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  • loved it

    I loved every single episode of this show, it was very good. I hope to be able to find another similar show as this one. I find that it ended very good also, luke and sarah got married at the end. I wish this show with be a soap opera lol
  • Show must continue!

    I love the show very much! It lack of exposure thats it! If it was promoted more everyone will love this show..
  • Great dramatic family show!

    I am discovering the show on DVD. I didn't watch it when it regularly aired! My main reason for watching the show is Sally Field who is the ISH on this show! I sooo love the Walker family on "Brothers & Sisters!" I haven't been this into a show about a big fictional white family since I was a kid watching the Bradford's on "Eight is Enough". Only on tv can a sidepiece mistress get an upgrade to being a partial business partner-owner of a family biz & be treated somewhat as a part of the family that tolerates her if not fully accepts her. This would not happen in real life for sure! LMAO

    They just don't make shows like this anymore!
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  • About this series

    This had wonderful acting for Sally Field in season 1.

    Why was the show canceled? I love the show. It is too bad. I think I had watch it over 3 times all of the 5 seasons in Netflix. When the show was canceled it left a lot of questions not answer to the fan. For Example: Did Kittty finally had her child? Did Jason married marika? Does Rebecca comes back? Did Rebecca's mom got over the memory loss?. This is a great show and Robert shouldn't have died on the show because he made the perfect couple with Kitty. Please bring the show back . I miss it so much., I love Nora Walker she is quiet a character. BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAS AND IS A GREAT SHOW. SO PLZ BRING THE SHOW BACK.
  • I want more!

    I just finished watching the last episode, and I greatly enjoyed this series. Yes, sometimes the plot twists are somewhat predictable; for example, when the question of Sarah's paternity comes up and you just know it's going to end up being true--but this is because it's the fifth season, and we've already seen how things tend to favor the dramatic with this family. I fell in love with all the characters but Tommy--he was fairly unlikeable through most of the show, but that just added to the show's premise that life, families, and individuals are never perfect, but they can all still be wonderful if people stand by and support those they love. In fact, this show inspired me to stop being too afraid of rejection to tell my girlfriend that I want to make long-term plans with her. And yes, her reaction was very good. :)
  • Shocked to See all of the Low numbers! I miss this show so much!!

    This is my favorite all time show and I really felt like part of their family by the end of the series. My only complaint was the way that it ended; I was sitting there thinking to myself, there is no way this show could end like this. I still had to give it a 10 because it changed my life for the better. I felt the most connected to Justin and Kitty. Kitty's story desperate to be a mother was so relatable. I really didn't like her husband at all, but he grew on me, and her adoption story line was wonderful. The whole show was just beautifully written and engaged you time and time again. I am shocked to see people saying it was predictable because I didn't think at all and I have been an avid tv show watcher for years. I am currently diving in to Parenthood on Netflix and it shows some similarities but it nowhere near as good as Brothers and Sisters.
  • why it was cancelled ??????

    i just finished watching this series and i have to say it's the best show i ve ever seen. ( so far ) . the show was amazing up until tommy divorced and went to mexico. after that he comes and goes to the show and kitty does the same after a wile. anyway the show is amazing and if anyone loves DRAMA like me , will love this show. to bad it got cancelled.
  • I used to love this wonderful show in its 1st season, but ...

    I think the first season was classic. I loved those fights, Rebecca joining the family, seeing Nora as a widow was interesting. But that was the first season of this great show! In its second season there was Danny Glover and I did not like his character. Also there were many storylines I did not enjoy. ABC broadcasts the 3rd season nowadays and I think the show is back on track again!!! There is just one storyline I do not enjoy very much - Kitty/Robert/the whole adoption thing ... and it was a little bit strange at first seeing Justin & Rebecca as a couple. Anyway it is a great show and it fits perfectly behind Desperate Housewives as its led-out.

    Are you going bring the show this year? I hope you all no it was good and I like to see more about kitty and scotty and kevin all about all them email me please tell me thanks
  • A show like no other

    I fell in love with the show the moment I watched the first two episodes on a cold winter night. And now winter is here again, and lord how I miss Brothers and Sisters! Yes, the show deals with issues a lot of other shows deal with, but it's like that with every show.

    I haven't yet seen a show with so much warmth out there, and I am afraid I never will. If you expect fast paced drama and some shallow "who-slept-with-whom" issues, then you will probably want to stick to Gossip Girl and the likes. This show is for those who want to relax and enjoy quality TV. You will laugh and cry with the Walkers and if you're open to it, they will trap you and make you a part of their family (or at least make you feel bad for not having four other siblings).

    The bottom line is, if you didn't watch it when it was on, find a way to watch it. You will not regret it.
  • Love it!!

    I really loved to watch this show. Love the cast, almost felt like one of the family. Sorry to see it go. Like many other shows it leaves some room for improving but not enough to get rid of the show. I did feel like I had missed parts of the story line even though I know I had watched every episode and had a hard time hearing some of the dialog as well. Sally Fields has been a part of my life for years I am a huge fan. I will miss seeing your face in my family room. Hope you do something else really soon. Love Gilles Marini, what a hunk.
  • Duller than watching glue dry.

    I checked this show out because I have enjoyed the movies that Sally Field has done. From the very first episode I didn't like the show. It looked like the writers took a piece of different hit shows and placed it in one show, thinking that it would be a success. For me, not only didn't it work but it was a complete disaster. For starters, the character Sally Field plays is (to put it nicely) nuts or seems like she's gonna have a nervous breakdown any minute. Kitty is fighting with Mom and (of course) Daddy's little girl. Sara and her husband are in counseling. Justin is gay oh and a lawyer. This whole setup bothered me from the beginning because there wasn't one idea in the episodes that I watched that were new. I'm surprised this show was/is on for five years, but for me I quit.
  • Tell me, am I the only fan who is finding this show to be more and more predictable...with the same story arcs and supposed "ironies" occurring again and again?

    Am I the only one who was able to predict everything in this episode before it happened? As soon as they cut to the PTA meeting, I KNEW there would be a conflict between Sarah and her new guy...since there would be no reason to have this scene if there was just going to be more harmony between them.

    Then, of course, Sarah tells everyone it's over and they argued etc, and NOW there's just no way he'll show up at dinner...

    At this point, the writers might as well have just had Sarah say "Gee, I KNOW he'll show up for dinner NOW...So we can all feel warm and cozy about how I was proven wrong cuz' there REALLY are men who want strong women...and now he's here to rescue me from all my cynicism...and oh gosh, even my family thinks he's perfect and it's all just so freakin' perfect...I'm just so bat-sh!t wacky about him..."

    Well, you get the idea.

    Of course, Kitty changing her mind 10,000 times about whether or not she'll run for office is par for the course...and having Robert find out by 'overhearing' everything is more of the same.

    I used to be SURPRISED by this show once in a awhile & now that's no longer the case.

    Either I'm becoming psychic or this show has become incredibly predictable.

    Am I the only who can predict where each episode and story arc are going??

    Here are my predictions as of 1/18/2010:

    1) Of course, Kitty will run for office...and WIN...and Robert will be home with the baby. At first it will all work out great. But after time, Robert will see how difficult and sometimes monotonous it is to be home all the time with a baby.

    This will cause conflict. There may even be a scenario where he starts 'bonding' with a single Mom who's less career-oriented, and she'll help him feel more masculine since he'll practically feel castrated by Kitty's success.

    (the writers will think this is SO ironic and original since Kitty spent time with a single Dad when Robert was Mr. Work-a-holic. Oh my, the roles have reversed...ugh, again, all this role-reversing has become so commonplace that it's NO LONGER ironic...can't the writers come up with other themes???)

    2) This to me is blatantly obvious...the girl having Scotty and Kevin's baby will want to keep the baby at some point. Her 19 year old boyfriend will encourage her to do so...he'll want to marry her too. She may or may not keep the baby in the end, but all the drama will revolve around her decision. If she decides to 'do the right thing', there will be a giant dinner of course, lots of tears and rejoicing. No doubt, there will be the obligatory scene, where Nora has a conversation with her, says the magic words and turns it all Mommy can be the hero once again. Kitty might even pay her a visit and give her some sort of dramatic lecturing the way Kitty always seems to do.

    If she DOES go ahead and keep the baby, it will crush Scotty and Kevin, jeopardize their relationship and cause endless drama.
  • quit your whining! this show is the Best thing on TV, constantly connecting with the audience and providing real drama and sublime performances from the entire ensemble x there isn't a weak link in there and long may it continue x

    quit your whining! this show is the Best thing on TV, constantly connecting with the audience and providing real drama and sublime performances from the entire ensemble x there isn't a weak link in there and long may it continue x Sally Field never fails to emote and one look from Nora, the headstrong sympathetic and unconditionally loving mother will bring a tear to my eye x the writing is excellent and it paints their world as one in which i, for one would love to live in, where there is acceptance, support and of course confrontation but above all love and family x x I heart Brothers and Sisters x
  • I did one of the previews for it, were they show it on some community channel and then call you to see what you thought.

    I wasn't into this show, just because it's ABC and even though they made the character a Republican, we know that ABC will make her the bad guy like they do in most of their show, see Boston Legal for an example. The family interaction was alright I guess, and the end of the episode certainly grabbed my attention. I think they should scrap it and put Son's & Daughter's back on personally. This show does have a chance of working if they stick to the characters and not make this their forum to telll you what they think. There were some promising characters in there.

    Update: Once again Hollywood writers and ABC turn a show into their anti-war propaganda, I told them they would do that when I did the survey and what a shock they did.
  • i'm the biggest fan of the show,

    Calista (aka Kitty)is wonderful in what she had to go though with finding out that she had cancer and winning her cancer battle, then running for senate, and finely losing her husband all in the one season. I wish they wouldn't of never killed Robert off the show. I hope the producers bring him back as a ghost or something to watch over his son Evan in the coming years. Sally is the best lady for the role of Nora Walker, i don't know how she holds the children together going though everything that her husband (aka William) left behind. I do have to say that the producers picked all the right actors to play the right roles in this show i hope it goes on for a good couple of years yet. It is one of the Top Shows on abc. i don't miss a show, and i own all of the seasons on dvd so when i'm in the for a long weekend i will start with the first season and end with the fourth season until i get season 5 on dvd. The last episode of season 4 til makes me cry at the end even after i have seen it at least 30 times. To the people who right my review, I also own Ally McBeal on Dvd, if you haven't seen that show with Calista Flockhart your missing a good show. I LOVE Calista....
  • A mediocre show that has gone downhill.

    I have had it with B&S. This shamefully overacted show, with all its manufactured mania and drama, has finally become totally unwatchable. I would watch it weekly because, frankly, it was better than some of the other drivel on TV, such as Big Brother or Wife Swap. The cast talks in that stilted manner like they're trying desperately to remember their lines (particularly Holly). Could it be that they're simply all as bored with this tripe as the viewers? My guess is yes. A talented bunch of actors in a juvenile and silly show.
    I'm formally pulling the plug on this joke. I can't imagine it has too many years left in it. After all, how many other illegitimate children could William Walker possibly have? And how many ways can Holly bring down Ojai Foods, pitting the Walkers against her? OMG, even typing this nonsense makes me feel nauseated.
  • how can we not fall in love with this show, This is certainly one my television highlights ever.

    I am a relative newbie when it came to seeing Brothers & Sisters,i first came across episodes being aired in the uk in the early morning hours ( re runs i guess) at first i was unsure but i decided that i would watch from season one and i was not disappointed, i am now 2/3 though season 4 and i am watching 2-4 episodes when i can,i am hooked,all the characters are great and very entertaining,Sally Field is a huge draw, i read recently that Rob Lowe is leaving or has left by now and although a loss for the show, it is by no means the end more a new phase for the walker clan. to summarize i love this crazy, refreshing show and reminds me in parts why people were addicted to Dallas in the 80`s
  • Really bad way to spend your time!

    I am at a loss for words. If this is the standard for network drama then don't invest in that big screen or plasma because there won't be anything worth watching in the next few years. The writing is so poor I almost feel embarrassed for Rachael Griffins after her tour de force in Six Feet Under. This poor girl has talent but to have to utter those awful lines must affect her sleep at nights. Sally Fields should not have come out of retirement. It appears that she went right from Smokey and the Bandit to this abomination and all of the good stuff she did never really happened. When you can lay there staring at the ceiling and finish the lines of dialog from these transparent sappy characters you know this is a "stinker". When will they put it out of it's misery?
  • I loved this show,finally one that my husband and i would watch together,then you mess it up with the same sex physical contact. please do not let this be your new story line for Saul.We will no longer watch it if this continues.sad,i love the show

    Love the show,actually look forward to it,but cant handle the same sex contact any longer,its way too much!! To think that you are also going to let this be the story line for Saul?? You have ruined an excellent show.At work it was the buzz forever just like Greys Anatomy,now B&S is being dropped by many of us.please let us tune in next season to see the show we first feel in love with and enjoy once again.I understand others may like this and it seems you cannot watch anything with out this in the program,therefore this is why we must at least try to get a few of you to hear our desires and maybe someone will listen and leave us with a few shows we can still watch and enjoy.
    Thank You Smiley
  • Just average.

    Nothing special about this show. I can't understand why there are so many people gushing about how good this show is. I think it has some good acting, yet everything else is a complete bore. When I have watched this show, it wasn't for very long. ABC likes to have similar shows that have similar basics. I have to say I don't like one ABC show. Brothers and Sisters has boring storylines, but it is saved ny some good acting and some good writing, at times. Overall, it isn't a bad show by any means, just not a show I would watch on any sort of regular basis. Thank you.
  • In a nuthsell, Julia bails to Seattle, Tommy is still lost, Robert finds out about Kitty and Alec, the creepy Ryan gets a job at Ojai, Holly is still a **** and Rebecca figures out Holly's & Ryan's alternative motives with his new job and tells Justin.

    I've always been a fan of this show, one of the biggest, and have gotten a lot of people hooked on it. But last night was a complete and utter sell out. Whomever had the idea to have Kitty kiss Alec or go running to him - HELLO - every show, ([cough] sad sitcom), has been down this route. And, contrary to what my reviews have always spoke and what many others have agreed with, this show has echoed many family real-life experiences. Not that this isn't a real-life issue, but would it have killed them to change up the outcome? How predictable. Not to mention, how many times do we have to go down the Holly wants to screw the Walker's road? Now Ryan too...maybe they should get a Season Finale in next week so they can spend some time getting some new ideas. About the only thing I liked about the show is that Rebecca went to tell Justin. It's also too bad that they don't have Julia have a larger part in the show, she's a great asset. The departure of Julia leaving Kevin and Nora in tears was a great line, not to mention touching. And next week's previews look like I'll be able to go even lower than a 2 of 10! I feel horrible having to rate this show this low, but I just think that the writers screwed it up and played the 'lets just copy everyone else, it's worked for them' card. Anyway, get it together people, don't make me not want to watch this show.
  • The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle.....

    As we all know, Sally, Rachel, Calista, and Patricia are stellar actors & happen to my faves on the show. Every ONE of them has proven themselves to be highly creative and multidimensional actors - but not necessarily on this program. Calista Flockhart has incredible depth both on screen and stage, Rachel Griffith's award winning work on "Six Feet Under" was truly powerful, Patricia Wetting's seasoned acting is a joy to watch - loved her on 'Thirty-Something', and of course, Sally Field is simply a legend.

    I have to agree with those saying that this show is entirely predictable. I also agree, that in spite of that, something makes me want to keep watching and the talent, of course, is definitely key.

    Now, can you just picture these talented people working with a more imaginative script? It would be amazing, right?

    On the other hand, I wonder if some viewers find 'comfort' in the predictability of this family & their actions? - As if they really get to know them, etc. I'd love to hear some responses on this.

    So, while I'll continue to watch this program, and appreciate having such concentrated talent within one cast - I'll be longing for the missing piece of the puzzle - some imagination & a bit more complexity.....Because isn't LIFE entirely UN-predictable most of the time?
  • The mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoring

    The mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoring.Every shows are the same. The mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoring
    The mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoring
    The mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoringThe mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoringThe mixing is very bad music too loud drowning the language. Need to review the scoring SOUND TOO LOUD
  • The Walker family had quite a dynasty in Ojai, until the father died and his skeletons started coming out of the closet. No, the skeletons weren't gay but his son Kevin was. It was a lot for Nora, his widow, or Holly, his mistress, to deal with.

    Nora Walker is played by Sally Fields. Her husband was played by Tom Skerrit, who died (character, not actor). He had a mistress who worked for him, and she had a kid named Rebecca. Holly knows that the real father is some guy played by Ken Olin, but she goes along with the idea that Rebecca might be Mr. Walker's kid so she can get a chunk of the will. Ken Olin has a small part as Rebecca's real father, but he his character had a drug problem, so he wasn't there for Rebecca while she was growing up. Olin is actually one of the producers, and he was also on the show 30 Something. The Walker family all live in Ojai and have a food company. Sarah walker (formerly Whedon) has a huge forehead and was divorced, but suddenly she's married to Luke, a Frenchman, an artist, and in the new season he is even an underwear model. He is also a nice guy, and very handsome. He had a whiff of scandal for a while when rumors surfaced that he once lived and worked in a brothel. He said that it was true, but he was very young, and he sometimes ran errands, but didn't even know that it was a brothel. It was a hotel owned by his family, but it was actually a brothel. Maybe it was his Uncle who owned it. He is too good to be true, actually, and that is my only objection to the frog. The relationship strains the credibility of the show, Big Time.

    There was a character named Tommy, a brother, but he was written out of the show, except for occasional episodes. He had a lot of problems and had to go searching for himself, had to get away from the Walker family. The actor's name was Balthazar something, and the rumor is that he walked out on his wife and started blatantly being seen in public with his new mistress. He was totally shameless about it and the rest of the cast cast him away. The compromise was that he was written out and eased out. Or maybe he was pushed out for other reasons.

    Kevin Walker is the gay Walker. He is played by an actor who is straight and has a Welsh name that is hard to spell. He is a lawyer and doesn't like Republicans, since he feels they exploit the gay issue, but when his sister Kitty (Callista Flockhart) marries Senator McAllister (Rob Lowe), he ends up liking and working for the Republican Senator. Kevin has a boyfriend named Scott who is very handsome and works as a chef. They open their own restaurant, and also try to get a child using a surrogate, but after two miscarriages, Kevin grows despondent. Unfortunately for the Senator, he had an accident while in Iraq with younger Walker brother Justin, and he ended up in a coma with a slim chance for recovery. Kitty was a right wing pundit, kind of a contrarian with the rest of the more liberal Northern Cali Walkers, especially ultra liberal Nora, her mother (after all, Sally Fields won an Oscar for playing a union activist, and she was also The Flying Nun). Flockhart meets the Senator (Rob Lowe) and starts working as his campaign manager. He is divorcing his wife, and soon gets together with Kitty. Before his coma, Kitty and Senator Robert McAllister adopted a black kid named Evan. Now Kitty is raising Evan, and contemplating pulling the plug on the Senator's life support. The RNC meets with her and offers her a job because they want "an intelligent, clear thinking, individual" to run the RNC. Yeah, right. This strains credibility almost as much as Sarah and the underwear model/artist/brothel worker. When has the RNC ever been interested in intelligent, clear thinkers?

    What about Justin? He is a former drug addict who went to Iraq but then was in rehab. He must have had something to prove, because he wanted to get out of rehab and go back there. He did go back, but then he was in an accident where Robert (Senator Rob Lowe? Scarey) was bleeding to death, and Justin was told to leave him and save himself, because he wasn't going to make it anyway. Kitty blames Justin for not saving Robert anyway. There was a romance between Justin and Rebecca, who is the daughter of his father's mistress, Holly (also from 30 Something). For a while there was the possibility that they were half brother and sister and didn't know it, but since they had already made out and this was television, it turned out that they weren't after all. They want to have their cake and eat it, too, these television show makers. All the titillation with none of the guilt.

    Nora's brother Saul is a man who came out as gay late in life. When he finally decides to come out, he finds out he is positive. He is kind of stoic about it. For a while he was also going with Holly. She'd drive anyone gay One other sub plot was the real son of the Walker patriarch who showed up like a bad penny seeming totally harmless at first, but then he turned on The Walker Family and tried to destroy them. What happened to him? Was that ever resolved or is he still lurking out there? Wouldn't you know it, he lived in Bakersfield.

    Now that I mention it, they do seem like kind of a screwed up, muddled up, soap opera family. Peyton Place, even. I like the Kitty character, the right wing pundit, who is kind of head strong, but sometimes open minded, especially when it comes to her gay brother or drug addicted Iraq veteran brother. I like Callista Flockhart and I used to watch her as the star of Ally McBeal. Now I think in real life she just married Harrison Ford. I guess since he is a pilot, he likes her because she is a propeller. If you don't know what a propeller is you have to watch the episode of Ally McBeal where Wayne Newton was a guest star and he calls Ally that, and explains the terminology. The girl who played Rebecca was really cute, but it seems like her contract wasn't renewed, as you don't actually see her, but she is supposed to be angry at Justin for going back to Iraq when she asked him not to. She couldn't take it and moved out of their house. Not a good sign when you don't see a character on screen, and there is just a second hand story that she left like Tommy to go find herself and sort things out. Even though The Walkers are a screwed up family, after watching it for a while, you start to get to know them and feel like you are all part of their family. Especially at family gatherings, where they all break out the wine. That is something that brings a California family from Ojai together. Except Justin who is a drug addict who is in 12 step NA and AA and can't drink at all.
  • Rating this show has never been easier. It is a total 10 being perfect and Brothers & Sisters is a very typical family that goes through all that some and most familys do go through.

    I cannot remember any show as interesting as this one when it comes to family.

    I love Sally Fields and think she is just a wonderful down to earth person and so very genuine.

    Her voice spoken no matter what it is impresses me to no end. Watching this show has also brought to my attention some actors/actresses I don't remember seeing before and I really like them all.

    This show is of a family which has tragedy,love,tears,happiness,secrets that are told,arguing amongst siblings,a mother trying her best to stay out of her children's lives but loves them so much she is just trying to do her best to guide them. It is a true family life for many.
  • Amazing serie, great actors, great direction... This is one of my favs and definitely a family that I love.

    Ever since the first season you'll already feel what the serie is about and feel that family warmth that only they make you feel. Sometimes you wish you have a family like that, sometimes you wish you don't but at the end, you will always love them and catch yourself counting the days to see them again. This serie shows you what is a strong family in these modern days. With all the fights, misunderstandings, gossips, intrudings and whatever, but it also shows you that above all that, which may sound bad, there's love, trust and union. They will probably make you rethink some attitudes and maybe try to change something. Or they'll just make you feel part of this big family they are and make you happy one day each week.
  • Predictable or not, this is an awesome show!!

    I have simply fallen in love the characters of this show. This is the only show that I watch consistently, every Sunday!! I find myself laughing and crying and relate to each episode as a mom, wife, daughter and sister. I've watched it since day one and I believe it is getting even better with time. From addiction issues to marital problems to gay marriage, this show covers more than you can imagine with characters that everyone can relate to. In my opinion, the acting is superb and although there are predictable episodes, they are all worth watching because there is always something new and a different twist that you wouldn't expect.
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