Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 7

Northern Exposure

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • An unexpected weekend

    From the very beginning it's predictable that everyone is gonna end up in the ranch together- it's a usual Walker family thing. On the other hand the predictability isn't disturbing, it's rather funny and sweet.

    While I've found Kitty and Warren boring in the previous episodes I found them a little bit more interesting this time but still all the other storylines were better. Justin was cute with his girlfriend, I loved how she directly pointed out to him that his family's opinion is all he cares about making Justin acknowledge(to himself) how much he actually cares about his family.

    The whole sperm donor thing was really well written and played. I liked how Nora handled the argument in the dinner table giving Kevin the justification to have a different opinion in this matter. I actually agreed to Kevin in this whole thing and for me it was a bit annoying how everybody else thought that Kevin should instantly say yes to Tommy. The way they resolved the issue in the end was a pretty good idea. Sarah finding out about Rebecca predicts a lot of trouble and drama ahead.
  • Simply perfect! So exciting, revealing, emotional... (P.S. Kevin, have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Scotty!!!)

    As I watched this episode, it just got even more and more thrilling, as each family member decides to bring his/her significant other to the ranch.
    The Tucker Booth story-nice touch! I was kinda hoping that he'll appear in the episode, or that Kevin and Sarah will find out that they both lost their virginity to him.
    But een like this, it was great!
    The sperm business... OMG!
    I just can;t believe that everybody (Tommy, Sarah, Kitty, Scotty) attacked Kevin fon not wanting to donate for his brother. I mean, he;s right, it's just too weird! I can't believe he actually got along with it in the end!
    But i'm also mad at Kevin: he should respect Scotty. Because if he doesn't, he'll just go away. And he already insulted him in the last episode...
    I want Kevin and Scotty to be together. Warren kinda bugs me. Justin's girlfriend is cute.
    But Sarah is... she just is! Amazing!
    What an episode, what a show!
  • A Weekend In The Ranch Written by David Marshall Grant And Molly Newman Directed by Lawrence Trilling

    Kevin: "Okay take a minute, Sarah and think this through. This does not fall within the primers of normal brotherly duties"
    Sarah: "Since when has this been a normal family?"

    Tackling a good few themes that have been done on plenty of other shows before, this week throws the suggestion of escape as the Walkers took their usual bouts of dramas this week away from Ojai and into a ranch that's been in the family for years.

    It's also the ranch that due to William sabotaging his company left, right and centre that have been sold off along with the orchards from the company for a tidy sum of $9.3 million in the hopes of delaying the slippery slope to total bankruptcy. It's finally nice to see some assertive action being taken by anyone in order to save the company and this is as good as any a start to have been made.

    Of course before the new owners set up shop, Nora wants to take all of her family there to give the place one last goodbye and quite expectedly, each and every single one of them makes their excuses and opts out of going there with their Mum. I understood their unwillingness to go to that charity ball last week or any other public event where Nora attempts to make her family look like the Cleavers but even I think that they were being a tad insensitive here.

    Aside from briefly asking Nora how is she keeping her time in "An Act Of Will", Kevin and company haven't been helping their Mum actually get through her grief even if Nora has been a bit too clingy at times. It wouldn't have killed them to do this last thing before the place was being sold.

    Thankfully their refusal to accompany Nora didn't deter the woman from going up there herself in order to retrieve a wooden wall panel and when her family bailed, Dave seemed more than happy to step into the fray and offer his own services. I said it back in the review for "Date Night" and I'll say it again – these two work so well and it's clear at this point that it's a mutual attraction rather than a one-sided feeling.

    Getting the panel is the easy bit for Dave, it's the getting wet part and then being caught by the first of Nora's kids to arrive wearing a very pink dressing gown and no, it definitely didn't flatter Treat Williams in any way at all so I don't think there was that much acting when Dave was embarrassed during that particular moment. Still it was pretty amusing to watch no less.

    On the kids' front, I knew it was a total cop out that none of them had a desire to stay away from the ranch. It was obvious they just didn't want to go with Nora and even more obvious that each of them wanted to bring their spouse or current squeeze. It's not unrealistic either but it is a rather predictable scene when you watch each and every single one of the Walker kids and their Plus One's show up.

    At the start we had Sarah in one of her more fun moments telling Joe about that one time in the ranch where she had her cherry popped and more or less insisted that her and Joe left their own little mark there too. This saucy side of Sarah is even more fun to watch than when she launches into teasing mode and the sex deprived Joe only seems too happy to accommodate his wife's wish.

    She wasn't the only with hanky-panky on her mind as a loved up Kevin also reminisced over the times he lost his virginity one year to a girl and the next to a guy, which only seemed to whet Scotty's sense of horniness as Kevin went on. Maybe it's me but is Scotty quite easy to excite or what?

    I love that get to see these two behaving in the same loved up and thoughtful manner than in the previous scene we had gotten with Sarah and Joe. This show is continuing to emphasise Kevin's importance without necessarily going overkill on his sexuality.

    But if Sarah and Kevin also have weekend sex on their minds with their partners then so do Tommy and Julia who simply need something to take their minds off trying the harder way to becoming parents. Last week, Tommy had just found he was sterile and this week, him and Julia are already looking at sperm donors, which didn't take them very long.

    You feel for the two of them but there's also not a single viewer who didn't see that plot coming a mile off either. I don't mind Tommy and Julia becoming parents if it helps vocalise them as much as everyone else but some other plots along with their baby quest for the remainder of the season would also be a wise tactic to employ as well.

    Less taxing on the other hand would be Justin's persuasion to get Tyler up to the ranch too. She might've played the good Christian girl act but Justin didn't have that hard a time trying to get her to see things his way and as far as I can tell these two are only other people who actually got some action courtesy of the tree house.

    Tyler has definitely proved in the three episodes she has been in so far that she's a good influence on Justin. In "Family Portrait" she saw the good in him during his messed up state and in this episode she's able to lay into about smoking a joint without him protesting and heck, the girl even succeeded in actually getting him to not get high as well. Plus them falling out of the tree house was even more hilarious than Dave in the pink dressing gown and this episode needed some light entertainment. Justin has definitely landed on his feet with a hot girl who can talk some sense into him. I wouldn't imagine that Fawn would've gotten away with talking to Justin in the same way Tyler was able too.

    Also the first of the siblings to actually make it up to the ranch was Kitty, who despite not actually being a defined relationship as such managed to bring Warren. Last week he threw the hypocritical comment about them being a wrong match due to his thing with Amber and this week, both him and Kitty are getting out of an interview so they can spend time with each other.

    Amber's surprising intelligence from the previous episode is on display this week when Kitty realises that the girl has enough brain cells to do an interview that other interns wouldn't get a chance to do so early in their careers but even Amber has a weakness and his name is Warren.

    As soon as the man enters the room she reverts into a love struck schoolgirl and she almost sounds a bit too dippy when she's trying to get him to attend parties that even the emotionally immature Warren might sniff at. Plus Kitty's hot and cold stance does absolutely nothing whatsoever to help the situation.

    At least by the end of this episode we know where their relationship is going and perhaps shocking to some viewers, Kitty decides to not enter a relationship with Warren after all. The reasoning is a little schmaltzy, especially given the fact that there had been reasonable enough obstacles in their way (Jonathan, Amber) but a part of me thinks that maybe it's for the best. It's also kinda disappointing because both Calista Flockhart and Josh Hopkins do have decent if not electrifying chemistry with one another.

    However there are at least another set of important issues to contend with and when Tommy isn't icily excluding Justin as best he can, he's quick to ask Kevin for sperm to which Kevin refuses and even more surprisingly no-one bothers to see his point of view on the matter, let alone take his side.

    Things escalate even further during dinner when Sarah hypocritically launches into Kevin's refusal and has the cheek to call him selfish. Excuse me but if Tommy/Julia had asked Sarah to be a surrogate and she refused, it would be alright but it's selfish because Kevin said no to giving his brother sperm? I'm sorry but I don't think so. What Tommy asked of Kevin is a huge thing that impacts his life every bit as it does Tommy, Julia and their future offspring and perhaps Sarah should've considered that before getting up on her high horse and acting like Kevin didn't have a choice in the matter. If anything it should've been her apologising during that later scene and trying to find out the reasons behind Kevin's refusal rather than Kitty.

    What's even more annoying is that Tommy didn't berate Kevin for refusing him. In fact he was dealing with it pretty well and while Kevin made an **** of himself for snapping at Scotty who also didn't take Kevin's side on the matter. Scotty reacted a bit childishly by storming off with Warren at the end but I didn't hate him for not agreeing with Kevin, just more for not seeing his position on the subject matter.

    Still, at least it wasn't Nora or Justin who were making everyone else uncomfortable at the dinner and while Nora went off to apologise to Dave for family (something she might be doing a lot if these two really get serious), there was a touching scene the next day between her and Kitty involving the wall panel.

    Back to the sperm problem, with Kevin refusing and having that heartfelt conversation with Kitty about his hang ups, Tommy really kinda overstepped the mark with Justin's offer. In fact Tommy really did go overboard with the way he behaved towards his younger throughout the whole episode and it's amazing that in the end both Justin and Kevin agreed to donate sperm for their big brother but Tommy's latter words about not wanting to hear anything else sperm related echoed a similar sentiment for me too. Less sperm talk please.

    Elsewhere after her appalling behaviour in the ranch, it's good to know the writers found some other way of redeeming Sarah when after and Joe got their naughty on in the attic of the ranch, a familiar picture got Sarah's spidey sense tingling.

    After we all learned about Holly's daughter Rebecca last week and came to the assumption that she was in fact another Walker, the rather perceptive Sarah was also able to come to the same conclusion. Then again when you have one of the least convincing liars for an uncle like Saul, wrangling the truth must be a very easy thing for Sarah. The bigger question remains as to which sibling Sarah tells about Rebecca first too. More than likely it'll be either Tommy or Kitty.

    Also in "Northern Exposure"

    The episode opened up with a debate about DDT being used in Africa to combat Malaria. You do have to give kudos to this show being the only one on US network TV dealing with governmental issues outside of terrorism.

    Sarah (re Tucker Booth): "Tall, blue eyes, blond hair. A very hot day in the tree house"
    Joe: "Okay. Don't need to hear more on that".

    Tucker Booth certainly got around. Not only did he pop both Sarah and Kevin's respective cherries but he also gave Justin his first drug experience too. It's a pity he didn't pop up in the episode.

    Kevin: "Hey you know what we should do?"
    Scotty: "Google Tucker Booth?"
    Kevin: "No we should go up to Ojai this weekend".

    Julia: "Are you alright?"
    Tommy: "When I think about that guy's sperm in your body, I just want to strangle him".

    Is anyone surprised that William is of Irish descent and Nora of Jewish. The names "Walker" and "Saul" might've helped viewers come to that conclusion.

    Tommy: "Hand me a screwdriver. You know what a screwdriver looks like, don't you?"
    Kevin: "It's orange and comes in a glass with ice".

    Scotty: "Don't you find it odd that you a gay man are suddenly embracing the idea of being normal?"
    Kevin: "For once, I would like to have an opinion without you connecting it to my sexuality".

    Kevin raised an excellent point here. As much as Kevin might have judgemental issues, Scotty does attempt to use sexuality as a way of attacking Kevin at times.

    Sarah (to everyone else): "Kevin's decided its his role to save the traditional American family, which is pretty strange considering he's here with his boyfriend".

    Kevin: "I can't believe that you don't think this is weird"
    Kitty: "You know Kev, what Julia and Tommy want is the essence of family values. If I think and I'm a Conservative, where the hell are you coming from?"

    For this first time, at least one regular is a no show and that person is Holly. Come to think, I don't really remember seeing Cooper or Paige either.

    David: "You have nothing to apologise for"
    Nora: "Oh please. If they're not falling out of trees then they're killing each other over sperm".

    Standout music: "That Summer" by Andy Stochansky and "Shelter" by Ray LaMontagne.

    Kevin: "You know, this whole anonymity thing is a joke. If the kid's well dressed and witty, it's mine"
    Justin: "You don't stand a chance. My little dudes have been to war"
    Kevin: "And stoned for the last ten years"
    Tommy: "Okay, that's enough sperm talk for the rest of my life".

    Chronology: At least a week or two since "For The Children".

    While this episode might score some rather high points for predictability, even when this lot are at loggerheads and behaving immaturely, they're still fun to watch and "Northern Exposure" is quite the episode. It scores high for timely debates and furthering the Rebecca arc as a result too.

    I love Reunion in a house in generaly in series and I am not disapointed by the reunion of Brothers and Sisters in the ranch. The scenes where all the family is reunite are incroyable, excellent. They are excellent dialogues too. It's a very good episode, like all the first season in reality. Kitty with Warren, Justin with his boss, Kevin with Scotty ( I don't like him so much ), Tommy with Sarah and Sarah with his husband, all the couples are nice to watch. The story moves on and I love it. it's never boring it's just exciting, the debut of cult serie ? For me certainly
  • How rich are (were) these Walkers???

    Everyone ending up being at the Ranch House was no big surprise but it was great to watch.

    Kitty and Warren seem to have bad timing together but I think they will eventually be togther ...... eventually! It must be hard for Tommy and Julia, especially Tommy seen as it is because of him. It must have taken a lot of courage to ask his brother for help and in return his brothers helping him but it seems to have helped his relationship with Justin.

    The photo of Rebecca being at the Ranch House can only mean one thing. i can't wait to see how the family reacts.
  • Everyone goes up to the family ranch.

    This was an amazing episode. I think that it's the best episode yet. At the moment, it's definitely my favorite episode of Brothers & Sisters. I thought that it was really funny that Kevin Sarah had both lost their virginity to the same guy. Justin was absolutely hilarious in this episode. I loved the storyline with Julia and Thomas trying to pick a storyline. That storyline was very well written. I was glad that the writers managed to successfully put humor into a storyline was pretty dramatic for the most part. All in all, this was another great episode. My love for Brothers & Sisters continues to grow with each episode.
  • Emotional and Funny at the same time...

    Can I be anymore attached to this show and this family. I must say this is one of the best episodes ever. Reliving past memories, revealing secrets, naked people falling from tree houses, Nora getting a kiss from David, sperm talk at the dinner table, raging hormones, forgiveness and understanding between brothers. I loved the way they all planned to secretly go to the ranch and it was touching to see them let go of it. I'm so happy Tommy and Justin came to an understanding. So we finally learn the real reason of Justin's issues as if it wasn't predictable that it was because of the war. I'm glad that everything is working out for them though. Aww why did Warren have to ruin it by not telling Amber and why did Kevin have to be mean with Scotty. I want these couples to be fixed lol. And gosh now Sarah knows about Rebecca uh oh I sense trouble brewing. Overall excellent episode.
  • This episode was emotional...but oh so funny!

    This was definitely the series classic....and boy oh boy did i think my family was whack!
    But not any me!!!
    This family is by far one of the craziest i've ever come across!!!...but its a good thing!

    I was so sad when i heard that Tom couldn't have children(he would make a great dad)...but you have to admit, its a little weird that he wants Kevin (his brother) to be the father of his wife's baby.

    Anyway, i'm sure that it will all work out.
    As for Justin falling out of the tree house, whilst doing 'it' with his girl...that was funny!
  • Bye Bye House!

    Financially strapped family has to sell their ranch in which they have called home for so many years as Nora
    Tries to keep the family intact and not get crazy
    At all when they have to sale their house. Meanwhile, unable to conceive, Tommy & Julia goes through unconvential as well as really not so good measures in starting a family. Warren & Kitty go out on a weekend retreat that is anything but peaceful at all. Great show as well as one of the best new shows of the year!
  • This is by far one of the best episodes that I have seen so far. It was very funny and emotional, and a few character developments.

    Sarah and Tommy decide to sell their old family ranch house in order to recover some money for the case. The family argues about it at first but come to the agreement that it has to be sold. Later Sarah tells Joe how she lost her virginity at the tree-house in the ranch house to a guy named Tucker Booth, and they decide to go during the weekend. Kevin tells Scotty the same thing about him and Tucker so they decide to go see the ranch during the weekend too! Meanwhile Justin tells Tyler that he got high with Tucker at the tree-house and says that they should go there during the weekend. Kitty and Warren also decide to use the benefits of the ranch during that time. Nora invites David to go with her to the ranch to remove some important equipment etc. Not knowing that the others are also going the same place at the same time, the Walker family gets a shock when they see each other at the ranch, and the rest of the episode is how they spend last days in their childhood place.

    This episode had so many hilarious scenes like when Kitty and Warren ran into Nora and David wearing only a bathrobe, or when Justin and Tyler fall off the tree house, but it also have powerful emotional scenes like when Tommy tells Kevin to be the donor, and how Justin and Tommy finally patch their relationship. I also liked seeing David and Nora’s relationship get closer. So many things happen in this episode that there is never a dull moment.
  • A farewell to a family home brings long simmering tensions to life in interesting ways.

    Okay, it was a bit much that every person in the family decided seperately to go to that house on the same weekend. But then, it added to the great fun. The show is just so good drawing in how tight the family is, even in ways they themselves didn't know. The Tucker Booth running gag was great and I was hoping the actual guy would show up somehow. I also like the stuff with Kitty's intern showing she's brighter than she seemed at first and Kitty helping her. This was balanced by her realizing Warren was planning on a weekend fling behind the girls' back and Kitty, still no doubt shaken by her father's actions, not wanting to be in that position.

    I've said it before and it bears repeating. I can truly buy Sally Field and Calista Flockhart as mother and daughter as they get on great. It's good to see Nora get on with her life and bounce back. The family drama was big with the pregnancy stuff and Kevin digging his heels on it. I liked how they had Thomas ask him, a big dramatic moment...then Justin and his girlfriend smash through the treehouse naked. The dinner was great with all the significant others leaving together to give the family time. I liked how Nora basically echoed my feelings, that it wasn't right for Thomas to expect Kevin to just give it up and for Sarah to get so involved in it. That leads to the great scene of Justin and Thomas as Justin finally gets his brother to accept him. The scene of the three brothers finally getting along was great to see and I look forward to it developing.

    Of course the big moment was the ending, which confirmed what we suspected from last week, that William fathered another child. We all know it's impossible for that to be kept silent for long...which means this show is going to get even better.
  • Laugh-Out-Loud Funny, Tears-Down-My-Cheeks Touching & Relatable. I like these characters as if they were my friends in another life. Smart, great comic timing, intense, inconspicuous acting. Writing is insightful, tender and filled with funny bones.

    LOVE the interweaving of the intensity levels, colorful family exchanges and wit. Also, love the look at the left-over childhood sibling posturing and bravado along with humor that surprisingly pops up with spicy fun. When Nora keeps seeing more and more of her children show up with their significant others, then she lifts the wine bottle up for a gulp, I burst out with a laugh. Drawn into Tommy’s asking Kevin for his sperm, then abruptly interrupted with naked Justin and Tyler falling from the sky-Justin is hilarious with his laid-back response. Dave Annable delivers outstandingly in this episode. So cute when he accepts Tyler’s “yes” kiss. Annable and Marika Dominczyk are so natural together. The use of music is always outstanding. I often miss tuning into the music until a repeat viewing. I always love Matthew Rhys. Exposure of Kevin's inconsistency with his competent professional confidence, in contrast to his modest footing within the family dynamics, as well as with his boyfriend interactions-remind me how true that can be in real life. I appreciate seeing Kevin articulate feeling like an outsider inside his own family because being gay separated him from his family. Appears like he is supposed to give more understanding to them than he is given by them. Being a healthy gay apparently requires an extra dose of maturity. How does a young person identify with heterosexuals when the child is not one? Must be a lonely and awkward learning curve. Good for a heterosexual to realize.
  • Better and better...

    The show keeps getting better and better each week. The acting definitely carries this series. And of course the writing is pretty darn good.
    These actors have such good chemistry on screen. Their character relationships are believable. And with each episode, they show a new level of quality. I was never really a huge fan of Sally Field, but she has won me over. The Jury's still out on Calista Flockhart, but I can't deny that she has great comedic timing. And she was pretty good in this particular episode. Especially during her little talk with brother, Kevin. Speaking of Kevin: he has very quickly become one of my very favorite TV characters. Matthew Rhys is such a good actor.
  • one of the best

    i think that this episode was one of the best yes, it was tight and well written the acting was superb as usual what i particulary liked in this episode was that it feature equally all the brothers and sisters i relly nora but in the previous one she was a little overtaking them but still i feel like she is the center of the familly and this good i liked to see the tommy storylines and i can believe how much emeotion the actors put in showing his pain i liked o see kevin's fear and how he explain that he couldn't help his brother this episode was heavy on drama but as the same time was very fun
  • Sperm Me Up, Scotty!

    Good episode for the actors as they further bring the Walkers and friends to life. The selling of the ranch was the pivitol point of the story, and I liked that the writers chose to put the $15M as a sort of secondary subject. The more I watch these actors/characters, the more I am drawn to them, both as a viewer and that of a writer. They don't always see eye-to-eye on things (namely the donation of Kevin's sperm) but they all respect one another and let each other make their own decisions. Sally Field et all continue to add depth and humor to their respective characters. It's a treat to watch this show every Sunday. Can life get any better?
  • To sell or not to sell the ranch house which holds sentimental value for each Walker family member.

    I am totally beginning to fall in love with these characters. The Walkers, are unique and not overdone and I see value in each one. This episode was well acted and even though there are so many cynical minds out there, this episode was heartwarming. So many secrets dropped on them since the patriarch of the family's death but they still pull together even thought they don't all agree and this is how a family should be in my opinion and Brothers & Sisters is getting it right. After all the siblings stories about the ranch house memories from when they were young I was half hoping that "Tucker Booth" would show up. I find each of their relationships, whether it be Kitty, Kevin, Sarah, Justin, Tommy or Nora, that I care and it takes a well-writtten script and fine actors to accomplish this. I don't want to give away the storyline because you just have to see it for this isn't Desperate Housewives or Heroes but it is still a really well done drama with a sprinkle of humour, a dash of love and a feeling of home.
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