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  • loved it

    I loved every single episode of this show, it was very good. I hope to be able to find another similar show as this one. I find that it ended very good also, luke and sarah got married at the end. I wish this show with be a soap opera lol
  • Show must continue!

    I love the show very much! It lack of exposure thats it! If it was promoted more everyone will love this show..
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  • About this series

    This had wonderful acting for Sally Field in season 1.

    Why was the show canceled? I love the show. It is too bad. I think I had watch it over 3 times all of the 5 seasons in Netflix. When the show was canceled it left a lot of questions not answer to the fan. For Example: Did Kittty finally had her child? Did Jason married marika? Does Rebecca comes back? Did Rebecca's mom got over the memory loss?. This is a great show and Robert shouldn't have died on the show because he made the perfect couple with Kitty. Please bring the show back . I miss it so much., I love Nora Walker she is quiet a character. BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAS AND IS A GREAT SHOW. SO PLZ BRING THE SHOW BACK.
  • I want more!

    I just finished watching the last episode, and I greatly enjoyed this series. Yes, sometimes the plot twists are somewhat predictable; for example, when the question of Sarah's paternity comes up and you just know it's going to end up being true--but this is because it's the fifth season, and we've already seen how things tend to favor the dramatic with this family. I fell in love with all the characters but Tommy--he was fairly unlikeable through most of the show, but that just added to the show's premise that life, families, and individuals are never perfect, but they can all still be wonderful if people stand by and support those they love. In fact, this show inspired me to stop being too afraid of rejection to tell my girlfriend that I want to make long-term plans with her. And yes, her reaction was very good. :)
  • Shocked to See all of the Low numbers! I miss this show so much!!

    This is my favorite all time show and I really felt like part of their family by the end of the series. My only complaint was the way that it ended; I was sitting there thinking to myself, there is no way this show could end like this. I still had to give it a 10 because it changed my life for the better. I felt the most connected to Justin and Kitty. Kitty's story desperate to be a mother was so relatable. I really didn't like her husband at all, but he grew on me, and her adoption story line was wonderful. The whole show was just beautifully written and engaged you time and time again. I am shocked to see people saying it was predictable because I didn't think at all and I have been an avid tv show watcher for years. I am currently diving in to Parenthood on Netflix and it shows some similarities but it nowhere near as good as Brothers and Sisters.

    Are you going bring the show this year? I hope you all no it was good and I like to see more about kitty and scotty and kevin all about all them email me please tell me thanks
  • A show like no other

    I fell in love with the show the moment I watched the first two episodes on a cold winter night. And now winter is here again, and lord how I miss Brothers and Sisters! Yes, the show deals with issues a lot of other shows deal with, but it's like that with every show.

    I haven't yet seen a show with so much warmth out there, and I am afraid I never will. If you expect fast paced drama and some shallow "who-slept-with-whom" issues, then you will probably want to stick to Gossip Girl and the likes. This show is for those who want to relax and enjoy quality TV. You will laugh and cry with the Walkers and if you're open to it, they will trap you and make you a part of their family (or at least make you feel bad for not having four other siblings).

    The bottom line is, if you didn't watch it when it was on, find a way to watch it. You will not regret it.
  • quit your whining! this show is the Best thing on TV, constantly connecting with the audience and providing real drama and sublime performances from the entire ensemble x there isn't a weak link in there and long may it continue x

    quit your whining! this show is the Best thing on TV, constantly connecting with the audience and providing real drama and sublime performances from the entire ensemble x there isn't a weak link in there and long may it continue x Sally Field never fails to emote and one look from Nora, the headstrong sympathetic and unconditionally loving mother will bring a tear to my eye x the writing is excellent and it paints their world as one in which i, for one would love to live in, where there is acceptance, support and of course confrontation but above all love and family x x I heart Brothers and Sisters x
  • i'm the biggest fan of the show,

    Calista (aka Kitty)is wonderful in what she had to go though with finding out that she had cancer and winning her cancer battle, then running for senate, and finely losing her husband all in the one season. I wish they wouldn't of never killed Robert off the show. I hope the producers bring him back as a ghost or something to watch over his son Evan in the coming years. Sally is the best lady for the role of Nora Walker, i don't know how she holds the children together going though everything that her husband (aka William) left behind. I do have to say that the producers picked all the right actors to play the right roles in this show i hope it goes on for a good couple of years yet. It is one of the Top Shows on abc. i don't miss a show, and i own all of the seasons on dvd so when i'm in the for a long weekend i will start with the first season and end with the fourth season until i get season 5 on dvd. The last episode of season 4 til makes me cry at the end even after i have seen it at least 30 times. To the people who right my review, I also own Ally McBeal on Dvd, if you haven't seen that show with Calista Flockhart your missing a good show. I LOVE Calista....
  • Rating this show has never been easier. It is a total 10 being perfect and Brothers & Sisters is a very typical family that goes through all that some and most familys do go through.

    I cannot remember any show as interesting as this one when it comes to family.

    I love Sally Fields and think she is just a wonderful down to earth person and so very genuine.

    Her voice spoken no matter what it is impresses me to no end. Watching this show has also brought to my attention some actors/actresses I don't remember seeing before and I really like them all.

    This show is of a family which has tragedy,love,tears,happiness,secrets that are told,arguing amongst siblings,a mother trying her best to stay out of her children's lives but loves them so much she is just trying to do her best to guide them. It is a true family life for many.
  • Amazing serie, great actors, great direction... This is one of my favs and definitely a family that I love.

    Ever since the first season you'll already feel what the serie is about and feel that family warmth that only they make you feel. Sometimes you wish you have a family like that, sometimes you wish you don't but at the end, you will always love them and catch yourself counting the days to see them again. This serie shows you what is a strong family in these modern days. With all the fights, misunderstandings, gossips, intrudings and whatever, but it also shows you that above all that, which may sound bad, there's love, trust and union. They will probably make you rethink some attitudes and maybe try to change something. Or they'll just make you feel part of this big family they are and make you happy one day each week.
  • Predictable or not, this is an awesome show!!

    I have simply fallen in love the characters of this show. This is the only show that I watch consistently, every Sunday!! I find myself laughing and crying and relate to each episode as a mom, wife, daughter and sister. I've watched it since day one and I believe it is getting even better with time. From addiction issues to marital problems to gay marriage, this show covers more than you can imagine with characters that everyone can relate to. In my opinion, the acting is superb and although there are predictable episodes, they are all worth watching because there is always something new and a different twist that you wouldn't expect.
  • One of my favorites, I have been watching each episode in order, back to back...

    I so love this show. From the very first episode, I was taken in. I hope it stays on the air for years to come... Having been ill the past 2 1/2 years, there are many days when I am bed ridden, and what I do these days is watch various shows. For Brothers and Sisters, I have watched every episode back to back, and only wish there is more to come. It is one of my favorites - right up there with Grey's Anatomy, Desperate House Wives, Private Practice (is this still airing?), Smallville, One Tree Hill and others that are no longer airing.
  • It will make you appreciate the ones that you love and enjoy television again.

    It is one of the best, if not the best, shows on television. In the short span of 44 minutes it can make you laugh, cry, relate and appreciate the important relationships within your own life. There isn't any doubt that its televisions most under-appreciated accomplishment. The characters aren't always the most believable but its television. Still, the writers manage to make you think about not only what is going on within the storyline but how that relates to what's currently happening within our world. Lastly, the thing that I like most about Brothers and Sisters is its drama at its best but it allows you to laugh at situations that would otherwise be either be too depressing or too taboo to touch on network television. Not since The West Wing have we seen such well written, lovable characters that I hope more viewers will take the time to get to know...
  • A episode about Thanksgiving.. Everybody has made his own plans, but everything changes as Tommy and Julia's daughter, Elizabeth, needing a liver transplant.

    I was really surprised by Brothers and sisters.. This was a very well written and well acted episode indeed. The best one this season and definitely one of the best so far.. really touched me..
    What I love about this show is the mix of drama and humour/comedy. This episode once again was a good example of this.
    Loved the interaction between Kevin and Scotty.. they are so cute together. Nora was superb as usually and for once I also loved Kitty (she can be a bit annoying sometimes). Nice ending.. an alternative thanksgiving.. beautiful.. really loved it.. can't wait for the next episode..
  • This became one of my favourites when it first arrived in the UK and the second series hasn't disappointed!

    This became one of my favourites when it first arrived in the UK and the second series hasn't disappointed! However, I feel this series has been extremely underappreciated. Series One had prime slot on Channel 4 at 10pm, yet I totally missed the first showing of the second series as it was shown on E4 I now have to Sky Plus the re-runs as they are on at some ungodly hour on a Monday morning! The main thing I love about this programme is that they are a loving family who are easy to relate to because their lives aren't actually perfect! I did start to worry half way through the series as the episodes didn't seem to have the upbeat endings that I was used to but it seems to have got back on track again.

    A great programme that most people would find easy to sit down and watch.
  • Its by far the best show of its kind on television.

    Brothers & Sisters is a phenominal TV show. Its the only real show on television which is based on family values and highlights both good and bad things about families. Therefore, I its a very realistic show because it focuses on showing all aspects of all families everywhere in the world. However, one thing that surprises me is that the show is not as popular and appreciated as it should be. Not only does it has a great storyline but also high class actors, a combination of which makes it look like a real family and for others to b wanting to be a part of such a family. The show is going great, I hope it goes on for another 7 to 8 more seasons. I just can't get enogh of it and the show deserves it. Best show on televisiON !!!!
  • Brothers and sisters explains everything about this show all the family coming together giving us all the problems of life. Each family members brings to the table a new problem from different life styles.

    What a wonder drama and soap.
    Kitty, 39 in September 2007, is the second eldest Walker sibling. She returned a year ago from a lengthy, self-imposed exile in New York,
    Justin Walker is the youngest of the Walker siblings and is often treated as the baby of the family. Just as ambitious as any of his brothers and sisters, Kevin Walker, the fourth child to Nora and William, is a very successful lawyer. Matriarch to the Walker family,Nora is the very loving and sometimes overbearing mother to Sarah,Kitty,Tommy,Kevin, and Justin-and grandmother to Paige and Cooper Whedon.
    Tommy, 37 this year, is William and Nora's oldest son. While he grew up slightly in the shadow of his two older sisters, both of whom were relentless achievers, Tommy found his place in the family when he began working for his dad in the Ojai Foods warehouse when he was still a boy.
    Nora and William's first born, Sarah Whedon is married with two children. Sarah's husband, Joe, is a part-time music teacher and a full-time dad. The situation at home is not necessarily ideal for Sarah, as she wishes she could spend more time with her kids, Paige and Cooper.
  • Familia Why I Can't Get Enough Of Brothers And Sisters

    William: "I'm glad you came with me".
    Kevin: "Oh please, it's my job".
    William: "Yes but I enjoy spending time with you".
    Kevin: "I like you too" – Prior Commitments.

    Okay hands up, how many genuine dramas are they out there that are solely about family? Maybe a long time ago there might have been plenty but right now; there is surprising dearth right about now. Because of that, Brothers And Sisters already has a unique selling point.

    When I first heard about this show, it was in April 2006 when ABC had leaked a few cast shots and a preview for the series was available on their site. This was around the time when Betty Buckley was originally playing Nora Walker and the character of Kevin Walker was actually Bryan Walker played by Jonathan LaPaglia. Of course like many pilots things tend to change.

    Amazingly though the changes on this series had many people quickly assuming the worst but I kept my optimism. I liked some of the casting decisions in Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart and Ron Rifkin and I was willing to accept the other cast members despite not being too familiar with some of them. Plus when Matthew Rhys and Sally Field's casting was confirmed, things were looking good.

    By September 2006, After Elton had done an expose on the series, drawing some comparisons to the likes of Six Feet Under, Thirtysomething and The West Wing. Throughout the course of the series two seasons, these shows would always be a source of comparison.

    It's easy to see why. Aside from Rachel Griffiths in the cast, Brothers And Sisters had a family dealing with the dead of the patriarch and trying to stop the family business from going into financial ruin. Also like Six Feet Under, you have one of the most realistic and intriguing gay characters in Kevin Walker. Actually this show emcompasses these comparisons in a positive way with the way some scenes are conveyed and the subject matter it touches on.

    The Thirtysomething and The West Wing comparisons are also noteworthy. Both Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin had pivotal roles on the former series and then on this show. Also both Brothers And Sisters and Thirtysomething air/aired on ABC and have a similar feel with writing and characterisation.

    The political slant is definitely The West Wing all over it. In some ways Brothers And Sisters' timing couldn't have been more perfect. The West Wing came to an end by May 2006 and four months later, American viewers were settling into the antics of the Walkers. Plus there are many viewers who aren't turned off by politics, especially when it directly factors into a family like the Walkers.

    The Walkers are a largely democratic family with the exceptions of William and Kitty. Kitty's political views have been both a source of ridicule and extreme arguments with her family, in particular with her mother Nora. Nora did blame Kitty's politics for Justin's decision to go off to Iraq.

    The first half of Season One saw Kitty fighting her corner on the show Red, White And Blue and in flashback episodes "Mistakes Were Made Parts 1 and 2", we saw that Kitty was affected by the 9/11 attacks herself. It was because of this rather than her political beliefs that spurred Justin's decision into going to Iraq.

    The latter half of the first season saw Kitty move away from punditry and into the world of being Robert McCallister's communications advisor. Casting Rob Lowe seemed a little on the nose but him and Calista Flockhart illicit chemistry and the writers didn't waste much in the way of time when hooking the two of them up.

    Robert's campaign for presidency largely dominated both his and Kitty's storylines for the show's second season. At times it was interesting but at other times it dragged on too long and while there were some good moments such as Isaac being responsible for Jason being outed and Nora's involvement with Isaac, I think a new dynamic is best advised for the third season.

    I've heard rumours that Kitty could be going back to her first love of punditry and if so, it'll make things interesting. Robert's clearly going to keep up with his political ambitions even though he rejected the idea of Vice Presidency to Taylor. Oh and when they aren't busy campaigning, Kitty and Robert have also suffered a miscarriage ("Two Places"), gotten married ("Holy Matrimony") and upon being unable to get pregnant have considered adoption ("Prior Commitments").

    Keeping with politics, the Walkers are something of a wealthy bunch thanks to family business Ojai Foods. In "Patriarchy", prior to William's death Sarah discovered her father squandered away the pensions fund but by "Mistakes Were Made Part 2", both herself, Tommy and Kevin discovered William's extra cash to save them.

    In "Love Is Difficult", Tommy went into business with Holly, William's mistress and the two of them set up the winery called Walker Landing. As businesses go, this had a more successful rate than Ojai and when Ojai suffered yet another crushing business blow, Holly's suggestion of a merger was the only option that could happen.

    Out of all the Walkers, Sarah hates Holly more than anyone and to be fair, she's got good reason. Not only is Holly the very woman who carried on a twenty year affair with William and was left financially solvent upon his death but by mid Season One, it was revealed him and Holly had a daughter called Rebecca.

    Rebecca was introduced in "Love Is Difficult" and the knowledge of her existence caused a fair amount of ripples in "The Other Walker". With the exceptions of Justin and Nora, everyone else had a hard time accepting Rebecca at first and the girl didn't do herself any favours by kissing Joe in "Game Night" and lying about it.

    The real sting in the tail is that when everyone was getting around to accepting Rebecca, the writers pulled the worst retcon by revealing that she wasn't a Walker in the much unloved "Double Negative". Nope instead her real father was Holly's ex-boyfriend David and if Holly wasn't loathed beforehand, then her admission of wanting to protect her own financial assets rather than her daughter's well being certainly made her a hate figure.

    The weirdest thing wasn't just Rebecca turning out not to be Walker but the writer's decision to turn her and Justin into a couple. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out in Season Three, especially as we'll also have to deal with finding the real other Walker – Ryan. To say that William got around might be cutting it short.

    As for the Walker siblings, I've covered Kitty's main plots and with Justin, it's largely been his relationships with either Tyler and Rebecca or his soldier duties in Iraq, notably his absence in "Home Front" and injuries causing Nora to almost go out of her mind with worry. There are also his drug problems which have resulted in him OD'ing in "Mistakes Were Made Part 1" and having his entire family an intervention in the excellent "36 Hours".

    Tommy is largely the unexplored Walker. In Season One he had a healthy marriage to Julia and both Kevin and Justin helped him and Julia conceive. In "Favourite Son", Tommy and Julia's son William died but their daughter Elizabeth survived. In Season Two, this caused a divide between them and Tommy had an affair with Lena, the secretary at Walker landing.

    Out of all the kids, Tommy seems to be the one who has parallels drawn between him and William but unlike his father, Tommy only had one affair and by the looks of it, not one that destroyed his marriage or Julia's belief in him. Then again she cheated too so that might have had something to do with.

    Sarah meanwhile dealt with both business and marriage. She's the one who has to be responsible and also the one who takes the heat when things get really bad. Key examples being Rebecca and Ojai's second financial collapse. On top of that her marriage to Joe was on shaky ground.

    It would be easy to blame Rebecca for Sarah and Joe's marriage collapsing but these two were well on their way. In Season Two Joe hooked up with his ex-wife and got custody of Paige and Cooper. Later in "Two Places" Joe left and custody between the kids were shared.

    Sarah is however one of the best characters on TV. Rachel Griffiths who plays her is a superb actress and the first two seasons of the series have given the actress plenty of chances to be dramatic, funny and downright flirty. For examples check out the episodes "Bad News" and "Compromises" for those three things.

    Sarah is also quite the shrewd little detective and in "Prior Commitments" she realised that another Walker could be out there. Luckily for her, Kevin was also able to back that up with his own findings and flashbacks to an incident he had with William over the death of a female friend.

    Kevin is also the best Walker of the bunch. He can be sarcastic, sweet, funny and downright cute and that is all down to both the writers' clear devotion to the character and Matthew Rhys' consistently excellent performances. As a lawyer he's good at his job but it's his personal life that is more explored.

    In the Season Two episodes "States Of The Union" and "36 Hours" he tried to get Saul to come out and when his uncle finally did in "Moral Hazard", Kevin was supportive of it. Kevin even honestly admitted his own difficulties in being a gay man, something a lot of people can identify with.

    For the most part, Kevin's love life has been the most exciting. From "Sexual Politics" to "Three Parties" he embarked on a relationship with closeted soap actor Chad Barry and in "Matriarchy" he began to date Robert's minister brother Jason McCallister. Of course that relationship wouldn't last either.

    The one relationship that would last was Scotty Wandall. In the first season, they'd split over different issues but when they renewed their relationship in "Something New", it actually ended up with them getting married in "Prior Commitments". As a character Scotty has greatly improved and both Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane radiate such excellent chemistry that even I became a Kevin/Scotty shipper this season.

    Nora, Saul and Holly do an excellent job in filling up the older quotient of the series and are seen as every bit as important as the other characters on the series. Then again, this show is incredibly well written that not many characters are left doing nothing.

    With its mixture of drama, humour, politics, self-awareness, excellent use of music and believable family dynamics, it's easy to see why this show has attracted a small but loyal audience. The show will have to bend over backwards to ensure the Rebecca thing doesn't kill it's credibility but I think it stands a very good chance of doing just that. There are literally not many shows out there, except maybe Six Feet Under.
  • The Walkers - simply awesome!

    This show is simply fantastic!

    There are of course reasons for this:

    The storylines:
    I bow to the writers for their accomplishment to make the viewers cry and laugh in the very same episode. No storyline seems forced and every emotion is conveyed just like it should. I know a lot of people argue that it all seems too much, but that's just the Walker family, your typical American family.

    The actors / the characters:
    The actors in this show, and I can only name every single one, are doing just such a fantastic job. Everyone disagreeing should thus ask themselves: If it all is bad, how come you all laugh when Kevin is spilling out the newest gossip, Sarah argues with her brothers and sisters, Nora mothers them all and you cry with Kitty when she lost her baby. Every single one is so very talented that any storyline is a success and every episode a gift to watch.

    You see, this show really has the whole package: humour, emotions, talented and lovable character, great storylines, just the right amount of drama and suspense.

    All in all, to describe it with just one word: PERFECT!
  • The plot of Brothers & Sisters revolves around the Walker clan of five grown children, (Sarah, Kitty, Kevin, Justin, and Tommy) their mom, Nora, & their uncle Saul. This show is about their life and the problems they face and how they react as a family.

    This show is the best show I watch. The drama that unfolds as the Walkers discover new things about themselves, their father/husband's past, and any other siblings they might have. The problems that they go through they encounter. When you watch this show, you feel like you're a part of the Walker family and all the wild shenanigans that go with that title. The characters feel real and that is what makes this show so appealing. It gives it's audience a connection with it. No matter how dysfunctional my family is, ever sunday night, I turn on the tv and become part of a family where you aren't judged on who you are, but on what you bring to the table. I love the Walkers and wouldn't miss a week of this show.
  • Why do we have to wait until April 20th?

    I dont anderstand..a beautiful show like this and we, the viewers have to wait until April 20th to see new episodes...its not fair!!! I love this show, it seems it reflects my life, my family....I love Sally Field - Nora, and Sara, also kitty and holly. They are all exceptionnal actors and I can't wait for a new episode. I believe that Brothers & Sisters had gained points regarding the "world of the tv shows", for me its much more superior to Prison break or eney other new show.... my best wishes to all the cast and I hope it continues for a long, long, long time!!!
  • Brothers and Sisters is mainly based around a family of 3 brothers, 2 sisters and now a widow. Based around a family business left by their late dad/husband.

    Brothers and sisters for me, is arguably the best new show along side heroes. The mix of drama, comedy, political issues, drugs/violence and sexuality is incredibly brilliant. When I first heard about the show I initially tuned in due to the fact several actors from Alias ( My favorite show) were cast as characters and that Rachel Griffiths (One of Australia's best Actresses) was on board. Its one of these shows that makes you feel at home, you want to be a Walker for the entire hour that you're watching. I hope to see it on air for years to come.
  • spectacular show that never fails in making me cry and laugh in the same episode.

    this show was instantly in my top favourits. its really fabulous. at first i was a little bored with the whole political stuff but its just impossible to NOT get attached to this amazing family. everything about the walkers i love. i think sally field is outstanding and her acting is flawless. calista flockheart is incredible too, alwyas makes me laugh and she can make me cry like 2 seconds after that. she is trully great. the guy that plays justin is also great. and i just realate to almost every character! im so attached to this show. if you never saw it, pleaaase see it! NOW! you'll love it.
  • If you like to laugh, cry and be moved all at the same time... this is the show for you. A show that you can really relate to with...

    At first I just saw this new show at the television, saying that Calista is at a new show. Since, my shows will be taking of sometime, I decided to try it. I am not an Ally Mc Beal fan but I said what the heck, Sally Field's in the show plus Rachel Griffith's one of my favorites, I totally like her acting, thanks to Six feet Under.

    As I venture to the premiere of the said show, I have been totally struck by the show. It is heavily funny and you can really totally relate with it. Everyone has a family, dysfunctional in every way.

    I'd like to borrow Sarah's statement... let us pretend for even just 40 seconds that we aren't perfect. Yeah, no matter how hard we try to be a perfect family, I guess, this shouldn't be the issue or even the main concern for us. In my opinion, all we need to root for is to have a loving family even if it is flawed but it is more true and everyone needs a little drama anyway, add it up and you'll have a more normal and balanced family life.

    Two thumbs up for this fabulous show, and cast!
  • Brothers and Sisters just keeps getting better. The cast is perfect - Sally Fields is great. The last episode was outstanding.

    The Brothers and Sisters episode on Sunday was the best to date - the emotions felt real. I was initially somewhat skeptical of this type of show going off in so many directions but the writing is good and the directions are clear. A perfect cast - especially, Sally Fields is great, Ron Rifkin is a cut above, Dave Annable (!!!), Rachel Griffiths and Patricia Wettig are the consummate actresses; kudos to all the siblings, their significant others; Rob Lowe is solid (of course,more handsome than ever); and, Calista Flockhart has gotten there after what I felt was a weak start
  • Sarah Whedon, Tommy Walker, Kevin Walker, Justin Walker, and Kitty Walker are all siblings coping after their Dad dies and try to to the best by their mother Nora. Everyone is getting on with their lives and this is the story around them................

    I have only just started watching this a couple of months ago and I alredy love it. I love Kitty, Kevin and Justin. Kevin is just so funny and he cracks me up. Justin is sweet and the youngest and Kitty is outspoken and sticks up or what she believes in.

    I'm glad they sorted out their Dad's will, the bankruptcy and Holly. But what about Rebecca?

    What will happen to Justin in six months? I hope he doesn't have to go to Iraq. That would suck.

    And Nora, isn't she funny? She's the all involved mother. Interested in all her childrens lives. Even the parts they don't want to share.

    Poor Tommy. I really want to know who the father/doner that was succesful was... Justin or Kevin?

    Sarah is a great Mom. I love Paige and Cooper. Her stepson is a sad kid isn't he? Not feeling like he's wanted.

    Can't wait till the next episode on Monday!!
  • My current addiction!!!

    I like the fact that I can laugh and cry at the same time or do one after the other and still feel other things while watching each actor play their role.

    I never really see Americans as family-oriented as the Walkers. Nora is amazingly funny and tactless in an amusing way. As Sarah put it I'm like Nora who has Kitty to fight with, Kevin to admire, Justine to baby, Tommy to lean on, and her to respect. Saul, I guess is the older brother I always wanted to have but never did. Paige is undeniably smart and Cooper is just a joy to watch. Holly is the other woman I love to hate and Rebecca makes it all the more complicated.

    I love that there's no focus in one character alone. I love that Kitty is a daddy's girl just like I am and I was heartbroken when she found out about Holly and said, "...and I can't ask him why, and I can't kill him... because he's already dead!" I love that she's going to marry Sen. McAllister, who is very principled and gorgeous.

    I love Kevin's relationships, he gives me overflowing giggles and doesn't make me cringe. I love when he was doing his lawyer tricks and the court scene makes me high. Tommy and Julia are the ideal couple. I can go on and on and on and still won't run out of good things to say about it. I simply love the show, period!
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