Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 11

The Missionary Imposition

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2008 on ABC
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Nora and Isaac get closer to each other. Jason makes Kevin do some soul searching and think about his future.

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  • All together now

    Kevin: A lot is happening with Kevin and with the arrival of Jason, things just get more confusing. Well, he didn't point to the direction I hoped he would, but Kevin still remains to be one of my favorite characters on this show.

    Kitty and Robert: More complications on the decision with the child. I think it's quite ridiculous everything they have to go through, usually having a child is just so easy, but I guess that's the political life.

    Nora: Her relationship with her new love interest develops into something that I never would expect Nora to be going through when I first laid eyes on this soapy TV series.moreless
  • End Of The Affair Written by Daniel Silk And Brian Studler Directed by Michael Morris

    Jason: "I'm sorry. I was spending my time talking to God".

    Kevin: "At least you were talking to someone".

    Last week Kevin realised that after months of separation, Jason was finally going to return to LA and after much debating, he decided to do the sensible thing and actually tell Scotty rather than sneak around behind his back.

    Of course that confession was on the phone so when Kevin knows that Jason's return is more sooner he tells Scotty directly to his face. Again Kevin is doing the right thing and Scotty tries to reassure him that he isn't the least bit bothered about Jason re-entering Kevin's life.

    However that doesn't stop trouble from still brewing and while any reunion between Kevin and Jason was going to be awkward, Scotty almost made sure that this one was going to be extra uncomfortable. Then again Scotty didn't have to do much to provoke tension.

    A simple meal between Kevin, Jason and Scotty was all it took for the fireworks to kick off. You could tell by Scotty's insistence for this meal to take place that he was actually jealous of Jason being back. Scotty might be many things but one thing he doesn't seem to be is a good liar.

    However both Kevin and Jason knew this dinner was a bad idea from the start and at least one of thing could've firmly prevented it from happening in the first place. After all, it's not like Scotty had a gun to either one of them. A simple no might saved some of the drama that ensued.

    The dinner itself saw both Kevin and Jason barely able to make small talk and Scotty trying to keep things on an even keel only made things worse. I mean that kind of small talk tends to heighten a problem concerning a Walker rather than deflate. Didn't that meal in "Affairs Of State" teach Scotty anything?

    With Scotty just a little too eager to get everything out in the open, Kevin and Jason both have enough and just verbally attack each other. As much as I like Jason (and still do), I have to admit, it's Kevin I mainly side with because his reasons for dumping Jason are more understandable.

    Jason admitted to being lonely and told Kevin that he cut him off from contacting him because he thought it would make things worse. Needless to say Kevin wasn't that impressed and to be fair, as excuses go, this one is exceptionally lame. Kevin did make an attempt to commit to Jason. The least Jason could've done was maintain regular phone conversation.

    It's also this time that Kevin's issue with Jason's faith came into play. Jason didn't exactly make himself look good by saying that God wins against Kevin and there's also something rather bizarre about the way he is with Scotty. There's no sign of hostility or annoyance that Scotty slept with Kevin. Maybe Jason really did think that him and Kevin weren't going to last as a couple.

    In fact come to think of it, there's a part of me that's rather surprised that Jason isn't trying to win Kevin back. After all that is what Scotty was fearing and there was a part of me that did think maybe Jason and Kevin would get back together. This episode however has seemingly killed any chance of that happening.

    With Jason exiting as quickly as he did the last time, I'm not really sure how I feel about him. Eric Winter isn't the strongest of actors and while it was nice to resolve the Kevin/Jason relationship, I guess I was hoping that the two did mean something to each other.

    Arguing with Jason isn't the only thing Kevin does in this episode. He's not exactly thrilled with Scotty's interfering and the two of them have a little spat of their own. Scotty wants to know where he stands with Kevin but Kevin is too annoyed to give him a straight answer so he leaves in a huff.

    However there is a nice little scene later where the two of them do make up as Kevin admits that he does love Scotty. It's a really moving scene but it wins extra points for the hot kissing between Matthew Rhys and Luke McFarlane and yes, I am that shallow. Now that Jason's out of the picture, perhaps we can see Kevin and Scotty as a stronger couple.

    Speaking of couples, with Kevin and Scotty getting a little stronger, both Tommy and Julia are realising that their marriage is in danger. Neither of them are that comfortable being around the other and when Julia tries to bring in some normalcy, she's met with difficulty from Tommy.

    At the office she's amazingly civil to Lena but a simple lunch with her and Tommy can't be enjoyed because Tommy's caught up on the fact that she cheated on him too. In this argument I'm siding with Julia especially given that a door is separating her and Tommy from Lena while Julia's one-nighter is in another state.

    Eventually the both of them do realise that they need to sort themselves. Obviously Elizabeth is a key factor in that decision but the fact that they are both on the same page and are willing to see a shrink is good. Tommy and Julia might not evoke excitement but I still want to see them last as a couple.

    Lena on the other hand has some problems of her own. Rebecca's too pissed off with her to hang out and she also realises that dating Justin isn't that great either. In fact Lena is still hung up on Tommy and during a moment where the two of them bond, she tries to kiss him.

    However this time Tommy actually rejects and Lena decides to make a few sensible decisions. The first one being to dump Justin and the second is quitting her job at the winery. I actually kind of feel bad for Lena. She's not a bad person and even she was smart enough to realise that she needs to get away from Ojai.

    There's also a rather delightful conversation between Lena and Holly. Unlike anyone else on this show, Holly has absolutely no right whatsoever to judge Lena and it's nice that instead of coming across as a condescending harridan, Holly had the decency to give Lena some sound advice. Here's hoping Lena's actually smart enough to take this advice on board.

    Justin meanwhile is a frustration in this episode. He knows his relationship with Lena isn't good for him but he refuses to acknowledge it. If Lena hadn't dumped him, he would've had to have done it in a couple of episodes time himself. At least she did him a favour by ending it.

    He also came to blows with Rebecca about Lena too. Rebecca did draw a comparison to Justin dating Lena and his other vices that wasn't entirely inaccurate. It was also Rebecca who gleefully revelled in being right when Justin told her that she was right about Lena.

    A nicer aspect of the episode was that Justin and Tommy finally made amends. Both of them acknowledged being wrong and there's a good moment where Tommy admitted that he did want to get on better with Justin. Their relationship is pretty akin to Kitty and Nora's at times.

    Speaking of Nora, it seems that crazy family dinner parties aren't enough to kill her sex life as Isaac is after her. Nora opened the episode by admitting to Kitty that she really fancied him and Kitty wasted no time in telling her mother that Isaac felt the same way.

    In fact Isaac even went as far as to book a restaurant for their second date. Nora might not have had her family there with her but she certainly spent a great deal of time talking about them until Isaac asked about her. Personally I think it was sweet and I'm all for anything that gives Nora a life away from dealing with her adult children.

    It's also nice that the episode then ended with Nora telling Kitty about her date. Kitty's comments about Nora taking it slow were hilarious but smart. I like Isaac and I actually hope that he stays on the show long enough for the writers to properly establish a relationship with Nora.

    Also in terms of relationships getting established, it seems that even Saul is inadvertently pushing Sarah and Graham together. She's not so keen on taking a certain deal but both Saul and Graham aren't taking no for an answer. Apparently Graham is determined to prove that he's not all talk and no action.

    A meeting with Simon Lao brings out some interesting results. Sarah gets ritually embarrassed when she realises that one of the reasons why Graham is with her is because he's the translator. In fact this isn't the only mistake that Sarah makes in this episode.

    She also thinks that a bunch of flowers and chocolates are Graham's way of getting into her good books when they're actually from the hotel. Graham is pretty amused by Sarah's false assumptions but on a business front both her and Graham manage to strike a deal with Simon Lao concerning Ojai produce.

    However while in the last few episodes Sarah has made something of a point of not fancying Graham she does get a tad jealous when he meets another woman named Yvonne. If Sarah and Graham's relationship has to be anything then let it just fun and no strings attached. I think we can wait another season for a serious relationship.

    Also in "The Mission Imposition"

    Kitty's "don't drink so much" to Travis is a nice reminder of how much booze is consumed on this series. Watch a certain Season 1 DVD extra if you don't believe me.

    Nora: "Lena, what could she be thinking?"

    Kitty: "Maybe she wishes Kevin was straight so she could go for the whole trifecta".

    According to Graham, 2008 is the year of the Pig but I'm pretty sure it should be the year of the Rat.

    Lena: "Do you actually think I like working for your brother?"

    Justin: "I'm sorry I brought this up".

    Saul: "You and I both know there are no guarantees in life".

    Sarah: "But there's also such a thing as a degree of risk".

    Sarah had a frank conversation about Robert's politics and how she was opposed to them. It's almost relieving to have someone other than Kevin be opposed to Robert's politics.

    Graham: "Fun night out completely optional".

    Sarah: "Fun night out off the table".

    Holly: "Okay the affair between you is over but the possibility of a lawsuit is not".

    Tommy: "It's not gonna come to that".

    Holly: "I hope not".

    Although I've spotted in several episodes both Balthazar Getty and Ron Rifkin are left-handed, as am I. Silly but I thought I'd point it out.

    Graham: "And the chocolates on your pillow, they're not from me either".

    Sarah: "Okay, this is awkward".

    Graham: "Not for me".

    Justin: "It was a mistake, ok?"

    Rebecca: "Really? Because usually when people do something over and over again that is not really a mistake, it's more like a hobby or …"

    Justin: "Or an addiction?"

    Rebecca: "I wasn't going to say that but now that you mention it, there are some glaring similarities".

    Isaac mentioned his wife after they had taken a trip to Africa. Him and Nora looked like they were in the same restaurant where she met Stan.

    Sarah: "I'm feeling a little entourage deficient".

    Graham: "I'll try not to take that comment personally".

    Kevin: "So God won after all".

    Jason: "Yes Kevin. In a contest between you and God, God won".

    This is the first episode so far this season not to feature Robert. It also helped that this episode barely had anything on the campaign too.

    Tommy (re Elizabeth): "I'll get her".

    Julia: "No Tommy we got to figure this out for her".

    Tommy: "I know".

    Graham: "You need that date; I've got a tux waiting".

    Sarah: "I'm weighing my options".

    Standout music: Christian Silva's "How To Be A Man" and Marc Cohen's "Listening To Levon".

    Justin: "It turns out if you want to escape reality; sex is as good as pills".

    Tommy: "Tell me about it".

    Scotty: "I'll see you when you get home".

    Kevin: "Okay".

    Chronology: A week since the events of "The Feast Of The Epiphany".

    Definitely an improvement on last week's episode, "The Missionary Imposition" is a great look at some of the fractured and developing relationships in the series. Justin might not be getting any action now but everyone else is faring well.moreless
  • characters are more realistid than ever. The karaoke episode was funny and so like what Ive experienced. Kevin was so pathetic singing

    This family is so realistic to todays family. Kitty dealing with the step kids and giving them boundries. Most tv shows dipict perfect family.

    REbecca the half sister finds her role in the walker family is great. She supports her siblings as well asserts her independance from them. She also questions her Moms character and the Moms past relationships that would impact Rebeccas life.

    Sarah's dealing with her divorce in a complicated way as most woman today.By delaying signing the papers is classic as sne knows that once she does that area of her life is really over. I think she will have an afffair with Finchmoreless
  • am glad jason is back in the picture. Hes totally hot. seriously what was Lena thinking? i cant stand her. i hope she's gone for good.

    I wonder how far Nora and Issac are gonna go. i really cant trust issac cos, he looks a little deceptive, most times i cant figure him out at all. Kevin needs to get his head out of his ass and make up his mind, this back and forth isnt helping. i love scotty, but Jason is UBBER HOT!

    After i watched the episode before this i still wonder if rebecca is the out of work directors daughter, i wont put it past holly. if tommy's gonna break up with julia, they should do it already cos they're both never gonna forget the cheating. Julia's own is worse cos lena is in her face and her stray guy is back home.

    all in all it was a wonderful episode. am glad we still have post strike episodes coming.moreless
  • Nora has her first real date with Isaak - sweet -; Kevin chooses Scotty for good; Tommy loves Julia; Sara has some chemistry with Graham

    Honestly, it´s just lovely to watch this show. I don´t know why, but I simply adore Nora and how she talks and worries and is so damn´s great.

    Of course I liked the scenes with Kevin and the kiss with Scotty, WOW!!!

    I can feel sth going between Sarah and Graham and I wished she would just go for it. He has kinda nice eyes... I sorta like him and he could cheer her up, which would be good, so good--

    can´t wait for the new episode.

    PS: Unfortuantely I get really impatient with Tommy. I just can´t stand him... he´s okay when he has scenes with others Walkers (I don´t mean Julia).moreless
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Holly Maples


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: While in the airport Sarah mentions that it is the Chinese Year of the Golden Pig. Based on the air date of the episode the year would actually be that of the Golden Rat.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Lena: Julia didn't seem happy.
      Tommy: No. No, she's not.
      Lena: I'm sorry.
      Tommy: Don't be. It's not your problem. But, Justin is.
      Lena: Is that your way of asking me about him?
      Tommy: Yeah.
      Lena: I just, I don't know where it's going.
      Tommy: Join the club. I mean, I have no idea where Julia and I are going either. You know, it's actually easier to talk to you than her right now.
      Lena: Yeah, well, it's always been easy with us.
      Tommy: Yeah. (she starts to kiss him) Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
      Lena: No, I just, I thought you said...
      Tommy: I don't know what I said, but I love Julia. I'm sorry.

    • Justin: Remember the last time we were here? I had just found out you existed.
      Rebecca: Yeah, you were like the only one in your family that was actually talking to me.
      Justin: It's crazy, huh?
      Rebecca: Yeah, now you're like the only one that's not talking to me.

    • Isaac: How are you, Nora?
      Nora: Um, well, I've hardly seen Justin all week, but you'll be very happy to hear that Tommy and Julia have said they really want...
      Isaac: Nora, I asked, how are you, not your kids.
      Nora: Oh. How am I? I have no idea.

    • Lena: I thought I was in love with Tommy, but clearly... I'm screwed up.
      Holly: When I was with William, I thought, this isn't perfect, it's a compromise, but it's my choice. I even thought that I was in control. And for twenty years, I let that idea and that man dictate who I was. When I finally realized that I was just filling in the gap for somebody else's relationship, it was too late, and I couldn't leave. It is better if you figure this out now.
      Lena: I hope so.
      Holly: Lena, use this opportunity to find something that's yours.

    • Julia: What about you and Lena? When did you sleep with her?
      Tommy: I told you, it was a couple of weeks after you left and you accused me of being responsible for William's death, do you remember that? So while you were off dealing with your emotions, how did, how did you just hook up with your ex-boyfriend?
      Julia: I was dealing with my emotions. I was also bored and lonely, and I ran into someone I knew, and we had a couple drinks, and I got hammered. What about you and Lena, were you drunk?
      Tommy: Yeah, the first time.
      Julia: The first time? So were you sober the second, third...
      Tommy: You went away, alright! Gone, nothing!
      Julia: You think that gives you a right to cheat?
      Tommy: What's your excuse?

    • Julia: You know, this new Mexican place just opened right by my parents' house, they have the best fish tacos.
      Tommy: Is that where he took you?
      Julia: What? No, he did not take me for Mexican food. And how can you even bring him up when she's sitting right outside the door.
      Tommy: You're the one who suggested eating here.
      Julia: I thought we were going for normal, which obviously isn't working, probably because all I can think about is, did you do it on your desk? On hers?
      Tommy: Like I don't have questions about the guy you slept with? Was it really just once? Was he good? At least you know what you're going up against.
      Julia: Up against?
      Tommy: I didn't mean it like that.

    • (Kitty and Nora are talking to each other on the phone, while Travis is sitting beside Kitty in the car sick and drinking)
      Kitty (says into the phone, but she is talking to Travis): Don't drink so much.
      Nora(having a glass of wine in her hand): I don't drink too much!

    • Kitty: Just remember Mom. Remember what you always used to say to me. Take it slow. You make him wait.

    • Kevin: It's quite simple, honestly, we were together, he went to Malaysia, I never heard from him again. End of story.
      Jason: Oh really, okay, what about the part where you promised to wait for me and then broke up with me on the phone.
      Kevin: I'm surprised you picked up the phone.
      Jason: You want to know why I didn't call?
      Kevin: Why?
      Jason: I thought it would make it worse.
      Kevin: Worse?
      Jason: I missed you too much, okay? I thought if I could just focus on where I was and what I was trying to do...
      Kevin: You know, you know what that is? That's the worst excuse I've ever heard. You made me feel like we were through, over, like I was some materialistic guy you had no time for.
      Scotty: And you guys have nothing to resolve, right.
      Kevin: Stay out of this for one minute.
      Scotty: No. Why don't you just ask him why he came home, I'm sure you want to know.
      Jason: Oh, it wasn't for him, if that's what you're thinking. He dumped me, and that's when I found my spiritual strength. Finally.
      Kevin: So God won, after all.
      Jason: Yes, Kevin, in a contest between you and God, God won.
      Kevin: Great, so, everything worked out for the best.
      Jason: Yeah. Perfect.
      Scotty: Well, I'm really glad we had that talk.

    • Rebecca: Don't you care that she slept with Tommy? I mean...
      Justin: It was a mistake, ok?
      Rebecca: Really? Because usually when people do something over and over again that is not really a mistake, it's more of a hobby or...
      Justin: Or an addiction?
      Rebecca: I didn't say that. But now that you mention it, there are some glaring similarities.

    • Jason: Calling home wasn't an option for me.
      Kevin: Why? No cell phone coverage?
      Jason: I was having a crisis of faith, actually.
      Kevin: Really? I didn't know that. But then you didn't tell me.
      Jason: I'm sorry, I was spending my time talking to God!
      Kevin: At least you were talking to someone.

    • Graham: You know that little chocolate on your pillow? It's not from me either.
      Sarah: This is awkward
      Graham: Uh, not for me.

    • Jason: Kev, don't. He's my brother.
      Kevin: Yeah, well Kitty's my sister, and you don't see me drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • Graham: You'll just have to wing it.
      Sarah: I'm sorry, I'm not a "wing it" type of girl.
      Graham: Sarah, what is wrong with a wildly successful meeting followed by a fun night out in San Francisco?

    • A.A. Group: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

    • Nora: I don't even talk to Justin who I guess is still sleeping with Lena. What could she be thinking?
      Kitty: I don't know. Maybe she was wishing Kevin was straight so she could go for the whole Walker trifecta.

    • Nora: Good sweet God in Heaven was that you?
      Kitty: No that would be typhoid Travis attempting to spread his plague to the good poeple of Iowa.

    • Tommy: You know sometimes it really sucks we can't have a beer together.
      Justin: Well we can. You just have to drink it.

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    People's List
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    20/20: In an Instant Murder in the Maternity Ward