Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 24

On the Road Again

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 16, 2010 on ABC
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One of William's secret investments brings hope to the Walker family; a subversive business deal compromises Robert's health and the safety of his family; Rebecca and Justin think about a trial separation.

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  • A really strange episode altogether, but the ending...... Oh. My. God. Makes me wanna scream.

    So, I think I speak for everyone out there when I say that the episode as a whole was a bit strange and weird. I don't know why, I can't really explain it but it didn't really feel like an episode of Brothers and Sisters. Even with the ending and everything.

    The awesome memorable moments definitely have to be the whole gang dancing around the water of Narrow Lake. That was amazing.

    But seriously, the ending? Could not have been better. The second they all got into their cars and started waving goodbye, I had a sick feeling. But still, you never expect "that" to happen!

    Wow, how amazing was it when Rebecca was on the phone with her mother while driving with Justin and then Holly stops answering the phone? And then we drive a bit more and BAM! There's this huge massive car trauma going on. I LOVED how we didn't actually get to SEE the cars crashing. That's what made it way more dramatic. Other shows would've definitely shown the cars crashing into each other, probably to attract viewers. But this, that scene right there.......seriously amazing.

    And then Justin and Rebecca just running around.....everywhere, how awesome was that?!

    Holly scared me. Robert and Kitty made me cry. Saul made me scream....and the look on Kevin's face when Saul says "Don't touch me!" because there's blood on his hands and he is HIV

    It's all really such a heart-pounding scene. The first time I saw it I was bewildered. Then the next time, I was expecting a short scene. Never realized how long that last scene actually is!!

    Amazing ending to a "fine" episode. I still gave it a superb score because no one could've possibly finished a great season that way.moreless
  • A horrible ending to an insufferable season. (Spoilers ahead)

    Season 4 had been pretty awful in general, but this horrible season ending episode really took the cake. Is there any kind of misfortune that the Walker family hasn't suffered yet? Well, none of them has been struck by a meteorite or been infected by flesh-eating bacteria as yet, though no doubt that's slated for Season 5. But I won't be watching it, since I am tired of seeing this family put on their weepy faces for yet another family dinner / fight / tragedy (the three terms are synonymous in the Walker dictionary). When this this once smart and funny series devolve into a C-grade soap opera? At one time, the characters were interesting and realistic - the kind of people that may very well be a part of your family. Now they are all a bunch of hysterical morons, whose lives involve nothing but constant melodrama and an unending series of tragedies. Was there any reason to kill off Robert? Was there any reason whatsoever to give Saul HIV? Or for that matter, was there any reason for any of the melodrama earlier in this season - for example, the 'deep, dark secret' from Kevin's past? Which was, frankly, such a ridiculously overblown story arc that it would have killed my faith in the series entirely, had I any left by that point. But that nail in the coffin had already been driven in by Justin and Rebecca's pathetic excuse for a relationship. And the accident at the end of the season-ending episode managed to dig up the remains and drive a stake through its heart.

    Goodbye, Brothers & Sisters. I won't miss you.moreless
  • A mostly good episode until it gets completly spoiled... *contains spoilers*

    *spoilers ahead*

    Even though I give this episode a low rating I actually enjoyed most of it. The ending was awful though, and I'm not thinking about the car crash. I get the feeling that the writers must be out of good ideas since they seem to use the disease theme over and over. Robert with his heart problems & Kitty with her cancer, that was ok, but with Saul having HIV it just became too much. I'm not even sure if I will be watching the next season. The phone call Saul made to find out if he had HIV seemed a bit strange as well. I'm guessing he would have a longer conversation if he received the information that he was HIV positive, unless he just hung up before the call was properly ended of course...moreless
  • Talk about a dramatic and shocking ending.

    Those last ten minutes were insanely dramatic - the entire Walker clan in a car crash? Robert dead? Holly maybe dead? Saul has HIV? WTF? I mean I enjoyed the rest of the episode but what else can you think about but that explosive ending.

    It was good to see Narrow Lakes going somewhere and turning out to be good for the Walkers. Sarah's depression was amusing as was her and Nora going along with Kitty on her campaign tour. The storyline with Saul was interesting and well handled, looking forward to see how they develop it.

    Justin and Rebecca was pretty typical stuff but not too bad. I just loved how those final minutes were done, it felt so real and horrifying. It was heart-breaking to watch Robert die as Kitty looked on helplessly...

    How will the Walkers cope? With the show skipping ahead one year (that's what I've read) next season should be brilliant.moreless
  • amazing ending to a wonderful season

    *SPOILER ALERT* talk about awesome. brothers & sisters never fails to impress. everything was amazing. so much happened that it completely changed the game for next season and the 1 year jump that the show is going to take is going to fit perfectly in now. NARROW LAKE! finally the mystery has been uncovered and it all makes sense. such a wonderful scene with them all dancing in the water, esp. sarah considering her hilarious misery earlier. of course: robert. i'm gonna miss him :( rob lowe was a perfect addition to the show in season 1 and kitty & robert are like one of those made-for-each-other couples. so it really sucks that we aren't going to see him anymore. it was terrible to see him just die in front of us like that in the accident. robert was funny, smart, and cool. if only rob lowe didn't ask to leave. so in 12 months: narrow lake will probably become (or be on it's way to becoming) a new family business for the walkers with sarah and holly as the heads, justin will return from haiti and most likely there will be trouble between him and rebecca, kitty will either have won or lost her campaign, luc will be trying to get along with the kids and maybe have a painting career, nora will be involved everywhere as usual, and scotty will have his own restaurant. saul is HIV positive! that 'don't touch me. you can't' scene was very powerful. i wonder what that means for him in a year's time. i don't know what kevin will be doing either. but we'll see and i'm very excited. so overall, another great finale of another fun and awesome season of brothers & sisters :)moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • ABC released the complete fourth season on DVD in the U.S. (region 1) on August 31, 2010. It was sold in international regions starting in October 2010.

    • Saul's birth year is given as 1938, making him in his early 70s. That would put his and Nora's mother, Ida, in her 90s probably.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • (over the phone)
      Kevin: How's my Senator-to-be?
      Kitty: Oh, cautiously optimistic.
      Kevin: What, about the primary?
      Kitty: No, about me and mom on a bus. I- I somehow got suckered into letting her campaign with me all weekend. I mean, I- it could be fun, right?
      Kevin: I'm sor-- mom, the most vocal bleeding-heart liberal in Southern California? No. That's not fun. That's campaign suicide.
      Kitty: Oh, I was so hoping you weren't gonna say that. (Nora appears) She brought Sara.
      Kevin: Sarah's not exactly the person I'd want cheering for me right now.
      Kevin: No, she looks like somebody killed her cat.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Luke Grimes (Ryan) departs the series. Though he remained credited for all of season 4, his last appearance was in episode 14 'The Pasadena Primary.'

    • Rob Lowe departs the series. However, he is seen briefly in the season five opener, with a flashback scene taken from this episode.

    • Music:
      "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John
      "12" by Alexi Murdoch
      "Uncharted" by Sara Bareilles

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: Friday, May 14, 2010 on Global
      Australia: Monday, June 14, 2010 on Channel 7
      United Kingdom: Thursday, June 24, 2010 on More4
      India: Thursday, October 7, 2010 on Zee Cafe
      Norway: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, August 5, 2012 on Universal Channel