Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Entertaining.

    It was such a great and funny episode. I loved almost everything about it. It is good to see some Kitty & Robert drama, especially now when they seem to be so "separate". I thought that the baby can connect them but I guess I was wrong. Sarah had hot sex with a sexy guy named Cal in her office. That was great story line when she kept seeing those hot available men in her office. There is just something weird with Ryan. His relationship with Rebecca is just ... gross. I think he is very manipulative. Finally, Chad returns with threesome proposal for Scotty and Kevin. :) Just another great excitement.
  • Really good episode...the title is fitting that's for sure.

    This was a really funny, great episode of B&S. It was good to see more of the actual Kevin/Scotty marriage. There reaction to the threesome idea was hilarious. Not a huge Chad fan but he added a bit of spice. It just showed me that these two should appear together more often. Sarah's storyline was also pretty was brilliant when she walked into work...the song was funny.

    The fact that she slept with Cal was crazy...but even more weird is that he turned out to be a temp. I loved the Kevin/Sarah bonding a lot. Ryan is a creep...I hope he gets discovered because god...I don't like him. I even prefer Justin and Rebecca which is saying a lot.

    Nora gardening to stay away from Tommy and Julia was also very amusing. Roger returning was nice for her...the ending was expected but hard to watch. Tommy isn't coming back and you have to feel for Julia. But once again my favourite storyline was Kitty and the fact that she's drifting away from Robert. All the things us fans don't like about him...she is starting to see them.

    I liked how she admitted this to Alec...the scene when she rushed away from the park with Nora when Alec arrived was another humorous moment. I think Kitty's frustration is done very Robert confronted her but she had nothing to say. I think she deserves so much more...shame he's only realising this now. So an impressive/funny episode of B&S's third season.
  • Threesome Written by Cliff Olin And David Marshall Grant Directed by Laura Innes

    Kevin (re Chad): "He came up to me on a very busy street and gave me a big kiss, apparently as an apology for being so deeply closeted when we dated. But you know it was all him. You can ask Sarah, she saw the whole thing."
    Scotty: "Wow, that is dramatic."

    Yeah because when it came to a lot of returns from Kevin's sexual past, I thought it would've been more likely for Jason to have resurfaced that Chad. Not that Jason Lewis has really appeared in much since the first season (apart from the Sex And The City movie).

    Chad's reappearance pretty much merited the opening scene of the episode. Kevin and Sarah were doing something as simple as shopping for the latter going back to Ojai and Chad just went up and planted a big kiss on Kevin that was more comedic than sexy.

    The funny part was that a few seconds prior to Chad's generous greeting, Sarah wondered whether or not he would make dating material for her. Well, she's done worse I suppose but Chad only seemed to have eyes (and, yeah tongue) for Kevin, so Sarah didn't get a look in.

    In fact Chad was so keen on hooking up with Kevin that learning about his ex-boyfriend being a happily married man wasn't a deterrent for him. Oddly enough, it was more of a draw for Chad, who did act like the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac in this episode.

    It's good that Kevin actually told Scotty about the kiss Chad planted on him. It would've been crap for Kevin to have concealed it and a couple of episodes later have the writers mine some unearned drama out of it. It was better that they got it out of the way with Kevin being upfront about it.

    Seeing as Kevin hadn't done anything to encourage Chad (though he probably could've done more to discourage), Scotty's breezy was a welcomed relief. Scotty clearly does trust Kevin more than his knowledge of Chad's acting as far as I'm concerned and he even had no problem with meeting the ex for drinks.

    The scene with Kevin, Scotty and Chad at the bar had moments of sexiness and awkwardness. Kevin himself looked uncomfortable with both his ex and his husband conversing and while it was great to see Chad more open about his sexuality, a part of me wondered if he was overcompensating as well.

    His disdain at the idea of settling down and getting, the not remotely subtle way he proposed a three way, Chad came across as someone who wanted to make up for lost time. I don't begrudge that in a way, provided Chad's need to have fun doesn't hurt other people and the idea of a gay three-way being suggested on network television is pretty progressive.

    But here's the thing. I love Kevin and Scotty on this show as much (if not more) as I did with David and Keith on Six Feet Under. I wasn't big on the open relationship storyline Six Feet Under did in its fourth season for David and Keith and by that definition; I was also reluctant to see a similar dynamic with Kevin, Scotty and Chad.

    Perhaps the writers (as well as ABC restrictions) felt similar to myself because while that bar scene had all flirtatious banter, Chad didn't end up coming home with Kevin and Scotty. However we did get treated to some bloody glorious shirtless scenes with Kevin and Scotty that are by far the sexiest thing the show has done with any couple – gay or straight. It'll be interesting to see if Torchwood can pull something similar off this year.

    Of course, the sexiness did have to get interrupted by Sarah. That woman really does need to use her cell phone every once in a while and while it may have been a slight buzzkill, it didn't take her very long to realise that the lads were perhaps hoping that Chad would pursue them after all.

    We may not have gotten any Chad but we did have Kevin and Scotty briefly quarrel over boundaries and given the former's family, how did we not get this argument any earlier with them? That being said, wasn't Scotty being a little hypocritical as well? I'm just saying.

    In terms of fights though, it wasn't marriage threatening. If anything it reminded Kevin and Scotty how committed to each other that they've become and without moralising, it's great that the writers continue to show them as a couple who are growing and can communicate with each other. They're the only couple on the series right now that are able to do that.

    One couple who obviously can't are still Kitty and Robert. Just when it looks like things can't get any worse for them, it does. This week saw something more a grey area spot in the longest time with some sympathy actually being drawn out for Robert for a change.

    Maybe a slap up meal isn't going to solve marital woes but it was Robert's attempts of meeting Kitty halfway and it would've been nice if she had taken that into account. Instead she looked both angry and fed up with him. Even the affidavit for having sex with her didn't lighten the mood between them.

    And then there's Alec. He's a reasonably nice guy but in TV land, he's also cliché. The understanding person drawn in when a couple's marriage is beginning to crumble. The way Kitty behaves around him too sends off worrying signs that even Nora had to have spotted.

    Kitty made no bones about the fact that she could talk to Alec a lot easier than she could with Robert. If anything, it could be seen as a direct parallel to Sarah's connection with Noah that we only saw briefly during the first season. While Noah didn't exactly dismantle Sarah and Joe's marriage, Alec could possibly be the one to sabotage Kitty and Robert's without even trying.

    Alec did seem dimly aware of Kitty's struggles with communicating with Robert and even questioned her on why she chose to confide in him about her problems in a straight-forward, reasonable way. Also Kitty tried to hide the extent of her friendship with Nora as well, which is another bad sign.

    Speaking of bad signs, how many does Rebecca need before she realises that Ryan is bad news? I'm beginning to think that Ryan could blow up all of Ojai and Rebecca still wouldn't think anything bad of him. However apart from Justin, it seems that David is also unfond of Ryan.

    Not that I blame David. Ryan did come across as a touch creepy during the dinner and there was certainly some boundary issues there as well. David told Rebecca that Ryan had feelings for her and she chose to ignore it. Will she ignore if Holly lets slip that she told Ryan to thank her with hydrangeas?

    However as crappy as watching Ryan moon over Rebecca in creepy school boy fashion, I am still not going to warm to the idea of a resolution between her and Justin. Their brief scene together did nothing for me, even if it was Justin's desperate attempt to fight for Rebecca.

    Speaking of fighting for, Nora didn't exactly fight for her relationship with Roger all that much. Maybe it was bad timing or maybe deep down, Nora wasn't ready to make any life changes with Roger because either way, he left again as quickly as he came back.

    Roger leaving his wife permanently for Nora should be a good thing. He knows that she won't tolerate an open relationship and perhaps he cares enough to stay monogamous. Given how he exited again, perhaps they might bring him back in the finale or next season. Nora really does need a life outside of her children in a big way.

    Tommy, even in absence has still managed to cause problems. If his family aren't worried about him, then they're overjoyed at the idea of him coming home. Nora actually did the right by staying away (though it's obvious that we can thank Roger for that) but this was another Balthazar Getty free episode.

    Julia who was willing to ditch Tommy in the last episode made the decision to give him a fair chance in this one. I guess by having Tommy not come home and opt to stay in Mexico is a good way of saying that perhaps Julia shouldn't have bothered. Unfortunately, there's only one more option for Julia and that's to leave herself.

    As for Sarah, getting back to working in a company with a woman you loathe has got to be hard. Surprisingly this episode didn't give Sarah and Holly much contact beyond one scene. Instead Sarah spent most of her time clamouring for accounts man Cal before actually getting to sleep with him.

    I know there were some people who complained about Sarah's lack of professionalism and with good reason too but I couldn't help but find her scenes with Cal both sexy and a little bit funny. Thematically, sex played a huge factor in the episode and for me; this was not a case of yikes. Of course you couldn't have every episode be like this but everyone once in a while, its fine.

    Also in "S3X"

    S3X, the text speak of sex, right? Yeah, at first it took me a while to click it.

    Kevin (re pink dress): "Make a statement. Put that on. It'll get you noticed."
    Sarah: "Yeah, it will from space."

    This episode had the pleasure of being paired up with the series finale of ER and it's respective special, so it's like we got a double dose of Laura Innes (she directed the episode).

    Kitty: "Robert, honey, we should definitely not be getting overly excited."
    Robert: "I think that's exactly what we should be doing." Sarah (re Chad): "He really is spectacular. He's bi, right?"
    Kevin: "Yeah."
    Sarah: "Maybe you should introduce me."
    Kevin: "What?"
    Sarah: "I'm 40. I can't be that choosy."

    Isn't Sarah supposed to be a year older than Kitty, which means, shouldn't she be 40 or 42 instead?

    Roger: "I was in the neighbourhood."
    Nora: "Neighbourhood? You live in London."

    Kevin: "You sound like a gay Justin."
    Sarah: "No, I'm serious. The place is absolutely swarming with hot men. I can hardly bear it."

    Maybe in Season 4, they'll do a gay Justin plot because I would find that more plausible than him and Rebecca right now.

    Nora: "Life is so much sweeter with a baby. Why did you guys have to go and grow up?"
    Kitty: "Well, that was the only way we could get away from you."

    Rebecca: "I didn't know you were such a Braniac."
    Ryan: "I'm sorry. I thought it was obvious."

    Holly told Ryan to let go of the past. I want to believe that she might have had selfless intent with that seeing as David makes her less Walker fixated than usual.

    Chad (re photos): "Wow, you guys are so cute."
    Kevin: "Being surrounded by that many flowers makes anyone cute."

    Sarah: "You're an athlete?"
    Cal: "I gave it my best shot. I'm a pretty good manager though."

    I liked that Chad actually called to apologise to Kevin and Scotty if he caused tension between. Also since coming out, he's been offered more masculine roles. Interesting.

    Scotty: "Are you this horny because we almost had a three-way?"
    Kevin: "Me? You could barely contain yourself on the car ride home."

    Sarah: "Oh my God, Kevin you'll never believe it. I had sex in the office. I really need share with somebody."
    Kevin: "Why me?"
    Sarah: "Because I can't get a hold of Kitty and well, before you and Scotty got together, you were the most promiscuous member of the family."
    Scotty: "Oh that's comforting to know."

    Actually if we go by an early exchange in the season, I'm pretty sure that Justin bragged about being the most promiscuous member of the family. Scotty: "I'm not having this conversation with you, Sarah. You Walkers have absolutely no boundaries."
    Kevin: "Maybe you should've thought of boundaries before you got us into this."

    Alec: "Why are you telling me this?"
    Kitty: "Because it's easier for me to talk to you than it is for me to talk to him."

    Standout music: This episode was loaded with it but Athlete's "You Got The Style" and Britney Spears' "Lace And Leather" perfectly set up the fun, naughty tone this episode intended.

    Scotty: "I guess we're more comfortable nesting. We may as well be lesbians."
    Kevin: "Even lesbians have three-ways."
    Scotty: "Yeah, but their heart's never in it."

    Robert: "Kitty, this can't go on. We have to talk."
    Kitty: "I know. It's just that there's nothing I wanna say right now."

    Chronology: I'm guessing that we're definitely in May 2009 at this point.

    "S3X" to me, is something of a fun episode. Occasionally there's moments of sheer silliness (Sarah acting as if Ojai has turned into a Diet Coke advert for example) but the episode is endlessly fun and with some emotional moments too, it's not all fluff.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. We open this episode with the knowledge that Tommy is coming home. Roger also returns and tells Nora that he and his wife are getting a divorce and so they kiss. Sarah returns to Ojai foods. Kevin's ex Chad is back in the picture and even goes out for a meal with Kevin and Scotty. Sarah soon sees that Ojai seems to be over-run with hot men, and soon she finds herself attracted to the accountant. We soon see them working late together and soon one thing leads to another and Sarah ends up having sex in the office. In this episode, we see Kitty falling more and more into a relationship with the father from the park. Her relationship with Robert seems more strained now than ever. The next day, Sarah learns that her accountant was only a temp and that yesterday was his last day. At the end of the episode, Julia goes to see Nora and she tells her that Tommy says he isn't coming home now. He wants to be alone, to figure out what he wants and who he really is.
  • Exactly as said in the title

    So it was a sexy episode and it was a funny one. I mean this is a funny show but the scene with Sarah interrupting Kevin and Scotty is in my opinion the funniest ever. It was just perfect, nothing more to add there. The whole Kevin-Scotty-Chad storyline was good, really spicy and fresh. I also liked Sarah this time. Usually she's portrayed as a down to earth business woman and mother which is great to watch but those few episodes where she steps out of that role and shows a different side of her(gets a little crazy) are also always fun to watch. This time was no different. Kitty and Robert are still not doing good. I like this storyline as well. Though it's sad to watch I still think it's well done, they're showing how a couple is slowly breaking up and it looks very real to me. Nora's storyline was cute but not that moving for some reason, also the interaction between Justin-Rebecca-Ryan was kind of pointless.
    All in all Sarah,Kevin and Scotty were definitely my favorites this time.
  • Some nice surprises and beautiful scenes here.

    It's been a while since I saw the previous episode of Brothers and Sisters but now I have watched this (at last) I have to say how much I enjoyed it. Nora's scenes with Roger were beautiful and I loved it when Justn and Rebecca were talking on the hillside. I wasn't too surprised when Tommy changed his mind but I do feel a little sorry for Sarah who seems so desperate to get a man. The other scene that I thought was simply perfect was near the end when Scotty and Kevin decided they really preferred nest building to threesomes - brilliant!
  • It was below my expectations, nonetheless it still was a great episode...

    Jason Lewis's character, Chad, comeback was at least interesting... Scotty and Kevin were really funny when they thought that Chad was knocking on the door and as it turns out it was Sarah, again... That was really great.
    Despite the fact that I most certainly don't like Robert, I totally felt sorry for him, because Kitty is really physically and emotionally going away from him, and growing apart of him. It's almost like he lost the battle just when he discovered he was in one. He should have seen it coming, because he is so distant and, despite what he says, his priority is politics. That's very clear to me, and to Kitty too, as it shows.
    Sarah's storyline was kinda all over the place, a bit exaggerated. But it was okay and it had its funny moments.
    And last but, definitely, not least, Nora's storyline... I simply loved it. It was totally, completely, romantically beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and Roger. Sally and Nigel did a great job on convincing us that they belong together (at least for now, since Nora never stays too long with one man since William)... Loved them!!!
  • Kevin and Scotty get a surprising proposition from Chad.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. With the exception of the scenes with Rebecca, David and Holly, all of the storylines were great. Kevin and Scotty's storyline was definitely my favorite storyline of the episode. Sarah's storyline was definitely my second favorite storyline. I loved all of the interactions between Kevin and Sarah. Their interactions were absolutely priceless. Nora's storyline was really great too. I thought that Sally Field gave an amazing performance as Nora in this episode. I have to say that I really liked Ryan in this episode, even though he was acting pretty creepy in terms of how he was acting around Rebecca. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Brothers & Sisters from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters.