Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 18

Three Parties

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on ABC



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    • (After Kitty's trip to Castroville)
      Kitty: I did go there thinking that if I could find any dirt on you at all, it would be buried in your home town.
      Robert: You can bury dirt? How does that work exactly?
      Kitty: But instead I found out that I'm really screwed up here because I'm falling in love with a saint.
      Robert: You what?
      Kitty: Mm, nothing, no I just said that you're this incredibly perfect saint-like saint.
      Robert: Well most saints are saint-like but we'll get to that in a minute, you're what?
      Kitty: (Mumbling quietly) Oh, I just said that I was falling in love with you.

    • Kevin: This little drama of peek-a-boo in and out of the closet and the hysteria it inspires is starting to wear just a little bit thin.
      Chad: Because I'm freaked out about the implications of coming out and what that might mean for my career.
      Kevin: Oh God, I hate that word. Career. It's like the modern day religion.

    • (After Chad dumps Kevin)
      Kevin: You know what, I'm going to join a Monastery anyway, one of those vow of silence places, so I can stay out of trouble.
      Justin: Well you'd probably find a way, especially with all of those Monks batting their eyes at you.

    • (At a party)
      Sarah: Is that a romper suit? I've never felt this old in my life.
      Kitty: What about that time when you-
      Sarah: Yeah, you finish that sentence, you're dead to me.

    • Justin: I should have a black eye for as long as possible to remind me never to be a chivalrous ass.
      Kevin: I wish I was a chivalrous ass instead of being just wholly an ass.

    • (Talking about their relationship)
      Robert: Do we have to have this conversation here?
      Kitty: We're whispering.
      Robert: In front of an open mic.

    • Sarah: You have lost your mind.
      Kitty: No, I know exactly where I left it.

    • (On the phone, Kitty is drunk)
      Kitty: Oh, and guess who I met.
      Robert: Alice Webb, my high school girlfriend.
      Kitty: What kind of a name is Alice anyway?
      Robert: What kind of name is Kitty?

    • Chad: I was sitting here watching you sleep, you looked so happy, and I started thinking about all the things that people do together that we can't.
      Kevin: What, like getting a good night sleep?
      Chad: Like travel.

    • (Arriving in Castroville)
      Sarah: There's something odd about this.
      Kitty: What?
      Sarah: This town.
      Kitty: Oh, was the giant man made artichoke in the town square your first clue?
      Sarah: No, though that was odd.

    • Justin: I'm kind of used to being the bad influence around here.
      Rebecca: There's a new black sheep in town.

    • Kitty: I can't believe Gary is making me do an entire weekend of hero worshipping puff pieces on my mean boyfriend who I'm having a fight with, who I'm not supposed to be having a fight with because he's running for President, like that's a big deal or something.
      Sarah: Did you get all that out?
      Kitty: Not even close.

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  • Allusions

    • Kitty: (to the Senator's high school girlfriend) We all know how guy's are at that age. They're immature and grabby. Was he grabby? I bet he was.
      high school girlfriend: Don't you work for him?
      Kitty: Yeah-yeah. But nobody-nobody is that perfect. Not even Mr. McSainthood.

      This is Kitty's play on the now well-known "Mc" label appearing often in another ABC hit show, Grey's Anatomy. Recently dubbed "McLabels" in a Grey's Anatomy recap special hosted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan titled "Every Moment Counts", they are generally used when referring to the male gender in flirty, amusing, and/or sarcastic ways.