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Morningside 4 life!

Vale, Valea, Jeff da Maori, Sione and Mack live in the suburb of Morningside and attend the local college, St Sylvester's, where their principal is a fa'afafine (a cross dressing, efeminate man) and the PE teacher is legendary ex-All Black Michael Jones.

Vale and Valea (loosely translates to dumb and dumber) are two brothers, living in a single-parent household with their father Pepelo, a benefit bludging, occasional fork-hoist driver with a love of beer, porn and gambling. Vale has a strong social conscience while Valea is more interested in pashing the girls, but both brothers believe in having a strong solidarity with their boys. Sione is Vale and Velea's best mate and fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, while he constantly looks for ways to impress the girl of his dreams, sixth former Mila Jizovich.

Jeff da Maori lives with his mum and eight dads in a car shell outside the house. He was brought up in the country by his auntie but then moved to the city 'for better tv reception and because the thieving colonialists stole our land'. Rounding out the group is the softly spoken Mac who has definite gay tendencies and a knack for talking his way out of things but does stand behind his word eventually!

Like The Naked Samoans sell-out theatre shows, bro'Town satirises the boys' Pacific Island heritage and describes what is like to grow up as a minority culture in Auckland, the largest Polynesian city in the world. Produced by New Zealand company Firehorse Films and funded by New Zealand On Air, bro' Town was made using three animation studios - two in New Zealand and one in India- and involved over 100 staff.

TV3 is likely to repeat the series early next year, with a second screening later in the year. The first seven-part season was produced with a NZ$1.4m investment from state body NZ On Air, which has upped this to nearer NZ$1.9m for the next season. In 2008, the show was named 'Best Local Television Programme' by Metro in the 'Best of Auckland' awards, as well as being chosen as the TV Guide Best in the Box (comedy) four straight years. It was also named as a finalist for the 2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards, in three categories.! And it was up for 'Best Comedy Programme' for "I'm Going to Limbo, I May be Some Time" and 'Best Script - Drama/Comedy Programme' for "The Artful Dadger".

Dave Fane

Dave Fane

Mack/Jeff da Maori/Dad Pepelo/Mrs Tapili/Wong/Abo/Brother Ken

Mario Gaoa

Mario Gaoa

Sione/God/Fong/Constable Bababiba/Rakeesh Maadkraklikka

Oscar Kightley, MNZN

Oscar Kightley, MNZN

Vale/Joost van der Van Van

Shimpal Lelisi

Shimpal Lelisi


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  • 4 Samoan and 1 Maori kids attending school in New Zealand. This show provides insight and satire into the pacific islander community in NZ.

    Brilliantly done! This show has vivid and well formed characters. Indeed bro town provides perfect caricatures of pacific islanders. The parent's are exceptional and with story lines that provide both excitement and entertainment value. At times the humour isn't accessible to everyone but extremely well done even though it is generally cultutally specific to new zealanders/pacific islanders. for ppl from nz and islanders abroad (not including the states) this will be a fav. 100 words is too long for a min. make the min. shorter

    100 words is too long for a min. make the min. shorter

    100 words is too long for a min. make the min. shortermoreless
  • Link Tv's first animated show

    Bro'Town is about 5 juvileal Delnquents in New Zeeland who want to be more sucessful in everything. I think Agre Tapili & Sione's Thingy to be one of my favorite charater in the series so far.I like the episode where Sione want's to go to the ball & he's mom won't let him. There was some funny stuff in that episode. I think there should be more episode on Link Tv in the US beacause it's funny & a LOOOOOOOOOOOT more oringinal than The Weekenders.

    As Valea always said in the show.

    Moring side 4 life, Moring side, Moring side 4 life.moreless
  • I love the show. The hot chicks and Jeff was one of the best things. But the thing I hated about the show is no one actually done wildstyle on a hottie and its off TV. Fat Pizza took over it but I can rely on

    The show is very funny and I would recommend this show to lots of people who love Animation-Comedy. And as I say its better every season. I havent missed any episode on SBS. My friends talk and act like Maori people now. Me and my mate Steven Searle-Boswell done a project on New Zealnd. Speaking of New Zealand my teacher Mr. Maine went on an adventure to New Zealand. Back to the show one of the bad things about the show is that there is no wildstyle if you know what I mean (except at the credits of the episode when the Canadian woman lap danced Vale and Valeas dad).moreless
  • I love it

    Even though many may find this series immature and even sacrilegious at times, i believe that this show is a true pioneer for all that New Zealand and more generally The South Pacific has to offer. Seeing as this region is plagued with the stigma of producing a population of thick heads or the supposedly more affectionate term *coconut* did you really think that NZ would produce a ground breaking series about the fundamental errors with the theory of relativity? Hell no! It produced something that every islander can relate to: a comedy of escapism showing a life wit the boyz, fanatical to irresponsible parenting, corn beef, the occasional taxing of goods at the local convenience store and much much more... so to you gang who wanna bring down this awesome show about life in morning side... ask yourself this... when was the last time America produced an animated series on world peace? (futurama doesn't count), when was the last time the French produced a series about there love of England? such things will never be just as there will never be a series like bro town to let us islanders laugh at our own stupidity without the rest of the world reminding us how stupid we are... so to you gang who find it beneath you... enjoy it for what it is.. not all you believe it should be, coz its a sweet show aye.. MORNINGSIDE 4 LIFE!!

    PS. To the person who finds the whole series a waste of time... fair enough, that is your opinion.. but there's no need to make crude references to the show and poor comparisons to other series... yes the line "does that mean he's homo ow?" may not be a stroke of genius in your eyes, but did you not think to see the underlying relevance of this line highlighting the ignorance of some islanders to the wider array of sexuality due to religious upbringing or the fact that living with the stigma of stupidity anything different from this such as Vale's new found intelligence may lead to other issues of difference, in this case homosexuality?... and please don't use the excuse that being an Australian makes you unable to the follow the story... you seem to follow the satire and ironies of South Park and The Simpsons just fine even though there are many references specific to America? When was the last time you saw an Amish person waltzing around our countrysides? So please don't try and pass off cultural referencing as a valid excuse, it makes our nation seem ignorant to anything that doesn't have George Bush written all over it and that would be further degradation to our nation...moreless
  • Excellent programming! Only people who don't like this show are nerds! Appeals to all, but particularly the Pacific Islander and Maori communities at school. Valea is king!!! PEWWW PEWWW!!!

    Brotown is the best thing to come out of New Zealand, including Russel Crowe. This show doesnt just appeal to Maoris and PI\'s. My mates all love it, and theyre all aussies. At first glimpse i admit it seems a little crude, but it grows enormously on you. Also, to correct something that one of the other critics has said Jeff doesnt say \"Does that mean youre homo now?\" he says \"Does that mean youre homo, owww?\" This is his phrase in the show. Valea is, i think, the funniest of all. PEWWW PEWWW.moreless
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