Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Two Places

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Tommy is making out with Lena.

Sarah is home drinking wine and talking to her kids on the phone. She has the kids for the weekend. Paige gets grounded because she pulled the fire alarm at school for a dare. She's very distant and angry. So Kitty tries to get through to her and asks her to be her flower girl for the wedding. That makes her happy and she wants a purple dress. But she runs away from home. Joe decides to give Sarah shared custody.

Kitty gets a visit from an old friend, Isaac, to do damage control. He advises Kitty to get married before breaking the news about her pregnancy to the public. Nora objects strongly and want that Kitty gets the wedding she's always wanted, not just a quick fix. Isaac tells her that it's not about romance but about politics. Nora gets until Sunday to make the wedding happen. Robert doesn't know anything about it until he walks in on Kitty and Isaac.

Kevin visits Scotty at work. He doesn't live at his apartment anymore, he couldn't afford the rent. Kevin offers him to crash at his place. He puts the key under the doormat.

Justin is still taking pills and is really down.

Holly thinks Rebecca is using too much time with the Walkers. Rebecca goes out with Lena, and Justin tags along. Justin takes pills when Lena is watching and they make out. Rebecca saw it and left. She packed her bags and gave Justin a cold shoulder about his abuse.

All the Walkers get involved at planning the wedding at the house. Nora is totally in charge.

Nora and Kitty goes to the doctor to do some tests and have a look at the baby. The doctor doesn't detect a heartbeat. The baby is dead. She has a miscarriage. And then the wedding's off.