Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Two Places

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • A lot of dramatic twists and turns to keep the plot juicy.

    Lets start with the obvious: Kitty's miscarriage. Probably my favourite storyline of the episode. Kitty has a miscarriage and the family is pretty much thrown into devastation. I love the way she learnt about it, nothing too dramatic like her collapsing or falling down some stairs, but the way most women tend to discover these horrible things. Nora's presence was perfect, I honestly don't think the presence of any other character would've really worked. I did let my mind drift a little and wondered what it would've been like if Robert was with her, or even Sarah. The storyline was well written and acted (especially on Calista and Sally's part). However Robert had me ever so confused, I was left going why and what?? Although, I did love the scene where Robert tells Kitty he wants to go to the DMC with her, aww... The last scene with Kitty and Nora was the best of them all though, I just love seeing Nora in scenes where her maternal nature is thrown out there. :)

    Justin and Lena. Tommy and Lena. I think I would much rather put my finger down my throat than watch anymore of this storyline. Am I the only one who would just wish Lena would bugger off or die in a fiery car crash? I bet Rebecca does. Speaking of which, loved, loved Emily VanCamp in this episode. She can't do anything wrong! Maybe Rebecca will finally do something about Justin's addiction now she knows for sure. I hope so. I am glad that Becca decided to move home with Holly, I missed those Holly and Rebecca scenes, they are always wonderful.:P

    Umm... oh, Paige. A little confusing, but very realistic for a child of a separating couple to rebel like she did, so I applaud that fact. Whoever said that B&S is too soapy is obviously speaking out there arse. For once I felt like giving Joe a hug when he agreed for joint custody. Hallejuah! The man finally came to his senses, but it's sad it took him this long, it took for him to nearly lose his daughter for that to happen. :(

    But anyway, great episode, can't wait for the next one. I know it's very Justin centric so maybe we'll finally see him get confronted about his addiction.
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