Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Two Places

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on ABC

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  • Kitty seeks political help to deal with her pregnancy, but tragedy strikes. Kevin offers shelter to Scotty, Paige has trouble dealing with her parents divorce and Rebecca makes a discovery.

    Another emotional episode here closely following on from last week's episode concerning the youngest members of the Walker clan.

    Kitty losing her baby was devastating and gave Calista Flockhart a chance to shine and that she did. I wasn't spoiled by the miscarriage as I had been spoiled by later spoilers but I was surprised to have it happen so soon. The final scene was heartbreaking.
    Robert's reaction was interesting. He never seemed that bothered by the baby but I just assumed it was because of its timing. But to have him confess that he didn't really want the baby was a little shocking. Why wouldn't he want to start a new family with Kitty? This revelation could have some interesting consequences for the future.
    Issac was an interesting character to introduce in this episode. He from what I could tell was a political spin-doctor whom Robert had great problems with. His methods were obviously dubious, but in politics were the concepts of good and bad are relative – one person can only looks good if another looks bad- they were perfectly justifiable. He and Nora really sparked in their little scene together and I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of him.
    Speaking of Nora she was great planning the wedding and comforting another of her children, this time Kitty. I love Sally Field in this role as she does it so well

    One of the youngest Walkers- Paige- got a little chance to shine here. Obviously troubled by her parents divorce, it was good to see her reaction, accurately portrayed here. I loved her interactions with Kitty, Nora and especially Justin in this episode, it was all very sweet.
    Whilst I'm glad that Sarah got back her children (at least for part of the time here) it does lessen the impact of last week's episode when she lost them. This development probably could have waited a couple of weeks to really make full emotional impact.

    Rebecca has left the Walker home after about 6 months on discovering Justin, not only high but kissing her best friend (NB between Holly, Rebecca and Lena, they have made their way through all the Walker men bar Kevin (for obvious reasons!) Robert better watch out, once he marries Kitty he'll be next!!) Although the reason she gives Justin is the drugs, an underlying reason surely has to be a jealousy of the sparks between Lena and Justin. I'm glad that she seems determined to get on with her own life now, she has long been defined by the Walker in this show, now its time for her to get her own storylines away from the family. Holly was good to call her up on it, they seem to be getting on better now.

    Kevin was good to help out Scotty, these two are good as friends, as Scotty was good to help Kevin get over his depression over Jason.
    Tommy is still being an idiot continuing his affair with Lena but his refusal to stay the night shows that he at least still knows that it is wrong.

    A good episode this week, not quite as strong as the previous weeks but still pretty good.