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  • I like brotherly activity. But this doesn't even give one.

    It's title is somewhat misleading.

    Plot: Good plot. But the episodes are mostly not related in that plot. and they mostly do some stand up in the camera instead of an brotherly activities.

    Characters: They are bland. And somewhat boring. Those casts that they are using seems like they had no experience in acting.

    Humor: There is nothing humorous in this show. Its boring. Anyway it doesn't try hard that much like the ICarly does.

    Overall: 1.3. This show is mostly boring, pointless.
  • Renew?? Anyone know?

    Has anyone heard if they are going to renew Brothers? Seems now a days the network brass never gives shows enough time. If that were the case we would have never seen M*A*S*H after the the first two weeks.

    I really like this show, can't we just give shows a chance?? As soon as someone proclaims something is a hit, it's gone (irony anyone?).. or worse they say it isn't they never give it a chance, when it very well could be a huge hit. And go for it haters.. my nickname since I was five has been Cita, short for Clarita.. get over it we are talking about a TV show NOT me!
  • Mike is a retired NFL player and his wheelchair-bound brother Daryl are brought together with life altering changes. Both brothers find their sibling rivalry heightened with age.

    I don't know what Fox is thinking with this one but this show is absolutely DOA! They have a horrific cast of non-comedians for a show about mainly humor with slight seriousness...that doesn't work. Since there are no actual comedians then the show is left to the lack of creativity the writers good!

    The acting is sub-par, the chemistry between the cast is horrifically lacking, and so far all the scenes and dialogue seems far too forced! Don't get me wrong; I liked Mike the NFL player and NFL analyst but that's where he should stay...crossing over to do a comedy sitcom with some other actors who don't believe was a huge blunder on Fox's part!
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