Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 14

Valentine's Day Massacre

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • One More Time Written by Cliff Olin And Peter Calloway Directed by Michael Schultz

    Michelle (re Kevin): "Come on, Chad, what's his type?"
    Chad: "Um, he's very hard to please".

    That's putting it pretty mildly. All of the Walkers can be the most difficult of people to please and this week, there is a case of select pickings in terms of who they want to get acquainted better with. Plus if the title didn't totally give it away, it also happens to be Valentine's Day.

    Kevin isn't exactly in the most cheerful of moods on this holiday because while he may be doing the hot soap actor the teen girls may lust after, Kevin still has to deal with the fact that not only does Chad have no intention of dumping Michelle but he has less incentive to be public with Kevin either. Well he did say last week that believed being out would've been a career killer so Chad is being consistent.

    It doesn't do Kevin much favours that he still has to share his gym sessions with Chad and Michelle and it's even more grating that Michelle has now taken an interest in Kevin's private life. For a girl who apparently has a highly tuned Gaydar, it's amazing she didn't pick on Kevin's penchant for men.

    It's also rather annoying how she responds to it as well. At first when I watched the scene, I thought she mocking Kevin but the second time it looked like she was doing an unconvincing job at just being a bit goofy. Kevin did look a little affronted to but Michelle seemed way too oblivious to notice that.

    Anyways after copping on to the fact that Kevin was both and more importantly single, Michelle then quizzed him about his type. Being sarcastic, Kevin did mention liking rather lithe guys and Michelle had the genius idea of setting him up with a date. If Kevin wasn't so pissed at Chad, he would've refused and if I didn't think him and Chad were doomed anyway, I'd be slightly annoyed as a viewer.

    However Kevin should've probably remembered the great dating set up that both Nora and Kitty got in "Sexual Politics" because while he may not have been set up with someone who had no sexual interest in him or the person he didn't want his co-workers to think he was dating, it didn't stop Michelle from trying to hook him up with Scotty.

    Yes fresh from getting compensation, Scotty is back and he's only too happy to taunt Kevin about their set up, while Kevin makes a good attempt of trying to snark back. Much as I like Scotty, he does come across as a bit too smug here at times but there is a rather sweet moment when the pair of them admits to missing one another. If I were a big shipper, that would've been a lot sadder. Not that I hate Scotty because I really don't. It's just him and Kevin seem too unlike at times.

    The brief scene aside, Scotty and Kevin's reunion does see some of the initial frost between them thaw out. They both admitted to missing one another and in any normal circumstances, their drunken sexcapades would've been sweet but the problem is Kevin did his ex to get back at Chad.

    Worse still is that Scotty actually finds out when he overheard Kevin's phone conversation with Chad and is quick to get on the moral high ground about being used. This time Scotty does genuinely have that right and his thoughts on the state of Kevin and Chad's relationship are true. Chad's not a bad guy but him and Kevin just seem doomed.

    Plus take into the fact that not only is Chad insisting that Kevin keeps schtum about his relationship but he's lying to Michelle and getting pissed off at Kevin for screwing Scotty. Chad, mate, what your doing is just as bad. At least Kevin was being upfront to you and that's not excusing him for using Scotty.

    Then again Kevin wasn't the only one indulging in the "sex with the ex" pastime as Justin eschews being an escort for Nora by babysitting Sarah's kids and receiving a call from Tyler, who just had to wish him a "Happy Valentine's" despite being in a relationship with someone else.

    If Tyler wasn't remotely having second thoughts about being with Justin, there's no way she would've done that. Obviously what he said to her in the previous episode affected Tyler more than she would like to admit and that call gave Justin the incentive to bring Cooper and Paige in tow in his pursuit of Tyler.

    When it came to guys, Tyler really didn't have the hardest of decisions to make. The new boyfriend comes across as an insensitive dolt and the ex-boyfriend seems to genuinely sorting himself out and made the point about you called first. So it's great that Tyler has the decency to ditch the dolt for Justin but whether or not Justin is ready for a relationship is the other issue.

    He openly admitted to Kevin that sleeping with Tyler could be seen by his rehab facility as a transference of addictions and he's not necessarily wrong here. Then again, I could also imagine a sex addiction plot somewhere in this series, particularly with a male Walker. Plus at least Justin is continuing to be responsible especially now that him and Tyler are back on.

    Being ditched Justin however sees Nora doing the opposite of what her youngest child seems to be headlining. Calling up her friend Emily (played by Margot Kidder), Nora spends her time in the restaurant she had booked for herself and William with her friend, who I should point we've never seen or heard of before. Kitty mentioned in the last episode that Nora was popular, yet since the show has started, we've barely seen her with anyone besides her family and boring golf/charity ball dolts don't seem to rank high in the meaningful friends' category.

    Then again, I'm not sure if Emily is supposed to be a brilliant friend either but she's certainly fun and there's a great rapport between Sally Field and Margot Kidder, even if the scenes deliberately feel akin to the Ruth and Bettina moments from Six Feet Under.

    Emily is great for getting Nora to open up and even better for trying to encourage her to have a life, something which admittedly Nora is in desperate need of beyond her family. Another good point is how the two of them indulge in a bit of pot and get arrested only for Sarah to have to bail Nora out the next day.

    Nora comes under some well predicted ribbing from her kids but there's a joy in seeing Sarah encouraging her to have more fun. With two people drilling that little piece of advice, is there any chance that Nora might actually take heed of it? Here's hoping. As for Emily, please bring her back as she was quite fun to watch.

    Speaking of fun, a single Kitty has no option but to spend Valentine's Day with a man she's made no bones of genuinely lusting after when Robert brings her to San Diego to meet a potential backer in Michael Pellington. It's only at this point that Kitty cops onto the fact that Robert has intentions of running for President. Either that or he's been watching too much of The West Wing.

    Of course running for President isn't Robert's only reason for Kitty tagging along. She believes in Robert and isn't quite as cynical as she would like to think she has become and that helps her persuade Pellington into actually parting some of his cash into Robert's upcoming campaign.

    While you can complain about this plot being painfully contrived, at least it's useful in doing one needed thing – having Kitty and Robert actually ditch the lame metaphors and excuses and do the deed. More importantly when Kitty tries to blow it off, Robert is quick to remind her that he genuinely wants her. It's actually rather sweet but more importantly it's out of the way.

    When it comes to sexual exploits, the Walkers really don't know the first word of privacy. Kitty tells Sarah about her exploits with Robert and Kevin finds out. Kevin tells Sarah about him and Scotty and Kitty becomes versed and while Justin tells Kevin about him and Tyler, both Kitty and Sarah are quick to find out. Sarah attempts to be prudish and labels her siblings as sluts but you can tell that she's more intrigued as opposed to being horrified by Kevin and Kitty's exploits.

    Sarah also on other hand seems to be the only one not getting it on Valentine's Day despite wanting it so bad. Maybe she's scared that Joe will try to film it and stream it on YouTube or something. Meanwhile, Tommy doesn't necessarily feel like telling the world about what him and Julia get up to in the bedroom. Maybe he has sense in that regard. Either that or Julia's horniness has gotten scarier.

    Less about sex and more on business as this week, Holly's great winery investment turned out to be worth less than expected and Sarah taking victory in that is more than happy to have less and less to do with Holly.

    However Holly is clever and she's able to get to Tommy by mentioning that William had intended to buy the winery for him but while Tommy is quick to question Holly's motives, he also wonders about whether or not he should look into going into business with Holly.

    Sarah more than objects to Tommy wanting to do this. She might have a point about Holly lying but she also doesn't like the idea of being outsmarted by the woman and even Saul is quick to leap to Sarah's defence when he's not having dinner with Holly. Yeah Saul is pretty weird in that way.

    Something tells me things are about to get incredibly ugly between Sarah and Holly in the not so distant future. It's been in the works for quite a while now and if Holly is trying to play both Sarah and Tommy off each other, then I am expecting a rather nasty fall out to ensue.

    Also in "Valentine's Day Massacre"

    This episode opened up with the repercussions of the main plots and then showed out the actual events. Alias used to do this nearly all the time.

    Justin: "I didn't do drugs, moron, I just did Tyler"
    Kevin (sarcastically): "Oh you ass".

    Kevin's reaction in learning about Kitty/Robert doing the deed was a big chance from the way he was in the previous episode. Plus those questions?

    Sarah (re Holly): "And as for Holly, as long as we don't have a gold-digging mistress division, she's of absolute no use to Ojai Foods or to me".

    Michelle: "Let me hook you up with one of my friends"
    Kevin: "Do they look like you?"

    Michelle came across as a bit more dense than in her first episode and Scotty has shaved more of his hair. It kinda suits him.

    Sarah (re Holly): "Tommy, she's manipulating you"
    Tommy: "Will you give me some credit?"

    Michael (re Kitty): "She hasn't been doing this long, has she?"
    Robert: "No, not at all".

    Sarah seemed rather condescending of what Tommy could actually achieve when he expressed an interest in Holly's winery.

    Nora: "What is this, peer pressure?"
    Emily: "Of course it's peer pressure. Peer pressure is what makes the world go round".

    Scotty: "Tell me, did I live up to the hype?"
    Kevin: "Better than my wildest expectations".

    Neither Joe or Julia featured in this episode, so no fun times on screen for Sarah and Tommy. Plus Saul and Holly seem ambiguous with each other.

    Justin (to Tyler): "So Happy Valentines. Um, I'm sorry I ruined it but you called me first".

    Chad: "Did you sleep with that guy, that's all I wanna know"
    Kevin: "You don't actually".

    Standout music: "The Otherside" by Breaks Co-Op and "The Mating Game" by Bittersweet.

    Nora: "Any chance of you not telling your siblings about this?"
    Sarah: "Not a big chance".

    Chronology: February 14th and 15th 2007.

    An interesting episode, "Valentine's Day Massacre" is. It's not a series classic or half as dramatic as it tries to be with certain plots but it does finally forward the Kitty/Robert stuff and both Emily and Scotty did provide some snappy remarks but we have had better instalments too.