Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 15

Moral Hazard

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 04, 2008 on ABC
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After an international business deal goes bad, Holly becomes the saving grace for Ojai Foods. Meanwhile Justin delivers heartbreaking news about a family member, and Saul makes a shocking confession about himself. Also Scotty and Kevin share a life-changing moment together.

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  • Big developments

    It was a great episode with so many good storylines and dialogues. At first Ojai being in trouble and Sarah taking the blame. I liked Nora's conversation with Sarah where she told her that maybe it was time to let Ojai go. The solution they found for the company predicts some drama for Ojai in season 3 as Holly will be there to stir things up. Saul was really great this episode. The conversation he had in the car with Kevin was just heartbreaking and really made me think about the tragedy of Saul's character.

    Kitty and Robert were kind of boring as always while Rebecca and Justin I did like. Justin did look really freaked out about this whole thing and Rebecca too seeing how she had hurt Justin. I also loved the big fight Rebecca and Holly had. Some pretty hurtful things were said but I could see were the both of them were coming from. And finally Kevin. He was definitely my favorite this episode. The cute scene in the beginning with him trying to please Scotty in every possible way and the scene with Justin about the latter having feelings for Rebecca were both very enjoyable to watch. And of course the proposal scene in the end was close to perfection. Great acting and great dialogue. Scotty's "Because I changed the light bulbs?" is definitely one of his classic good lines. All in all a very well done episode.moreless
  • Sarah bears the brunt of her families anger over the disastorous Ojai deal as she tries to save the company. Saul also has to cope with his role in the deal. The secret over Rebecca's paternity is finally revealed after Justin reveals a secret of his own.moreless

    The highlight obviously has to be the proposal at the end which is one of the sweetest moments on B&S and one of the loveliest proposals on ever on TV. It was just so genuine and heartfelt that you can help but smile. I hope that these two make it as a couple. TV shows have the tendency to split couples up to generate storylines but I would rather see Kitty and Robert break-up than these two.

    The fallout over Ojai was slightly harsh on Sarah, she did a deal and it went wrong but even if she had signed off on the deal herself it wasn't all her fault and I think the family was all a bit judgemental.

    I wasn't really a fan of Kitty and Robert's storyline this week, it was amusing but it was so detached from the rest of the family that it felt out of place in the episode almost.

    Justin feeling awkward around Rebecca was pretty funny even if I don't like where the story is going. I know the season had to be compacted a little due to the writers strike but the question over her paternity and Justin's attraction to her has sort of but shoved together. I think I would've preferred to see the paternity stuff now and a budding relationship between them develop later maybe next season when it was less ick. Kevin's reaction to Justin telling him was hilarious though.

    The scene between Rebecca and Holly was good though, both brilliantly played by the 2 actresses. Holly was way too self-righteous though, Rebecca isn't a child and she should've been upfront with her a year ago- that said it was probably more a change in the writers room which has made Holly look like a complete gold-digger as opposed to a genuine character trait. She was far too harsh in throwing Rebecca out of her house though- out of all of this Rebecca is a victim and doesn't deserve to be treated that way

    Saul's identity crisis was heartbreaking to watch but I felt it could've been given more time onscreen. It's such an interesting issue and it seems to be pushed to the side a little. It'll be interesting to see how this is played next season, there is a lot of scope to do with this story and will hopefully give Saul more screen time. However there are also issues raised as to whether he will stay on his the new merged business given how much he seemed to almost despise it here.

    Overall a great penultimate episodes. Some of the storylines were a little rushed through as we lead up to the final episode and in all honesty I'm not totally sure I like the direction in which all the storylines are going but the execution of all the stories was up the usual B&S high standard.moreless
  • I'll Take You Written by Jason Wilburn And Sherri Cooper Landsman Directed by Michael Morris

    Kevin: "Marry me".

    Scotty: "What?"

    Kevin: "I mean it. I don't want to wait. I don't want - I want to make if official".

    Scotty: "Because I changed the light bulbs?"

    After the unleashing of the worst possible idea of a development in Rebecca not being a Walker in last week's episode, I was initially dreading that the series could have had its day. If this episode is anything to go, there is definitely more than enough hope in it yet.

    Rebecca decided last week that ignorance was bliss so she concealed the fact that she wasn't William's little girl to herself. This meant that her and Justin behaved as if nothing happened and just opted for hanging out with each other. Of course with Holly also around, Rebecca's on edge too.

    For a girl so desperate to be a Walker, Rebecca is certainly going the wrong way about things. In the past maybe her and Justin would've hanged out but in this episode she's practically attaching herself to him that even Justin is beginning to panic.

    In an attempt to get some time to himself he pretends that he's got a new girlfriend in order to avoid spending time with Rebecca at the cinema. Of course it's total crap and instead Justin confesses to Kevin that he has feelings for Rebecca. All those in favour of a 'yuck' response raise your hand.

    Okay so if Rebecca and Justin hooked up it wouldn't be incest. However Justin still believes that they're siblings and Kevin is horrified at the very suggestion that Justin might find Rebecca attractive. There are probably times when you should keep things to yourself and telling your brother that you fancy your sister could be one of them.

    Kevin however doesn't dole much in the way of successful. It's pointless telling a Walker not to say what they're feeling because they are incapable of privacy. Justin only goes to prove that when he's suckered into seeing a movie with Rebecca and he acts like a crazy person.

    Rebecca's reaction when Justin tells her that he has feelings for her doesn't fill me with confidence. She can't tell him the truth but yet when she storms off it does appear to have less to do with being horrified about what Justin's just said to her and more to do with her own anxiety.

    Also seeing as last week saw Holly not getting yelled at; it's nice that because of Justin being weird, Rebecca finally gives her mother what for. Come on, with all little snarky comments Rebecca was throwing at Holly, it was only right that she gave her mother a piece of her mind.

    I think the one thing about Holly that really annoys me is how she has a tendency to play victim. Okay it's something we all do (or not) but when you're seriously in the wrong as much as Holly, is it even a smart move? Every time Holly comes up with a lame excuse to defend herself, Rebecca gets more angry.

    For too long now, Holly has practically gotten away with too much. She's repeatedly lied to Rebecca about her parentage and in this episode she more or less brands herself a gold digger. William might have been a dick but Holly had no right to let him believe for the slightest chance that he fathered Rebecca.

    Instead of actually apologising and trying to make it up to Rebecca, Holly kicks her out. Rebecca might have a vicious tongue when furious but did she say anything that Holly didn't deserve to be said to her? Perhaps instead of feeling sorry for herself, Holly should try and see how her compulsive lying has destroyed her relationship with Rebecca.

    Of course another significant factor in their argument is Holly's resentment towards the Walkers. Now she might enjoy working with Tommy but she is jealous that Rebecca is closer to them as a family compared to her. Again, Holly should consider the fact that that's her fault.

    Holly sadly doesn't seem to have that kind of maturity and instead decides to get her own back by coercing Tommy to save Ojai Foods via a merger. Needless to say Sarah isn't best pleased with this result and despite throwing an insult in Holly's direction, she's basically powerless. Here I thought the whole Joe thing in "Bad News" was Holly's revenge against Sarah.

    The fallout of Saul's bad decision making skills is the backbone of this episode. Unfortunately while Sarah's able to have a go at Saul, everyone ends up having a go at her until Saul confesses to Nora that he was the one responsible for Ojai's terrible luck.

    Some people go arguably too far though. Kevin berates Sarah for her indecisiveness about Graham, Nora isn't all that accommodating and Tommy is a bit too sanctimonious for my liking. I know by leaving it to Saul, Sarah is partly to blame for the mess he created but even still, I felt for her.

    Sarah has been through a lot this season with Joe taking divorce proceedings too far and trying to take the kids off her. Kevin should've cut her some slack. While it's better not to sleep with work colleagues, it's not like Sarah meant for her and Graham to get so serious so quickly.

    Also even when Sarah screws up, she does her best to make amends. She dumps Graham for both their own good and it's nice that Graham isn't written out as a jerk. Plus there's an amazing scene between Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field where the two of them are discussing Sarah's start in the business world. Both actresses hit a home run with that moment.

    As for Ojai, at first Tommy and Holly had no intention of saving them. Logically with them being a small company, it would've been suicide. If Holly's attempts to get one up on the Walkers wasn't a dominating factor, I'd almost support the merger. However the fact that Sarah can't work with Tommy and absolutely despises Holly can only spell disaster. No good is likely to come out of this merging.

    Also thanks to Justin, Holly is going to have to face the wrath of the Walkers even further when Rebecca admits to him that she's not a Walker. Justin doesn't take it very well but regardless of his emotional state he made the right decision in telling Nora about it. Of course Justin had to tell her during a rare moment when Nora though that Holly might not be all that bad.

    Speaking of bad, anyone else divided on Saul this week? Like Sarah, I had the urge to shout at him as well. For all his smugness about the business deal he made with Graham, he didn't have much in the way of answers. He screwed up Ojai and then he got annoyed when Sarah couldn't contain her anger towards him.

    However as much as he systematically screwed up, I was surprised with how devastating the effects were. He ends up getting arrested for drink driving and crashing his car into a tree and then when Kevin manages to bail him out, he finally admits that he's gay.

    After telling Nora back in "36 Hours", Kevin was the other people who's reaction was most important. Kevin suspected long along and now he's got his answer. I have to say that both Ron Rifkin and Matthew Rhys play a blinder with that scene. I totally felt Saul's pain when he asked Kevin how to be a gay man as well as wanting his life. I think many people gay or straight can totally relate to those feelings.

    Saul's coming out while sweet and affecting also served a good purpose for Kevin. Throughout this episode he was bending over backwards trying to amend his business like proposal to Scotty. The sweet thing is that Scotty wasn't mad and was trying to get Kevin to stop overcompensating. Big question – when did Scotty become so level headed and can it be a continuing trend?

    The biggest moment then comes with the episode's ending. After regaling Scotty with all his family's crazy antics, Kevin asks Scotty to marry him. This time he really does mean and I swear to God, not only is it one of the most beautifully written scenes I've ever seen on TV but Matthew Rhys' performance made me melt.

    Because this time round Scotty knows it's a genuine gesture he accepts and the two of them make out. I guess it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they'll be getting married in the next episode and after such a great improvement on these two as a couple; I'm totally rooting for them.

    Taken out of the main plots this week all of Kitty's scenes where with Robert and there wasn't that many of them to boot. Given that we've had to go through several episodes dedicated to Robert's career, the fact that their scenes here were dedicated to the baby angle was a relief.

    I laughed as Kitty and Robert attempted to conceive the old fashioned way. Even when their doctor told them that the odds weren't good they still had a go. It's also great that Robert really does seem as eager to have children as much as Kitty. His hope versus her scepticism on whether or not they'll become parents should bear some interesting results.

    Also in "Moral Hazard"

    This has to be the first episode that we've had Kitty share no scenes with any members of her family.

    Graham: "Sarah I'm trying to help".

    Sarah: "Then why don't you give us back the money we gave you that got us into this mess".

    Why didn't the doctor tell Kitty that her miscarriage isn't a factor in her trouble conceiving?

    Robert: "You're taking a nap".

    Kitty: "In the bathroom?"

    Robert: "Just sit in there and marinate".

    Holly (re Justin): "He sure left in a hurry".

    Rebecca: "Yeah guys seem to do that a lot around here".

    Rebecca has something of a fondness for calling Holly a whore whenever they get into a fight. However Justin also notes that the two of them aren't so different.

    Kevin: "You're attracted to our sister?"

    Justin: "Only because I thought she wasn't".

    Kevin: "Oh my God, you're sick".

    Nora: "From the time you were a little girl, he saw something in you. And I let him have you. Sarah, listen to me. If Ojai goes down, maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it's time to let it go. And then finally you could be your own person".

    Sarah: "I am, Mom. Dad didn't force this on me. I wanted it. I always did".

    So who exactly is Nora's aside from maybe Kevin and Justin? Are Kitty, Tommy and Sarah more William's kids?

    Holly: "From now on if you want to hurt me, you hurt me from somewhere else. I want you out of this house".

    Rebecca: "Fine. I'm gone".

    Saul: "I'm a gay man, Kevin. Tell me how to be a gay man at my age".

    Kevin: "I don't even know how to be a gay man at my age".

    Saul: "I just want my time back".

    Kevin: "Well that's the one trick none of us can master".

    In terms of missing people, it's just Julia, Elizabeth, Cooper and Paige who aren't present.

    Sarah: "Because playing the role of Samaritan was never really enough for you".

    Holly: "I don't think now is the time to be insulting me".

    Justin: "You're my sister".

    Rebecca: "No I'm not. We're not related. Your Dad's not my Dad".

    Standout music: "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg and Warm "Whispers" by Missy Higgins.

    Justin (re Holly): "Not about the business. About Rebecca being our sister".

    Nora: "What?"

    Justin: "It was all a lie. She took a test. Dad wasn't her father. She's not a Walker. She never was".

    Kevin: "No…well, yeah, kind of. Because, Scotty, that's who you are. I am completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate. Because you make me feel like I don't have to be anyone other than who I am. And to me, that feels like family. And that's what I want us to be. I want us to be a family because that never ends. I'm doing this all wrong. Scotty, I am asking you, will you please marry me?"

    Scotty: "Yes. Yes, Kevin, I'll marry you".

    Chronology: Has to be about a week since "Double Negative".

    After one of the disappointing episodes of the season, "Moral Hazard" is quite frankly the best episode we've had. The Sarah and Nora scenes, the Saul and Kevin scenes, Kevin and Scotty scenes as well Justin and Rebecca's scenes and Rebecca and Holly scenes all were powerful moments. Oh and Kitty and Robert were comedy gold as well with their efforts to get pregnant.moreless
  • What will happen to Ojai foods after the last episode? All is about to be revealed.

    This episode starts with Ojai foods in financial trouble due to the decision which Saul made in the previous episode. We learn that the bank won't cover it so that they need to sort something out in 48 hours or they go into receivership. Robert and Kitty go to the clinic to find out what happened with the embryos. Robert asks if they can now have sex as she has to have a month off. Sarah goes to tell Nora about Ojai foods. Nora is really about with Sarah about the situation and blames Sarah for it. Nora, Sarah, Holly and Tommy all have a meeting about Ojai foods. Justin lets slip to Kevin about Rebecca doing a DNA test and how when he thought that they weren't relationship, he was attracted and had feelings for her. Kevin tells him to put it out of his mind and to never speak of it again. Rebecca goes to Nora's and bumps in Justin, he suggests that they go to see a movie together, and so they go. Saul admits to Nora that it is his fault no Sarah's about the problem with Ojai foods. Whilst at the pictures, Justin acts strange around Rebecca and she seems to notice it.

    After a while, after acting very weird, Justin admits to Rebecca that he had hoped that they weren't related and that he kind of had feelings for her. She looks up and leaves.

    Rebecca reveals the truth about the DNA results to her mother. Holly claims she never knew. They have an argument and Holly throws Rebecca out. Saul calls Kevin from the police station and we learn that he has been arrested for driving under the influence. It is then that Saul admits to Kevin that he is a gay.

    Tommy and Holly agree to bail out Ojai and that they want the company's to merge. Tommy and Sarah would be joint heads and Holly would be CEO. Nora is up for it and after a bit of discussion so is Sarah. Rebecca and Justin talk and she admits to him about the results. He flips out and she says she sorry. He tells her to leave. Nora goes home to tell Justin about the merge, but instead he tells her about Rebecca. She's not a walker she never was. Kevin tells Scotty about Saul coming out. Kevin then proposes to Scotty and he says....... yes.moreless
  • Pretty good

    A number of very dramatic things happen in this episode. Justin comes clean to Rebbecca on what's going on with him and everything ends up being a roller coaster ride for those two. Sarah's company is getting bankrupt due to Saul's bad decisions and when it comes to her personal life, she needs to make some tweeks given what is going on with her and Graham. Kevin and Scotti finally decide to tie the not in favor of their love for each other. Kitty and Robert keep trying for that baby, but i have a feeling it is never going to come.moreless
Tom Virtue

Tom Virtue

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Paula Rhodes

Paula Rhodes

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Andrea Savopolos

Andrea Savopolos

Snack Bar Cashier

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Luke MacFarlane

Luke MacFarlane

Scotty Wandell

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Steven Weber

Steven Weber

Graham Finch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Throughout this episode Kevin is wearing a dark blue shirt with a red tie; in a direct sequence (he even mentions that all the events he is talking to Scotty about happened that afternoon) he is in the car with Saul talking in said blue shirt, and then arrives home clad in a striped shirt with a blue tie.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Nora: Ojai's going to be okay. They're merging with Walker Landing. And Holly made it happen. Can you believe it? I never thought I'd actually be grateful to her.
      Justin: She was lying, Mom.
      Nora: No, no, no. They signed the papers. I was there.
      Justin: Not about the business. About Rebecca being our sister.
      Nora: What?
      Justin: It was all a lie. She took a test. Dad wasn't her father. She's not a Walker. She never was.

    • Rebecca: Maybe you're incapable of loving anybody. I mean, look how everybody leaves you.
      Holly: You sent him away, didn't you - David. That's why he left.
      Rebecca: You know, at least he cared. He knew what that family meant to me. I walked into that house and looked at those photographs - some lost girl looking for roots - and they accepted me, and they loved me.
      Holly: Yeah, you know, you are right. I cannot compete with the Walkers.
      Rebecca: No, you can't compete. You're not a mother. Not like Nora.
      Holly: Nora had a husband and a family and money. I scraped together everything for us. I took care of you every single day of your life. Do you know I wasn't much older than you when I got pregnant? Can you imagine that? Being here by yourself and trying to support a child? But I did it. And if I had to give up some of my dreams, so be it. Because from then on, I put you first. And now you have the audacity to treat me like a second-class citizen? And I allowed it, because I knew that it was not easy for you. But I am done with that. From now on, if you want to hurt me, you hurt me from somewhere else. I want you out of this house.

    • Sarah: This is Dad's legacy, Mom. He put me in charge. He left it up to me.
      Nora: Well, maybe he shouldn't have, Sarah. Ojai was his company, not yours. You should never have been pressured to walk in his footsteps. He never gave you that choice. He picked you. From the time you were a little girl, he saw something in you. And I... I let him have you. Sarah, listen to me. If Ojai goes down, maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it's time to let it go. And then, finally, you could be your own person.
      Sarah: I am, Mom. Dad didn't force this on me. I wanted it. I always did.

    • Nora: (to Sarah) Unfortunately? Unfortunately? No, no, "unfortunately" is "oops, I dented the car fender. I spilled red wine on the sofa." Unfortunately is not "I ruined Ojai."

    • Tommy: (about Sarah) She was sleeping with Graham, okay? She lost all objectivity. Those are the facts. I'm sorry.
      Sarah: You're not above sleeping with an employee yourself, Tommy.
      Tommy: She was an office manager, okay? I wasn't making multi-million-dollar deals with her.

    • Scotty: Okay, Kevin, there is no way you care this much about the carbon footprint of this loft. I wish you did, but you don't. I know why you've been acting guilty lately. And I've been letting you go on in this overapologizing, "please Scotty" mode. But it's too much.
      Kevin: What do you mean?
      Scotty: Kevin, just because I didn't like the incredibly lame way you pseudo-proposed to me over a hospital bill doesn't mean I'm not happy with our relationship exactly as it is now.

    • Rebecca: Where are you going?
      Justin: The bathroom...I don't know. Stop following me!
      Rebecca: Following you? You're my ride!

    • Kevin: First, I was dealing with the family business being obliterated when Justin announced he has, on occasion, been attracted to Rebecca, our sister.
      Scotty: What?
      Kevin: Believe me, it goes on. Then Sarah calls me over because she's agonizing over dating the guy whose deal obliterated the family business. But, the piece de resistance, Saul, who signed off on the deal that got the business obliterated, after being arrested for D.U.I., for plowing his car into a tree 'cause apparently he's lost the will to live, finally came out to me.
      Scotty: Oh my god, is he okay?
      Kevin: He will be, I think. But, you know, it's like... All these crazy people in my family are in this insane freefall and completely incapable of being happy. And then I look at Saul, who's missed his life entirely. And I realize how lucky I am because I get to come home to someone who is kind and caring and changes the lightbulbs. And... Marry me.
      Scotty: What?
      Kevin: I mean it. I don't want to wait. I don't want - I want to make this official.
      Scotty: Because I changed the lightbulbs?
      Kevin: No... well, yeah, kind of. Because, Scotty, that's who you are. I am completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate. Because you make me feel like I don't have to be anyone other than who I am. And to me, that feels like family. And that's what I want us to be. I want us to be a family because that never ends. I'm doing this all wrong. (gets down on one knee) Scotty, I am asking you, will you please marry me?
      Scotty: (kneels too) Yes. Yes, Kevin, I'll marry you.

    • Kevin: Everybody screws up, Saul. But that's no excuse to treat yourself with absolutely no respect.
      Saul: Kevin, I was fingerprinted and locked in a drunk tank. What is there left to respect?
      Kevin: How about me? How about the people who love you? Whatever it is you did to Ojai, it's no excuse to drive your car into a tree.
      Saul: I didn't risk Ojai Foods to make money, Kevin. I did it to try and save my life. I want out. I want to be free.
      Kevin: Just say it. I love you, and it's okay.
      Saul: I'm a gay man, Kevin. Tell me how I can be a gay man at my age.
      Kevin: I don't know how to be a gay man at my age. But I do understand that you're afraid.
      Saul: I want my time back.
      Kevin: That's the one trick none of us can pull off. Saul, if you think this family is going to sit back and watch you waste the time you do have punishing're mistaken.

    • Justin: Remember when we went surfing the other day, and you and Tommy accused me of hiding something about Rebecca?
      Kevin: Yeah, vaguely.
      Justin: There was a minute there when she wasn't sure she was our sister.
      Kevin: You mean she's not?
      Justin: She is, she took a test. But when I found that out, I was kinda into that idea that she...wasn't
      Kevin: Why would you not want her to be part of the family?
      Justin: I do...but I wasn't unhappy with the fact that she wasn't.
      Kevin: What are you talking about?
      Justin: How are you not getting this? I know you're gay, but you have eyes! She's not like...unattractive.

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