Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 13

Something Ida This Way Comes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on ABC
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The family throws a party for Nora's sixtieth birthday. Surprises- but not the good kind- abound when half the family gets the flu, Nora's mother shows up, and the video tribute doesn't come out quite right.

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  • Nora's birthday

    The Walkers organize a 60th birthday party for Nora but of course things don't turn out as expected. The theme of the party gets mixed up and Sarah and Joe's sex tape ends up on Nora's birthday video. As Justin is released from rehab the party ends up being alcohol free and the siblings end up drinking in Kitty's closet. Really funny scenes there- the usual Walker family ironic humor. Loved it when Justin opens the door of the closet and says something like: "And I was the one who was in So funny.

    Kitty asks Robert to the party as well and they also spend some time in that closet. I think it's actually my favorite scene from the whole episode when they both stand there with "I'm about to kiss you"-faces on. Well, it didn't happen but it's going to I'm sure. Nora's mum shows up for the party and we find out Nora's relationship with her is pretty complicated. It turns for the better in the end though but still for me this storyline could have been handled with a little more depth.

    In the end Tommy, Kevin and Kitty all have flu and Nora enjoys her role as a caretaking mother- the role she knows best.moreless
  • I love this episode. It was so funny! Porn Videos and Gay grandons and a grandson in Rehab!!

    This episode was so funny, with the Grandmother and her not knowing Kevin was gay but thinking Justin was. Then not knowing that Justin was in rehab....

    And blurting out about the "Porn Video"....with Sarah and Joe...hahaha.

    The party was medevil and funny...and McAlister comming too.

    It was just a good episode with all of them getting drunk in Kitty's closet. And then getting Sarah's cold. It was sweet what Nora's Mum gave her for her birthday though. Looking through all her stuff for the oldest photo she had of her. Sweet little baby in the photo too. I loved this episode. It made me laugh heaps!!moreless
  • 60 Written by Sherri Cooper And David Marshall Grant Directed by Michael Lange

    Kitty (re Chad being closeted): "Is your little boyfriend in there?"

    Kevin: "He's not my boyfriend".

    Your 60th birthday only comes once to you in a lifetime and for the age conscious that's both good and bad but for Nora, it's less worrying about becoming older and more dealing with two parties that mark more than this particular landmark.

    In fairness for neither party to yield results that aren't what you envisaged is bad luck but for Nora, she really should've seen some of the events coming and headed to Nova Scotia for this birthday.

    The first party is lame and low key and opened the episode. Nora isn't the convincing of liars and her disappointment among the mundane effort from her loved ones is quite the feat. Heck, even when they somewhat rub salt into the wound, it's amazing that Nora is able to not express deep bitterness.

    However with a small cake and perceptive comment from Saul that Nora is anything but low maintenance, it's soon established that Nora is being played. The crappy little get together is a smokescreen for a bigger do that you just know is going to be laced with some form of public humiliation. I'm half-tempted to keep a score card on when this lot embarrass each other and themselves.

    In Sarah's house, everyone is going into meticulous depth of what's to be actually done and how importantly they can keep Nora away from the place until they land her with the surprise party of a lifetime. Kitty has the great pleasure of being a distraction while Tommy and Julia snares cakes and Justin and Sarah and Kevin are saddled with the heavy lifting.

    It's great to finally see Sarah use some of that organisational savvy of hers for a plot that doesn't feel too laborious and given that Nora probably has the ability of smelling a rat at a hundred mile radius, at least Sarah is thinking of various ways to make this party a success.

    As part of the celebrations each member of the family also has the privilege of doing a Video Testimonial which I happen to think is an excellent idea. My parents will be married for 40 years next December. Maybe it's a thing to consider.

    Anyways despite being heavily opinionated, Sarah turns out to be a bit camera shy and Joe taking on the role of director does his best to try and get her to relax a bit and it turns out the best way of doing that is for Sarah and Joe to film themselves having sex. Hey if Ojai has any future financial problems, I can see a very lucrative solution right here.

    Of course a little moment like that usually has to have some kind of public ovation and before Sarah gets the actual chance to confide in Kitty of her sexcapades, the video ends up in the testimonial packages which a stressed out Kevin ends up green lighting after being stuck with Sarah's chores after she falls sick the next morning. So instead of deafening his mother, Cooper might've just passed on what infected him in the previous episode.

    Also because of Kevin's carelessness, Sarah and Joe's fun time got to be seen not only by the Walkers themselves but all of the guests at Nora's party and Sarah becomes privy to that, she freaks out a bit. It's a hilarious scene and it shows that Rachel Griffiths certainly has good comic timing as well. It's also something that needs to be used a bit more often too.

    Naturally Sarah caught in porn star moment has some ribbing from Tommy and Kevin in a scene where the three of them hid in Kitty's closet with a copious amount of wine to console the horror show that has been unfolding.

    Sarah and Joe's film making is the least of Nora's concerns when her mother Ida shows up uninvited and blabs about the surprise party that's been thrown in her honour. If Kitty had issues with Nora, then Nora certainly has a good few issues with her mother, Ida.

    Played by former Happy Days actress Marion Ross, Ida is a bit of a cantankerous woman who within seconds deflates Nora by criticising her love of kitchen gadgets and more shockingly had opted to go on a cruise instead of attending William's funeral. Saul seems somewhat determined to get them to talk to each other whereas Nora felt more at ease raiding the house for alcohol.

    The issues on William's death are a justified thing with Nora but in Ida's defence, besides the remark on kitchen appliances, she doesn't exactly say that much to really get at Nora, although her shock at learning certain family secrets does little to put her in Nora's good books either.

    I have to admit that I did laugh at some of Ida's reaction such as her assumption that Justin was more likely to be gay than Kevin and her stance on Sarah's video career but despite her hatred for William, she wasn't exactly jumping up and down and screaming 'I told you so' when Nora told her that William screwed around and was a philanderer.

    There is a fabulous scene later between Nora and Ida where some of the issues between them do get resolved. Although you can understand why Nora and Ida don't see eye to eye, the show's attempts of not vilifying Ida either work brilliantly. Still while Nora might've let go of some of her anger, it didn't stop her from being happy that Ida left the next day either.

    Then there's another thing, Nora's relationship with Saul, which really hasn't been as focused on as you would've expected earlier on in the series. Here Saul really does step up as big brother and fights Nora's corner against Ida and with any luck, the dynamic between these two will be explored a little more in upcoming instalments.

    Speaking of exploring, Tommy found himself with the responsibility of having to be entrusted with Justin while he was released from rehab and then having to make sure the party was a dry event but alcohol wasn't much of a worry for Justin.

    Not because he's being serious about turning his life around but because out of the people that he has hurt over the past few months, Tyler is the only one who hasn't gotten an apology until now and to be honest she's got plenty of reasons to be pissed with Justin.

    The best thing about Justin is that when he catches up with his former flame he knows exactly what to say to her. Tyler isn't stupid to fall for lame excuses, so Justin trying to justify his action was never going to work. The truth and a sincere sounding apology on the other hand certainly made the impact on Tyler and it's great that she was the one to figure out about him spiralling because of the army letter.

    Sadly any hopes for an emotional reunion between Justin and Tyler are crushed because while Tyler does forgive him, she's dating someone and trying to get support from drunken siblings is another thing Justin can't rely on. Well if it helps, he's the probably the sanest Walker in yet another episode.

    Elsewhere Kitty did a decent job of distracting Nora but once again her storyline seemed more geared towards Robert as opposed to her family. Yes she and Kevin argued about Robert's politics but getting support from Nora almost seemed to drown that out by comparison.

    Robert on the other hand was generous enough to give the Walkers his chef but also was more interested in trying to get closer to Kitty. Ignoring shoe metaphors and the "man fast" pact from last week, Kitty does seem to be getting closer and closer to giving into Robert and the sooner, the better in my book. Not only does the guy seem to genuinely care for her but he even brought her soup when she, Tommy and Kevin ended up getting struck by Sarah's illness and if Nora doesn't want to spearhead him, he has to be doing something right. Plus this teasing will end up getting tedious if dragged out too long. The last thing we need are allusions to lengthy "will they, won't they" twists that have haunted series like Friends, The West Wing, etc.

    While Kitty might love Robert, Kevin has certainly made no bones on where he stands and while in principal he has the right to not be very receptive of Robert, he could've kept his hostilities in check during Nora's birthday and may be concentrated talking to people who didn't irritate him.

    Having to do the grunt work for Sarah certainly brought out a far grumpier side to Kevin too as he **** about the package they got, the alcohol having to be hid, the video testimonials, enduring Ida and when being sick, how much of a jerk Robert still is. To sum up, Kevin complained a lot in this episode which sadly wasn't a good thing. Love the guy but you could've just had Kevin gagged for the amount of whining he did in this episode.

    I think a part of the moodiness stemmed from his relationship with Chad. Scotty might have been undermining at times but at least Kevin didn't have to feel like he was hiding and because Chad believes that being gay is a career no-no.

    The thing I do kinda like Chad and we did get a decent post sex scene between him and Kevin but I don't necessarily see this being a healthy relationship for either one of them, especially given how Kevin really isn't the type to conceal his relationship for anyone, including a person he's involved. Then again it might be a bit too early for Kevin to have found his "One" as such. Chad in some ways runs the risk of being a stop gap.

    Also in "Something Ida This Way Comes"

    More musical stuff this week when Kitty took Nora to see Wicked and Kevin once dated a flying monkey. ABC clearly have a musical agenda.

    Kevin (re texting): "Nothing frantic about it. I have fast thumbs"

    Sarah: "Great, I'll put you to use in the kitchen".

    The episode's title is a play on the phrase "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Charmed have also done that.

    Nora: "You know I like to cook"

    Ida: "It's not cooking when you use all this stuff, it's cheating".

    Julia: "Sarah this is so not your fault"

    Kevin: "Yes it is your fault".

    Kevin's apartment is seriously a bit too green. I don't remember it being like that in "Date Night".

    Security Guard: "You won't even know we're here"

    Kevin: "I doubt that".

    Saul (to Nora): "Sarah deserves all the credit"

    Kevin: "Oh what did I do all day?"

    Robert got nicknamed "Senator Homophobe" by Kevin who also compared Ida to "Joan Crawford". Kevin can be a spit fire when ****

    Kitty (to Robert): "Oh you should relax; you'll never get her vote"

    Nora: "Oh I don't know, he's my favourite Republican since Abe Lincoln".

    Nora (re Sarah/Joe's sex video): "Senator, please don't watch"

    Robert: "Please I'm in politics, I've pretty much seen everything".

    Robert's brother once cruised Chad in a gym. Kevin seemed pretty jealous when Chad revealed that.

    Robert: "Hypothetically of course"

    Kitty: "You'd be the first pair I'd try on".

    Joe: "We were a team"

    Sarah (shrieking): "It's not funny".

    There was no Paige or Cooper in later scenes of the episode and Holly was missing for the second week in a row.

    Ida: "I've never understood this family"

    Nora: "That's because you never wanted to".

    Chad (re Robert's brother): "He cruised me once at the gym"

    Kevin: "It must be almost impossible for you to work out".

    Standout music: "It All Began With A Song" by Nicole Gordon and "One" by Michael Meanwhile.

    Kevin (re Robert, to Nora): "Big whoop! Maybe he'll use it in his next slogan – 'Vote Me and you get soup'".

    Chronology: A week or two since "Sexual Politics".

    Birthday episodes are usually fun on many shows and while this may not be Six Feet Under type hi jinks, there is plenty of chaos to admire in "Something Ida This Way Comes" and the more fun on this series, the better.moreless
  • Family drama all around...

    This has to be the funniest Brothers and Sisters episode yet. I was laughin all around with Sarah and her great humiliation, Nora and all her kids and their issues. I think Brothers and Sisters is developing quite well, after seeing this episode. It may not have started in the most brilliant way, but it is definetly turning into an audience favorite. This episode truly has a realness to it, because family are not at all perfect and do have complications. Things like the ones shown in Nora's birthday happen in true life and that just makes it funnier, it's relatable at the same time.moreless
  • Nora has a surprise 60th birthday part and what a surprise it turns out to be.

    Okay, I gotta say this is gonna be one of the funnier episodes of the season. I think that everyone needed a break from the tearjerkers and this episode hit the mark. The opening scene with the fake birthday party for Nora was great. Crappy gifts and a store bought white coconut cake for Nora. Ha.. and she's such a good sport about it all. Then there's of course the tribute video. Joe and Sarah really give a star performance by showing off a little more than is anticipated. Ha.. that was just good. Then the whole theme for the party. Sarah thought she ordered the "midlevel" package and instead ordered the medieval package. I thought the whole coat of arms, the goblets, the wenches and the armor was a great little add for the show. And then there's of course the alcohol in the closet because Justin can't be at a place that serves alcohol since he's out of rehab. I especially liked Robert's remark about Kitty's family.. "It's like dinner theater.. or the circus." HA.. wonderful.

    But then of course the entire episode can't be silly. Nora's mother comes to the "surprise" party and ruins the surprise for Nora. She degrades Nora in front of all her guests as if it were nothing. Nora's mother didn't even come to William's funeral. I was so happy when Saul finally stood up for Nora and told his mother off. But then when Nora and her mother talk after the disaster she kind of settles things with her. Then there's the scene with Tyler and Justin. Justin goes off to meet with Tyler to apologize for being high the last time they were together. He tries to make amends but comes to find out that she's already dating someone else. She asks him what he plans on doing after rehab and he tells her that the army called him back. She finally puts two and two together and realizes that Justin got his notice to return that same day he got high. It was nice for her to get some closure and comes to serve as a way for her to get back together with Justin later.

    Overall this episode was great and I'll watch it over and over again when the season comes out on DVD.moreless
Marion Ross

Marion Ross

Ida Holden

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Romy Rosemont

Romy Rosemont

The Counselor

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Stephon Fuller

Stephon Fuller

Video Editor

Guest Star

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis

Chad Berry

Recurring Role

Marika Dominczyk

Marika Dominczyk

Tyler Altamirano

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Senator Robert McCallister

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Nora is 60 years old.

    • When Kitty and Robert are in the closet looking at her shoes, Kitty pours Robert a glass of wine, then it cuts to her pouring her self a glass and then cuts back again to her pouring wine in her glass again when she had already done it in the previous cut.

    • When Kitty and Robert are inside her closet she serves wine and puts the bottle on her left, when she stands up to serve Robert more wine she gets the bottle from her right.

    • (catching Tommy, Kevin, and Sarah drinking wine in Kitty's closet)
      Justin: It's like a speakeasy in here.

      The term speakeasy was used for the selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. during the Prohibition years, when buying/selling alcohol was illegal.

    • (in Kitty's closet for some wine)
      McCallister: I am having like a fifth grade flashback of Dina Segerson and 7 Minutes in Heaven.

      Senator Robert McCallister played the childhood game of 7 Minutes in Heaven when he was in fifth grade.

    • (after messing up on her lines)
      Joe: Quiet on the set please, Sarah's toast to her Mom, take sixteen.
      Sarah: Well, it's not fair. Kitty has such an advantage. She has her own tv show.

      Sarah is jealous of how Kitty is able to talk in front of a camera without being nervous or messing up lines.

    • Tom: Yeah, and I'm off to Malibu to get Justin from rehab, report back to base camp at 1700 hours, sir.

      Apparently Justin's rehab center is located in Malibu, California.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Robert: (in the closet) You know, we've been in here for over a minute and haven't done anything. I got more action from Dina Segerson in fifth grade.
      Kitty: I can't. It's not that I don't want to. I don't mean that I do want to. It's just that even if I did want to, I couldn't.
      Robert: With that kind of logic, are you sure you're not a Democrat?

    • Robert: (looking at the shoes in the closet) Wow, this is quite a collection.
      Kitty: Oh yeah, if only my shoes could talk.
      Robert: These are sufficiently slutty, what's their story?
      Kitty: Hamptons, 2002, broke a heel dancing on a table. Got sandwiched in between this uh, a club promoter and some tortured playwright.
      Robert: (glancing at a pair of red platform shoes) Do you want to explain those?
      Kitty: (laughing) Oh my God, yes. Halloween, 2 years ago, um, Tribeca loft party. Jonathan and I went as Sonny and Cher.
      Robert: Jonathan?
      Kitty: Uh, yeah, Jonathan, my ex-fiance. (pauses) Yeah, I'd rather talk about my shoes.
      Robert: Understood.

    • (Justin has gone to see Tyler)
      Tommy: You let him go?
      Kitty: No, no I pinned him down, I gave him a wedgie but I just couldn't keep him there. What was I supposed to-Of course I let him go.

    • (Kevin and Tommy have hidden the alcohol because Justin is out of rehab.)
      Nora: Where did they hide the booze? Tell me, really, I'm not joking.
      Saul: Nora, if I knew where it was I'd be drunk by now.

    • (Kitty and Robert enter a closet)
      Robert: If this is where you keep the wine, where do you keep your clothes?
      Kitty: Shut your mouth and come on. Shut the door.
      (Robert shuts the door and looks around)
      Robert: I am having like a fifth grade flashback of Deena Segerson and seven minutes in heaven.
      (He looks at Kitty who is pouring glasses of wine)
      Robert: Have you always been a closet drinker?
      Kitty: Are you done?
      Robert: No, I'll think of some more.

    • Kevin: OK. Whatever, where did you hide the wine? I need to get grandma a drink ASAP?
      Tommy: It's in the closet.
      Kitty: You put the wine in my closet.
      (Kevin walks over to the closet & opens the door)
      Kitty: Is your little boyfriend in there?
      Kevin (Yelling from closet): He's not my boyfriend.

    • (In Kitty's closet drinking wine.)
      Sarah: Oh, whatever, at least your asses weren't plastered all over a plasma. (Tommy and Kevin start laughing) Don't laugh, it's not funny. I can't even look at you people anymore.
      Tommy: Imagine how we feel.
      Kevin: Yeah, full out on the couches.
      Sarah: Oh, stop it.
      Kevin: Have you been doing yoga?
      Sarah: Okay, that's enough!

    • (Saul walks into the kitchen.)
      Saul: Why is everyone in the kitchen? Is everything okay?
      Ida: Well hardly, Justin is an addict, and Kevin is gay. And, and this one is shooting pornographic movies.
      Sarah: Pornographic what?
      Nora: The sex tape that you and Joe shot, it ended up on my video.
      Sarah: No.
      Saul, Kitty: Yes it did.
      Nora: Yeah.
      Sarah: No it didn't.
      Ida, Nora, Saul, Kitty, Kevin: Yes it did.
      Sarah: Joe?
      Kitty: Uh oh.
      Sarah: Joe?
      (Joe walks into the kitchen.)
      Sarah: Why didn't you tell me about the tape?
      Joe: I was going to but, uh, waited till after the party. I just -
      Sarah: We're supposed to be a team.
      Joe: Well, um... We are a team.
      Sarah (shrieking): It's not funny!
      Ida: What else don't I know about this family?
      Saul: Ma, let's go sit down -
      Nora: No, no, Saul, she wants to know, so I'm gonna tell her. Mother, William cheated on me. Yes, is that what you wanted to hear? William had an affair with another woman for almost half my marriage, and not only that, hold on, he was an embezzler. As it turns out, he was a very successful embezzler, but an embezzler nonetheless. So it turns out you were right. Are you happy now?
      Ida: Of course I'm not happy. I'm not surprised, but I'm not happy.
      Nora: Well you -
      Saul: Okay, okay, Mom. That's it, that's it. Let's go, it's enough.
      Ida: Where?
      Saul: I'm taking you to my house and tomorrow morning you're flying home.
      Ida: But what did I do?
      Saul: It's Nora's birthday, Mom. She's had a terrible year and you haven't been nice to her since you got here. I'm sorry I invited you. I really am.
      Ida: I have never understood this family.
      Saul: That's because you've never even tried.
      (Ida gasps, realizes she's not wanted and leaves the kitchen.)

    • (Sarah and Kevin in the kitchen.)
      Sarah: I just don't understand, I'm out of commission for eight hours and the party turns into a Medieval circus.
      Kevin: Yeah, well, you ordered this Medieval circus which happens to be the most expensive package.
      Sarah: No, I ordered the Mid-mid-level, the mid-level -
      Kevin: Ding.
      Sarah: Oh my God.
      (Nora and Ida walk into the kitchen.)
      Sarah: Oh Mom, I am so sorry about your party.
      Nora: Sweetie, no one really saw anything.
      Sarah: What?
      Ida: Whoa, speak for yourself.
      Kevin: Uh, ah, the theme, she said about the theme.
      Nora (finally getting what Kevin is trying to say): The theme is so festive.
      Sarah: Come on, Mom. There is armor on the wall, there are serves in the bathroom, (Kitty and McCallister walk into the kitchen) and where is all the wine? I mean isn't all they did in the Middle Ages? Drink wine? And what's with all the state troopers?
      McCallister: Oh, they are state troopers, and they're my fault.
      Sarah (extending her hand in greet): Senator.
      McCallister: How you doing?
      Kitty: And we had to promise no wine when we took Justin out of rehab.
      Ida: Out of where?
      Kitty: Oh...
      Nora: Mother, Justin is in a rehab program, he's a drug addict.
      (Ida gasps.)
      Kevin: Oh, Mom, a little more discretion, we are in the presense of a U.S. Senator.
      McCallister: There's nothing to be embarrassed of.
      Kevin: Oh, but homosexuality is?
      Kitty: Oh, Kevin, you know, please, enough. (turns to McCallister) And can you just please tell him that you have a gay brother too?
      Ida: Who's gay?
      Kitty (gasps): I -
      McCallister: I think you just outted two brothers at the price of one.
      Kevin: That would be me, Grandma, I'm gay.
      Ida: Oh, you're not gay. Justin maybe, but you -
      Kevin: Oh, I am, uh, gay. I swear, I am.
      (Ida looking horrified)
      Nora: Oh, Mother, stop acting so horrified, you are loving every second of this.

    • Kitty: As you can see, I've worn a lot of shoes in my life. It's time to focus on me for awhile and go barefoot.
      Robert McCallister: But, hypothetically speaking.
      Kitty: You mean, hypothetically, if I didn't work for you.
      Robert McCallister: Hypothetically, of course.
      Kitty: You'd be the first pair I'd try on.
      Robert McCallister: (slowly he smiles and they clink together wine glasses)

    • Kevin: You know, in our defense Mom, you were really quite convincing.
      Nora: Kevin, you don't have to apologize for listening to me. This isn't a wedding, it's not a bar-mitzvah. It's just aging, I'm sixty. (giggles)

      (An awkward silence at the dinner table.)

      Nora: More cake?

    • Kitty: Sarah, this cake is so delicious.
      Sarah (sarcastically): I know, and its store-bought! (normal) Mom, I really wanted to bake, but you know its been really busy at work and, Cooper has had this horrible flu, literally, projectile vomiting.
      Tom: Whoa, whoa.
      Kevin: Eating, eating.
      Sarah: Sorry guys.

    • (opening her birthday present)
      Nora: Oh, it's a picture frame. it's so shiny, and pretty. It's just what I wanted for my birthday.
      Tom: She hates it.
      Julia: Oh, we just thought with the baby coming...
      Nora: No, no, you can never have enough picture frames. I love it, thank you so much.

    • Saul: She's headed off to the desert with the rest of the scorpions.

    • Senator McCallister: Nora. I come bearing soup.
      Nora: Why Senator, that's so sweet of you, and un-senatorial.
      Senator McCallister: Well, ah, the house was smack between speaking engagements.
      Nora: Really, where?
      Senator McCallister: San Diego and San Francisco. So I stopped at Feinberg's and I got you two gallons, and bagel chips.
      Nora: Kitty's upstars.
      Senator McCallister: Oh, ok. Ah, tell her that last night was the perfect dose of family and that I really needed it.
      Nora: Well, thank you for the soup and for Pietro.
      Senator McCallister: And, one more thing if you don't mind…please tell Kitty to let me know when she's ready to go shoe shopping again.
      Nora: My, you are a friendly boss. Yes, I certainly will do that Senator. Now please, go fumigate yourself.

    • Kevin: That was some serious family drama.
      Tommy: I think you finally drove off McCallister and his band of merry men.
      Kevin: Good. I'm sure Kitty's apologizing for us all right now.
      Sarah: Oh whatever. At least your asses weren't plastered all over a plasma. Don't laugh, it's not funny. I can't even look at you people anymore.
      Tommy (laughing): Imagine how we feel.

    • Kitty: You know tonight was unusually bizarre, even for my family.
      Senator McCallister: Are you kidding me, it's been fantastic – it's like dinner theater or the circus.
      Kitty: Umm…well you certainly managed to charm the pants off the ringleader. I think my mother was actually battling her eyelashes at you.
      Senator MCallister: There was no batting.
      Kitty: Senator, there was, and you don't have to be modest with me.
      Senator McCallister: Please, we're in a closet, call me Robert.

    • Ida: Who's the movie star?
      Kitty: Oh, um…Senator..McCallister you came, great.
      Senator MCallister: I told you…so much for just fitting in.
      Kitty: Oh yeah.
      Senator McCallister: Is this a costume party?
      Kitty: Apparently it is but you know, our house doesn't usually look like this.
      Senator McCallister: Nora.(walking towards Nora with a gift in hand)
      Nora: Yes.
      Senator McCallister: Very happy birthday, I am so sorry to just be getting here, but you know the rule, be early or late, anything in the idle risks ruining the surprise.

    • Chad: I'll text you goodnight?
      Kevin: Nothing says goodnight like a text.

    • Saul: Excuse me, who are you texting so frantically
      Kevin: Nothing frantic about it, I have fast thumbs.
      Sarah: Great, I'll put them to use in the kitchen; I need you here by 9:00.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Robert is with Kitty in her closet he tells her he is having a flash-back from 7 minutes in heaven on fifth grade. 7 minutes in heaven is a game general played at parties, normally with two people of the opposite sex. These two people, generally teenagers from 13 to 16 years, go into a closet for seven minutes and "make out".

    • (explaining the many shoes in her closet to McCallister)
      Kitty: Oh my God, yes, Halloween, two years ago, um, Tribeca loft party, uh, Jonathan and I went as Sonny & Cher.

      Tribeca is a neighborhood located in NYC, and Sonny & Cher were an American rock and roll duo, made up of husband Sonny Bono and wife Cher in the early 1960's to early 1970's.

    • Joe: You look green, like, Kermit the Frog, green.

      Joe mentions the famous Muppets character, Kermit the Frog, on how green Sarah looked when she was sick.

    • (filming her video testimony for Nora)
      Sarah: Hey Mom, uh, happy birthday, you taught me to be a friend, and a mother; I'm definitely my mother's daughter, the good, the bad and the ugly - not that there's anything ugly...

      Sarah refers to the 1966 movie called The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    • Tom: Really? Not Kevin? Didn't you used to date one of those flying monkeys?
      (Sarah laughing.)
      Kevin: Don't laugh, one of those flying monkeys got them house seats.

      ("them" are Kitty and Nora attending the production of Wicked)

      Tom mentions how Kevin used to date an actor that was cast as a flying monkey for the production of Wicked, and "flying monkeys" appeared in the production.

    • Sarah: Okay, 1 pm, Kitty leaves the house with Mom to take her to the matinee of Wicked.

      Wicked is the 2003 Original Broadway Production by director Joe Mantello, based on Oz.

    • (after seeing the family off at the Whedon house)
      Joe: Okay, Rachael Ray, time to go to bed.

      Joe mentions Rachael Ray, who hosts four different TV shows: $40 a Day, 30 Minute Meals, Inside Dish with Rachael Ray, and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. Rachael also has a series of cookbooks published based on her TV show 30 Minute Meals.

    • When Kevin, Tommy and Sarah are drinking in the closet discussing the evenings events, Kevin says their grandmother is like Joan Crawford. Alluding to the notorious cult-movie Mommie Dearest, in which the Oscar winning actress is portrayed to be an abusive mother.