Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak

ABC (ended 1986)


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Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak

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Australian game show producer Reg Grundy had two hit shows on NBC (Sale of The Century and Scrabble). This time he tried another network & failed. British personality Bruce Forsyth hosted this game show where communication is important. Two teams (of each sex) consisting of 5 players competed. The object was to try to communicate a subject to each teammate. The 4 remaining players would wear headphones. The captain would describe the word to teammate 1 to guess. If the player is right, teammate 1 pats teammate 2's shoulder to indicate to take off the headphones to guess the word. They had 40 seconds to go down the line. Any duplicate clue word ended the round. Rounds 1 & 2 paid $100 per successful pass/$200 round 3, therefore a total of $1,600 is possible. The team with the most money got to keep it & play the bonus round. If there's a tie, the two captains come out & Bruce shows them a word. The one that caused the tie decides either to play it (hoping all 4 team members would say it without a duplicating clue) or pass it (hoping they would run out of time or goof). The bonus round had the captain give a list of 4 words pertaining to a subject that s/he thinks the teammates would say (they are in headphones). The teammates get their headphones off & Bruce would inform the subject. Each teammate had 5 seconds to guess the 4 words. Each correct guess in part 1 was $200 while part 2 paid $300 (therefore $2,000 is a perfect score). On part 3, the total winnings from parts 1 & 2 are multiplied by 5 (from $1,000-$10,000). However, the teammates have to get all 4 words to win the jackpot! Champions stay on the show for 5 days for a possible $58,000!


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