber Trachtenberg

Guest Star

Shawn Michael Patrick

Shawn Michael Patrick

Jordan Lisco

Guest Star

Alex Reznik

Alex Reznik


Guest Star

Tom Skerritt

Tom Skerritt

William Walker

Recurring Role

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Sen. Robert McCallister

Recurring Role

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins

Warren Salter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Other than providing the set-up for the Walkers to hang out in the bar, it makes no sense to not drive the 60 miles to the nearest hotel. In the desert it would take under an hour to get there and have a place to stay. Instead, they spend the whole night out, with the expectation of sleeping in the car. That wouldn't have been much of a time-saver for the discomfort.

    • In a flashback about 9/11 in this episode, Sarah and William were watching in grief as the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center live on TV. Through the window, it is a bright sunny day. Since they live in California, the time would be 7:00am, half an hour since sunrise, which is 6:30am. The sun would not have been that bright yet.

      (Not quite. I am from Southern Cali and lived there on 9/11. I was up watching when the second tower was hit, and it was bright out. Summertime we get light earlier.)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Kitty: We're not at war yet.
      Nora: Oh, please, we were attacked. This country's gonna bomb something. It's the American way.

    • Mechanic: You're supposed to pour it in the fill-hole.
      Kevin: (To Tommy) No gay jokes.

    • Kitty: (To Warren) When Justin went away, I went away. I went back to New York and I missed all the holidays without him. I missed all the meals without him. I missed all the fights my mother and father must have had when they were worried sick; and that was when we were winning the war. That was when we knew what we were fighting for. But now it's more dangerous than ever over there and he's going back and I'm here. And my mother. My mother who is so strong; she is so heartbroken.

    • Nora: David, please don't be a stranger. I don't want you to feel everytime you come here you're required to nail something. I didn't say that right, did I?

    • William: (Voiceover in a letter written to Nora) I know I've done at least one right thing in this life; and that was to fall in love and make a family with you.

    • Sarah: (To Kevin and Tommy, upon discovering papers their father had hidden in a safe deposit box) Don't tell me. Dad used to be a woman.

    • Nora: (to Justin after he overdosed on drugs) Go upstairs, lay down. When you feel better, then I'll tear your head off. I promise.

    • (After drinking heavily the night before)
      Sarah: I feel like Nick Nolte's mugshot!

    • Kitty: So I have an interview with Senator McAlister but then when I come back I'd love to help.
      Nora: Oh Kitty, sweetie-pie I don't know how to say this delicately but I'm not cremating anything.
      Kitty: You know I am an excellent cook, in fact some people even call me a chef.
      Nora: Some with a really good sense of humor.

    • Kitty: Thank you Jack. In the interview you are about to see I ask Senator McCallister about his stem cell bill, his position on Iraq, and his aspiration towards higher executive office. What I didn't ask him about was his recent divorce. Now I wish I could say that I didn't ask the Senator about the divorce because of some high-minded notion of journalistic integrity, but it was just the opposite. I have a brother who served in Afghanistan and was recently called back to serve in Iraq. And I did the Senator a favor in hope that he would do me one and use his influence to keep my brother home; to keep him from fighting in a war that I have defended on this very program. Senator McCallister rightly refused to help me, his integrity remains intact, but mine however, less so. "Mistakes were made," President Ronald Reagan said those words twenty years ago in a time when admitting a mistake was perceived as a sign of strength. I made a mistake. I made a mistake in compromising the interview that you are about to see and I made a mistake in continuing to defend a war that is in desperate need of reexamination; Reexamination which cannot come until we acknowledge that the war itself was a mistake. None of this is meant to serve as an excuse for my own conduct, but I do hope that you will find it in your hearts to accept my apology.

    • Nora: I could stop by the video store. You want me to pick you up anything?
      Justin: Yeah, Black Hawk Down.

    • Sarah: You're incredible. We come to an army bar, and you manage to get laid.
      Kevin: Well, not yet, but I'm working on it.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode marks Rob Lowe's first appearance as Senator Robert McCallister.

    • Sally Field won the Emmy of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her performance as Nora Walker in this episode.

    • Greg Berlanti must love making references to his previous work, not only in casting "Everwood" alumni, but even in the naming of characters: Rob Lowe's character of Senator Robert McCallister was also the name of the title character on Berlanti's former series on The WB, "Jack and Bobby". In fact, on that series, Bobby McCallister grew up to be a Senator, then a Congressman, and later President of the U.S.! And Bobby's brother used to date a girl named Courtney and after Bobby grew up, he married Courtney.

    • Music:
      Simple by K.D. Lang
      Wow2 by Thomas Newman
      You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

    • Tom Skerritt, Rob Lowe and Treat Williams are credited as special guest stars.


    • Sarah: That island on Lost has more civilization than this place.

      This alludes to the ABC show Lost.

    • "Mistakes were made" is the title of the last two episodes and a quote Kitty used in her apology speech on her TV show. It is a reference to another apology speech made by Ronald Reagan, the Republican US president in the 1980's. He is famous for this line because he said it instead of saying "I made a mistake", about the Iran-Contra affair.

    • "William's folly" is how Sarah described her father's purchase of a seemingly worthless piece of desert land. It turned out to be worth approximately thirty times what he paid for it. This is a reference to "Seward's Folly". In 1867, Secretary of state Seward bought Alaska, and many said it was a waste because it was only a barren iceland. Years later, oil would be found there, making it one of the US's most treasured possessions.