Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 22

Walker Down the Aisle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Nora Walker starts the episode talking on her radio show about what happened during the weekend, with a quote from Charles Dickens: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Then, we are taken back to the morning of the wedding day, with Sarah awake in bed with her sister Kitty, in Kitty's house, so that she wouldn't see Luc before the wedding. Sarah is nervous, and also wishes she were at mom's, like before her first wedding. She's not there now, because Nora is seeing Brody, Sarah's biological father, whom she still doesn't want to have anything with. Kitty tells her that it is her wedding and that she shouldn't regret anything.

Kevin and Scotty have a baby in the house which is why Scotty is asleep on the sofa, after feeding Daniel. Kevin wants him to come back to bed, but Scotty is too tired for sex. And besides, Kevin is the on-call wedding planner and he receives a call from Sarah, who is checking in. At the same time, Kitty calls him on the other line and mysteriously asks him to call her back and not tell Sarah, who is still at Kitty's (in her kitchen, actually). Kevin bounces between Sarah and Paige next, who wants to bring her boyfriend to the wedding, but Sarah won't allow it. Sarah also calls Luc. His parents are due to arrive in the afternoon and he is really excited about seeing his dad, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. Tommy arrives at Kitty's – he is supposed to walk Sarah down the aisle.

Kevin's attempt to get Scotty back into bed is interrupted again, this time by Olivia, who makes a plead for Paige and her boyfriend, but Kevin is not budging. Next, Saul calls Kevin with a small crisis: there is no wedding cake, but Saul and Jonathon have it under control – they have been making cup cakes all night. Kevin also has a call from Nora, who is trying to find 'something old' for Sarah. She hasn't spoken to Sarah yet, but she wants to give her something at the church.

Brody is there with her (he came over for breakfast). He recognises a necklase from her jewelry box as the one he gave her before they broke up 45 years ago. Sarah comes in and catches Brody. There is an awkward moment, and Brody leaves after wishing her all the best.

Kitty and Seth have a discussion about something that Kitty is excited about, but he does not share her enthusiasm. Kitty is pregnant, and she wants to keep the baby, but Seth doesn't think she should have it.

Back at Nora's house, mother and daughters are going through old jewelry. Paige finally gets permission from Sarah to bring her boyfriend to the reception, but only after Kitty and Kevin help her by singing an embarrassing little song about Sarah and her ex-boyfriend when she was only 14 (the same age Paige is now). Kitty and Kevin share a special moment alone, when Kitty tells him she's pregnant. But it's supposed to stay a secret, because Seth is not happy about it.

In the meantime, the boys are rehearsing their dance number and Justin is having some trouble with the steps. Luc reveals that he actually became such a good dancer because of his father. He can't wait to see him again and is afraid his mother is going to ruin everything, since she already managed to ruin everything else, including her marriage. Justin tries to defend her, because he himself is seeing a married woman, and Luc's remarks about cheating don't sit too well with him. Gabriela arrives with some bad news: Luc's father couldn't make it.

At Nora's, in the end Sarah picks the necklase which Nora received from Brody. Sarah doesn't know this; all she remembers is that Nora never wore it, which in her mind, as a child, meant that the necklase was somehow magical and special. Sarah thinks it's the perfect thing to wear at her wedding, while Nora doesn't say anything.

Saul and Jonathon, swamped with cup cakes, talk about love and the symbolism of marriage. Saul has a traditional point of view, wherein marriage is the crown of a relationship.

Justin, at the hotel where he is delivering something, is rethinking his relationship with Tyler, who – to her coworkers at the hotel – is still supposed to be happily married. Justin doesn't like all the secrecy. Tyler insists her marriage is over, but Justin feels they need some space to figure things out.

At the church, Sarah is getting ready, with Kevin there. Luc and Sarah talk through a door, since Kevin won't let him come in. Luc is upset that his father didn't come and he blames his mother for it. Sarah, on the other hand, won't let her father (Brody) be at the wedding. Kevin next sees Seth in the hall and tries to reassure him about being a dad, but Seth doesn't want to talk about it.

Nora and Kitty help Sarah get into her dress, but Kitty doesn't feel good. She says it's just nerves and goes to the bathroom, where she meets a wedding guest who guesses that she's pregnant. Paige overhears this; she was in the stall putting toilet paper in her bra. As the wedding guest leaves, she tells Sarah there's a pregnant girl in the bathroom. However, the girl who walks out next is Paige and Sarah thinks it could be her, even though Kevin assures her that isn't the case. She's still upset (with everything that's wrong) and even though it's time to walk down the aisle, she takes off, saying she needs a walk.

Just outside the church is Brody, who was waiting to see her come out a married woman. They share a beer, while the wedding party waits inside, and after Brody confesses he was there at some of the most important moments of her life (like her graduation), as well as telling her about the necklase she's wearing and how Nora is the love of his life, she finally invites him in, and he walks her down the aisle.

At the reception, Luc finally finds out (from his cousin) the real reason his father couldn't come: he wasn't too swamped with work as his mother told him, but rather he is broke. Gabriela says she didn't want to ruin his day and the image Luc had of his father.

Seth and Kitty have an argument about the baby. He is upset that she told Kevin, and also that she gave the wrong impression how he wasn't happy to be a father, while his only concern is for her health and what would happen if the cancer came back, since she wouldn't be able to undergo treatment. Kitty tells Nora, who has the same concerns for her health, but Kitty really wants this baby, even though she's still not sure whether to go through with it.

Saul and Jonathon revisit the subject of 'traditional' – Saul says how their cup cake pyramid is not traditional for a wedding, and Jonathon asks him to just marry him, since that is what he has been hinting at all day. Saul says yes.

Luc and the boys perform "Baby I Need Your Loving" for Sarah.

It is revealed that Brody has another daughter: she is the wedding guest who saw Kitty throw up in the bathroom earlier. She crashed the wedding because she wanted to meet Sarah, who had no idea she even existed, but takes it in stride. In fact, Brody has 5 children altogether, including Sarah.

Sarah and Luc take their first dance, which quickly becomes everyone dancing with everyone, including Justin and Tyler, (Tyler came to watch, but ended up staying with Justin after telling him she doesn't care about her reputation), as well as Kitty and Seth (who seem to have made up).

As everyone is having fun to the beats of "Born This Way" (Lady Gaga), Nora's voice on the radio continues, as she looks back on the weekend, concluding that: It was the best of times, and as she looks back on her life, finishing with a quote from George Elliot: It's never too late to be what you might have been.