Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 8

The Rhapsody of Flesh

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • Perhaps it lacked some substance, but it was still very funn!

    I really enjoyed this episode of Brotehrs & Sisters. While the sotorylines were not quite as good as some others, it was still very interesting because of the humour in it.

    The funniest part was all of the scenes at Nora's house with Luc's mother. I really enjoyed all of that, especially when other family members started gradually arriving!

    Some more humour from 'Captain Happy' as well, and this was definitely one of the funnier episodes that I have seen.

    Keep it up, Brothers & Sisters, and I am hoping that this calibre of episodes is maintained, as wel move towards the middle of the season!
  • Captain Happy is on leave.

    I found this episode very lighthearted and funny and without the sad stories that were coming up on the past ones, which gave this a very fresh touch.
    Sonia Braga's special appearence was quite good. I'm brazilian and I'm more used to see her working. Have to say, hers and Sally's scenes together were like seen a mother teaching her son how to talk. Sally Field is always amazing and last week she was right off the chart. I loved the storyline. Justin is such a young character that has beend through so much that I think he deserved to have some fun, even with some girl that has a gun collection. LOL
    Kevin's and Scotty's storyline is developing quite well. My only negative on it is that I think form last week episode to this one, they took a huge leap from being in separate houses to a great married couple all over again. They still have somethings to work on, but is quite nice.
    Norah's and Luke's and Sarah's storyline was very funny and interesting and dramatic, all in one. Since it was the main one for the episode, I think it did its job in a very satisfying way. I am looking foward to see how Norah's relationship with that shrink is going to pan out. Have really high hopes for it, since she doesn't have the best taste in men.
  • Luca's mother is central to the role and has some emotional issues to deal with. Nora tries to help her and this back fires for her.

    Not my favourite episode at all - I was wondering when it was going to end which is not normal for me with Brothers and Sisters. Nice to get some background on Luca - but the story line is getting a little stale and sappy. The highlight was Justin thinking he was doing the right thing getting it on with Luca's Mum temporarily. Justin has some serious mojo going on which is a bit tastless so soon after he splits with Rebecca.

    Nora and the Doctor don't really do it for me at all, but at least their romance progresses.