Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 14

Valentine's Day Massacre

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • A memorable Valentine's Day for many of the Walkers

    The "24 hours earlier" teaser in the beginning was very funny. I could see how Kitty and Robert got together and Scotty with Kevin but it was really interesting to find out how a 60-year old woman could get arrested for doing drugs. The story itself for Nora wasn't half as good as the teaser in the beginning I think. But in the end it was a great scene when Kevin and Justin were laughing at Nora for what had happened to her. It was good to see Scotty again, I like him way more than the Chad character. But looks like Scotty isn't gonna stick around this time as well. That's too bad. I liked what he said to Kevin before leaving how it's hard to love someone who doesn't love himself. Kitty and McCallister finally hit it off. Their relationship is of interesting kind in my opinion, it's like rational romance or something. They seem to be very similar in many ways. Justin as a babysitter was really cute, I liked how he played with the kids. What I didn't like was how they left Justin's storyline unfinished. In the opening teaser he says that he's not supposed to have sex because he might become and addict but later in the episode this question is not dealt with. I hope it's gonna be in the next episode. All in all a very good Valentine's Day episode, not too cheesy as they often tend to be.