Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 14

Valentine's Day Massacre

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode started with Kitty waking up next to Senator McCallister not really knowing what was going on she runs to the bathroom and dials Sarah she tells her everything and Sarah is shocked,then she also gets a call from Kevin while talking to Sarah and he confesses he slept with Scotty while seeing someone else so he cheated.Kevin tells him not to tell anyone then Kitty switches back to Sarah and tells her that Kevin slept with Scotty only she didn't switch and Kevin gets angry,Kitty tells him to put a sock in it,she then switches properly to Sarah and tells her.Sarah calls them all sluts,meanwhile Justin calls Sarah and tells her he's in trouble,Sarah thinking he had done drugs told him to calm down that at least he was still alive Justin then tells her that it wasn't what he thought that he meant he just had sex and he wasn't meant to because of his meetings.Sarah tod him off.Their mom called Kitty,Kevin and Sarah,she was the only one that picked up and Nora told Sarah to come pick her up that she was arrested.Then we are pulled back to twelve hours before taht exact time.We saw McCallister telling Kitty to pack her bags that they were traveling to see a potential loaner,Kitty got upset and told him how she taught she wasn't going to go that maybe she had plans for theValentine's,Senator told her that he knew she didn't have any because she told him she didn't have a boyfriend,Kitty finally agrees goes home to pack and comes back with three heavy suitcases,they left on a helicopter and Kitty was excited because she hadn't been on one before.

Kitty had to defend Robert when the billionaire was rude to him and this impressed the billionaire and he asked her out on a date.

Sarah and Tommy battle about the issue of the winery in the presence of Saul,and Holly asks Saul out.

Meanwhile Nora who was so angry that she didn't have anyone to spend Valentine's day with,she asked Justin but he had to babysit for Sarah and Joe;Nora decide to spend Val's day with her friend from college,they went to a restaurant Nora already made reservations for and smoked pot in her car and were therefore arrested.

Justin also chased Taylor and she broke up her boyfriend and decided to spend Val's night with Justin.

Kevin goes out with Chad and his girlfriend and she sets him up with Scotty his ex-boyfriend,Kevin sleeps with him and this makes Chad break up with him.

Nora really angry about getting arrested tells Sarah how she felt and Justin and Tommy rub it in telling her that her friend is a bad influence on her.

McCallister was glad to find out that Kitty didn't sleep with the billionaire and this time he told her he really liked her and kissed her,that seemed to get Kitty's attention.

While they were back in L.A he points out to a doubting Kitty that he really liked her and he was not going anywhere