Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 13

Run Baby Run

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on ABC

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  • Tell me, am I the only fan who is finding this show to be more and more predictable...with the same story arcs and supposed "ironies" occurring again and again?

    Am I the only one who was able to predict everything in this episode before it happened? As soon as they cut to the PTA meeting, I KNEW there would be a conflict between Sarah and her new guy...since there would be no reason to have this scene if there was just going to be more harmony between them.

    Then, of course, Sarah tells everyone it's over and they argued etc, and NOW there's just no way he'll show up at dinner...

    At this point, the writers might as well have just had Sarah say "Gee, I KNOW he'll show up for dinner NOW...So we can all feel warm and cozy about how I was proven wrong cuz' there REALLY are men who want strong women...and now he's here to rescue me from all my cynicism...and oh gosh, even my family thinks he's perfect and it's all just so freakin' perfect...I'm just so bat-sh!t wacky about him..."

    Well, you get the idea.

    Of course, Kitty changing her mind 10,000 times about whether or not she'll run for office is par for the course...and having Robert find out by 'overhearing' everything is more of the same.

    I used to be SURPRISED by this show once in a awhile & now that's no longer the case.

    Either I'm becoming psychic or this show has become incredibly predictable.

    Am I the who can predict where each episode and story arc are going??

    Here are my predictions as of 1/18/2010:

    1) Of course, Kitty will run for office...and WIN...and Robert will be home with the baby. At first it will all work out great. But after time, Robert will see how difficult and sometimes monotonous it is to be home all the time with a baby.

    This will cause conflict. There may even be a scenario where he starts 'bonding' with a single Mom who's less career-oriented, and she'll help him feel more masculine since he'll practically feel castrated by Kitty's success.

    (the writers will think this is SO ironic and original since Kitty spent time with a single Dad when Robert was Mr. Work-a-holic. Oh my, the roles have reversed...ugh, again, all this role-reversing has become so commonplace that it's NO LONGER ironic...can't the writers come up with other themes???)

    2) This to me is blatantly obvious...the girl having Scotty and Kevin's baby will want to keep the baby at some point. Her 19 year old boyfriend will encourage her to do so...he'll want to marry her too. She may or may not keep the baby in the end, but all the drama will revolve around her decision. If she decides to 'do the right thing', there will be a giant dinner of course, lots of tears and rejoicing. No doubt, there will be the obligatory scene, where Nora has a conversation with her, says the magic words and turns it all Mommy can be the hero once again. Kitty might even pay her a visit and give her some sort of dramatic lecturing the way Kitty always seems to do.

    If she DOES go ahead and keep the baby, it will crush Scotty and Kevin, jeopardize their relationship and cause endless drama.