Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 8

Something New

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2007 on ABC
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Kitty and Robert take dance lessons. Tommy gets a surprise visit and Kevin makes a drastic decision.

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  • Sometimes you have to go back to an old love and start something new..

    Awww I absolutely loved this episode and I definitely squealed and was excited to see the outcome. First off yay for Scotty and Kevin. They have such great chemistry and they belong together without a doubt. Nora and her "first" was also cute and it just brought back my hopeless romantic thoughts. If only things like that happened in real life haha I guess that's why I love watching shows like this. Of course I also loved the ending with the senator and Kitty hehe. But besides my whole love for couples I also had great laughs especially the whole scene with the song they first had sex to. Ha! It was priceless when Nora told them who her first was with and everyone just started walking away hahaha. I never stop loving this show.moreless
  • Couples finding each other again

    What a cute episode! Julia is back and for the moment it's ok with Tommy but we won't miss the drama there in the future, I'm sure.

    Kitty is preparing for the wedding and is upset cause it seems recycled to her with her wearing Nora's wedding dress and Robert having been married before. So it's great in the end of the episode when Robert surprises her with the band also saying that Kitty makes everything new to him. So romantic!

    After the family has had a funny conversation about their first times Nora e-mails to her first-Stan. They have a great date and seems like some romance is on the horizon for Nora also. The best news of the episode was Kevin getting back together with Scotty. The scene after eating the lobster was just great as well as the one where Kevin says he wants to be with Scotty. Those both scenes also had great songs playing in the background. I only wish that they hadn't ended the last scene with Kevin and Scotty so soon, I would've liked to have heard Scotty's opinion on this whole getting back together thing.moreless
  • Jitters Written by Jennifer Cecil And Sherri Cooper-Landsman Directed by Michael Owen Morris

    Nora: "What about that beautiful song by the Dixie Chicks?"

    Kitty: "At a Republican candidate's wedding?"

    Well I could think of a lot worse choice of music than the Dixie Chicks. I mean there are Cliff Richards, Westlife and Robbie Williams "Angels". They're the type of records I'd divorce someone over but I suppose Kitty might have a point about the Dixie Chicks.

    Still, it's bizarrely amusing to see the Walkers sitting down and discussing music choices. It then gets even more bizarre when they start talking about the very music that the lost their virginity.

    Now this lot may be a close knit family but I think there are some things that are best kept to yourself. I certainly wouldn't like to discuss my private life with my family. Then again, it's not really inconsistent for them to do such a thing.

    It's also not inconsistent in that as soon as Nora joins in and tries to regale her children with her own tales of sexual adventures that everyone else walks out of the room. Nora really does know how to clear a room in quite a short space of time.

    Her moment of indiscretion does have a merit – she's brave enough to seek out the very man who popped her cherry. Much to everyone's surprise it wasn't William who was responsible for taking her virginity but the less fiery Stan Harris.

    As casting choices go, Chevy Chase wouldn't have been mine for the role of Stan but to be fair, he does a decent job with the material he's given. Nora and Stan reminisce over old times when they meet up in a nice restaurant. It also helps that alcohol played its part in getting both of them to relax.

    Politically both Nora and Stan seem to be of the same persuasion as well. I mention this because Stan uses it as a reason as to why both him and Nora would've never worked as a couple. Stan is something of a peace loving guy and Nora; well she could cause a fight in a monastery.

    Still the writing for the episode does hinge on the fact that Nora felt there was more to her relationship with Stan than he felt there was. Stan also feels it too and even goes as far as to accept an invite to Kitty and Robert's wedding, which means that Nora is more sorted than some of her children are.

    It's also interesting that by giving Nora's love life a bit of jolt, it's a plot that is also used to try and delve into Saul. Despite the great coming out speech of last week, it's rather predictable that for this episode, there's little else we're given.

    As soon as Nora bleats on about old flames being reunited, Saul immediately accuses her of trying to interfere with his love life. To be fair, Nora did actually react as if she hadn't thought about asking Saul more questions on this man he fell in love but as soon as Saul started getting defensive, she wanted more information.

    Wanting more information out of Saul's sexuality is only natural and although I expect that this story is going to be a slow burner in some ways, it's easily the best one that Season Two has given us. Here's hoping that it's not dragged out too long though.

    Something that didn't get dragged out was Kevin and Scotty sleeping together. Come on, from the moment Scotty reappeared in "History Repeating", it was blatantly obvious that the two of them were going to do the dirty and after weeks of build up, this episode delivered.

    The funny thing about the episode is that Kevin is the one pursuing the sex. When Scotty brings home dinner, Kevin tries to romanticise it by adding candles and after the two of them have drunken sex, it's Scotty who tries to downplay it.

    I've known about this for ages and when I watched it, I thought I would be bummed to see it happening but I wasn't. I'm not condoning cheating either but it's hard to escape the problems Kevin is having with Jason.

    Jason being in Malaysia was always going to be the thing that would break them up and given that Jason hasn't made that much of an effort to maintain contact with Kevin, it's easy to see why Kevin was beginning to get frustrated. Robert also came across as blatantly dismissive when Kevin voiced his annoyance over Jason not calling him.

    However Jason did get around to calling him this week and not only did Kevin dump him via the phone but he also admitted to sleeping with Scotty. Now parts of that could be seen as being heartless but at the same time, at least Kevin owned up to what he did and was honest with Jason.

    Now as for him and Scotty getting back together, I have reservations. Kevin might now like the drama that Scotty entails as a boyfriend but as a viewer, I'm not sure if I will again. Hell, even Scotty seems to have some reservations about getting back together with Kevin.

    However as impulsive as Kevin and Scotty rekindling their relationship might seem, it's got nothing on Justin hooking up with Lena. If Kevin moves fast, then Justin goes at super speed when Lena decides to give a call and meet him up for some coffee.

    While it's cute that both of them are rather upfront about their recent bad decision making skills, it's still really hard to root for them as a couple. Yes, I mean the fact that Justin shouldn't be sleeping with the same woman that Tommy was using for comfort a few weeks back because it's a fundamentally stupid thing to do.

    Okay I know Justin is blissfully unaware of the fact that Lena used to be groin buddies with his older brother but Lena should show some restraint and just find someone else to sleep with. Unless she's trying to punish Tommy and that is something of a possibility.

    When the two of them aren't making jokes about each other foibles, they end up making out heavily. Justin for a brief second was going to do the sensible thing and actually stop himself with Lena but in the end he didn't. Too bad! I don't hate Lena but I can't think of anything positive that will come out of this either.

    It also doesn't help that Lena does seem a little hooked on Tommy too. There's still some tension between them in the office which Holly is quick to spot and Tommy gets rather annoyed when she calls him at home. In that moment Tommy really did sound like his father.

    For Tommy things are starting to get better than before. Julia has finally come back home and better for him is that she's more than willing to get their marriage back on track. It is rather sweet to see the two of them making up but with Lena around and Holly's recent inability to keep her mouth shut, I'm betting Julia will become to Tommy's cheating soon enough.

    Speaking of mouthing off, Rebecca hasn't been doing a whole lot of it and once again, the seriously nosey Holly is taking her to task on that. Okay so Holly is also concerned because Rebecca never used to be such a shrinking violet but it doesn't mean I still can't find her annoying, right?

    Rebecca finds herself being asked to be one of Kitty's bridesmaids which show that Kitty is beginning to accept her more as a member of the family. However she still has to deal with Sarah's residual feelings about her and Joe, which she should've expected.

    When Rebecca does take Holly's advice, not only are her and Sarah able to get past things a bit but she's also able to tell Kitty that she hates the taste in bridesmaids' dresses too.

    This comes in handy as Kitty has been spending most of the episode in wedding jitters mode anyway. She's unable to get dance moves when Robert is a natural and proceeds to snap and then she feels a bit guilty for not wanting her mother's dress when she finds the one that's suited to her.

    Robert does come through for her on the music front by picking Lyle Lovett as a choice for the wedding. Well it wouldn't be to my taste but it does seem like something that would fit a Republican wedding without being too square either and let's face it, it was nice to have a welcome break from the Presidential stuff this week too. Bet we won't next episode though.

    Sarah on the other hand is also getting a spring in her step with the arrival of Graham Finch, played by Studio 60's Steven Weber. He might come across as something of an oily looking salesman but he does talk the talk and he might also be able to give Ojai more business if it wasn't for certain risks.

    I also like that while Sarah seems utterly charmed by him that she's also wise enough to question everything he says as well. Now that she's got used to the idea of her marriage being over, it's high time she had some fun too.

    Also in "Something New"

    Some of the song choices were a tad odd and we also didn't learn what songs Kitty, Kevin and Justin lost their virginity to.

    Justin: "Speaking of which, I think I should apologise to Rebecca".

    Tommy: "Yeah she hates you".

    Kitty's choice of bridesmaids while nice also highlights the fact that she also doesn't really have any friends.

    Nora: "I got it. Pretty Woman".

    Kitty: "Mom I don't want to sound conceited".

    Kevin: "That doesn't look safe".

    Scotty: "It lowers your blood pressure".

    Kevin: "So does a glass of wine and it's less dangerous".

    I had to laugh when Scotty had to point out the lobster connection to Kevin in The Little Mermaid.

    Tommy (re Lena): "I ended things with her".

    Holly: "Should we be looking for a new office manager?"

    Kitty (re dance instructors): "They're just showing off, right?"

    Robert: "I can tell you that we won't be doing anything like that".

    If Tommy was born in 1970 and Dirty Dancing came out in 1987, then he was 17 when he lost his virginity.

    Rebecca: "You're really good at this whole making amends thing".

    Justin: "I've had a lot of practice".

    Stan: "I can't believe you emailed me".

    Nora: "Did I do that?"

    Stan: "You did".

    Nora mentioned her pot incident with Emily Craft from "Valentine's Day Massacre". Any chance we'll see Emily this season?

    Rebecca (re dress): "I really like that one on you".

    Sarah: "Come on, I look like a tangerine".

    Sarah: "Then again, looking isn't cheating, is it Rebecca?"

    The dresses that Sarah and Rebecca were trying on were nice enough. I like that shade of blue.

    Graham: "And here I thought I was being subtle".

    Sarah: "I'm very smart".

    Scotty: "Did you tell Jason we slept together?"

    Kevin: "Yes I did. I know I'm asking too much of you but easy isn't always what it's cracked up to be".

    Standout music: "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan and "Whistle For The Choir" by The Fratellis.

    Robert: "Would you like to dance?"

    Kitty: "You're insane. Absolutely insane. I can't believe you".

    Chronology: About a week since "36 Hours".

    A decent episode. "Something New" isn't quite as extraordinary as previous episodes have been but so far this season has been consistently good and to be fair, this episode maintains that trend.moreless
  • Fun with The Walkers!

    This week was sort of settling down from last week's dramatic wreck, courtesy of Justin. So it still remained a strong, new episode, but it surely did not have the spark that last last week's episode had to offer, then again, how often does a series have that kind of episode in its lifespan?

    Kitty, Sarah and Rebecca go out and find dresses for the wedding, while Kitty also takes dancing lessons with Robert, who seems like he couldn't care less. I'm really excited for the wedding and Robert just surprises me everytime.

    Nora meets up with an old friend and it seems like she'll be getting some more action in her life! It's nice to see Nora move on after a year since William's death and the character she has been dating seems to be at least decent.

    Kevin once again can not take not having Jason around. He's not calling, he's cheating on Jason, he has a man living in his apartment. Seriously? Did you really think that it would still really workout between you and Jason?

    After Julia comes back with Lizzie, Lina is forced to look for other members of the Walker family to make out with, and her choice? Well let's just say she isn't that wild to go for Kitty or Sarah and she has excellent gaydar, so I guess you can suspect who she has chosen to be her next victim.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Robert): Just so you know, this is my first as well.moreless
  • Another hour with the family :)

    As Kitty and Robert's wedding approaches, we get to see the Walkers in action for preparation, in their own way. This affects Nora to google his long lost boyfriend and get back in touch with him, resulting in a date, and more importantly, Nora's date for the wedding! Meanwhile Julia is back but there is something bitter between Lena and Tommy because Lena seems to move on too quickly, Tommy does not know the reason why though - Justin! Rebecca takes steps towards being her old self, the reckless girl giving no damn about anyotherone's thoughts, which turns out just fine. Funny enough, we have Kevin getting back together with Scotty, for real this time. The only thing I quite did not like was the loop reoccurring on Kitty-Robert part: Robert does something (does not seem to pay attention in the wedding), Kitty is pissed, Robert does another thing to apologise (dancing with Kitty to Lyle Lovett). We are going to marry our guys next week, can't wait!moreless
Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

Stan Harris

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Jordi Caballero


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Linda Bisesti

Linda Bisesti

The Tailor

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Denis O'Hare

Denis O'Hare

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Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Lena Branigan

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Luke MacFarlane

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Scotty Wandell

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  • QUOTES (19)

    • Sarah: (about the bridesmaids' dresses) What about Julia. Does she look good in blue?
      Kitty: Julia looks good in anything.
      Sarah: B!tch.

    • Kevin: Scotty when I first met you...
      Scotty: Kevin, if you're about to romanticize what we had, just...
      Kevin: No, that's the whole point. Because what we had, it was messy, you know? We were hot and cold and back and forth and all over the place. But I want to be back there with you. Because I want to be honest about who I am.

    • Kitty: (in her dancing lesson) It is not "just a dance." It is a dance that you've had before, for a ceremony that you've had before. And I'm going to be wearing a used dress. And you know what, I just thought it would be nice for us to have a dance that was ours. But you know what, you're right, it's just too much to ask for us to have a first at my own wedding. Shut up, Travis!

    • Kevin: (about Jason) Yes, of course I miss him, why wouldn't I, he's not calling me. But it's like what we had, he's put into this compartment, and now he's gone back to his first love, which is God, or the Church, or something, I don't know, but it's not me.

    • Stan: I wasn't enough for you.
      Nora: What are you talking about?
      Stan: You love the fight you can't win. You already had me. I mean, even then I knew I wasn't a challenge.
      Nora: I wasn't looking for a challenge!
      Stan: Weren't you?
      Nora: No!
      Stan: You married a rich Republican, somebody you could always argue with.
      Nora: Oh.
      Stan: We're different. I don't like the fight. I'm committed to the cause.

    • Sarah: (to Rebecca) It's not that I don't think about it occasionally, it's just that I've stopped obsessing about you and Joe and my divorce. What I'm currently obsessed about is Kitty, her wedding, and which dress she's going to force me to wear.

    • Kitty: How come you're not bringing anybody to the wedding?
      Rebecca: Oh, you know, it's been a bit of a dry spell.
      Sarah: Dry spell? That doesn't sound like you.
      Rebecca: What does that mean?
      Sarah: Just that when I think of you, I don't think of "dry spell."
      Kitty: You know, I do know a couple of really cute guys in my office. Do you have a type?
      Rebecca: No, I don't really have a type. Except for married men, right, Sarah, that's what you were going to say?

    • Stan: You look beautiful!
      Nora: Yeah, well, don't look too close. My neck looks like someone's bedroom curtains.
      Stan: Hey, listen, I gained twenty pounds and got an artificial hip.
      Nora: Really?
      Stan: No.

    • Rebecca: (about the wedding dress Kitty is trying) It's very Jackie O.
      Kitty: I'm not sure that's the look I'm going for on my wedding day. It's not even the right political party.

    • Julia: Can we go back to the way things were?
      Tommy: I want to. So bad. You have no idea.

    • Nora: (talking about her very first boyfriend) What have I got to lose? I mean, there's history there. What if that same old spark still exists? It could still exist, you know that.
      Saul: I know that? What are you doing, Nora?
      Nora: What?
      Saul: I told you that I didn't want to talk about this, that I needed time to talk about this. You want me to get in touch with the guy that I told you about, is that it?

    • Kevin: Do you want to be my date for Kitty's wedding?
      Scotty: Oh, how appealing, a spite invite?
      Kevin: No! ... Yes, a little. You know going to a wedding alone is torture.
      Scotty: What about Jason?
      Kevin: The Reverend-God-Forbid-I-Call-You-Back won't be there.

    • Kevin: (after Nora tells them William hadn't been her first one) Mom, you slut!

    • Kevin: (to Robert, about Jason) Well, the next time you two chat, maybe you could tell him his committed, monogamous, yet highly sought-after boyfriend says hi.

    • Nora: Robert, what song did you lose your virginity to?
      Kitty: We're just trying to figure out our wedding song.
      Robert: Interesting methodology.

    • (choosing the music for Kitty's wedding)
      Kevin: How about "old blue eyes"?
      Sarah: That's a good idea!
      Kitty: No, no, we can't! Because Robert's first wedding was practically Sinatra themed!
      Nora: What about that beautiful song by the Dixie Chicks?
      Kitty: At a republican candidate's wedding?

    • Kevin: Headed to the gym?
      Scotty: Have to. Working in a restaurant demands it. Or you end up with…
      Kevin: Love handles, I know. Like me.
      Scotty: I think we've already established I have no problems with your body.
      Kevin: Nor I yours. Look, about last night…
      Scotty: You don't have to say anything. I know your boyfriend is a million miles away, and I was a warm body after a lobster dinner. Add champagne and voila. Mistake sex.

    • Nora: Where do we even start?
      Stan: How about a pitcher of margaritas?

    • Kevin: Well, if you rule out all the democrat you're basically left with Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top
      Sarah: Well I'm a democrat and I lost my virginity to She got legs.
      Justin: Eew! Wow! Crossing the line Sarah!
      Tommy: My was the Dirty Dancing Theme.
      Kevin: Wow, be gayer!
      Sarah: I bet Kitty's was Talk Radio. Hey Justin.
      Justin: Don't look at me I'm not having this conversation in front of mom!
      Nora: Oh please, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Gaby Kleiner, the tenth grade.
      Justin: (to Nora) You know that?
      Kevin: I have two first sex soundtracks, girl and guy.
      Kitty: Okay now stop, stop you guys, please you're ruining all music for me.
      Robert: Sorry I'm late
      Justin: It's alright buddy
      Nora: Robert, what song did you lose your virginity to?
      Kevin: Mom!
      Kitty: Well we're just trying to figure out our wedding song.
      Robert: Interesting methodology, uhhm, Endless love!
      Everybody: Aaaah!
      Robert: Yeah ok.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Něco nového (Something New)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, December 19, 2010 on Universal Channel

    • Music:
      A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan
      Apologies by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
      No Big Deal by Lyle Lovett
      Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis
      El Sur de La Vida by Carlos Villalobos and La Esperanza


    • Dixie Chicks
      Dixie Chicks are not suitable for a republican wedding since ten days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the lead criticized president George W. Bush. This cost the group half of their concert audience attendance in the U.S.tour.

    • Scotty: Turns out the kids couldn't bear to eat Sebastian... the mermaid's best friend..
      This is alluding to the movie The Little Mermaid where the main character Ariel's best friend is a crustacean named Sebastian.

    • The episode title is a reference to "Sense and Sensibility", a novel by Jane Austen.