Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 22

Walker Down the Aisle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • loved it


    this was a really great episode of brothers and sisters and a good why to end the series although it would have been nice to get a sixth and final season to wrap things up this finale was pretty good we left the walkerss dancing on the dancefloor happy and smiling which was a good way to go out

  • A great way to end the show.

    Brothers & Sisters is over - quite hard to believe. It's only been five series, but we have got to know the Walkers in that time, and I am sad to see it go. But this was a great way to end things, on a happy note.

    Sarah got married to Luc, and it wasn't too soppy but just nice to watch. Seeing her finally settle this thing with her real father, Brody, was satisfying and I'm glad he and Nora can now be together. They're very well matched, and it's a pleasure seeing Nora happy in a relationship for once. There was nice closure for Sarah, as she got her happy ending and her kids are growing up nicely.

    Kitty is pregnant, something she never expected. But she and Seth accept it, and are going to raise a child together. Despite the risks that if Kitty was to be unwell again, that'd she'd be in danger. I liked this conclusion, you get the sense that she really wants this and is ready to move on. After being a stable for the Walkers for the last few episodes, it was nice to see Justin find happiness with Tyler.

    Kevin and Scotty are happy with their new found family, which is always good to see. Saul's getting married to Jonathon, Tommy appeared and seemed content. Brody's daughter turning up could have been interesting if there was another season, but it was fine as something funny and intriguing here.

    Most satisfying here is most definitely Nora's happiness with all her family, and Brody. She's had a tough few years on the show, and life before hand - so it really was amazing to see her at the ending of the episode and series, beaming and ready for the rest of her life. William might have caused hardships, but she, and everyone else, got through them.

    So, no more manic Walker dinners, or busy phone conversations. No more lost siblings. It really was a good show, it may have had its downfalls but it excelled a lot more. It will be missed. Goodbye Walkers.
  • A perfect episode to end the season.

    I just finished watching this episode, and i have to say i think it was one of my favorite episodes. My favorite part was the ending where everyone was dancing and it just felt so real and despite all of the difficulties the family had faced they had all come together as a family and worked them out. I really hope it gets renewed for another season, because of how much i love this show, but if it doesn't and this episode will be the last, then i guess i wouldn't mind, because it brought together almost all of the characters that where there since the beginning, and although there are a couple of unresolved story lines, i think it brought a perfect closure to the show. So even though i hope it doesn't get cancelled, i m so glad that this was the season finale because this episode was great!
  • What will happen next to the Walkers?

    I refuse to believe that the show is ending, although it seems possible. Recent reports on the web say that it will be picked up for a shortened, reduced-budget final season. Even if it does not return for a sixth season, I would like to think there could be some special TV movies in order to resolve some of the dangling storylines in this episode. For instance, we need to see a Nora-Brody marriage; we need to see Kitty give birth; and we should see Luc's father. I also would like to see Justin as a father (I am hoping that his one-night stand with Rebecca after their divorce produced a secret child). What I will really miss if we never see the Walker brood again are all the funny and bittersweet moments. And I will always remember the show's trademark cell phone scenes, where everyone is having a tangled conversation with each other and staying in touch like a family should.
  • Another brilliant one! Farewell Brothers & Sisters, you will truly be missed!

    This was a brilliant episode, which I really loved, especially being the last episode ever, whcih is quite sad to be honest.

    I thought there was a lot to love abotu this episode, ranging from the Brody walking Sarah down the aisle, to her "sister", to Kitty's storyline and even everything with Justin. It set up a s a brilliant season finale, and I really wish we would be watching a season fpremiere in three months' time.

    I definitely loved all bits of the wedding. There were some great scenes with the kidsm and Daniel was really cute, as well as Evan and Cooper too! Great stuff!

    I defintely recommend watching this episode, and the entire series, as this has been a great show, and will absolutely truly be missed! Great job to everyone at Brothers & Sistesr was a great series, and I wihs everyone at the show the best for the future, even though the show itself is no more.
  • What began with an ending, has ended with so many new beginnings

    What initially started with the ending of a life has now ended with so many new beginnings. A wedding, a new family unit, and new people to become intertwined with the madness that is the Walker family. Seeing the ending, with everyone smiling and dancing and having a good time just really kicks home what family is all about. And you can't help but feel good for the family that you have seen go through the obstacles of life (even if they are just tv characters).
    I felt it a fitting end for a tv show that for me has always been there to show what family is and how easily it can be broken, but just how easily it can be brought together. And the typical Walker phone conversation (personally my favourite part of every episode) was not forgotten, with everyone crossing wires and talking almost across each other, was not forgotten. Although personally my favourite part of this episode was Sarah rather irrationally thinking her 14 year old daughter was pregnant, and then not realising just who was. You were just screaming at her to just realise the truth right in front of her. But as it was her wedding, I guess she gets given some slack.
    And the dancing from the Walker men shouldn't be left out either. While not brilliant and rather cliché, it did bring a smile to my face.
    I will be sad to see it go, but at least it hasn't been too dragged out like some of the other shows out there
  • too bad it was cancelled

    The producers were either optimistic or hoping they would be renewed that we were left wondering several things. Like what would happen to Nora and Brody would they end up together. Would Sarah meet her other family; we learn that Brody has four other children and Sarah met one of them at her wedding and it wasn't exactly a warm meeting. Justin and his ex, Tyler were going to see if they make it work. But will Brody's daughter who made a move on him have someting to say about that? We learn that Kitty's pregnant. Will she have the baby? Will her cancer resurface? And will it cause compications? And I also wonder if we would have learned more about Luc. We learn that his father is in trouble, maybe he goes to France to help him but it's complicated. Let''s hope they do a reunion movie.
  • Boring!

    I'll start by saying that Brothers & Sisters has been one of my favourite shows since it began, but this season has just been one big mess and this episode was so saccharine-sweet it made me want to dry-retch.
    I truly hope this season marks the end of a once-great show. I would hate to see it descend further into mediocrity then fizzle.
    Let Sarah be happy in love.
    Let Kevin & Scotty have their family.
    Let Nora & Brody be a foregone conclusion.
    Let Saul finally find some peace and identity.
    Let Justin reunite with Tyler.
    Let Kitty have hope for the future.
    Let Tommy, well - who cares?
    Let the Walkers go with some dignity.