Season 1 Episode 4

Snoop/Fat Kid

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2009 on FOX
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Mike wants to find the money his agent stole so he hires a relative who use to be an ex-con played by Snoop Dog names Kenny who's now an attorney. Chill explains that Kenny is family so he will do the work for free upfront. Kenny meets with Mike and wants 40% of the retrieved money which of course Mike has to agree too. Mom in her role as Principal of the school approaches Coach to get him to pass a heavy set kid who is no good in sports. She wants him to pass PE so he can help the school win a scholastic competition.moreless

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  • Chill has found the one guy that will be able to retrieve his money and he's a relative. Snoop Dog co-stars as Kenny, a former convict who is now an attorney who is willing to find and retrieve Mike's money for 40%.moreless

    Probably the best of the episodes so far. I can't believe I just wrote that! This one is loaded with guest star appearances. Besides Snoop Dog we see Arsenio Hall, playing himself, T-Pain playing a thief who is selling other peoples property, and professional wrestler Kevin Nash playing himself. There are some funny bits in this episode unfortunately they are overshadowed by some really twisted thinking.

    Mike agrees to let Kenny look for the money, but once they find it Mike's mom won't let him retrieve it. You see the problem is Mike's agent used Mike's money as a charity write-off by giving it to a charity that gives new legs to children. Seriously, it's Mike's money and it wasn't the agents money to give. Why is retrieving half of what was originally given being a bad guy. So Mike is suppose to forgo all his income from a career of injuries just because some crook gave his money away. There's nothing immoral about getting something that wasn't theirs to begin with back. Especially as it was not given in Mike's name. Seriously, this comes from someone who gives a large percentage of income to charities. This show is getting funnier overall but it is really sort of off in the morality department. First the money and then the secondary plot, Mom who is the Principal of the school is telling Coach that he has to pass a student for PE so the school can win the scholastic competition. Of course it's suppose to be a funny twist on the passing a football player so he can play bit. Again, not really funny and not a very good lesson to be teaching.

    So we learned that a man has no control of his income if it has been given away to a worthy charity by some crook without his knowing and it is alright to cheat for scholastic reasons, but not for sports reasons.

    In the end Mike loses his Bentley as Kenny needs to be paid as Mike couldn't get his money back. Hmm, so this show is really messed up. It finally has some funny bits and its storyline is a little off.

    Maybe one of these days they'll have a funny episode that works on all counts. Unfortunately I think it will get canceled before then. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The brothers have a load of famous people drop by the bar while Mike works with the con Snoop as his lawyer to retrieve his money.

    I don't know what Fox is thinking with this one but this show is absolutely DOA! They have a horrific cast of non-comedians for a show about mainly humor with slight seriousness...that doesn't work. Since there are no actual comedians then the show is left to the lack of creativity the writers good!

    The acting is sub-par, the chemistry between the cast is horrifically lacking, and so far all the scenes and dialogue seems far too forced! Don't get me wrong; I liked Mike the NFL player and NFL analyst but that's where he should stay...crossing over to do a comedy sitcom with some other actors who don't believe was a huge blunder on Fox's part!

    This episode I guess was suppose to amp up this show by throwing at it a plethora of guest stars. Unfortunately not even this could save the massive problems with this. The biggest problem...the humor is sub-standard.moreless

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