Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 19

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Walker boys are all fairly certain that Brody is still completely in love with Nora which is great because Nora is in love with him too. Over at Nora's home, Justin finds Brody in the kitchen. He's sweating a large amount while working in the kitchen and Justin is worried that Brody may have some health issues. Brody surprises Nora the next day by taking her to a baseball game out in Fresno. The team had offered him a job as the team manager. Brody wants Nora to join him in his new life in Fresno. Justin has his paramedic friend look into hospital records, illegally, to see what's wrong with Brody. His medical records show that Brody is healthy but Justin also discovers that Brody may have lied about maybe being Sarah's father. While Justin really wants Brody to tell Nora the truth, he's afraid of ruining her happiness and the great relationship that they have right now. Nora tells Brody that she will go to Fresno with him because she loves him and she doesn't want him sleeping outside in the motor home. Brody loves her too but he kisses her goodbye as she sleeps. Before he leaves, he tells Justin that Sarah is better off not knowing the truth.
Sarah is planning on selling the house and after a meeting with the realtor she finds out that the house could be sold by the end of the week. She and Luc are caught off guard by the speed at which everything is moving. Luc is also thrown off by Sarah's organization. She threw out his lucky cup, rearranged his studio and washed out his brushes. Fortunately, Luc's first art show in LA is a big success. Despite the show going well, he's upset at Sarah for putting the house on the market without even telling him first. After a talk, they work things up. She calls off the realtor.
Scotty has a run in with Michelle, their former surrogate, on the street. Michelle was reluctant to talk to Scotty and he worried that she still blames herself for the miscarriage. At home, Olivia overhears Kevin and Scotty talking about the interaction with Michelle. She's worried that she was actually their second choice for starting a family. Kevin and Scotty assure her that is not the case. Everything is well with their family but Scotty is still concerned that Michelle is still not ok. The pair are able to track her down at the airport. She ignored all of their phone calls and quickly disappears through the ticketed area. As she slips past the gate, she's seen holding a baby in her arms that could have been the one that she had been carrying for Kevin and Scotty.
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