Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 14

Owning It

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2009 on ABC
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Marc Wilson the president of Wexley University offers Kitty a job as a principal. Tommy goes behind Holly's back with Rebecca on his trail. Nora and Sarah surprise Kitty with a baby shower.

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  • Nora and Sarah surprise Kitty with a baby shower.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. Although, I didn't like the Justin and Rebecca storyline. That was the only thing that I didn't like about this episode. That storyline was absolutely lame. All of the other storylines in this episode were great though. I loved the whole baby shower storyline. I especially loved the scenes of the actual baby shower itself. Those scenes were absolutely hilarious. Sally Field's acting in this episode was absolutely amazing. She was especially funny during the baby shower scenes. I also loved the scene where Nora and Kitty apologize to each other. Kevin and Scotty were great in this episode. It was so nice not having Robert involved with Kevin's storyline in this episode. I have to say that I enjoyed the introduction of Ryan in this episode a lot more than I thought I would, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of him. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Brothers & Sisters from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters.moreless
  • Kitty's babyshower

    So..the first thing I have to say..Nora was so annoying this episode. The way she was trying to have the babyshower her way and didn't take Kitty's wishes into account at all. I understand she was upset about Roger but still she could've behaved better. What I also didn't like was Kevin trying to tell Saul the right way to be gay I think he should have just left him alone, everyone doesn't have to be so out in the open if they don't want to. In the end Saul showed up at the babyshower with his boyfriend Henry anyway which all in all was a good thing but I think it they should also be able to accept if Saul didn't want them to meet his bf just yet.

    Kitty making a choice to be a full time mother and not a dean was ok I think, not the most interesting storyline but not too boring as well. I liked Justin and Rebecca. I think Rebecca's accusations she was making to Justin were completely justified, I just don't know if running off to her father was the best thing to do at this point. Anyway I hope Chelsea will be gone and Rebecca will be back soon to make up with Justin.moreless
  • The Baby Shower Written by David Marshall Grant And Cliff Olin Directed by Bethany Rooney

    Nora: "Roger, do you know who you're really married to? Your work! You, my friend are happily monogamous and you don't even know it."

    After two fairly eventless episodes, it's nice that things are finally getting back on track with a corker of an episode like this. Baby showers, a certain stranger and tension that doesn't feel tacked on all added up to a great hour for me.

    Kitty's reminded us a while ago that it's not that long until her and Robert are about to get Trish's baby and become parents and this episode served as a nice reason to throw a baby shower for the expectant mother.

    Of course when it comes to Kitty, it's clear that she's not gonna want to make a huge fuss and that Nora will instantly dismiss her desire for a quite afternoon. Okay, it's predictable but it actually a lot better than any other party/dinner that has led to Walkers squabbling left, right and centre this season.

    I thought it was cute that Kitty instinctively hid from Nora while she was on the phone to Robert discussing her job offer. I did wonder that if Robert didn't have the problem of having to tell Kitty about wanting to run for governor, would he be so supportive of her taking a job out of Wexley.

    Given his general lack of support recently over her book tour, it's hard to say if he'd be all that great. He's still not even considering that running for governor while about to have another child is the best idea all round. At least Kitty actually considered balancing motherhood and a new career.

    It might have taken her a while to grasp the reality. She did make the major faux paus of not telling the college dean who wanted for the journalism gig at Wexley that she was expecting and she was at first dismissive of Sarah trying to warn her than juggling a career and kids was tough.

    It also didn't help that Nora flipped out on Kitty as well during the baby shower. Kitty wasn't the only person who was overwhelmed during that shower. I was ready to bolt when I saw both Nora and Sarah trying and failing to set up a stroller for Kitty in the living room with everyone watching.

    However at least Kitty did actually acknowledge that she would have difficulties combating the two after another conversation with Sarah but I don't think she should've given up the job. At least she should've tried to see if she could get a part time gig or at least look into the maternity leave options that Sarah suggested earlier in the episode.

    Of course the major problem for Kitty was having Robert finally admit that he plans to run for governor. Kitty looked defeated when she got the truth out of him (and she didn't exactly do a lot to get said truth) and it's safe to say that her and Robert are certainly going to have some conflict with this move in the next few episodes.

    As for baby showers – are they something that straight women can enjoy with gay men? I'm a gay man myself and I have to admit that going to a baby shower certainly wouldn't be high on my list of places to go. Plus, while you may get some people accusing him of being a stick in the mud, I think Saul raised a fairly excellent point about the stereotype.

    The argument he and Kevin had over whether or not to attend the shower definitely had its moments. Kevin was right to point out that Saul practically attends every Walker event on the planet but Saul was justified in pointing out that if Tommy, Justin and Robert weren't expected to go, why should he have to.

    The other thorny issue was Saul not wanting to introduce his boyfriend to the family. I think prospective love interests for any of the Walkers should be given a warning pamphlet before meeting Nora (especially when she's drunk/upset/in serious Mama Bear mode) and this irked Kevin a lot.

    Saul of course did cave in and actually brought Henry to the baby shower, which in turn impressed just about everyone. I don't know about everyone else but seeing John Glover and Ron Rifkin playing a TV couple raised some slash notions of Lionel Luther and Arvin Sloane.

    Henry's a fairly likeable bloke though he doesn't have a lot to do in this episode. He does of course make the effort to try and get know everyone as best he can during the shower and he even gave Nora some love advice that sort of made sense. Hopefully we'll have him for the rest of the season.

    There's always something to drive Nora to distraction and if it wasn't the crank calls in this episode, it was finding out that Roger was married. In other words, Nora now has justified reason to fear becoming the thing she loathes – the other woman.

    Holly certainly took delight in it when she found out that Nora was dating a married man and if ever there was a moment in which Nora had good reason to smack the smugness out of Holly, it was certainly during that moment.

    There was some revealing moments with Holly talking about her relationship with William but I loved the fact that Nora was still able to remind Holly that William also had another mistress as well. Anything that takes Holly off her high horse is a plus in my book and she was exceptionally annoying in this episode.

    As for Roger being cut from the same cloth as William, it seems that he and his wife Wendy have an open marriage. It certainly got all of the Walkers voicing their opinions but at the end, it was obvious that Nora wasn't going to get past and when he came over towards the end, I knew she was going to dump him.

    On the plus side, they did end things nicely and it's hard to judge Roger because while he still might be married, I'm not exactly sure if screwing around with Nora constitutes as cheating when Wendy herself is probably sleeping with other men as well. I'm not saying I validate open marriages but I'm not sure if I'm in a position myself to totally dismiss them either.

    Getting back to the crank calling though, what an interesting way to introduce Ryan into the mix? We've spent the last six episodes with barely a peep mentioned of him and now he appeared in the last scene where he braved it and asked if he could meet Nora.

    I kind of wished that Ryan had been introduced earlier into this season but it was around this time in Season One where Rebecca was introduced after a season of talking about her and then not talking about her. That call certainly took the wind out of Nora's sails as well. I actually think it was the last thing she was expecting but for the audience, it was more a case of 'oh crap' and 'about time'.

    As for the less interesting plots of the episode – Tommy the mad schemer. Yes, his little bid to make Rebecca to think she's Ojai's rock star with the deal with Crawford Orchards would probably have gone down a storm if Rebecca hadn't inadvertently spoke to Kent and learned something about the deal she shouldn't have.

    Tommy's bid to take down Holly would be compelling if his recklessness wasn't going to threaten himself and Ojai in the process. Even Julia sort of pointed Rebecca in the right direction this episode and Rebecca certainly was able to cook up enough stuff to realise that Tommy's out to screw her mother.

    Because of this information, Rebecca and Justin wind up fighting for the billionth time and given that Chelsea had already caused a fair amount of tension between them as it was, I'm actually hoping that their latest spat has them break up for good. I've tried to care about these two as a couple but the truth is, they work better as characters without each other.

    Rebecca certainly didn't help matters when she accused Justin of putting his family before her. Given that she has first hand experience of her mother's untrustworthiness, why on Earth did Rebecca expect Justin to actually feel sorry for Holly? Who in their right mind would?

    Rebecca also did not handle the problem all that well by heading off to David. I suppose we should've expected Ken Olin to return even if we didn't have Rebecca going on about her father issue back in "Just A Sliver". I'm not overly happy to see David back but I'll take Rebecca/David stuff over Robert's governor ambitions for now.

    As for Holly, with Rebecca gone for the time being, who is going to tell her that Tommy's setting her up for a fall? Maybe she'll get lucky and figure it out for herself or maybe Justin will stupidly confront Tommy and Holly will overhear them. Either way, time is running out for Tommy and his daft scheme. Maybe next time, he'll take tips from Wilhelmina Slater.

    Also in "Owning It"

    The episode opened up with Chelsea calling Justin when he was having sex with Rebecca and ended with Ryan calling Nora after she dumped Roger.

    Justin (re Chelsea): "I'm the only person she's comfortable with him."

    Rebecca: "Maybe she'd be more focused on her recovery if she wasn't so into you."

    I'm pretty sure that Luke Grimes who plays Ryan wasn't added to the main cast. I bet it'll happen soon though.

    Nora: "What I'm about to say is all I'm going to say."

    Sarah (re Roger): "You slept with him. Did you take your clothes off this time? Oh! Mother, you little vixen."

    Nora: "This from a woman who said I was in sexual denial."

    Sarah: "Clearly I was wrong about that. How was it?" Scotty: "So you would've gone if they sent you a proper invitation?"

    Saul: "No, no. I don't understand why the three of us would be more interested in going to a shower than Tommy, Justin or Robert, who's the child's father."

    Kevin: "Because we're gay Saul. We're supposed to like these kind of things."

    Liked Paige's little Walker family video and her and Sarah teaming up to tease Nora about Roger. It's better than the bratty alternative we got last week.

    Kitty (re career/motherhood): "I can do this. I can do both. You do."

    Sarah: "Not when they were newborns. I took time off and when I went back to work, Joe was at home."

    Roger (re himself/Wendy): "We have an open marriage."

    Nora: "What the hell does that mean?"

    Roger: "It means we stopped having sex years ago. In fact, it was never a big part of our relationship from the beginning."

    Julia seemed a lot more mischievous in this episode with the way she was gossiping about Nora and Roger.

    Saul: "You can't do that. You don't know who anybody is."

    Henry: "What better way to learn."

    Julia: "You wanna know something I do know?"

    Rebecca: "About Saul's boyfriend?"

    Julia: "About Nora's."

    Rebecca: "I thought she was acting weird."

    Julia: "You don't know the half of it."

    Apparently Saul and Henry met at the symphony a while. Henry also called him "Sauly" to Kevin's interest.

    Nora: "Why should anyone listen to society? They're just a bunch of outdated, prudish mandates."

    Kitty: "Prudish? What has that got to do with anything?"

    Nora: "Everything. Nothing. God, you know I'm done. I'm done trying. Obviously you think I'm a dithering old fuddy duddy standing in the way of everyone's fun, so go ahead and make your phone calls. Just pretend this baby isn't coming."

    Rebecca: "I do believe you. That's the point. I always give you the benefit of the doubt. I don't understand why you can't do the same for me."

    Justin: "Because you're attacking my family. The people I love."

    Rebecca: "What about me? Why is it always about your family? I need to matter too."

    Standout music: "No Worries" by B. Marcial and "So Foolish" by Sabrina Starke.

    Ryan: "I'm the one who keeps hanging up. I'm sorry. I just didn't know what to say exactly."

    Nora: "It's okay."

    Ryan: "I was wondering if we could talk."

    Chronology: February 2009, thanks to Rebecca's clever deduction. This episode aired on ABC in that month as well.

    "Owning It" certainly went out of its way to deliver the good and without sounding like I'm picking on Rob Lowe or Patricia Wettig but I've noticed especially this season that the best episodes have been the ones where both Holly and Robert have had virtually little to do. Maybe that's another reason why I enjoyed this episode so much.moreless
  • Nora/Sarah/Paige Throw a Baby Shower for Kitty!

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. Nora and Roger are still seeing each other, and even throws Sarah and Paige out of the house, so that she can get ready for their business meeting". After he leaves, Nora sees that she left his briefcase behind. She then finds a card that says Roger and Wendy and realises that Roger is married. When she digs a like further she finds out that he has been married for years. Kitty gets offered her dream job, but doesn't inform them of the baby's birth which is in 4 weeks. Roger comes back to Nora's house and she confronts him about his wife. He then confesses that he has been trying to tell her that he and his wife have an open relationship/marriage. At Kitty's baby shower, Saul brings along and introduces his boyfriend to the family. His name is Henry. Rebecca becomes suspicious of Tommy and the deal, which is going through. After a bit of investigating she realises that Tommy was looking into the property before Rebecca even mentioned it to him. Rebecca goes to see Justin and tells him what she thinks is going on. After a lot of thinking Kitty decides not to go for the job, even though it is her dream job. Kitty also learns that Robert is running for Governor. At the end of the episode we see Rebecca going to see David (who is her biological father). Nora keeps getting hang up phone calls. At the end of the episode the person on the other end of the phone speaks and we learn that it is Ryan, William's other child. He asks her if they can talk.moreless
  • A lovely episode revolving around Kitty's baby shower.

    I have loved Nora and Roger's relationship in this series and thoroughly enjoyed his revelation to Nora about his open marriage. Sadly this means they have now come to an end as Nora found she couldn't handle such a situation. The baby shower side of things was fun, particularly when Sarah and Kitty were discussing babies. It was also great to meet Saul's boyfriend at last. Scotty was great too. Of course the most exciting part of the episode was the cliffhanger at the end when Ryan got in contact with Nora and wanted to talk with her. It keeps geting better and better!moreless
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    • Rebecca: I do believe you. That's the point. I always give you the benefit of the doubt. I don't understand why you can't do the same for me.
      Justin: Because you're attacking my family. The people I love.
      Rebecca: What about me? Why is it always about your family? I need to matter too.

    • Nora: Why should anyone listen to society? They're just a bunch of outdated, prudish mandates.
      Kitty: Prudish? What has that got to do with anything?
      Nora: Everything. Nothing. God, you know I'm done. I'm done trying. Obviously you think I'm a dithering old fuddy duddy standing in the way of everyone's fun, so go ahead and make your phone calls. Just pretend this baby isn't coming.

    • Nora: Roger, do you know who you're really married to? Your work! You, my friend are happily monogamous and you don't even know it.

    • Nora: Oh my God! I'm the other woman, I'm Holly Harper, I could kill him.

    • Kevin: (to Nora) I can't believe you're sleeping with a married man.
      Sarah: Kevin!
      Kevin: What?
      Nora: (to Sarah) You told him? Oh, what do I care?

    • Roger: (about his wife) It might sound odd but we're very happy room mates now.
      Nora: Room mates? How European of you.

    • Roger: (to Nora) I love the way you hide the key under the watermelon cactus. In London we don't have watermelon or cactus. We just have rain.

    • Kevin: (to Saul) What's the point in being gay if you're going to act like this?
      Scotty: There's no one way to be gay.
      Kevin: Well he's managed to pick the most dull, joyless, version I've ever seen.

    • Saul: I didn't come out of the closet to become a cliche. Really, and I wouldn't go to a Gay Pride parade either and wear those leather things that they wear.
      Kevin: Chaps? This is a baby shower, Saul.

    • Kitty: I can see my dorm room from here. Do you see Ramsay Hall, third window from the right?
      Marc: That must bring back a lot of fond memories.
      Kitty: Well, I don't know about fond, but definitely vivid.

    • Nora: What I'm about to say is all I'm going to say.
      Sarah: You slept with him. Did you take your clothes off this time?
      Nora: Yes.
      Sarah: (she screams) God, Mother, you little vixen.
      Nora: This from a woman who said I was in sexual denial.
      Sarah: Clearly I was wrong about that. How was it?

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