Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 14

The One That Got Away

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2011 on ABC

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  • Milk chocolate with a cherry centre ...

    Another episode with all the usual hi-jinks but a little less silly than normal. The two chefs (one amateur and one professional were amusing in those two segments. But Saul deliberately serving a possibly life threatening meal was rather iffy to my mind. Not much of the usually simpish Justin, missed Holly but never do miss the always extremely annoying and self centred Kitty; so that was a Valentine Day card in itself.

    I find nothing wrong with Tommy's fiance (Nancy) digging into the family history. But in typical spoiled Walker brat fashion the "erroneous" info of course gets out causing grief and friction all over. But then I do feel that the Walker sisters usually do get exactly what they deserve. At least that was short lived, until possibly the final scene reveal. I'm not sure that Nora should have been quite as nasty to Nancy though because after all it was not her who let the cat out of the bag. But Sally Field was a bit more layered than usual in this episode so her reaction and consternation was probably well founded. I just wish that she could at least find a viable partner for more than just a few episodes or so.

    What saved this episode for me was the reconcilations and displays of forgiveness and true love at the end. It was good have Nora and Nancy come together, to see Saul happy at least for now and Kevin and Scotty back on target.

    All in all a nice Valentine episode with some possible suspense thrown in for good measure.
  • The Best of the Best !!

    This is by far the best show on TV.Nora has finally found the Right Man in Beau Bridges.One of the greatest addition to the show so far.Would love to see this romance a lasting one.They make a totally believable couple.And she deserves some happiness with all she's had to endure .Think Brody could give all the Kid's a run for there money,And make a Great Step Dad.Ha Chamberlain for Sal was another brilliant move.Bravo! Sal deserves more exposure.Do have to say Kitty needs a better hookup tho,Not so believable, with who she is seeing now. Love Tommy and Justin's new Flames.Kevin an Scotty are a perfect match and can't wait to see there family come together.Sarah an Luc,just say hot hot hot. Please keep the shows coming !! Would hate to see the show end,and sure hope it doesn't happen.But if it must lets hope they all go out happy...
  • Some interesting family secrest arise!

    This was an interesting Brothers & Sisters episode, in which a few secrest about Nora's past and critical to the family's future arise. Not to give away too much, but Sarah begins to question whether William Walker is indeed her father! I particularly enjoyed the last scene of her, which is setting up for a terrific set of episodes!

    Justin and Luc at the bowling alley was quite funny! Luc's whole romantic strategy didn't go as pllanned (in many ways) and I also really enjoyed the Dinner Service at Scotty's restaurant! Some funny scenes at both of those venues!

    For a Valentine's Day episode, it actually had some suspense and somme mistery, which was brilliant! It exceeded my expectations, as I wasn't expected a good episode of Valentine's Day.

    All up, a great episode! This show now has me hooked with the Sarah storyline, and it continues to improve! I highly recommend it!