Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 16

Prior Commitments

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 11, 2008 on ABC
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Kevin and Scotty make a commitment to be life partners; Saul finally comes to grips with his identity in a public way; the family discovers that William kept yet another painful secret from them.

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  • It's time for Kevin and Scotty's commitment ceremony.

    Let me just start out by saying that for the most part, I absolutely loved this episode. My favorite story line was without a doubt everything regarding Kevin and Scotty's commitment ceremony. I've always been a huge fan of the Kevin and Scotty pairing, so I'm very excited that they've gotten married. I loved whole scene where Kevin and Scotty are having a commitment ceremony. It was both very touching and funny. I also loved the scene between Nora and Scotty when she's helping him get everything ready for the ceremony, especially the part where Nora says that see feels like she's gaining another son by Kevin marrying Scotty. That was such a sweet thing to say, and it was such a Nora thing to say. Sally Field did such a great job in this episode. I also loved the way that Saul comes out to the family without realizing that they weren't even talking about him. The whole road trip with Justin, Tommy and Kevin was great. I'm glad to see that the Walkers still view Rebecca as a member of the family. I thought that was very sweet. The only thing that I didn't like about this episode was the kiss between Justin and Rebecca at the end of the episode. I just don't like the idea of Justin and Rebecca becoming a couple at all. All in all, I thought that this was really great episode of Brothers & Sisters. I think that this episode was a great way to end the second season, and I can't wait for season three to start in the fall.moreless
  • Kevin and Scotty get "married". Kitty and Robert decide to adopt a child. Rebecca and Justin make up (and possibly make-out). Saul comes out of the closet. New developments involving William Walker and another R.moreless

    Wow. This episode is why I love to watch this show. II completely agree with Saul. Kevin and Scotty getting "married" was one of the bravest things I have ever seen. If I was eitehr of them I wouldn't have had the courage to do that. I love the irony of Saul and Kevin. Both think they are being talked about, tell them the facts, and then find out that they aren't the news being talked about. The family stuff is why I stay up till 11:00 to watch this show. I was so happy that Rebecca and Justin kissed. I don't know how far their relationship is going to go, but I love the idea of them being together. Who knows? Maybe Rebecca will be a Walker after all. (and I don't mean that DNA is wrong, I mean there may some non-gay wedding bells ringing.) It's just so clear that Rebecca and Justin have chemistry. All's well that ends well. I just will be anxiously awaiting season three to start. WONDERFUL SEASON FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Kevin And Scotty Written by Monica Owusa Breen And Alison Schapker And Greg Berlanti Directed by Ken Olin

    Kevin (re Wally/Bertha): "They can't drive five hours to be at their son's bonding ritual?"

    Scotty: "Is that what we're calling it now? That sounds kinda kinky".

    Usually we only get one main wedding in a season of our favourite shows but Brothers And Sisters were generous enough to splash out on two this year. First we had Kitty and Robert in the delightful "Holy Matrimony" and now Kevin and Scotty get hitched in the season finale.

    Well these two deserve to have their wedding in a season finale and as viewers we deserve it to be the main focus of the episode. Fortunately the writers felt the same way and have acted accordingly. They are other plots in this episode but its Kevin and Scotty who dominate proceedings.

    The episode opens up on a light note when everyone is told that Rebecca isn't really a Walker. The reason why I consider this light because Kevin is the last to know and makes the mistake of thinking his entire family have gathered around because they know about him and Scotty.

    Surprisingly they are actually in the dark about that one until Kevin blurts it out himself and soon they start congratulating him. Of course Kevin picks up on their half-hearted responses and Sarah begs someone to enlighten Kevin on that other pressing issue of the episode.

    Kevin relayed this fun little fact to Scotty who jokes about their engagement feeling a little usurped by comparison. As an audience member, I've had to deal with Rebecca not being a Walker longer than Kevin and Scotty getting engaged so my mind is more on them than Rebecca for the time being.

    Although Kevin is probably upset that Rebecca isn't his sister, he does see an advantage. With this revelation causing a fair amount of ripples, Kevin figures that Nora will be too distracted to interfere with his wedding plans. If there's one thing Kevin should be reminded of it's that Nora has a habit of multi-tasking.

    The other issue for the soon to be weds are Scotty's parents. Both Wally and Bertha were mentioned back in Season One's "Affairs Of State" and now we learn that Scotty's folks aren't very accepting of him being gay Scotty's hurt in having to explain that to Kevin made feel for the guy.

    Kevin himself has never really taken into account Scotty's family up until now. When Nora asks about it, Kevin does make a point in mentioning that not every parent suddenly turns into Debbie/Hazel from Queer As Folk US/UK. Scotty is in the unenviable pool of unsupportive parents.

    It's amazing that Nora doesn't stick he oar in on this one. It's got to be more juicy for her that arguing with Kevin over flower arrangements. On that score Kevin doesn't want a botanical garden but Nora has her own ideas. Ideas that she also has no problems in sharing with Scotty. It's amazing that Scotty has been in this show so long and yet he and Nora have only interacted in about four episodes. Just like with Robert, Nora took to Scotty very quickly and there's an utterly wonderful moment where she thanks him for making Kevin happy. This isn't the first time Nora will say something amazing and sweet in this episode but it's still a poignant scene.

    I've always loved how Nora's acceptance over Kevin has never felt too egged on. It's always been matter of fact and seeing her embrace Scotty as a member of the family just proves that in spite of her tendency to interfere too much she really does have her children's best interests at heart.

    Of course the selflessness also extends to Kevin. Most soon to be married men should be out enjoying a stag do and perhaps being handcuffed to a lamp post. Maybe Tommy and Justin originally had that planned but when they get wind of Scotty's parents not being accepting of their son's wedding, they decide a road trip is a better alternative.

    For some reason there should never be a road trip on this show without Sarah and a few tequila shots but this short lived one is interesting enough. Kevin sort of knows the irony of meeting the parents of his imminent husband who already aren't going to welcome him with open arms. It doesn't stop him however from braving Scotty's folks either.

    Another I do admire about this show is its grey area. I don't understand nor condone homophobia in any shape or form for obvious reasons and while I hated that Scotty's parents, especially his mother Bertha couldn't accept that his son was marrying Kevin, I still didn't hate them as much as I thought I would.

    Out of the two of them it was nice that Wally seemed more accepting of Scotty being gay Although Kevin was right to tell Wally to face Scotty, I thought the cuff links gesture was a nice touch. Also now that we've seen Scotty's folks, is it fair to assume that we'll getting more from them next season?

    As for the wedding, it took place in the latter half of the episode. With all the antics going on, Kevin just accepted Nora's flower arrangement (boy, did she really go to town) without argument. Maybe it was just seeing Scotty's folks because even Kevin realised that his mother did a good thing.

    I also respected the fact that Kevin told Scotty that he went to see Wally and Bertha. Scotty didn't get mad, probably because he knew Kevin was trying to do a good thing and also because he was touched by his father passing on the cuff links. Even later Scotty mentioned that it was like having his father there in spirit. It might sound sappy but I get where Scotty was coming from.

    The ceremony itself was nice. Given that Kitty's original speech was lame, it's a relief that her actual speech for the wedding turned out brilliantly. Still it couldn't go off completely so Tommy and Robert having to part with their rings was the only calamity needed for this episode.

    So as a couple, how are Kevin and Scotty gonna do? With any luck very well because while I do expect the odd argument from time to time, I'd really love to see them progress even more as a couple. Right now they are the best one on the show and that's mainly because there has been character growth on both parts.

    However it's also great that getting married wasn't the only thing Kevin had to do as well. In flashbacks we had some delightful scenes between him and William. It's been alluded to a few times on the show that Kevin and William didn't have the strongest of relationships and this episode explored that a bit.

    Obviously set a few years after Kevin came out to his family, there were still some difficulties between him and William. The death of a friend of William's got the Walker patriarch into thinking about his treatment of Kevin. Kevin like myself can bear a grudge well enough so he didn't make things too easy for William.

    When Kevin came out, it was established that everyone in his family took it well and supported. William didn't and even told Kevin to keep a lid on his sexuality. However probably because of his friend's death William came to the realisation that this wasn't the best way of dealing with things and tried to make amends. Kevin took a while to let him.

    During a business trip between them, we learned a lot more. The friend of William's left a husband and three children behind. Kevin spotted the picture of a child named Ryan. Funnily enough the very picture in question is also the same one Sarah found back in "Northern Exposure" and assumed was Rebecca.

    When Kevin relays this back to Sarah, it's after a long process of Sarah doing her own detective work. Knowing that Rebecca isn't a Walker, Sarah naturally assumed the worst and went out of her way to accuse Holly of fraud. Not so surprisingly enough, just about everyone else in her family thought she was talking rubbish.

    Tommy for the second episode in a row was downright annoying in dismissing Sarah's accusations. I don't know if it' stupidity on his part or perhaps some residual sibling rivalry but the fact that Tommy chooses Holly's side over Sarah's frankly sucks. I know she's a good businesswoman but this episode also proves that she's a pathological liar as well.

    Sarah was right to point out that the only reason William might have left her money was that he did believe Rebecca to be his. Holly admitted in the last episode that she was well aware of the possibility that Rebecca wasn't a Walker and kept that information to her because she didn't want to risk her bank balance.

    Worse still is when Sarah actually showed Rebecca the photo and Rebecca confirmed that it wasn't her. Sarah also showed that picture to Holly in "Northern Exposure" and told her it was Rebecca. If that's not lying, then what is? Sarah's got reasons now to accuse Holly of fraud and thankfully she's also got Kevin to back her up.

    If the lives of being a lawyer and working for Ojai begin to lose their allure, then perhaps Kevin and Sarah should become private eyes. Their investigative skills are good enough and both of them also have the good sense to tell Nora about this latest revelation rather than sit on it.

    I know that there are probably going to be a lot of viewers out there that don't like the idea of another Walker being out there, but due to the password thing it makes sense. Without a mistress to deal with, it'll be interesting to see how Ryan is introduced into the series and how the Walkers themselves will deal with this.

    As for Rebecca, she might not be a Walker but they still accept her. Kevin invites her to his wedding, Nora tells her that she's glad Rebecca was there for her and Sarah casually jokes with her. Hell even Kitty admits to liking her as well. There's also Justin as well who not only talks to her but by the end of the episode the two of them end up kissing.

    It's a weird thing to watch and I bet it'll be weird during the majority of Season Three as well. With hostility from many of the US viewers due to it being so rushed, will this be every bit as reviled as George and Izzie in Grey's Anatomy? I'm not for this storyline but it's not enough to stop me watching the series either.

    In terms of other storylines, Kitty and Robert comes to blows when Kitty can't conceive and Robert suggests adoption. After a talk with Sarah, Kitty comes round to the idea but hopefully there'll be more than just babies for them next season. Plus Saul also comes out to the rest of his family but that's unexplored compared to the way he came out to Kevin in the last episode.

    Also in "Prior Commitments"

    This is the second gay wedding/domestic partnership that ABC has done. The one with Bob/Lee in Desperate Housewives though pales in comparison.

    Nora (to everyone): "Okay how should I say this"?

    Justin: "Rebecca's not our sister. Dad wasn't her Dad. Gotta love DNA".

    Nora's comment on people using their cell phones so frantically and all at the same time was a nice moment. Though I'm surprised it wasn't more texting that calling. Kitty: "Are you engaged to Scotty?"

    Kevin: "No I met some guy last night. Of course to Scotty".

    Holly (re William): "I never lied to him".

    Sarah: "Oh come on, Holly. The only reason Dad left you any money was because he thought Rebecca was his daughter".

    Maybe William did think Rebecca was his daughter but he obviously knew that Ryan was his son and Ryan has to be at least younger than Justin as well.

    Nora (re Scotty's parents): "You're not serious".

    Kevin: "Look Mom, not every parent joins PFLAG when their kid comes out. It's okay. Scotty was expecting this".

    Nora: "I'm glad it happened. I'm glad you're in my life".

    Rebecca: "You don't have to say that".

    I notice that once again, Ida didn't show up to a family wedding. This time around though she wasn't mentioned.

    William: "I'm trying to talk to you".

    Kevin: "I've been trying to talk to you for years".

    William: "I wasn't ready back then".

    Kevin: "Maybe I'm not ready now".

    Scotty: "Nora, thank you for everything".

    Nora: "No, I should be thanking you for making Kevin so happy. And I get another son".

    Did you notice how pointedly Bertha kept referring to Scotty as 'Scott'? It's like she's in serious denial about her son.

    Sarah: "Kitty, you remember the somersaults, I remember the heartburn. Do you know what Cooper remembers? Nothing! There are no guarantees in the end and all that matters is that there's a child and that lasts forever".

    Wally (re himself/Bertha): "Try to understand we're not bad people. It's just um".

    Kevin (re the cufflinks): "I'll give them to him".

    Wally: "Thanks".

    Kevin: "Thank you".

    I think it's really sweet that Tommy and Justin would happily go to a gay bar for Kevin's stag do. Pity they chose the one night for lesbians for their bad choice.

    Scotty: "Oh God, we're looking at each other".

    Kevin: "Who cares?"

    Saul (re Kevin/Scotty): "I think that was the bravest thing I ever witnessed".

    Nora: "It's amazing what our kids can teach us".

    Good question – was Kevin/Scotty's wedding a brave thing for American network television? I didn't think it was but I did think it was a wonderful moment in general.

    Sarah: "You think I'm crazy?"

    Kitty: "No I don't think you're crazy. I think you're angry and you're hurt".

    Kevin: "We weren't talking about you Saul".

    Saul: "Oh".

    Justin: "Oh God this is the gayest week of my life".

    Both Julia and Cooper appeared in this episode with no dialogue. I notice that Lizzie has some curly hair on her. It's been ages since we've seen the girl.

    Scotty: "It's funny, it's the first night as a married couple and suddenly I'm not in the mood".

    Kevin: "Yeah Tommy warned me about that".

    William: "I'm glad you came with me".

    Kevin: "Oh please, it's my job".

    William: "Yes but I enjoy spending time with you".

    Kevin: "I like you too".

    Standout music: "I'm Not Drowning" by Steve Winwood and "Can't Find My Way Home" by Ellen McIllwaine.

    Kevin (to Sarah): "The picture you found in Ojai. The one we decided was Rebecca. Sarah, I swear, I never thought I'd seen that picture but I had. I saw it then. And when I asked Dad who it was, he said it was the woman's son. You were right; There was another 'R'. But it was never Rebecca. It was a boy. And his name was Ryan".

    Rebecca: "Because by some miracle you're all still willing to accept me and I can't help but wonder, what if, in all of this insanity"

    Justin: "What?"

    Rebecca: "It was just a way to meet you".

    Chronology: May 12th, 13th and 14th 2008.

    For a season that has had it's fair share of up and downs and sparking a development that has seen many viewers spitting venom, it's amazing that "Prior Commitments" has more hits than misses about it. Kevin and Scotty's wedding was brilliant and the Ryan thing has potential if tackled differently. Either way this is one viewer who will definitely be coming back next season.moreless
  • I may have predicted a handful of things, but this episode still surprised me.

    One bit I liked that they added to this episode was the flashbacks. It may have helped us understand Kevin's situation in the past with his father, but it also helped us uncover the mystery of the 6th Walker child.

    After the Walkers discover Rebecca isn't really one of them, Sarah is convinced that there is another Walker child with the initial "R" due to Rebecca's strong denial of the baby picture being her. Kevin also gets to back-up Sarah's theory when he reflects on his part and his time spent with his father.

    I think Kevin's wedding and preparations for the wedding itself took up too much of the episode and that may have been the reason this episode didn't have much in it.moreless
  • Kevin and Scotty get married but not before the Walker brothers take a road-trip. Saul reveals to all that he is gay Rebecca continues to deal with the fact she's not a Walker and Sarah comes across a startling revelationmoreless

    And so the second season of this wonderful show draws to a close with another terrific episode. As always this was a hilarious episode with some truly emotional bits in there as well. I just watched the season 1 finale on DVD and whilst this finale wasn't as good as the last (mostly due to the questionable storylines of the s2 final) it still had plenty to enjoy.

    I guess I should start of by saying that I don't think I really like the whole Rebecca turn around. Whilst it was handled well and gave plenty of drama and excitement to the episode- another sibling that could be William's?? It is hugely far fetched and the writers are going to have to do a lot of convincing writing next season for the whole storyline to make sense. And I mean going back through that past 38 episodes and seeing what was said about Rebecca, her paternity and William in general to paper over the cracks that this storyline has given us. I'm also not loving the twist between Rebecca and Justin, its still a little icky and could've been left till next season as lets face it Rebecca has enough to deal with at the moment without dating her ex-brother! I think that the damage that this storyline could inflict on the show was caused by the writers strike which mean that the writing team had to quickly plot together 4 episodes most of which weren't quite as good as the preceding 12 of this season. Hopefully the writers can come with some better storylines after the break.

    The execution of both storylines however was rather good and up to the usual B&S high standards. The kiss between them was handled well however, the awkward moment after was nice and reminds the audience that even in this soap like storyline the show is not a soap as in a soap the music would've swelled and there would be no problem for the characters transitioning from siblings to lovers. I was a bit annoyed that the final scene was them however it really should have been Sarah, Kevin and Nora who lets face it have the much more important storyline. One thing I did like about the fact that Rebecca was revealed to not be a Walker is how they showed again what family is treating Rebecca as still part of the family which is really the meaning at the very heart of the show.

    I have to say that whilst the Ryan reveal is a bit dubious, it was done so well, from the flashbacks which I loved, to Sarah's paranoia at the wedding, to Kevin's dramatic reveal to her on his wedding night to them telling Nora straight away. This shows that they truly have learnt from the mistake with Rebecca and telling Nora what little they knew straight away shows how much the family bonds have grown. The flashbacks were especially well done and didn't feel contrived at all, although they were mostly a way of finding out about Ryan they also contrasted between his parental relationships and Scotty's.

    Speaking of Scotty the whole wedding was my favourite part of the episode. It was just some a sweet moment between the two and you can help but root for them. I really hope they make it. It was also nice to see the whole family as the children especially have been missing from the last few episodes. The road trip on Kevin's part beforehand was hilarious, scenes between the brothers are always great and although he didn't come back with Scotty's parents the fact that he went and came back with the cufflinks was enough.

    Kitty and Robert find out again they are not pregnant and decide to give up and try the adoption route instead. Now while adoption saves us having to re-tread a storyline they have already done with Julia and Tommy it does seem like they have given up really quickly. Although I think it is a goof, Robert said its only been a month since they started trying and since so many couples try for years to get pregnant and they haven't been given any real reason why they can't get pregnant, it seems they have just given up prematurely which is strange for such an ambitious pair.

    There were many other things to talk about in the episode but since this review is already long enough I'll just talk about Saul's hilarious coming out scene to the Walker siblings, in which he bluntly announces he's gay The siblings are unsurprisingly shocked but best is Justin's reaction when he says "This has been the gayest week of my life!"

    Overall this was a great episode though I must admit some of the storylines were a little questionable. The execution of the storylines especially the acting was so great that it's hard to slate this episode completely especially when it got me excited and made me laugh so much. I can't ait for next season!moreless
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Michael Adler

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Bertha Wandell

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William Walker

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  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Due to the 100 day strike by the Writers Guild, the second season produced the least number of episodes of the series.

    • At the close of the second season, Sally Field (Nora) was nominated for another Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Rachel Griffiths (Sarah) was again nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. The show also received another nomination for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series.

    • ABC released the complete second season on DVD in the U.S. (region 1) on September 23, 2008. It was sold in international regions starting in October 2008.

    • We find out that this is Kevin's second "wedding". When he and Kitty were kids, they used to play a game called Wedding.

    • Kevin and Scotty forgot to bring their own wedding bands so Tommy and Robert gave them theirs.

    • With Kevin getting married in this episode, this makes Justin the only Walker sibling that hasn't been married.

    • Robert said to Kitty that a month ago he was running for President. Robert dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination in "Separation Anxiety" but that episode also shown that some months had gone by since Robert ended his campaign for the nomination.

    • Even though Kevin tells Scotty's parents that their marriage is legal in CA, that is not the law as of when this episode takes place.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Rebecca: Justin, you were the first person to reach out to me. Before anyone else, you were my friend. And when everything was happening these past couple of weeks, I... You're the person I wanted to talk to. You always are.
      Justin: You, too.
      Rebecca: And I - I mean, everything's been crazy. I mean, first I find out that I have this family that I never even knew existed, and then suddenly I don't. But then it turns out that I do. Because, by some miracle, you're all still willing to accept me. And I can't help but wonder, what if, in all of this insanity...
      Justin: What?
      Rebecca: It was all just a way to meet you.

    • Kevin: You were right. Okay, I've been thinking a lot lately about Dad, and all this - all this stuff's been coming back. And I wouldn't have actually thought about it if it hadn't been for Scotty and his parents. Anyway, there was this one time. Dad and I were at a conference for Ojai. It was the first time he tried to bond with me after I came out... This isn't even what it's about.
      Sarah: What is it about, Kevin?
      Kevin: There was this guy there. Doug. Oh God, his name was Doug. He was telling Dad about a friend of theirs who died. A woman.
      Sarah: Who?
      Kevin: I'm not sure. But he gave Dad an envelope, and I didn't think anything more of it. But I remember Dad asking how Ryan was handling it. And I just assumed Ryan was this woman's husband, I guess. But, later, I was going through some contracts, and I found a picture.
      Sarah: What picture?
      Kevin: The picture you found in Ojai. The one we decided was Rebecca. Sarah, I swear, I never thought I'd seen that picture before, but I had. I saw it then. And when I asked Dad who it was, he said it was the woman's son. You were right. There was another "R." But it was never Rebecca. It was a boy. And his name was Ryan.

    • Kitty: I think I just had it in my head that it had to be a certain way and, you know, I get it. Things don't always work out the way you plan. I mean, Kevin's wedding turned out better than mine. … There are kids everywhere that need families, and we can give them...
      Robert: Yes. Let's adopt.

    • Sarah: (to Rebecca) We're like the Mafia, us Walkers. Once you're in, you can never get out.

    • Kitty's wedding speech: I thought that, in true Walker style, I would share with all of you a secret. This isn't the first time that Kevin's been married. See, when we were kids, we used to play wedding. And Mr. McBear officiated. And I would wear mom's white nightgown. You remember, the satiny number with ruffles that just screamed "bride" to me at the time, and to Kevin, who wanted to wear it more than I did. Right afterwards, we were the proud parents of five kids. And I was the mom, Kevin was the dad, because that's what our family looked like, so that's all we knew. And now, here we are at Kevin's second wedding, and the rules are different. And things that we thought to be true turned out not to be. And it seems that when we give up on what was... Well, that's when things that we thought improbable, or impossible even, happen right before your eyes.

    • Nora: Tonight, Kevin, you don't get to be guarded or cynical. You and Scotty deserve this night to be as romantic and memorable as anyone else's.
      Kevin: Thank you. You gave us a wedding.

    • Bertha Wandell: I have imagined his wedding day since he was a little boy. But what you two are doing, it's not a wedding. It's not a union recognized by the Church or the State.
      Kevin: Actually, it is. In the state of California, it is. But you're right. It's different. And we're doing this because we want to be a family, and we cherish family as much as you do.
      Bertha Wandell: Scott is who he is. We've accepted that, and we love him. But don't ask us to celebrate this contrived event. We don't want to hurt our son. But we can't sit there and have you rub our noses in this pretend wedding. It is too painful, and too insulting.

    • Tommy: So... You like Rebecca?
      Justin: It was a fleeting moment, okay? And besides, it doesn't matter. She lied to me.
      Tommy: Listen, Justin, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you two have always... connected. So maybe it's something worth salvaging.

    • Kitty: I remember touching your stomach when we went back to my apartment and - Cooper was practically doing somersaults. And I just thought, how weird, and how beautiful. Now, I don't know how I'm supposed to stop wanting that.
      Sarah: Kitty, you remember the somersaults. I remember the heartburn. You know what Cooper remembers? Nothing. There are no guarantees. In the end, the only thing that matters is that there's a child. And that lasts forever.

    • Tommy: Well, I've figured out what I'm getting you for your wedding present, Kev. And hint - it's $3.88 a gallon.
      Justin: Super premium. Nice.
      Kevin: You think I ought to bring a gift to the Wandells?
      Tommy: Yeah. Like, "Here's some beef jerky and some pine-scented air freshener. And we hope you come to your gay son's wedding."

    • Tommy: Kev. I know all about difficult in-laws. You're gonna have to face 'em, man.
      Justin: Yeah, I agree with Tommy. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Both: Road trip!

    • (In a flashback.)
      William: So... How are things?
      Kevin: "Things"?
      William: In your personal life. Yeah.
      Kevin: I'm a junior associate at a civil law firm. I don't have time to sleep, let alone a personal life.
      William: Are you seeing anyone?
      Kevin: Uh, did Mom put you up to this?
      William: No. The friend that died, she left behind a husband and three kids. There must have been so many things she would like to have said.
      Kevin: Right. No, I'm not seeing anyone right now.
      William: Is that common?
      Kevin: You know, I think this is getting a little awkward for the two of us. Why don't we get back to the contract.
      William: I'm just trying to talk here.
      Kevin: Well, I tried to do that with you for quite a few years.
      William: And I just wasn't ready to talk about it.
      Kevin: So maybe I'm not ready now.
      William: Kevin, I know I didn't handle things too well back then.
      Kevin: You wouldn't even look at me. You didn't want anyone at work to know.
      William: I was struggling to find some...
      Kevin: What, and I wasn't? I was a kid. I just needed to know you loved me the same way you loved Kitty, Sarah, Justin, or Tommy. but you were too busy being ashamed.
      William: And I have to live with how I reacted. But you can get past this. You can accept my apology.
      Kevin: I'm not sure I can.

    • Robert: You know, you don't have to put yourself through this.
      Kitty: Are you giving up?
      Robert: No, I'm not giving up.
      Kitty: Well, I would understand. I mean, it was a month ago that you didn't even want to have a baby.
      Robert: A month ago, I was running for president. I feel differently now.

    • Nora: Even if you expect the worst from your parents doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when it happens. Could I call them?
      Kevin: You could call them. But unless you tell them I'm a woman, I don't think you'll have much luck.

    • Tommy: (to Sarah) You were the one who went looking for Rebecca in the first place. You were the one who was obsessed with that baby picture. And you were the one who told her our dad was her father. So if you're looking for somebody to blame, look in the mirror.

    • Nora: Put Scotty's parents down there.
      Kevin: They're not coming.
      Nora: Well, you need to give people more notice.
      Kevin: It's not the notice part that's the problem, it's the two grooms part.

    • Kitty: (about Rebecca) I agonized over meeting her. I could barely look at her for months. And now that I actually like her, I find out that she's just the love child of my dad's mistress and some guy.

    • (Family meeting in the Walker's house.)
      Nora: How should I say this?
      Justin: Okay, you know what? Rebecca's not our sister. Dad wasn't her dad. DNA, gotta love it.

    • Nora: No, I didn't tell Kevin. There would be no need for a family meeting if I had, because everyone would already know.

    • Scotty: Oh God you're heavy!
      Kevin: You're not going to take me all the way to the bedroom?
      Scotty: It's funny. It's our first time home as a married couple and suddenly I'm not in the mood.
      Kevin: Yeah, Tommy warned me that would happen.

    • Scotty: Nora, thank you for everything.
      Nora: No, I should be thanking you for making Kevin so happy. And I get another son.

    • Sarah (about Holly): God, Tommy, at least dad could keep her in line!

    • Kitty: Kevin and Scotty have so much in common. A zest for life...a wicked sense of humor...a love of hair products.

    • Kevin: Come on, they live in Arizona! They can't drive five hours to be at their son's 'bonding ritual'?
      Scotty: Is that what we're calling it now? Because that sounds kind of kinky.
      Kevin: Well, commitment ceremony sounds so … it's like we're being formally institutionalized.
      Scotty: A lot of people would say that's an accurate description of marriage.

    • Justin: This is the gayest week of my life.

    • Nora: Even if you expect your parents to not be supportive of you, that doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt when they don't.

    • Nora: Rebecca, last summer, when Justin was in Iraq, you took care of me. Don't you remember all those nights you stayed up late with me right here, watching old movies. And the times you answered the phone when I was too petrified to pick it up. Have I ever even thanked you?
      Rebecca: Nora, you don't need to thank me. I would have done it whether you were family or not.
      Nora: There's more to family than just DNA. I don't give a damn about any stupid test. You're a part of this family. Sorry.

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