Brothers & Sisters

Season 4 Episode 18

Time After Time

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on ABC

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  • The Walkers must face the secrets of their pasts.

    For me, this was 2 of the greatest hours of Brothers & Sisters I have ever watched. It had drama (good, pulse-pounding, revelatory, heart-wrenching drama); romance (thank you Justin and Rebecca); comedy (and thanks to you, Nora and Holly); small action (kudos to young Kevin). Let me just say that when I first heard that they would be doing a flashback episode, I was worried. Worried that it would be cheesy and have no real importance to the here and now. Kind of how I feel about the flashbacks they did on Grey's Anatomy. But I digress. Time after Time our histories come to sneak up on us and bite us in the bum. Time after time we make mistakes, and we'll keep making them...time after time after time. And look, that's the name of the episode! The flashbacks here were of vital importance to finding out what this "big" secret is that had Tommy show up and Nora suddenly want everyone to sell their Ojai shares. What I loved about finding out the secret, was that it made the flashbacks relevant. You had to piece together from everyone's point of view in the flashbacks exactly what was going on. Something you thought was one way was suddenly another from another character's point of view. Okay, I know I just confused myself. But, whatever. I'm gonna start with Kevin. Probably the linchpin of the whole secret. At first I thought it had something to do with Tommy, like always, but suprise surprise, it's Kevin. When he and Aaron were fighting and then Aaron fell off the platform, I was shocked. I felt for poor Kevin. To have that eating away at your conscience (time after time), that's gotta be hard. Which is why I can see his point in being mad at Nora. If I had done somethin like that and been told for 25 years it was all okay, and then suddenly be ambushed and find out it's not! I would feel angry too,and betrayed. So I totally get his anger and coldness toward Nora right now. On the other hand, if I had been in Nora's position, I would want to protect my son too. Do everything and anything I had to to make sure he had a future and not be held back from this one stupid incident. Nora did the right thing, and like she said, there was NO good time to tell Kevin the truth. Damn, Dennis York for starting this whole mess! But thank you also, because without him we wouldn't have this great drama! Anyway, I also wanna say that my theory about Nora and Dennis was totally debunked. Thank god. Cuz I like being wrong in TV shows. My theory whenever Dennis was mentioned around Nora and how she would react, led me to think that she had had a secret affair with him, possibly a one night stand. Thankfully not. Speaking of Nora, how great was she as Thelma and Holly as Louise? Perfect comedy right there. Stealing cars, breaking into hotel rooms. I want more episodes with them doing "detective work." Funny stuff. What I didn't see coming from this whole Narrow Lake thing was the gasp-inducing moment of finding out it was an anagram for Nora Walker!! Thank you again, Kevin! That looks to be one hell of an interesting turn in the plot. Can't wait to find out more. Hooray for Kitty! I was scared there for a minute about her health. I don't want her to end up like Izzie on Grey's! Who else....oh, Justin and Rebecca. I'm so glad they weren't directly involved in the whole dramatic debacle in the first hour, glad they stayed out of it! Their romance is one of the greatest on TV and keeps me watching. Hilarious Hilarious when their honeymoon got "invaded." And the whole family ends up there. Typical Walker shenanigans! But I loves it! The ending was spectacular. It ended in great Brother & Sisters style, with a family dinner (naturally), a HUGE revelation about Narrow Lake (Nora Walker), and a question about the future. What a wonderful wonderful 2 hours I spent with the Walker clan. It was a roller coaster that's for sure, but I couldn't get enough. There's so much more I can say about this eppy, but I should cut off for now, and say that Time after time, our pasts, like the Walkers' past, come back to haunt us, and often times we have to face the truth about our past because our actions then have consequences for the future. Bravo Brothers & Sisters! See you next Sunday! : )