Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Two Places

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • A sad episode for Kitty, an enjoyable one though.

    I liked this, I think that the show is getting better as it goes on. I had already read about Kitty's miscarriage but it was still sad when she found out, when she broke down, you did feel sorry for her. I didn't think I'd like Isaac but I did, it was quite funny and would definitely be an interesting character for the future. Robert, he is an alright character, sometimes I like, other times I don't.

    Thank god Rebecca finally saw through Justin, I'm not a fan of him and don't feel sorry for him, at all. Rebecca is again, an alright character, I did enjoy her in this episode, Holly was right about Justin, he was treating her badly. Lena, the word s l u t comes to mind here, was glad she stopped the kiss with Justin, but she still has Tommy there for here.

    Kevin, wasn't overly interested this time, not a Scotty fan, so that's probably why. Sarah and Joe dealing with Paige was a good storyline, but I do really like Sarah, that helped. It was good to see Kitty cheer Paige up. Joe was being an even bigger ass but luckily he changed the custody agreement.

    Season two is getting could, the next episode sounds interesting.
  • Duality Written by Monica Owusa-Breen And Alison Schapker Directed by Gloria Muzio

    Robert: "Oh my God".
    Kitty: "No honey, it's good. It's nature's way of ending a potential problem. We don't have to rush the wedding".

    That is probably the strangest comment I've heard from anyone on this series so far. However while it might come across as a tad cold-hearted, I think it's safe to assume that Kitty was using it as a defence mechanism when she said it. It's also a shame that when things were really looking up for Kitty, something really terrible had to go and happen to her. Then again this is modern TV and characters are definitely not immune to bad things happening to them.

    Normally on a lot of TV shows, miscarriages can either have an act of violence happen that lead to a baby being lost or it can be something simpler. For this series, the writers went with the latter option when Kitty and believe me, it definitely didn't deter.

    Having Nora go with Kitty to the hospital for her first scan was a nice touch and the scene where the female doctor told Kitty that she miscarried was nicely played. You knew the bad news was coming but the delivery really did bring it home.

    Calista Flockhart, who has proven how strong of a dramatic actress she is on this show, really excels herself this week. Kitty's utter shock of losing her baby, followed by her crying in private shows the kind of maturity this show has in dealing with uncomfortable subject matter.

    Of course I should also compliment Sally Field as well as Nora went out of her way to be there for Kitty and also to remind her that the miscarriage wasn't her fault. I've had family member suffer miscarriage myself, so I'm pleased to see the series tackle the issue with sensitivity. Too often shows opt for melodrama but not here.

    Telling Robert was then the other thorny issue for Kitty. He wasn't exactly enthusiastic when he discovered through Travis that Kitty was pregnant in the previous episode and with the campaign getting more intense, I can see why Kitty might have had reservations in telling him.

    Needless to say, Robert did handle the bad news well and even wanted to be at Kitty's side when she had to go back to the hospital but afterwards we did see him confessing to Isaac of all people that he didn't want to be a father again and was in some ways relieved that he didn't.

    For the longest time, Rob Lowe hasn't been given some truly meaty material and while Robert's confession doesn't exactly portray him in a good light, it's the first however that he's come across as a more believable character. Again I don't agree with Robert's views but that little confession has been a lot more interesting than listening to him go on incessantly about tactics for his campaign.

    Earlier on in this episode, Kitty roped in Isaac to help combat the public backlash that her pregnancy might have on Robert's campaign. Casting Danny Glover in the role of Isaac was a nice choice and giving him conflicting history with both Robert and Kitty was also a good choice.

    With Kitty, Isaac was an old friend and something of a mentor figure from what I gathered from their earlier scenes. Robert however not only dislikes Isaac for using underhanded tactics but a decade ago, Isaac was the same bloke who outed Jason to sabotage Robert.

    Of course Isaac isn't exactly apologetic for doing such a thing. Instead when Robert attempts to lay down ground rules, Isaac basically tells Robert to shape up if he's really serious about being the next President. Again can I point out that I really don't want Robert to win this race?

    As for Isaac when he's not genuinely annoying the hell out of Robert, he's making eyes at Nora. He must view her as a kindred spirit because he does seem a little overly excited watching her antagonise Kitty and well, after that sleazy professor, Nora could do with a bit of fun. Plus he did set her the challenge of arranging a wedding in two days prior to Kitty miscarrying.

    Giving Nora a task like that in such a short space of time to work pretty much meant hell for everyone else. She's quick to give Paige and Cooper chores to carry and she certainly enjoys tormenting both Tommy and Saul at the same time too. Fortunately Kitty is able to deflate her tyrannical reign.

    Sarah on the other hand is also continuing to have a crap time of things too. When she is able to see Paige and Cooper, she has to deal with her older child misbehaving in school and then running away after a setback with the wedding plans. However Paige is clearly not that good at running away if the furthest place she could go was to Nora's. Joe isn't a particularly great mood and blames Sarah for the whole thing. Normally he'd have a point but given that Joe made the fighting between him and Sarah worse than it had to be, it does come across as a bit hypocritical for him to get so high and mighty.

    Fortunately he does redeem himself towards the end of the episode by allowing for joint custody so that Paige and Cooper can have equal time with both him and Sarah. If only Joe had this amazing hindsight prior to Paige acting up. He might have been able to have prevented this to begin with.

    Speaking of preventing, if Tommy kept his dick in his pants, he could then prevent whatever disaster his affair with Lena is going to cause. Instead of screwing her in the office, he's now become accustomed to sleeping over at her place. It's clear that Lena wants more but Tommy is too dense to pick up on this.

    However Lena does console herself in having a little fun with Rebecca. Given that Rebecca was the very way Lena was introduced into the series, it made sense for the two of them to go and hang out. After all, both women needed a break from the Walkers. Pity Rebecca just didn't have the sense to not take Justin with her.

    For a girl who needs to get away from Justin, Rebecca should've just flat told him that she needed some time away from him. Justin should've been wise enough to have gotten a clue and found some other way of amusing himself. Instead he decided to tag along with Rebecca and Lena like a dead weight.

    Worse still than just tagging along was Justin and Lena ganging up on Rebecca. Justin makes cracks about her not having a life and as soon as she makes an attempt to do, he's hanging off her. Lena's no better too as she makes no effort to defend Rebecca from Justin's accusations.

    Instead she's happy to see him down pills even though he obviously gives off that addict vibe and she's also snogging him outside the bathroom too. This wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't already sleeping with Tommy but Rebecca's reaction to seeing them do this is strange.

    Still at least it gives her the best incentive to follow Holly's advice and get a life. By this she openly confronts Justin on his addictive behaviour and then moves out of the Walker. As much as an irritant Holly might be, I have to admit she was right in telling Rebecca to leave. She can't help Justin and Justin definitely doesn't want to help himself either.

    Justin's so in denial of being an addict that nothing Rebecca says makes an impact on him. The funniest thing however is how blatantly crap his excuses are for his excessive drug intake. I didn't need Rebecca to point out how stupid his excuses were I just knew it myself.

    Meanwhile for the second week in a row, Kevin doesn't really have a whole lot to do. Last week he might have been trying to help Sarah but now he's mostly moping over Jason. To be fair though he does have just cause as Jason doesn't seem to making much of an effort to contact.

    Although I think it's pretty obvious that Scotty's continued presence around Kevin is going to trigger him into being unfaithful, I'm finding the bloke less annoying. Scotty moving into Kevin's place sees them sharing movies but we also get to see that Scotty does care about Kevin's well being as well.

    I'd love for the writers to avoid the trap of them sleeping together but I guess with the chemistry that Matthew Rhys and Luke McFarlane exhibit, that's probably not going to happen. Kevin is also not doing a whole lot to emphasise to Scotty that he's in a committed relationship. Then again, neither is Jason come to think of it.

    Also in "Two Places"

    There was a nice scene where Sarah got to read Paige and Cooper via the phone she gave Paige in the previous episode.

    Tommy: "I have to get going".
    Lena: "There's nothing that says you can't stay the night. I can make you my famous French toast in the morning".

    Although it's an obvious thing, Lena does come across as a tad sleazy for making out with both Tommy and Justin.

    Kitty: "No. You're telling me I have to get married in two days?"
    Isaac: "No time to waste".

    Kevin: "You're homeless?"
    Scotty: "Oh I like to think of myself as being between homes".

    Scotty's tastes in movies/TV include The Thornbirds (a fave of Kevin's), The Exorcist and Glitter. Two out of three ain't bad.

    Nora: "Kitty's more of a traditionalist than that".
    Justin: "Except for the fact that she got knocked up before the idea".
    Nora: "Yes, except for that".

    Nora: "Politics be damned".
    Kitty: "Mom, the groom is running for President".

    Kitty kept referring to her pregnancy as "Operation Puppy". Didn't ABC also referred to the coming out episode of Ellen as "The Puppy Episode" as well?

    Robert (re Isaac): "If people get wind that he's on out campaign there gonna think we're in crisis".
    Kitty: "Oh well, guess what Robert? We are in a crisis. Remember I'm pregnant".

    Isaac: "Then stop wasting your time and drop out of this race. This is Presidential politics. If you're looking for idealism, you're not gonna win a nomination".
    Robert: "I'd expect that from you".

    How did Nora not pick up on the fact Saul didn't want to sit anywhere near Kevin? Usually she'd comment on something like that.

    Nora: "So you wanna lay down? I can stay with you until Robert comes home".
    Kitty: "I think I'm just gonna wait for him by myself if that's okay with you".

    Lena: "Is that lame?"
    Rebecca: "No it just means you love your job".

    Given that Tommy's original idea was to have Lizzie in a bee costume on the wine bottles, perhaps Lena is worth keeping.

    Sarah (re Paige): "Damn it, we did this to her. Why did you have to make it so hard?"
    Joe: "She didn't disappear from my house".

    Standout music: "Tired Of Being Sorry" by Ringside and "Field Below" by Regina Spector.

    Justin: "Why are you being so judgemental?"
    Rebecca: "Because I have spent every waking minute trying to take care of you".
    Justin: "Who asked you to?"

    Paige: "I wish I could be in two places at once".
    Justin: "Me too".

    Chronology: A few days since "Domestic Issues".

    After a superb previous episode, "Two Places" only manages to go and surpass it. Once again it's both the Kitty and Sarah plots that dominate the good stuff but at least Justin's relapse is getting momentum too.
  • Kitty seeks political help to deal with her pregnancy, but tragedy strikes. Kevin offers shelter to Scotty, Paige has trouble dealing with her parents divorce and Rebecca makes a discovery.

    Another emotional episode here closely following on from last week's episode concerning the youngest members of the Walker clan.

    Kitty losing her baby was devastating and gave Calista Flockhart a chance to shine and that she did. I wasn't spoiled by the miscarriage as I had been spoiled by later spoilers but I was surprised to have it happen so soon. The final scene was heartbreaking.
    Robert's reaction was interesting. He never seemed that bothered by the baby but I just assumed it was because of its timing. But to have him confess that he didn't really want the baby was a little shocking. Why wouldn't he want to start a new family with Kitty? This revelation could have some interesting consequences for the future.
    Issac was an interesting character to introduce in this episode. He from what I could tell was a political spin-doctor whom Robert had great problems with. His methods were obviously dubious, but in politics were the concepts of good and bad are relative – one person can only looks good if another looks bad- they were perfectly justifiable. He and Nora really sparked in their little scene together and I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of him.
    Speaking of Nora she was great planning the wedding and comforting another of her children, this time Kitty. I love Sally Field in this role as she does it so well

    One of the youngest Walkers- Paige- got a little chance to shine here. Obviously troubled by her parents divorce, it was good to see her reaction, accurately portrayed here. I loved her interactions with Kitty, Nora and especially Justin in this episode, it was all very sweet.
    Whilst I'm glad that Sarah got back her children (at least for part of the time here) it does lessen the impact of last week's episode when she lost them. This development probably could have waited a couple of weeks to really make full emotional impact.

    Rebecca has left the Walker home after about 6 months on discovering Justin, not only high but kissing her best friend (NB between Holly, Rebecca and Lena, they have made their way through all the Walker men bar Kevin (for obvious reasons!) Robert better watch out, once he marries Kitty he'll be next!!) Although the reason she gives Justin is the drugs, an underlying reason surely has to be a jealousy of the sparks between Lena and Justin. I'm glad that she seems determined to get on with her own life now, she has long been defined by the Walker in this show, now its time for her to get her own storylines away from the family. Holly was good to call her up on it, they seem to be getting on better now.

    Kevin was good to help out Scotty, these two are good as friends, as Scotty was good to help Kevin get over his depression over Jason.
    Tommy is still being an idiot continuing his affair with Lena but his refusal to stay the night shows that he at least still knows that it is wrong.

    A good episode this week, not quite as strong as the previous weeks but still pretty good.
  • A lot of dramatic twists and turns to keep the plot juicy.

    Lets start with the obvious: Kitty's miscarriage. Probably my favourite storyline of the episode. Kitty has a miscarriage and the family is pretty much thrown into devastation. I love the way she learnt about it, nothing too dramatic like her collapsing or falling down some stairs, but the way most women tend to discover these horrible things. Nora's presence was perfect, I honestly don't think the presence of any other character would've really worked. I did let my mind drift a little and wondered what it would've been like if Robert was with her, or even Sarah. The storyline was well written and acted (especially on Calista and Sally's part). However Robert had me ever so confused, I was left going why and what?? Although, I did love the scene where Robert tells Kitty he wants to go to the DMC with her, aww... The last scene with Kitty and Nora was the best of them all though, I just love seeing Nora in scenes where her maternal nature is thrown out there. :)

    Justin and Lena. Tommy and Lena. I think I would much rather put my finger down my throat than watch anymore of this storyline. Am I the only one who would just wish Lena would bugger off or die in a fiery car crash? I bet Rebecca does. Speaking of which, loved, loved Emily VanCamp in this episode. She can't do anything wrong! Maybe Rebecca will finally do something about Justin's addiction now she knows for sure. I hope so. I am glad that Becca decided to move home with Holly, I missed those Holly and Rebecca scenes, they are always wonderful.:P

    Umm... oh, Paige. A little confusing, but very realistic for a child of a separating couple to rebel like she did, so I applaud that fact. Whoever said that B&S is too soapy is obviously speaking out there arse. For once I felt like giving Joe a hug when he agreed for joint custody. Hallejuah! The man finally came to his senses, but it's sad it took him this long, it took for him to nearly lose his daughter for that to happen. :(

    But anyway, great episode, can't wait for the next one. I know it's very Justin centric so maybe we'll finally see him get confronted about his addiction.
  • A very dramatic and compelling episode.

    This episode was very dramatic for the most part, but absolutely wonderful all at the same time. I loved the whole Scotty moves in with Kevin story line the most out of all the story lines for this episode. Kevin definitely had a lot of great moments in this episode. I'm also glad that the writers showed some of Kevin's struggle with being in a long distance relationship with Jason. The whole Kitty losing the baby story line was so sad, but Calista Flockhart did such a great job in this episode. The whole cast did such a great job in this episode, especially Matthew Rhys. I know that Justin is a drug addict, but I have to that I loved the scene where Justin was high from his pain medication and kissed Lena. Dave Annable did a wonderful job in that scene as well as the rest of the episode. I was shocked when they revealed the reason that Senator McCallister hated Isaac was because he outted Jason as being gay McCallister also really shocked me when he admitted that he never wanted the baby in the first place. All in all, this was another amazing episode of Brothers & Sisters, and I can't wait for the next episode which based on the previews looks very, very good.
  • See what happens when all you know what breaks loose!

    I think the show could focus less on Robert & Kitty despite them being the storyline don't get me wrong. But now, we have Joe & Sarah, probably the most important story as well as custody of their kids. Last week, the custody was awarded to Joe but only temporary. Even though usually the mom usually has custody of the kids. That is how it goes. Justin I think needs to really confront his demons with his addictions head on. He has been in rehab off and on since the beginning of the show. As he really needs to save his kids. And start talking to families and opening up. Being honest with them. Great show once again.
  • Good episode.

    It was a good episode, not phenomenal but better than decent. I thought the whole thing with Kitty getting pregnant was too hurried and fast so I felt bad for her, but also relieved when she miscarried.The end when Kitty asked Nora to stay with her was heartwarming. The whole situation of Paige and Sarah was sad. Poor Paige! Also Rebecca finding out that Justin was taking too many medicines was interesting, as he claimed that he was taking them to get better- to return to Iraq so he wouldn't feel guilty about leaving them behind. All together a rather melancholy episode, I can't wait for a somewhat hopefully lighter next episode.
  • Aside from Kitty and seems a lot of the story work in this episode has already been done by other characters or experienced by them in some way, shape or form - time for something new and more compelling.

    Greetings, this being my first review, I'll try to abide by the rules and so on. I'm new to this, so please bear with me and criticize constructively. Thanks!

    First, I must say, this is a very compelling show to begin with as much of the story-lines can apply to every day family life, notice the omission of 'normal,' as I don't believe there is a 'normal' family anywhere.

    The custody agreement change between Sarah and Joe - absolutely necessary, last week when full temporary custody was given to Joe, I could have thrown a shoe through the TV. Now that they realize that 50/50 was necessary, it could have brought a tear to my eye.

    Justin's story - I get it producers, Justin is an addict and it is a ridiculously difficult thing to get past - I know it first hand. But this is the 3rd time in one and a half seasons, I think it is a little much - if you are trying to relate story lines to everyday families, everyone knows how hard the addict road is - let's go down the full recovery road - lose the addict story - just my thought - how about Justin sharing his story with recovering addicts, talking to kids and so on. I agree with the previous post complimenting Rebecca's quote about Justin's usage.

    The whole Tommy/Lena thing, again, it's been done already with Tommy's dad and Holly. Let's work on the story of Tommy and Julia?

    Great, great work on the Kitty/Robert saga...the miscarriage, as difficult as it is - again first hand - happens more often than anyone knows and for reasons unknown to any of us. These two really made this episode.

    In short, had it not been for the Kitty and Robert storyline, I would have given this episode a dive-bomb rating - the Tommy/Lena relationship - heartbreaking; the Justin saga - getting old; the Joe/Sarah story - better this week, 200% improvement; Robert & Issac's interaction - excellent writing and acting. At any rate, I'll continue to watch - I love the show and can't wait until next week.

  • More Brothers & Sisters, must have more!

    A number of very emotional things occur in this episode, all so average, but all enough to make it a great episode as well.

    Something really bad happens to Kitty which causes sadness in the whole family. I'm not just about to say what it is, but yeah, it really is sad and it is something that should never happen.

    Justin and Rebbecca
    Rebbecca finds out Justin's secret and they end up fighting. I much understand Rebbecca's side of the story because what she said seemed to be exactly the right thing. (See quote)

    The Whedons
    This weekend, Paige and Cooper stay at Sarah's place, but when Paige gets lost, Joe and Sarah get a wake up call and find a solution to their problem. I was mad at Joe at first, and this isn't rare since I found out about what he demanded, but he managed to be decent at the end of the episode. Paige really is a very appealing character, possibly one of the better ones in this show.

    Kevin and Scottie
    Scottie still on the show? I think it's being quite evident that Kevin is going to cheat on Jason, but who knows, I never really liked Scottie anyway, so keep your fingers crossed!

    Lina and Tommy
    Lina is really a slut. First Tommy and then Justin? What is up? And how about Tommy, don't you find it kid of stupid to be cheating on your wife when she already believes that around you isn't really the best place to stay?

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Rebbecca): I think your telling yourself that because it seems noble and important, but your using because your an addict and you'll always find a reason.
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