Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 12

The Science Fair

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2010 on ABC

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. While Kevin, Scotty and Justin all try to help Paige with her school science project, they manage to wreck it and almost ruin the whole thing for Paige. Luckily she manages to save the day herself. Justin finds out that he may have a learning difficulty, which may be why he is failing medical school. Simon comes back into town and Sarah starts digging around his past again. When she goes to tell Nora what she has found, we learn that Nora already knows the truth, about him being a con man and tells him that she has called the cops.
  • The end of the Nora/Simon storyline was great but I thought most of the episode was weak. Mainly because of Kevin being irritating and more Justin/Rebecca tension.

    Okay I'll start with the positives. I loved how Nora dealt with Simon in the end. That whole scene was really satisfying and it made me love Nora even more as a character. I'm glad it's over too, he was doing my head in a bit. Was it me or was Holly not that bad in this one? In fact I actually was on her side. I'm even interested about this whole selling shares thing...

    I guess this is probably just my opinion but I'll go for it anyway - Kevin is a really annoying, unlovable character. Seriously he's either being smug or else just whines and moans. I don't feel for him and certainly can't relate to him. I like Scotty but have no idea why he married Kevin. Sorry Kevin fans, he's getting on my nerves.

    What also got on my nerves was the tension between Justin and Rebecca...AGAIN. Can't these two ever get along? Just break them up or something. And this medical school failure thing is starting to drag. I did like the Sarah/Paige plot but why was the latter meant to be annoyed with her mother? I was a bit confused.

    So yeah the weakest episode of the season. Sometimes I love this show but this was more annoying than anything. Hopefully it gets back to the strong standards of the rest of this season.