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  • Season 2
    • A Piece of the Sun!
    • Memories of the Future!
    • One For All!
      One For All!
      Episode 12
    • Search for a Lost Era
    • The Lair of the Beast
    • Blood Bonds
      Blood Bonds
      Episode 9
    • Confessions of a Mask
    • More Light!
      More Light!
      Episode 7
    • A Streak of Light
      Teppei wakes up in a nightmare... Meimu tells him that if he wants to escape, he must defeat the monster. Yet, every time he defeats the monster, it comes back stronger! What can he do? The damage he is taking is affecting his real body and he'll soon die if he doesn't escape! Meanwhile, Halloween has attacked X and he is now injured and lying helpless on the ground. After many attacks, it appears that Meimu has won. Teppei is not able to defeat the monster... As he's dying, he hears X... X is calling for him! X offers his life so that Teppei can burn his Piece of the Sun and break free. Teppei says NEVER AGAIN! He has only his life left and that's the one he'll use. As Meimu's monster comes in to finish him, Teppei "powers up!". The monster doesn't stand a chance and is blown away by Teppei's brilliance, which destroys the Dark Inferno. X catches Teppei as he falls and Halloween attacks them! Teppei is still unconscious, so there's not a lot X can do. Madonna gathers her remaining strength and takes off, putting herself in between X and the attack from Halloween. It was all she could do. The attack wakes Teppei up and he and X activate the Neo Battle Gear. Meimu and Halloween are soon destroyed, but it's too late for Madonna. She self destructs...
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    • Fear of the Illusions!
      Teppei and X are attacked not long after leaving Metal Face. Arrows are appearing from out of nowhere! Then Ron and Raido, Fou and Je'taime, and Hokuto and Max show up and start attacking them! Or are they...? ^___^ Evil Meimu and his B't Halloween are masters of the nightmare. They have already started working on Teppei and X! Just as the fight between them is getting started, Metal Face and his B't Madonna show up again! Metal Face starts screaming that HE is the only one who is going to kill Teppei. He needs it and he wants it. (Told ya, he was obsessed!) Meimu is annoyed and attacks Metal Face and Madonna and Teppei and X end up rescuing them from Meimu!! Madonna is fatally injured in the battle and crash lands. Meimu attacks Teppei with his "Final der Mogliche" and his B't Halloween sends him into the ultimate nightmare of "Dark Inferno"! Are Teppei and X going to be able to win this one?!
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    • Miracles of Blood!
      Teppei and X are still on their way into the Area, when they are discovered by Metal Face. This cyborg is OBSESSED with killing them!(Watch the ep, you'll see) A huge battle occurs and Teppei and X are rescued by Shadow X, Karen's B't. Shadow is badly damaged in the fight and they take her to Hokuto. Hokuto repairs her and Shadow is now able to talk. (Cool!) Shadow tells X that he's her big brother and X tells Shadow that she must go back to protect Karen. Shadow agrees and leaves for Kamui Island. Well, Metal Face shows up as soon as Shadow leaves. Hokuto and B't Max continue on into the Area, leaving Teppei and X to fight Metal Face. Metal Face and his B't Madonna are soon defeated. (Awesome fight scene, though) Teppei saves Metal Face from falling to his death and X tells Madonna that a B't is more than just a fighting machine. They have a warm heart, just like humans do and can make up their own mind. Madonna laughs and tells him that there is no such thing as a "warm heart". Kind of sad, actually... Teppei and X leave them there and take off for the Area once again!
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    • Burning Red Flame!
      Je'taime has been killed and Quatro attacks Fou again. Teppei and X try to stop him and it gives Fou enough time to recover his violin. He plays a melody that he thought he had forgotten...the song of the angels. The song revives Je'taime and she is reborn with the powers of a true Phoenix. Fou decides that he will not sacrifice Je'taime again and they fight Quatro and Roleso.moreless
    • The Land of Love and Hate!
      Fou and Quatro's background is covered in depth. We learn more about Lily and the motivations of the Machine Empire. Fou has surrendered and has been beaten badly by Quatro. Just as Quatro is about to kill Fou, Teppei and X show up in time to interfere. They find that Quatro is not an easy target though and the fight does not go well. Quatro once again attcks Fou.moreless
    • The Four Knights vs. The Evil Knights
      Teppei, Hokuto, Ron and Fou are on their way into the Area. Ron and his B't Raido leave to pursue their own path into the Area, while the others continue their journey together. They don't get far though, as they are interrupted by one of the Evil Knights. His name is Quatro and he has a vendetta against Fou. Quatro and Fou grew up together, but Quatro believes Fou killed his little sister Lily. Teppei and Hokuto leave at Fou's request, only to get attacked by Ryukon Troopers being controlled by the Juggler.moreless
  • Season 1
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