Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 18

Never Say Never

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

In this episode, Justin turns 30. He doesn't feel like celebrating so he cancels his birthday. His brothers and sisters come together to plan a party for him despite his please. Brody finally shows up to retrieve his dog. Brody surprises her with the news that Nora and Saul's mom, Ida, died. Nora starts planning the funeral and Sarah uses this as an excuse to avoid planning her wedding. Kevin is indifferent because Ida never liked him. Brody tries to get Nora to admit her feelings for him.

Saul's feeling guilty because he never told his mom that he is gay. He never told her since she would probably disapprove. While cleaning out Ida's room, Luc and Justin find a letter written to Saul. Saul is hesitant to open it because he thinks it will be her reprimanding him for his lifefrom beyond the grave. It turns out to be a heartfelt letter from Ida wishing Saul a happy life.

Nora has a difficult time giving a eulogy at the funeral since her mother never really liked her. She storms out. Brody commends her for finally being honest. Later, he tells Nora he got fired and comes back to Pasadena to get his dog, and also Nora. They share a kiss. Scotty's mother invites herself to meet Olivia. Olivia does not like her. The wake is at Scotty and Saul's café. The Walkers stay late to have a few extra drinks and catch up with each other.