Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Really good episode...the title is fitting that's for sure.

    This was a really funny, great episode of B&S. It was good to see more of the actual Kevin/Scotty marriage. There reaction to the threesome idea was hilarious. Not a huge Chad fan but he added a bit of spice. It just showed me that these two should appear together more often. Sarah's storyline was also pretty was brilliant when she walked into work...the song was funny.

    The fact that she slept with Cal was crazy...but even more weird is that he turned out to be a temp. I loved the Kevin/Sarah bonding a lot. Ryan is a creep...I hope he gets discovered because god...I don't like him. I even prefer Justin and Rebecca which is saying a lot.

    Nora gardening to stay away from Tommy and Julia was also very amusing. Roger returning was nice for her...the ending was expected but hard to watch. Tommy isn't coming back and you have to feel for Julia. But once again my favourite storyline was Kitty and the fact that she's drifting away from Robert. All the things us fans don't like about him...she is starting to see them.

    I liked how she admitted this to Alec...the scene when she rushed away from the park with Nora when Alec arrived was another humorous moment. I think Kitty's frustration is done very Robert confronted her but she had nothing to say. I think she deserves so much more...shame he's only realising this now. So an impressive/funny episode of B&S's third season.
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