Bubba's World

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Shift
      Episode 13
    • The Academy
      Episode 12
      James Stewart and entourage head to New York where James races in the first Outdoor race in 2010. The James Stewart racing camp is in full-swing.
    • The Co-workers
      Episode 11
      Just days away from James Stewart's return to the Outdoor races and the Stewart family has not slowed down. Big-James is putting together plans for a race camp, mom is launching new design career and little brother Stewart is chasing pro-dreams.
    • The Bro Show
      Episode 10
      James Stewart and crew begin testing of the motorcycle to prepare for the next Outdoor Race. James has a catalog shoot with his little brother Malcolm Stewart.
    • The Visitors
      Episode 9
      James Stewart returns from California to resume training at the Compound.
    • The Bird
      Episode 8
    • The Amateur
      Episode 7
    • The Doctor
      Episode 6
      The Outdoor Nationals Race season is nearly half over and everyone wants to know when James Stewart can race again. James is staying busy in California making guest appearances at Oakley, Dr. Drew's radio show and flying in helicopters. Todd Potter and female wakeboarder Barrett Perlman are also in this episode.moreless
    • The Sponsors
      Episode 5
      With James still unable to ride and waiting for an official release from his doctors, his sponsors need him more than ever to be visible and in the public eye. So James jets out to California, bringing brother Malcolm and friend Eric Sorby with him, to knock out a photoshoot for Oakley and a big, national commercial for Nike. Sorby has taken it upon himself to become Malcolm's manager, and helps set him up with DC Shoes. But Big-James continues to ride Malcolm hard, trying to make the younger Stewart brother a dedicated pro. Meanwhile, James is given a "mini-release" just for the Nike commercial so that he can ride the bike short distances for camera.moreless
    • The Chick
      Episode 4
      James returns from Aldon Baker's bootcamp in Tallahassee, Florida with promising news from Aldon's doctors... but ultimately no final release to get back on the bike. James has now missed the first four races in the new Outdoor Nationals race season and is back at the family compound where he joins brother Malcolm and Sorby for their newest hobby of the summer, wakeboarding. James doesn't want to hurt his wrist, but he's just too antsy to sit on the couch and wait for news from the doctors. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Sorby have too much time on their hands with James not racing and begin finding "Jackass" stunts to do with a 4-wheeler and a canoe. James learns some wakeboarding tips from a wakeboard pro, Barrett Pearlman. James returns the favor, getting her on a dirt bike for the first time. If only he could ride with her...moreless
    • The Bootcamp
      Episode 3
      With the entire family now out in California with focus on little brother Macolm Stewart, James Stewart finds himself alone back home in Florida. So he heads up north to Tallahassee to begin bootcamp with his South African trainer, Aldon Baker. It's a grueling week of biking, swimming, running stairs, cardio, and drinking ugly, green shakes. But James wants to prepare and be ready to race when his wrist is fully healed. Meanwhile, Malcolm is getting an earful from Big James in California, pushing him hard to be a better rider if he wants to go pro like his older brother. But maybe Malcolm just doesn't have the drive and determination James has. While up in Tallahassee, Aldon takes James to his own doctors to get some more X-rays and CT Scans to monitor his progress. The doctors do a thorough analysis of his wrist situation. Is James healing? When will he be able to race again?moreless
    • The Frustration
      Episode 2
      Recovering from career-threatening injury and surgery, James Stewart is officially out for the 2010 Supercross season. James now, spending more time at home than ever, is testing his family's patience. The family takes a break from their sons meddling and heads to California without him leaving James home alone and stewing in his own world of frustration.moreless
    • The Injury
      Episode 1
      James “Bubba” Stewart is now refreshed after a long summer break and comes back strong winning the first race of the 2010 Supercross season in Anaheim. Clearly James is still number one, and maybe taking the summer off to discover himself wasn’t such a bad idea. With racing in their blood, the Stewart family couldn’t be happier, and immediately return to the compound with business as usual. All is good, until the second race of the 2010 Supercross season occurs in Phoenix and James crashes. Suddenly its doctors, flights, discussions…moreless
  • Season 1