Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 14

Valentine's Day Massacre

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • A great episode, full of romance.

    This is one of the best episodes of this show ever. We star with Kitty waking up beside a man that we can't see but we all know it is Robert McCallister. Kitty makes a scared face and falls to the ground, waking up Robert. She goes to the bathroom and calls Sarah to tell her what happened, Kevin calls Kitty in the middle of the conversation to tell that he slept with Scotty, and Justin calls Kevin in the middle of the conversation to tell that he slept with Taylor. Norah tries to call Kitty and Kevin but they don't answer, then she calls Sarah and asks her to pick her up at the police station. At this point the episode goes back 24 hours to explain us how all of it happened. It starts showing Sarah, Saul and Tommy having a conversation about the vineyard that Holly wanted them to buy but Sarah disagrees and Tommy still thinks it's a good investment but decides to let it go. Then it goes to Kitty asking the senator why she is the only one that has to go with him to San Francisco for the night in Valentine's Day. Robert tells her that they need to see a donator and she is the one going because she is on a man fast, so she doesn't have plans for Valentine's. Now the episode goes to Kevin, Chad and his girlfriend at the gym and she invites him to go to a party so she could introduce him to one of her man friends. Then we go back to Tommy, this time talking to Holly who tells him that his father wanted to bye the vineyard for him to run. We see then Kitty and Rob going to see the donator and she asks him if he is running for president, which he is. Tommy talks to Sarah and tries to convince her that the vineyard is a good investment, that he thinks she is wrong about it and tells her about what Holly told him. Sarah tells Saul what happened and he talks to Holly about it and she says to regret it and invites him for a Valentine's Day dinner. Kevin and Chad are having a conversation over the party and Chad gives Kev a Valentine's present. Justin and Norah talk about Tyler and Justin ends up stuck with his mother's plans for Valentine's Day until Sarah calls and he offers to babysit for her. Michael, the donator, says to Robert and Kitty he won't give Robert the money he needs, because he doesn't believe in him but Kitty defend Rob and Michael invites her to dinner. Kevin is at the party and finds out that the guy Chad's girlfriend wanted to introduce him to was Scotty. Justin is babysitting for Sarah when Tyler calls him, and he decides to go looking for her. Norah is having dinner with her friend Emily and they end up high and caught by the police. Kevin and Scotty talk a lot at the party and they go to Kev's apartment. Kitty has dinner with Michael and convinces him that Robert is a good investment, that he can get the presidential nomination. Justin goes with Paige and Cooper to all Italian restaurants looking for Tyler and when he finds her she breaks-up with her boyfriend and goes back with Justin. Robert goes to Kitty's room at the hotel and invites her to celebrate, but she kicks him out, but he comes back and they end up kissing. Then the episode goes back to where it stopped and shows Sarah, Justin and Tommy having fun with Norah's reaction to the imprisonment episode, Tommy tells Sarah that he is going to vote with Holly to bye the vineyard. Robert and Kitty are back and he tells her that he likes her and he doesn't care about people seeing them together. Here it ends! A great and funny episode.