Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 4

States of the Union

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on ABC



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    • Nora: (to Kitty) Honey, maybe it does mean something. And what, worst-case scenario, Robert doesn't have enough trust in you as a couple. Maybe he senses your doubts, for whatever the reason, sometimes you have to have enough trust for both of you. And it will shift, it always does, that's what marriage is. And if it doesn't...
      Sarah: Come on, Mom.
      Nora: Well if it doesn't, then you have to acknowledge it, have the courage to let go, hurt like holy hell and move on.

    • Holly: (to Tommy after finding out about him and Lena) Everybody makes mistakes. God knows I have. But that is it. It ends now. From now on, it is no longer a mistake, it is a choice.

    • Nora: (to Sarah and Kitty) I love you, you're my children, when you're in trouble, I'm in trouble. I'm sorry, I don't know how to say, "Oh, la dee dah, I think I'll go play golf." You're everything I've ever done with my life! Believe me, I lay awake at night praying you guys will get your lives together so I can get some sleep.

    • Nora: Would everyone please stop ordering me to relax. How can I possibly relax.
      Sarah: Mom, you just don't get it. The whole idea of this weekend was for us to escape our problems. Instead, you've rubbed our faces in them, and then gone and created new ones.
      Nora: Fine, so shoot me, I'm concerned. And why wouldn't I be concerned? I mean, look at all of you. (gestures to Sarah, then Kitty) You're consumed with post-divorce despair, you're caught up in this perpetual commitment phobia, Justin's in constant agony and lucky to be alive, Julia has left Tommy and taken Elizabeth with her, and Kevin... well, I don't know about Kevin! He won't return my phone calls!

    • Sarah: (to a random guy she's just met and wants to take with her to her room) I should be able to do this. I mean, my husband's moved on. He's back with his ex-wife, or his ex-ex-wife, I'm his ex-wife, not that we're officially divorced, so I don't even know what my official title is, but I'm single. And I'm off mommy duty, you know, no one's asking me to tuck them in or read them a Scratchy story, I'm at this gorgeous resort and with this very nice guy...
      Guy: Right. This isn't happening, is it.

    • Kevin: (to Saul) You know when I came out, you saw how Dad treated me, made me feel like he was doing some huge favor allowing me to remain part of my own family. You could have stuck up for me.

    • Saul: (about Milo Petersen) You know that he's an old friend of mine, right? Recently divorced.
      Kevin: Right, because he's gay.
      Saul: I didn't know that Milo's sexual orientation was any of our business, Kevin.
      Kevin: Right, because he's gay.

    • (Kitty is on the phone with Robert.)
      Kitty: So, what's your position on trophy wives.
      Robert: Trophy what?
      Kitty: Trophy wives, you know, men with trophy wives, I'm just curious about where you stand on that issue.
      Robert: Kitty, what the hell is happening at that spa?

    • Kitty: (to Nora) You can't fix everything. First it's Project Wedding, Project Justin, Project Sarah, now it's Project Tommy. Just stop.
      Sarah: Yeah, can we get back to Project Me? Mom, I need you. It's why we're here.

    • Kevin: So it was all gay men... and Uncle Saul.
      Scotty: Why do I feel like I'm being cross-examined? All I said was, "You never told me your uncle's gay." I was making small talk.
      Kevin: Small talk. This is small talk: "Nice weather we're having." This is my Uncle Saul we're talking about. I think I would know if he were gay.

    • Therapist: (sees that Justin is looking at Rebecca, who is waiting for him) Don't be embarrassed, your girlfriend will like you either way.
      Justin: Oh, no, no, she's my sister.
      Therapist: Well then she has to love you.

    • Nora: (reading from a magazine) "Men admitted that sleeping with a divorcee felt like sleeping with another man's wife," which according to Bill from Seattle is "an incredible turn-on."
      Kitty: Bill needs to be incarcerated.
      Sarah: No, Bill from Seattle needs to give me his number.

    • Saul: (about amount of people on the party) You said just a few people.
      Milo: You know what they say. Thirty's the new few.

    • Sarah: You know what you get for ten years of marriage? Daffodils, diamonds, or an aluminum paperweight. That's correct, ladies and gentlemen, ten years and all you get is a stupid paperweight. And you know, the tragic thing is? I didn't even get that.
      Kitty: Have you been day-drinking?

    • Justin: Mom, don't you have like four other kids to worry about? Seriously, I mean, mom, Sarah's going through a divorce, Kitty's planning a wedding, Tommy's got a newborn, and Kevin's in, like, a long-distance relationship with a minister, which is possibly the scariest thing I've ever heard. Do you feel like spreading it out, at all?

    • Saul: I was out of line today.
      Kevin: Me too, Saul. But I do know what you're going through. I know, I know, different generation, and I'm sure you think I had things a lot easier. But whatever it is you need from me – I'm here for you.
      Saul: Okay.
      Kevin: But. You don't have to hide anything…
      Saul: Kevin, you have to understand. I'm not hiding anything. I'm. Not. Gay. I'm not gay.

    • Scotty: Ask yourself, how many 60 year old men do you know who've never had a serious relationship with a woman? Kevin, it's time to take off your Prada shades and open your eyes.

    • Kevin: Saul, are you gay?
      Saul laughing
      Saul: I just can't believe you're asking me this!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Státy unie (States of the Union)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 on TV2
      Latin America: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Czech Republic: Sunday, December 5, 2010 on Universal Channel

    • Music:
      Humble Me
      by Norah Jones
      The Sea by Morcheeba
      Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

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