Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 4

Righteous Kiss

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2010 on ABC

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  • Comedy works better than the drama

    The show has long combined both formats (comedy and drama). This season, the comic elements seem to be stronger than the more dramatic ones. While I am glad that Patricia Wettig had considerable screen time in this episode, I am not buying the amnesia story. It's almost as if she's demented. The scenes with Saul and his new friend were not bad. But the scenes with Kitty and her new friend fell flat. I cannot accept the fact that in just one day, this guy is completely in love with her. This story is too rushed. It would've been more fresh and original had the writers put her with some cad, to show someone taking advantage of her vulnerable state after Robert's death. But for her to find her next great love affair so soon seems unrealistic. Sarah and Luc's story has a few bumpy spots. First, I don't buy these other women dissing her and Sarah trying to gain their approval; she's just as rich and powerful as they are. Shouldn't they be trying to get her support for their school? What did work for me was the little Shakespearean play. A comic highlight occurs when a carefully sewn costume comes apart at the seams and part of the set topples over during the performance. The larger theme here is that Sarah's kids are growing up too fast (as evidenced by Cooper's adult-like kiss of his costar on stage). Finally, we have Justin and Rebecca, in what was probably her last episode. Emily V is listed as a guest star this season. I guess her exit will free Justin up for more story, and it seems to be headed in Holly's direction for awhile. But let's hope that Justin doesn't find the next great love of his life, like Kitty apparently has, in 24 hours.
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