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Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 10

The Feast of Epiphany

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Secrets are the order of the day when the Walkers gather for a family dinner because Nora is too shy to ask Isaac out on her own. Meanwhile, Becca is trying to play matchmaker for her mother.

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  • Revelations Written by Jason Wilborn And David Marshall Grant Directed by Laura Innes

    Kevin: "Tommy had an affair".

    Sarah: "With Lena".

    Kevin: "You knew?"

    Sarah: "For weeks".

    What's the one thing that unites the Walkers among anything else – their inability to keep anything to themselves and it's the very thing that is highlighted in this episode for the billionth time.

    Nora decides to have a family meal to which all her kids grudgingly decide to attend even though they'd rather be doing other things. It's also at this meal where a lot of badly kept secrets are revealed. With pretty much the majority of the family aware that Tommy had been sleeping with Lena, the writers have decided not to waste any more time in letting those who don't know about the least interesting affair in TV history in on the secret. After all, this family do have a tendency to spill the beans at any time.

    First off all, you've got both Kevin and Sarah discussing that they've known about Tommy and Lena for weeks. Sarah also makes a point of the Walker men needing a moral conscience but her bout of moralising is far less annoying that the pearls of wisdom Justin comes out with.

    While sleeping with Lena isn't a problem for Justin, he doesn't seem to be quite as forgiving that Tommy would cheat on Julia. The last time I checked, Justin once cheated on Tyler with Fawn and both Kitty and Kevin have histories of infidelity, yet Justin isn't giving them or himself a hard time.

    Even Lena isn't that quick to bash Tommy, which does make me think she's just settling for Justin. If Tommy all of a sudden asked her to be with him, there's a good chance that Justin wouldn't see her for dust. Besides Justin's moralising is almost as bad as Robert's constant speech giving.

    However Kevin decides to stick his neck and manages to get both Tommy and Justin to reluctantly draw a truce. It helps them out as Sarah tipped Kevin off about Nora being suspicious. Given the awkwardness surrounding Tommy and Justin, even a less nosy person than Nora would think that something was up.

    Of course when Nora isn't getting into a lather about something being up, she's also fawning after Isaac like a nervous school girl. Maintaining the tradition of being teased, Sarah takes delight in winding up Nora about her affinity with Republicans which even Nora can't deny. Perhaps Stan raised a good point when he dumped her in the last episode.

    For a first date, there are plenty of things that Nora could've done but I don't think inviting all of the children and their secrets to dinner was the best thing that could've been done. Then again if Isaac is able to survive one of many wacky meal times with the Walkers, then he might be able to fit in with Nora.

    It's also helpful that for the most part everyone else is too busy squabbling with each other to actually eat the meal. I laughed at one point when Nora was there with Isaac and Julia and told the latter to sit. I also then felt a little bad for Julia. I wouldn't want to be stuck there when I could eavesdrop on the kitchen stuff.

    In terms of stuff, Kitty finally realised that Tommy cheated on Julia and hey, even Julia realised that Tommy had been sleeping with Lena. I'm also sure that Justin telling everyone that he was still sleeping with Lena didn't help matters either. Kitty on the other hand developed a dislike to Lena that could be compared to Sarah's burning hatred for Holly.

    Nora was also not particularly thrilled to learn that Tommy was unfaithful to his wife. However the real sting in the tail comes when Julia admits that she cheated on Tommy too. That I didn't see coming but it's something of a cop out too. Still it could be a good thing as well.

    With both Sarah and Joe's marriage effectively dead, do we need another marriage to end this season? I happen to like Tommy and Julia as a couple and I hope they do survive this. It's also relieving to have a grey area seeing as both of them cheated and for the same reasons.

    Nora even recognises that what Tommy did with Lena is nothing compared to William and Holly. For all the parallels that have been drawn between the two affairs, at least Tommy's isn't a continuous one that resulted in an illegitimate child. So here's hoping that for the remaining six episodes both of them can work things out.

    As for Nora's date with Isaac, despite all of the craziness, he did seem to enjoy himself. One or two silly jokes aside, there's a good spark between Sally Field and Danny Glover so I think it's fair to assume that we'll get to see a bit more of Isaac this season. Nora could do with some fun as could Saul.

    Kitty and Robert on the other hand have barely been married five minutes and already two problems are invading their lives. The first one revolves around Robert not wanting to have kids. He really picked the worst time to drop that bombshell at Nora's dinner party, didn't he?

    Kitty wasn't best impressed with that and she didn't waste time in letting Robert have it either. To be honest I can see both sides of this argument. I get that while Robert might feel he doesn't need any more children, at the same time if Kitty really wants to be a mother she should have that right.

    I did like, in spite of it's predictability that Kitty and Robert managed to come to a compromise. The idea that they can explore the possibility of parenthood gives them hope but eventually only way can go. However which one it'll be remains to be seen.

    Of course parenthood isn't the only problem that is facing Kitty and Robert right now. The ongoing campaign is taking a serious hammering thanks to that expose from Daniel Cole on Robert's less than heroic actions and the attempts to do some damage control are mixed.

    Surprisingly both Robert and Isaac agree on doing a public so that Robert could explain why he chose not to tell the truth to his constituents. The public meeting seems to go well enough but once again, Adamson uses the moment to further blacken Robert's name.

    Although I don't particularly like the guy, I'd root for Adamson trying to smear Robert's campaign. It's not that I hate the political element of this show, I really don't but as I've seen in previous reviews it works better in the context of something like Red, White And Blue as opposed to The West Wing type campaign for presidency.

    However Isaac's had enough of Adamson and wants everyone to know about his own little secrets. When Kitty and Travis both get wind of Adamson refusing to acknowledge his disabled son, both of them side with Isaac. Robert still doesn't want to play dirty but Isaac leaks Adamson's scandal and in comparison, Robert still looks like a saint.

    Speaking of saints, while Kevin would never lay claim that he is one, he's not entirely the villain that Robert paints him to be over the break up with Jason. Robert goaded him about not telling Scotty that Kevin arranged to meet Jason and Kevin refused to take the bait.

    Kevin did later however actually tell Scotty over the phone that Jason was coming back. Seeing as this episode did explore Scotty's own insecurities about Jason in general, it'll be interesting to see what exactly can happen with the three of them in the same room. As for Kevin's relationship with Scotty, that still remains undefined for the time being. Saul meanwhile had nothing to substantially contribute to this episode but Sarah got to have some flirty fun with Graham. Personally I'm still seriously unsure of the guy but I almost admire his somewhat dogged pursuit of Sarah in a way, especially given that Sarah is adept at playing hard to get.

    Graham flirts with Sarah, alludes to being cheated on himself, pretends to play hard to get and even makes her lunch at one point and Sarah still keeps him at arms length. Personally she's being smart but while her and Graham are unlikely to be a long term thing, a little bit of fun is what Sarah could actually use.

    As for Rebecca, she tries to have a little fun at the expense of pushing Holly and David closer together and trying to learn more about her mother's past. Given that Holly lies as easily as she breathes, Rebecca isn't given a lot in the way of answers but the mistrust Holly has for David does speak certain volumes. However I am seriously hoping the show doesn't go down a particular route with David that a fearful Rebecca suggested at one point.

    Also in "The Feast Of The Epiphany"

    Is it me or are Kitty and Travis agreeing on more things than usual? They also seem a lot less hostile with each other.

    Sarah: "You've always had a thing for Republicans".

    Nora: "Stop it".

    Sarah's little dance when teasing Nora was a hoot. Funny that Desperate Housewives also did something similar with Orson in "In Buddy's Eyes".

    Justin: "Sounds like a country and western song".

    Lena: "What do you say when you're sleeping with your brother's mistress".

    Justin: "Ex-mistress".

    Rebecca: "My mother went to Studio 54 in a Viking dress?"

    David: "The dress is the only reason we got in".

    Holly's past movies included cheap horror and a kitsch about Vikings. Perhaps there's a reason why David isn't hot property.

    Isaac (re Robert): "How's he doing?"

    Kitty: "He's not off to a good start".

    Isaac: "Just be patient".

    Holly: "My history with David is complicated".

    Rebecca: "Everything about you is complicated".

    This episode was directed by Laura Innes who up until recently played Kerry Weaver on ER. She did a good job here.

    Tommy (re Justin): "I'm sick of his crap. He needs to grow up".

    Julia: "Well he's not going to grow up between now and dinner".

    Kevin: "You're not in a relationship, right?"

    Justin: "No".

    Kevin: "So don't criticise those who are".

    There's one scene in this episode where Justin did question whether or not Kevin gave Scotty a key to his place. Isaac: "Please Nora, this is a million times more fun than politics and I'm not even following it".

    Rebecca: "Mom tell me you did not star in a slasher flick".

    Holly: "I did not star in it. I was victim number four".

    David didn't seem to have any idea that Holly was sleeping with William at the time. Does he think Rebecca is his daughter? Is that why he's really here?

    David: "Why am I leaving? I forgot".

    Holly: "Because I am kicking you out. I don't trust you David".

    Julia (re Lena): "But it was a mistake, was she? Was she a mistake?"

    Tommy: "Yeah she was".

    Standout music: "Sweet Ride" by Courtney Jaye.

    Graham: "And I packed my own lunch. How's that for impressive?"

    Sarah: "I'm a mother of two, not very".

    Robert: "Please tell me we didn't have anything to do with this".

    Kitty: "No of course not".

    Chronology: With Christmas skipped, I'm assuming it's January 2008 at least.

    Something of a quiet episode, "The Feast Of The Epiphany" might have spilled some secrets but seemingly nothing major to cause any everlasting damage. This is of course a good thing.moreless
  • A Walker family dinner. Chaos. Secrets Revealed

    The Walker clan were at their best at dinner. We all know this family can't keep secrets. Tommy's affair and Justin's continuing relationship were out in the open mid dinner.

    The scene reminded me why I love this show: Family Dynamics. It reminds me how a real family interects. You feel like an honorary Walker when you watching.

    One thing I really noticed was Roberts expression when he heard both secrets. It was priceles.

    Nora had bad timing entering the kitchen and dragging them all back to the table where Julia started crying. When Nora offered to hit Tommy I was in stiches. I was shocked to find out that Julia also had affair when she stayed at her parents house.

    Poor Nora! Her family's behavior at dinner didn't make the best impression, but Isaac didn't care. He seem as smitten with her as she is with him.moreless
  • Probably the best episode there!

    Probably the best episode of the show as I agree with one viewer as it has a blend of comedy, drama, romance, etc. As the Walkers throw a dinner in their traditional old way. Becca tries to play matchmaker with her mom, who doesn't want to cave in after all that has happened. Plus, Justin & Kevin in the house makes it pretty funny. Tommy hearing from his wife about her cheating on him while she was away and with her parents. Really must had been a punch in the gut like that for him. Robert though I like a lot, really don't like it when he treats Kevin like dirt. All in all, everybody's secrets begin to open the can of worms. But that is family!moreless
  • Nora throws another classic Walker family dinner.

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved, loved loved this episode. I especially loved Justin and Kevin in this episode. They were both absolutely hilarious throughout this whole episode, and they were definitely both the two main highlights of the episode for me. I also absolutely loved Nora in this episode. The whole dinner sequence was really great and really funny. I loved the scene in the kitchen when everyone's secrets are revealed. I was pretty shocked when Julia told Tommy that she had also cheated on him while she was staying with her parents. While I thought that this episode was amazing for the most part, I didn't like all of the stuff about Robert's presidential campaign. I just found it all extremely boring. I'm also very upset with the way that Robert continues to treat Kevin because he broke up with Jason.In my opinion, this episode had the perfect blend of drama and comedy. All in all, I thought that this was another amazing episode of Brothers & Sisters.moreless
  • Great episode like the rest of them usually are.

    I think this episode was a high of the seasons episodes. It was very well put together like the rest of the episodes. It brought some surprises as well. I think that Julia's surpise was very unexpected. It makes me think what the heck was she thinking? I mean if I were her, I would not have done that. I know they can get through this though. Tommy and Julia really want their marriage to work, so I think they will be alright in the end. Who knows what could happen though. We want more episodes writers. We support you.moreless
Al Coronel

Al Coronel


Guest Star

Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen

Governor Clay Adamson

Guest Star

Alan Toy

Alan Toy


Guest Star

Denis O'Hare

Denis O'Hare

Travis March

Recurring Role

Luke MacFarlane

Luke MacFarlane

Scotty Wandell

Recurring Role

Danny Glover

Danny Glover

Isaac Marshall

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (26)

    • Kitty: Have you seen Isaac?
      Robert: No.
      Kitty: He is in Iowa, right?
      Robert: Yes. He did not sleep with your mother, if that's what you're thinking.

    • Sarah: (to Graham) My mother cooked paella. My family imploded.

    • Nora: It must be something in the water or the wine. I cannot get my family together without the roof blowing off.
      Isaac: It's a lot better than how I grew up. My father taught us to keep our trap shut. Nobody spoke in our house. So consider yourself lucky. It's loud here, but it's the truth. And the truth sets you free.

    • Kitty: Robert doesn't want to have children.

    • Robert: If two people aren't exactly on the same page, does that make it a lie?
      Kitty: Well, yes, if you're not telling me what it is.
      Robert: What if I was too scared to talk about it.
      Kitty: You have never been scared of anything in your life.
      Robert: Alright, for example, what if... not having a baby now.

    • Kitty: Obviously, in personal relationships, you shouldn't lie. I don't lie to Robert, Robert doesn't lie to me, right?
      Robert: Um... no. I mean, unless I absolutely have to. ... I'm kidding. I mean, obviously, you can have your convenient misunderstandings...
      Kitty: What are you trying to say, Robert?
      Robert: Nothing. Nothing. We never lie to each other. That is a no-brainer.

    • Kitty: Hypothetically, say you know the truth about something, but by saying it, you could potentially seriously hurt someone. Would you do it?
      (Tense silence around the table.)
      Kevin: I knew it. Adamson's gay.
      Kitty: No. No, he is not gay. Not all Republicans are gay.

    • Isaac: Adamson has a son...
      Robert: And three daughters! And a wife!
      Travis: And I have an uncle named Bob. What are we talking about here?

    • Robert: (in his speech to the veterans) I didn't think what I did was heroic. And after the war, I just wanted to forget. And then, ironically, by not talking, I was called a hero, a distinction that I never asked for.

    • Holly: And David... My history with him is complicated.
      Rebecca: Mom, everything with you is complicated. Why are you drawing the line now?

    • Sarah: What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
      Graham: Six years.
      Sarah: Did you ever cheat? Don't lie.
      Graham: No.
      Sarah: No?
      Graham: Of course, technically speaking, it depends on how you define cheating.

    • Sarah: All they've got to do is turn up, eat, and act normal.
      Kevin: No, why do I have to be involved?
      Sarah: Because, I'm not supposed to know anything, and I've done a miraculous job of keeping my mouth shut. Please, will you, talk to them. (walks out of Kevin's office)
      Kevin: (shouts after Sarah) Yeah, I'll talk to them, but.. c'mon, normal? What am I, a miracle worker?

    • Kevin: Who made you my conscience? What are you, Jiminy Cricket?
      SarahMaybe you need a conscience. All the men in this family could do with a little cricket on their shoulder.

    • Nora: (about Isaac) Alright. I'm into him. That makes me pathetic, right?
      Sarah: No, mother, no, it makes you cute...
      Nora: That's worse.
      Sarah: ...and human. And you have a crush.

    • Sarah: You've always had a thing for Republicans.
      Nora: You know what, he's not a Republican Republican. He's a self-reliant, historically sensitive, get the job done yourself kind of... Republican.

    • Nora: Remember when you wanted to skateboard in the driveway with Bobby Lampert and you were too nervous to be alone with him, so I pretended to clean out the garage?
      Sarah: What are you saying, mother? You're too nervous to have a playdate with Isaac?

    • Nora: (to Sarah) Why is it I never see my children all together anymore? Especially not Tommy and Justin. They're like Superman and Clark Kent.

    • Nora (to Isaac): Parenting is so hard.

    • Kevin: What's burning ?
      Sarah: The rice. Do you know anything about Paëlla ?
      Kevin: No, all I know is the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

    • Sarah: Oh come on, that is the most confused moral reasoning and your opinion doesn't count because you slept with Lena too.
      Justin: I'm still sleeping with her.

    • Kevin: Moms really into this guy Issac. Ok? And she thinks as a family we will make a good impression. Deluded, I know. But if she wants us to go over to the house for dinner that is what we have to do. You want to know why? Because she is inches from the truth about you two and Lena. It's like chum in the water for her. She can smell the blood and she is circling.

    • Sarah: I don't know anything. Do you?
      Kevin: No. Maybe.
      Sarah: Maybe what?
      Kevin: Tommy had an affair.
      Sarah: With Lena.
      Kevin: You knew?
      Sarah: For weeks.

    • Nora: (to Julia, regarding Tommy) You can't just sit there and cry. Yell at him or hit him. Hell, I'll come over there and hit him!
      Julia: I can't
      Sarah: Yes, you can.
      Julia: I can't because I did it, too.

    • Kevin: I can't believe I'm being forced to go to a dinner party, just so Mom can impress a Republican she has the hots for.
      Scotty: You keep saying he's a Republican. I'm far more impressed she might be dating a black man.
      Kevin: A black Republican. Only my mom.

    • Justin: Uh, not that I don't love thumbing through gay porn… I'm sorry, male clothing catalogs… But what am I doing here, bro?
      Kevin: Be nice or I'll put you on the mailing list.

    • Kitty: Sometime before we die I'd really like to have…
      McCallister: Have sex?
      Kitty: Yeah!
      McCallister: That'd be great
      Kitty: Because I really wanna start trying…
      McCallister: New positions?
      Kitty: No. Having a baby.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Večerní odhalení (Evening Revelation)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: Sunday, April 27, 2008 on Network 7
      Norway: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, January 9, 2011 on Universal Channel


    • The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain
      This is a reference to Georges Cukor's movie "My Fair Lady" starring Audrey Hepburn in which a phonetic teacher is challenged to turn a flower girl into a lady presentable in high society. This quote is actually one of the songs from that movie.

    • Jiminey Cricket is a fictional character that first appeared in 1940's Disney animated film entitled Pinocchio. Jiminey Cricket acts as Pinocchio's conscience.