Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 7

The Wig Party

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on ABC



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    • Nora: (talking about Kitty) Do you think she needs any help?
      Sarah: Mom, if she needed our help, she would've asked for it. Just come on. Sit down. Let's change the subject.
      Nora: Oh, all right. Okay. I'm just relieved she's gonna get back into chemo.
      Sarah: Mom, not a new subject.
      Nora: Oh.
      Sarah: Biker boy. Well, I made Justin fill me in. Come on.

    • Justin: Do you want to know what Doctor Walker thinks?
      Rebecca: No.
      Justin: Come on, I'm taking clinical diagnosis. Let me try. Let me try! Alright. (touches her forehead) Uhmm, no fever. Could it be Ojai food poisoning? (Rebecca snickers) or idiopathic wedding planitis.

    • Sarah: Most cancers are genetic.
      Kitty: Sarah, the only person who had cancer in our family was Daisy.
      Sarah: You think Daisy the dog gave herself cancer?
      Kitty: Well, she was a nervous type A kind of dog.
      Sarah: (scoffs) Come on! Listen! Picking out feelings in yourself that match some cancer profile -- it's like looking at the horoscope in the comics page. You know, it fits anybody.
      Kitty: It fits me.

    • Nora: (during her benefit speech) There have been so many exciting new treatments discovered over the past few years, but we can't forget this -- there's no substitute for hope. And when families stick together, hope stays strong. Fighting cancer requires medicine and faith -- faith believing in something deeply and certainly, without a single doubt. The fear of losing control is dangerous as the disease itself. Fear keeps us doubting instead of hoping. Looking down instead of up.

    • (after Kitty's hair begins falling off)
      Kitty: At least before, when I felt sick, nobody knew I had a cancer, but now, everybody's gonna know.
      Nora: Kitty, everyone who loves you -- when they look at you, all they see is you.

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