Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 12

Sexual Politics

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on ABC
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Kevin meets a new love interest, but isn't sure about his sexual orientation. Nora and Kitty have been persuaded to use the services of an executive matchmaker with decidedly mixed results.

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  • Unusual dates

    Tommy finally gets an actual storyline and I think it's kind of funny and cute how the pregnant Julia wears him out. After many episodes where Tommy was always there but rarely actually had anything important to do this was quite cool to see.

    Sarah had a little part in the episode this time but her little fights with Joe seem to happen more often. I wonder if that's gonna end with some big fight and crisis.

    Nora goes on a date with a gay man. Interesting storyline but doesn't seem that realistic somehow. Sally Field was great as always though.

    Kevin finds a new interest who claims not to be gay but is actually just in denial. Again good job by the writers here but the actor I liked more in Sex and the City.

    And finally Kitty also having a date surprisingly with Robert. In my opinion it's the best storyline Kitty has had since the beginning of the series. I like her and Robert together and it was also interesting to see the media's reaction to senator's possible new girlfriend. However I had a little problem with Calista Flockhart's acting in this episode, in some scenes she just didn't seem believable. Maybe she was too Ally McBeal or something.

    All in all a usual good B&S episode, maybe not that emotional but definately well done:)moreless
  • Connecting Written by Monica Breen And Alison Schapker Directed by Sandy Smolan

    Sarah (re Julia's horniness): "Not in the mood for an erotic wake up call?"

    Tommy: "Not at five in the morning".

    There's nothing like an episode dedicated to the sex lives of the main characters in any show and with this particular series that also includes who are getting too much of a good thing and the unfortunate sods that aren't getting any.

    Like anything else in this show and keeping with its title, sex is married to politics and here there are enough situations to being that revelation to actual light. This may be an episode about sex but don't assume that means it lacks any depth because there's plenty of that going around too.

    Since Scotty left him, Kevin has managed to deal with his loss by having a one night stand during his road trip with Tommy and Sarah and putting his lawyer skills to use with both Kitty and Justin and after making enough points about his sister's new boss, it was time Kevin was given another outlet.

    The stereotypical one assumedly with gay men is the gym and after getting comments from his family about a gut, Kevin has been doing his ample best to work on that imperfection without crash dieting or resorting to going under the knife, which makes Kevin pretty smart. Still at the end of the day, I tend to find gyms a bit boring and having a drill sergeant for an instructor who actually sat on Kevin during a session is even more repellent. Christ, they could've gotten Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain and that wouldn't have felt quite as harsh.

    However being sat on isn't exactly the biggest thing that happened to Kevin at the gym. No, that would be meeting Chad Barry, a soap star with a reputation for the ladies and more important the same seemingly straight stud who flirts with Kevin minutes from clapping eyes on him.

    When your career spans from playing a toy boy for Samantha Jones in Sex And The City and then one of many disposable would be boyfriends for Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, I guess for someone like Jason Lewis being signed on as the latest big boyfriend for Kevin Walker is hard to imagine how this ranks on a career scope. Brothers And Sisters is better than both shows combined IMO but despite being great, Channel 4 has been somewhat skeevy with their treatment of the series. Then again because this isn't an OTT show like Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty or riddled with contestants from any series of Big Brother, I guess they can't be really bothered.

    Bitterness aside and getting back to the main topic – Chad may like to pretend he's straight and butch with the way he freely uses the words "dude" and "bro" but he's not exactly subtle in the way he behaves around Kevin. I mean pretending you're not gay before inviting Kevin to a game and having a dog named Lola are not the most convincing signs of heterosexuality going either.

    Between gloating to his siblings that he has nailed a Greek god, Kevin actually does get to the bottom of Chad's intention when they go up to a make out and do a fair amount of kissing. It's not as intense as the Kevin/Scotty kisses we've seen and Jason Lewis does look somewhat uncomfortable having to kiss Matthew Rhys but if it's any consolation; it's not painful to watch, despite it also being rather brief as well.

    However while Kevin may like to feel a bit smug for making out with a celebrity that previously the world assumed (and still does beyond the Walkers) was straight, as soon as Chad's rather chirpy girlfriend arrives on their gym session, Chad reverts to being back in the closet. I know it might sound dismissive but I don't necessarily think Kevin and Chad are built as a healthy relationship.

    Kevin isn't the only one find himself in a relationship that shouldn't be revealed as Kitty is pretty determined to silence any person who even dares suggest her and Robert. In fact Kitty gets pretty annoyed by the accusation when the nosiest person in her new job, Noreen is open about the fact that everyone assumed Kitty slept her way into a position.

    The problem is people like Noreen are rarely deterred from their gossiping and telling her that she has a boyfriend only opened up another trap door for Kitty. Last time we checked Kitty was single so instead of trying to imagine a boyfriend out of thin air, she's forced to take some rather common enough measures – speed dating.

    When a delightfully ballsy matchmaker named Elise tried to hook Robert up with her company, Kitty was the first person to be dismissive of Elise's services, which to be fair was a bit patronising of Kitty. I'm no huge advocate of matchmaking services but for the most part they can be relatively harmless and it's better than just meeting someone over the internet, right? Well marginally at least!

    The funny thing is that Elise didn't even comment on the irony that Kitty was now one of her clients and instead actually did her job and tried to make Kitty look presentable. Living with your mother at 38 and wearing black date dresses are a big no-no in Elise's book but wearing implant for your breasts and backside are more than satisfactory.

    This story then gets even better when Nora's constant prying into Kitty's business ended up backfiring on her ass when Elise more or less got her into the dating thing too. Boy Elise certainly knows how to work fast but I am surprised that neither Kitty nor Nora didn't once ask her if she had a successful relationship of her own. In their position, the nosiness in me would've definitely broached the topic.

    However there were a couple of snag to the Kitty and Nora double date and when it came to Nora, she ended up with a really sweet and creative guy called Laurence. That would be a great thing if the poor man hadn't been gay which Nora copped onto pretty fast. I still have to figure out why Laurence uses dating services to forge friendships with women but given how sweet he was towards Nora, maybe there could be a rather sweet friendship between them. Nora certainly needs other people in her life besides her children and Saul, who for the most have their own problems.

    Kitty meanwhile could've ended up with a dolt, one of her exes or inadvertently set up with another woman but in the end, it was Robert who became her mystery date. Kitty did the usual song and dance and insisted that there was no way in hell she could date her employee and Robert attempted to be sensible about the situation by chattering on about him and former wife worked well as a team.

    Was it predictable that Robert ended up as Kitty's date? God yes but the one thing that stops this plot from falling into stupidity is the fact that the writers seem adamant to show a rational side to Kitty along with the fact that both Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe really do work well together. That being said Kitty can't hold out for much longer, especially now that the press think her and Robert are doing it anyway. Normally you'd expect Kevin to blow a trumpet in anger of the idea of his big sister and the Senator but the whole thing with Chad seemed to mellow his otherwise hostile reaction. Plus the rest of the Walkers seemed unfazed by it as well.

    Sarah was also at the receiving end of a disastrous date when her and Joe tried to get out of the house for once and enjoy a concert. Sadly for them, the responsibilities of being parents came crashing home when Cooper chose to get sick on all the nights in which his parents would've been more readily available to be with him.

    Sarah's desire to inject some fun into her and Joe's marriage was long overdue but her motives behind it this week did stem from seeing Joe having a civilised conversation with a single mom named Vanessa during a play date with her daughter Nicole and Paige who amused themselves with video games.

    Granted Vanessa is a pretty hot mom and while Sarah did feel somewhat out of place, I never really got the impression that either Joe or Vanessa were consciously doing or saying anything to deliberately exclude her from proceedings. Vanessa seemed pretty open with Sarah when they met each other too.

    Sarah wanting to connect with Joe is totally understandable but accusing him of being attracted to another woman because they were talking seemed more on the paranoid side. Just because she wanted to start something with Noah but didn't doesn't mean that Joe wants to start something with Vanessa or will. Sarah needs to lighten up a little bit with Joe. If she constantly acts like he's doing something wrong, then more than likely he might stray.

    Tommy meanwhile seemed to be the only one in a complicated free relationship. Unlike his siblings, he wasn't tucked away in rehab, dating someone in the closet, getting jealous over his spouse making friends or trying to not date someone that everyone else assumed he was anyway. In fact, he was delighted with the arrival of fatherhood and the increased sex drive of Julia. Life for him had to be good.

    In theory the rise in Julia's sex drive was fun but soon enough even Tommy had to admit to not being able to keep up with his wife's insatiable desire to fornicate and when Tommy tried to get out of sex, Julia reacted as if Tommy had just developed an allergic reaction to her.

    It made for good comedy but later they did end up making up despite Sarah's sly advice to Julia to milk her annoyance at Tommy just a bit. So far Tommy and Julia are the only really stable couple on the series and for the time being, they look likely to retain that position.

    Also in "Sexual Politics"

    Where exactly where Kitty and Robert talking at that, that only Republican woman attended?

    Kitty (re Elise): "She looked at you like a piece of meat"

    Robert: "Tuna actually".

    Kerris Lila Dorsey who plays Paige has been made a regular in the series. That's not a bad thing but she had nothing to do in this episode.

    Kevin (re Chad): "Oh look he took his mom to the daytime Emmys"

    Sarah: "Everyone does that now"

    Kevin: "Yeah everyone who's gay".

    Sarah: "Enjoy it while it lasts, believe me it won't"

    Tommy: "Thanks for the tip, Killjoy".

    The offices in Kitty's new place seem to have a rather marble décor. They look very stylish if not too stimulating work wise.

    Joe: "Don't tell me you're jealous"

    Sarah (re Vanessa): "Don't be ridiculous. She's just another mom".

    Nora (to Elise): "Oh I don't want to intrude in Kitty's social life"

    Kitty: "Oh trust me. She loves to intrude, she lives to intrude".

    I loved that Kitty mentioned Dave the contractor. Nice to see he hasn't been forgotten.

    Nora: "What's wrong with pearls?"

    Elise: "Nothing if you want to remind him of his grandmother".

    Sarah: "Oh God, is that vomit?"

    Joe: "I don't want to get too close to confirm".

    Roxy Olin who plays Chad's girlfriend Michelle is Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig's daughter.

    Julia: "You wanna take a break? You can sleep on the couch tonight and tomorrow night"

    Tommy: "Oh God".

    Kevin: "Either you're gonna hack me into a million pieces or kiss me"

    Chad: "Well I'm not a serial killer".

    Chad plays a doctor/Mafioso's son in a soap called Tempest Bay. US soaps are by far tackier than UK soaps can every hope to be.

    Kitty (re Courtney): "Do you miss her?"

    Robert: "I miss the people we were back then but she doesn't miss what I've become and no I don't miss the person she is now".

    Sarah: "I'm sorry, I just miss us"

    Joe: "I miss us too".

    No Justin, Saul or Holly this week. I have to admit out of the three; Justin was the only one I missed.

    Robert: "Does that make me petty?"

    Kitty: "Yeah but it also makes you human".

    Chronology: A few days since "Family Day".

    "Sexual Politics" may be for the more mature of minds due to its various examinations of the sexual issues with the main characters but it also works well as a setting up for future events particularly with Sarah and Joe's marriage on continued shaky ground and Kevin more than likely getting hurt by his relationship with Chad.moreless
  • THis programme strikes a note in all of us and that is why I think it is so successful. We love this programme as the cast really work well together especially kitty and nora who were my two least favorite characters to start with.moreless

    THis programme strikes a note in all of us and that is why I think it is so successful. We love this programme as the cast really work well together especially kitty and nora who were my two least favorite characters to start with. There was no real reason for this, just preconceived views on the actors who play the characters. Not ashamed to admit, my opinion of both actors has changed. Last nite was so funny with the dating agency lady giving their boobs and bums 'help' Poor Tommy having to fight off his milf of a wife and Kevin trying to work out if his new friend was gay or straight. Still confused at the end! This programme is so well written and the cast are perfect together. Keep it going. Oh and as an additional note, I think Rob Lowe is a superb addition to the cast and I am not a great fan of his.moreless

    I'm so happy after I have seen it. This episode of Brothers and Sisters like the other truly is a bomb. Kevin find a hot new boyfriend but it's not gay in reality I think that he is. The boyfriend is hot, he has played in Sex and the city. I think Kevin and him will having a relationship like for Kitty and the senator. I love Robe Low. We discover a little the wife of Jimmy and I want that she has more dialogues. In this episode, no Justin, no Saul, no Rebecca,and it's not a problem. Rebecca coming soon I think.

    Exciting no ?moreless
  • Kevin is great!

    First off, I have to say that I absolutely loved Kevin in this episode. Although, I always love Kevin. He's my favorite character on Brothers & Sisters. I loved his storyline in this episode. The Kitty and Nora sign up for a dating service storyline episode was great. Calista Flockheart was great in this episode. She was so funny. It's so great to see that the writers are giving Kevin an active love life instead of making him this character who says that he's gay but is never seen dating anyone. It's so great to see Jason Lewis on Brothers & Sisters. He's such a great actor, and I'm such a big fan of his. All in all, this was another great episode, and it's definitely on my list of favorite episodes of Brothers & Sisters.moreless
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Caroline Aaron


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    • Kitty (to Senator McCallister): So you hijacked my date?

    • Nora: Lawrence is wonderful, really, funny, easy to talk to, we're going shopping together next week, but straight - he wasn't.

    • Kevin: Scandal is right here people. Chad Berry has hot night with unknown, but incredibly handsome attorney. I still can't quite believe it, it was like sleeping with a Greek god, OMG… The size of his
      Tommy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mother present . . .
      Nora: Are we gonna see this Greek god again?
      Kevin: Bootcamp's in an hour.
      Tommy: Yeah, if you have enough stamina left to work out.
      Kevin: I do.

    • Nora: Kitty I'm so confused. I went from my father's house to my husband's house with nothing in between. It's not like you. Your life was always yours, the choices you made, the life you created belonged to you.

    • Kitty: I am wearing a silicon ass!
      Senator McCallister: I thought there was something different about you.

    • Senator McCallister (asking Kitty about her date): What's the big secret? Is he bald?

    • Nora (as the "madam" hands the two inserts): Chicken cutlets?
      Kitty: No, boobs Mom, they're boobs.

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    • Kitty: Et tu, mother?

      This is a reference to Julius Caesar's now famous line to his son Brutus after he betrayed him: "Et tu, Brutus?".