Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 7

Northern Exposure

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Nora exclaims, "Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!". But she is Jewish, and it wouldn't be a part of her cultural upbringing to say something like that.

      But this isn't necessarily true. The expression is part of culture, especially American culture. The expression is not a prayer, it's one of dismay.

    • Three of the five Walker children had memorable life events in the treehouse of their Ojai ranch with Tucker Booth:

      Sara lost her virginity to him;
      Kevin lost his virginity to him;
      Justin got high for the first time with him.

  • Quotes

    • Justin: (About a picture)I don't remember having such a squished face, maybe one of you drop me that day.
      Joe: Or maybe you fell out a treehouse naked.
      Justin: Yeah, the attic was taken.

    • Tommy: Hand me a screwdriver. You know what a screwdriver looks like, don't you?
      Kevin: It's orange and comes in a glass with ice.

    • Tommy (in reference to the ranch house): It's like a frat house in here!

    • Kevin: You know, this whole anonymity thing is a joke. If it gets well dressed and witty, it's mine.
      Justin: You don't stand a chance. My little dudes have been at war.
      Kevin: and stoned for the last ten years. Mine are effective.
      Tommy: Okay, that's enough sperm talk for the rest of my life.

    • Sarah: How could you not want to help Julia and Tommy?
      Kevin: Okay take a minute, Sarah, and think this through. This does not fall within the primers of normal brotherly duty.
      Sarah: Since when has this been a normal family?
      Scotty: Having eaten a few meals with you people I have to agree with Sarah on that point.

    • Warren: I've got to say, your family seems pretty left of the salad fork. How'd they go wrong with you?
      Kitty: Oh, by being perfect I guess. Well, at least appearing that way. Wedded bliss from my parents, songs around the piano during the holidays, touch football in the summertime. So, I don't know, I guess when I discovered politics I wanted to support the party that stood for those values. Home. Family. America...

    • Kevin: I lost my virginity in Ojai. Both times. First to this girl called Sarah Gimble. Second one summer later to this guy...this total stud. Everyone in Ojai was in love with him.
      Scotty: What was his name?
      Kevin: Tucker Booth.

    • Sarah: What I remember about Ojai were the boys, and the sunsets and this old chair on the porch where I read Jayne Eyre. Oh, and I lost my virginity there too.
      Joe: You never told me that.
      Sarah: Yeah. Tucker Booth. Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair...very hot day in the treehouse.
      Joe: Okay...don't need to hear more about that.

    • Nora: I feel like I'm always apologizing for my family.
      Dave: You have nothing to apologize for.
      Nora: Oh please. If they're not falling out of trees, they're killing each other over sperm.

    • Warren (to Kitty): You are the least cynical Republican I've ever met.

    • Kitty: What do you want me to do?
      Nora: You're a journalist. Lie.

    • (The family is getting sentimental over their ranch home)
      Sarah: Oh come on guys. We're not the Waltons.

    • (about witnessing an enemy soldier die in Afghanistan)
      Justin: I was staring right at him and, uh ... I didn't do anything. I let him die, Tommy. I mean he was a human being and I just let him die. So I don't wanna do this for you. I wanna do this for me. I owe a life.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kitty mentions Al Gore's movie An inconvenient truth in this episode.

    • Sarah: What I remember about Ojai were the boys, and the sunsets and this old chair on the porch where I read Jayne Eyre. Oh, and I lost my virginity there too.

      Jane Eyre is a classic novel by Charlotte Brontë. It was published in 1847 by Smith, Elder & Company, London, and is one of the most famous British novels.